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  • Step Into ChristmasRobotunit8

    Solo-F; shop; display; toys; costumes; invite; reindeergirls; antlers; ride; bdsm; whip; spank; kiss; arousal; boots; transform; oral; lesbian; climax; cons; X

  • Jane's New JobRobotunit8

    MF/f; office; drug; transform; F2android; nanotech; bodymod; program; mind-control; F/m; D/s; domme; bdsm; mind-alter; enslave; oral; sex; cons; X

  • House of DollsRobotunit8

    Solo-F; car; breakdown; stuck; house; F/f; basement; discovery; captive; cage; torment; wax; transform; F2android; F2doll; sexdoll; clockwork; sextoy; cons/nc; X

  • A Wish Comes TrueRobotunit8

    Solo-F; F+/f; birthday; gift; treat; transform; bodymod; breast; mind-control; tubes; program; robot; contract; servant; transport; desire; lesbian; sex; climax; cons; X

  • Metal MaidRobotunit8

    MM/f; laboratory; maid-bot; problem; offer; encased; transport; display; malfunction; ai; embed; mind-control; nanobots; transform; stuck; arousal; sex; climax; cons; X

  • New LifeRobotunit8

    Solo-F; laboratory; robotics; MF+/f; mind-transfer; bodyswap; F2android; sexdoll; display; stuck; object; oral; sex; climax; lesbian; cons/reluct; X

  • A Budding Film StarRobotunit8

    Solo-F; actress; MF+/f; studio; costume; catsuit; fitted; boots; set; table; transform; F2android; mind-control; program; bodymod; enhanced; fembot; mission; space; superheroine; cons; X

  • Androids R UsRobotunit8

    F/f; laboratory; chamber; nanobots; bodysuit; conversion; F2android; mind-control; bodymod; mechanise; packaged; shipped; stewardess; recondition; program; sexbot; lesbian; oral; sex; climax; cons; X

  • Creating a Fantasy GirlRobotunit8

    F/f; FM/f+; captive; bond; machine; transform; F2doll; mind-control; bodymod; polymer; dollybots; costume; demonstration; program; objectify; sex; oral; anal; sold; themepark; show; cons/nc; X

  • Becoming a robot... at last!Robotunit8

    M/f; office; therapy; desire; fantasy; machine; bond; straps; inject; conditioning; mind-control; mindwipe; transform; F2android; pleasurebot; oral; climax; cons; X

  • Another day of filming...?Robotunit8

    Solo-F; filmset; bodysuit; character; M+/f; roles; captive; brainwash; reprogram; shock; conditioning; mind-control; F2android; command; oral; climax; cons; X

  • The Dairy UnitRobotunit8

    FF+; F+/f+; lesbian; games; dare; fantasy; reveal; milking-machine; lactate; milk; tease; climax; cum; factory; MF+/f+; bodymod; conditioning; mind-control; drug; control; hucows; production; stimulate; secretions; desire; oral; mast; sex; cons/reluct; X

  • Another day at the ‘Office’Robotunit8

    Solo-F; call-centre; roleplay; character; transform; bodymod; breast; age-regression; M/f; mind-control; scifi; portal; distortion; oral; climax; rechange; date; proposal; sex; cons; X

  • Trying life as a fucktoy, be careful what you wish for!Robotunit8

    MF; M/f; computer; program; sextoy; insert; nipple; bond; straps; gag; hood; sendep; machine; sex; climax; mistake; transform; fucktoy; mindwipe; controlled; stuck; oral; cons; X

  • The New HousemaidRobotunit8

    Solo-F; MF/f; job; maid; cybernetics; laboratory; mind-transfer; bodymod; enhanced; maid-bots; merge; controlled; program; oral; sex; climax; cons; X

  • Sarah’s Pony PlayRobotunit8

    M/f; D/s; ponygirl; stables; bitgag; harness; dressage; sex; climax; bodymod; transform; F2petgirl; saddle; jumps; laboratory; mind-control; permanent; breed; cons; X