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PonyGirl in harness

PonyGirl & PetGirls, what more could an owner ask for! Beautiful, willing & available for your pleasure.

PonyGirl/PetGirl Stories Whether puppy; kitten or pony, they make a beauitful sight, dressed in latex, harnessed, muzzled and kept as your plaything.

Pony play often involves the practice and training that a horse owner or trainer would put their horse through to learn how to walk, canter, etc., as modified for human limbs, Puppy play is often about being playful, mischievous, and instinctive, acting like a canine in mannerisms and behaviors.

It ranges from the simple imitation of a vocal whinnying of a horse to the barking, panting or playful nudging of a puppy, or playful behaviour of a kitten, to crawling around on all fours and being fed, or petted, by hand.

Animal roleplay may be either a non-sexual or an erotic sexual role-play (when it may also be called petplay, ponyplay, ponyism, kittenplay, or pup-play). In its erotic sexual role-play form, one or more of the participants takes on the role of a real or imaginary animal in character, including appropriate mannerisms and behavior, and sometimes a partner will act as another animal, or, in a sexual context, may take the role of rider, trainer, or caretaker (or even breeding partner).

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