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Welcome to the Plaza

What's New

There is a new improved search engine for the story database, you can search by Title/Author/Storycodes - And now tags!! Please feel free to give it a try and let us have feedback on what you think of it. Either via email or on the forum - thanks.


Controlled Experiment 1: Introduction to Chastity [email protected] Bound Stories
Controlled Experiment 2: Tammy Gets Belted [email protected] Bound Stories Controlled Experiment 3-1: Life in Chastity [email protected] Bound Stories Controlled Experiment 3-2: Compelled Into Bondage [email protected] Bound Stories Controlled Experiment 3-3: Charlotte is Cropped [email protected] Bound Stories Controlled Experiment 4-1: Tammy Meets a Master [email protected] Bound Stories Controlled Experiment 4-2: Tammy in Chains [email protected] Bound Stories Controlled Experiment 5-1: Veronica Receives Her Belt [email protected] Bound Stories Controlled Experiment 5-2: Not A Hint of Scandal [email protected] Bound Stories Controlled Experiment 6-1: Charlotte in Chains [email protected] Bound Stories Controlled Experiment 6-2: A New World [email protected] Bound Stories Controlled Experiment 6-3: Love Is Not A Game [email protected] Bound Stories Controlled Experiment 7: Through a Glass, Darkly [email protected] Bound Stories Controlled Experiment 8: The Contract [email protected] Bound Stories Controlled Experiment 9-1: Veronica in Submission [email protected] Bound Stories Controlled Experiment 9-2: The Bondage Masque [email protected] Bound Stories Controlled Experiment 10: Final Project Report [email protected] Bound Stories
Techster Earns a Spanking Techie and techster Bound Stories Fox & Spice 3-1: Rental Tigerstretch Latex Stories Vacancy Jack Peacock Selfbound Stories

Currently 11,294 stories for your reading pleasure.


Existing authors: please note that I (deliberately) didn't inherit Gromet’s extensive contact list when I took over. If you are submitting new work bear in mind I may not immediately know what your author name is from your email; also even if you're not submitting new work but you want to continue receiving forwarded email feedback about what's published already, please get in touch and let me know on what address to reach you. Consider this a little bit of GPDR compliance - I only want to be contacting people who actively opt-in to participating in the site.

Last but not least, to the readers: I hope you enjoy all the varied submissions. As always, if you've any feedback, about the stories or the site, feel free to email feedback or post in the forums. The authors do love to hear from you, even if it's just a couple of lines, and it's an easy reward you can give back to the people putting hours and days of effort into crafting kinky tales for you to enjoy.

New Owner - Teann Daorsa

Hello to all the wonderful readers and authors out there! The lovely Gromet has decided to pass the Plaza on to me. I wish him all the best, and hope that all the extra free time that gives can be spent on wonderfully kinky pastimes. I will endeavour to be at least as good a caretaker as he has been, and pay back all of the enjoyment I've received as a reader of the Plaza all these years.

Plaza Forum

The Plaza Forum, our own forum with all the sections of the site covered, you can read, post, leave feedback on stories, find new people, share interests and ideas...

Due to attacks by spammers, the only way to now join the forum is via admin approval - apologies for this to those who genuinely want to join in here and have to wait to be approved.

A big thank you to the admins & moderators who are doing an excellent job maintaining the forum, running contests and updating the links to the stories.


Send me your stories, I'd love to see them and post them here - email your story to
[email protected]
Check out the Writer's Guide for submitting stories.

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