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Step Into Christmas

by Robotunit8

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© Copyright 2018 - Robotunit8 - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; shop; display; toys; costumes; invite; reindeer-girls; antlers; ride; bdsm; whip; spank; kiss; arousal; boots; transform; oral; lesbian; climax; cons; X

This was written as a contest piece, though as it was my own contest I couldnt win it! The idea was to base the story around a Christmas song, or carol, and I chose this one by Elton John from 1973 as my choice of song. For those who dont remember it, or are far too young to remember it, look it up on youtube so you can at least see the video, and hear the song, before reading it, if so desired.

Step Into Christmas

She allowed herself a satisfied smile, the Christmas shopping was finally complete. She didn't like big crowds, and now, on the last Saturday before Christmas, both the shops and the town were very crowded! But now finally she could get away from the throng, head for the bus station, go home, and forget about it all.

She wouldn't admit it, but it hadnt been as painful as she thought it might have been, but perhaps that was down to the music that came whispering out of all the shops, even onto the streets where she was now. Mainly she suspected because most of the Christmas hits they were playing seemed to date from the seventies, when she had been a teenager.

To her surprise one shop didn't seem all that busy, even more so when you consider it was called ‘Step Into Christmas’, and seemed full of decorations and the like, which you would have thought everyone would be snapping up at this time of year. She smiled inwardly to herself as she approached, probably because over the shop’s speakers she could hear the most suitable song playing, the song of the same name, by Elton John.

Come along with me
Step into Christmas
The admission’s free

“Well of course admission into a shop should be free!” she giggled to herself, taking a closer look through the door.

Take care in all you do next year
And keep smiling through the days
If we can help to entertain you
Oh we will find the ways
So merry Christmas one and all
There’s no place I’d rather be
Than asking you if you’d oblige
Stepping into Christmas with me

Stephanie liked the words, though with no family, and few friends she wasn't quite sure who was going to invite her to step into Christmas with them. By now she’d given up on finding that ‘special person’ to ask her to do so, lets face it, with 50 fast approaching she wasn't going to be the ‘belle of the ball’ anymore, assuming she ever had been!

But having got this close to the shop window now, her feet having seemed to have mysteriously walked her towards the shop in the meanwhile, she looked in through the window... and blushed! The shop might have been full of decorations, but they were definitely of the ‘adult’ variety, the fairies for the top of the trees all having large breasts, barely restrained in tiny bikinis, rather than their usual sweet outfits. And the baubles all seemed very phallic (or vibrator depending on your sexual preference) shaped, rather than the standard round balls. Sexy Santa outfits (and indeed Miss Santa outfits) were on display models, and they were equally revealing to the eye, certainly nothing Stephanie would consider wearing nowadays given her age.

The song began again, a surprise to her, as she was expecting a different song to begin,

I’d like to thank you for the year
So I’m sending you this Christmas card
To say it’s nice to have you here
I’d like to sing about all the things
Your eyes and mind can see

Something fluttered out of the shop door and landed in her hand, conveniently her feet had now planted her just outside the doorway. It was a card, she turned it over and read,

‘Stephanie Louise Major, it's so nice to have you here, we’d love to tell you about all the delights you can see in the shop. So why don't you step into Christmas with me?’

Even while she was trying to work out how they knew her full name, her feet took control and marched her into the shop. She blushed profusely as she entered, she might have had some idea of what the shop might be like inside, but even so... the staff (all female she noted) seemed to be dressed in very skimpy, sexy outfits, either seemingly the Miss Santa outfits, very sexy fairy outfits, or even a couple of young ladies dressed as ‘human reindeers’ complete with antler headpieces and tails that seemed a very snug fit. The strange thing was that the shop seemed to have about eight staff, and no customers other than her in sight. Incredible given the time of year, and the blatant invitation she had got to enter.

One of the Miss Santa’s came towards her, seemingly riding one of the reindeer girls, and hitting her on the backside with a whip, which the reindeer girl seemed to be quite enjoying much to Stephanie’s shock!

She ‘dismounted’, and petted the reindeer girl, then walked towards Stephanie and kissed her plumb on the lips, with passion. The thing that surpised Stephanie the most was that she enjoyed the kiss so much, she was bi curious definitely, but had never gone that far with another woman before, certainly not one she didn't even know!

So hop aboard the turntable
Oh step into Christmas with me

“So Stephanie, what can Santa get you this year, I’m sure there must be something here you would like?” she asked her.

If there was, Stephanie couldn't see it! All the stuff in here was far too raunchy for an old maid like her, though she did wonder what it felt like to be whipped like the reindeer girl had been, and whether it hurt or not?

Seemingly the girl could read her mind!

“No Stephanie, the whip is made out of very soft leather, it gives you a nice tingly feeling, but nothing more. But if you want to find out, well all you have to do is ask to try on a reindeer girl outfit, and...” Miss Santa winked at her, “I’m sure someone would oblige you.”

Stephanie went red, those outfits might look good on girls barely into their twenties, but she was fast approaching 50 for pity’s sake! And her middle aged figure sagged accordingly. But something in her head was telling her that no one was in the shop apart from the assistants and her, so why shouldn't she try one on?

“Are you sure?” Stephanie asked nervously, “After all, the outfit is quite skimpy, and my figure isn't really the best for those sort of outfits?”

“Why not? Just put it on in the changing room, and if you like what you see, and I'm sure you will, then come out into the shop and show us.” then whispering in her ear added, “I'm sure one of the other Miss Santa’s will ride you round the shop and whip you if you like after that!” and winked again.

Now for some strange reason that sounded exciting, and fun to Stephanie, so she did go and get changed.

She slipped into the changing room, removed all her clothing, placing it carefully down beside her, and pulled on the reindeer outfit. It was as tight fitting as she had feared, and the bikini type top was struggling to hold her ample bosom in place, even though she was only a C cup.

“Well the other girls are very slim.” she thought to herself.

The strange thing was she could feel her clit aching, as if extremely aroused by something. She placed the ‘antlers’ on her head as instructed, ensuring the clip fitted neatly between her ears, so it wouldn't fall off when she moved. She attached the tail, climbed into the heeled boots that were her ‘hooves’ and looked herself over in the mirror. Even she had to admit it, she hadn't looked this sexy in years! She seemed to be almost glowing, and couldn't believe how good she looked.

“Well alright Stephanie Louise, they were right, you do look good. So you'd better go and show them, and admit you were wrong, and Miss Santa was right. And maybe get someone to ride me a few yards, and give me a little whipping to make me move, or as punishment for doubting her.”

And she almost literally trotted out into the shop, her hooves clopping on the floor as she did so. The whistles she got from the others only told her just how good she looked.

The Miss Santa who had greeted her smiled, walked across and kissed her on the lips with definite passion. This time Stephanie didn't resist the kiss, indeed pressing back into her lips with interest.

“Well?” she asked Stephanie when the suction finally broke.

“Fantastic.” admitted Stephanie.

“So, do you want to be ridden, little reindeer girl?”

Stephanie was neither little, or a girl, but she didn't argue the point,

“Yes please.” she whispered.

Miss Santa grinned, “What did you say!” trying to sound slightly shocked.

“Yes please.” said Stephanie more firmly, and louder, “And if I need to be whipped to make me move, well...” she looked at her pleadingly.

“Of course Stephanie. Why don't you just go and stand on that plinth over there and I will mount you from there. I just need to... go get my whip!”

Stephanie felt her arousal dripping down her legs just at the thought of it happening. One of the other reindeer girls seemed to sniff the air eagerly.

“Why's she doing that?” Stephanie asked one of the fairy girls.

“She must be picking up your scent, you aren't on heat are you?” the fairy asked.

Stephanie knew she was dripping musky scent, but why was it attracting another woman?

“I might be!” she giggled.

“Well there’s your answer!” the fairy firmly told her.

Step into Christmas
Let’s join together
We can watch the snow fall forever and ever
Eat, drink and be merry
Come along with me
Step into Christmas
The admission’s free

Stephanie was so engrossed talking to the fairy that she didn't notice, or even more amazingly, feel Miss Santa mount her. It was only when she felt two firm smacks across her rear that she realised... the second crack had made her climax heavily, and she could feel it running down her thighs. The other reindeer's nose definitely twitched at the smell.

“Run reindeer, run!” was the command, and Stephanie did, trotting happily across the shop with the girl riding on her back. When she slowed slightly she felt the whip again crack against her butt. After several times round the shop, she got the command,

“Whoa Girl.” and did instantly, stopping in front of a mirror.

That was when Stephanie really gasped, well at least when she realised it was herself she was looking at. That was because this reindeer girl looked about 20, was pretty, with a neat trim figure. The only thing that was the same was her ample breasts which stood up proudly on her reindeer chest.

The girl dismounted and said, “Sleep Stephanie.” and that was the last thing she remembered, until...

She woke up in a warm stable, and could feel something, or someone wrapped up close beside her, and she could feel something, or again someone lapping away eagerly at her very damp sex. She gasped, came heavily, and when she recovered, she looked up. Two of the other reindeer girls were bent over her, their faces covered in her sticky goo where she had come so strongly.

Looking beyond them she could see snow falling on the ground through the window.

“Where... where am I?” she asked.

“Silly girl, you are in Lapland, where all the reindeer girls live. Well all those owned by the frisky Claus sisters anyway! Very shortly we are all eight of us going to be harnessed to their sleigh, and take them for a ride in the snow. And when we get there...”

“Yes?” asked Stephanie.

The three reindeer girls stabled with her looked at each other and giggled,

“We all get to have lots of fun!”

Stephanie just smiled at the thought.

* * *

(Almost one year later in a ‘Step Into Christmas’ shop)

“Well my fine team of reindeer, we need to find a whole new team for my cousin this year. Do you think we can do so?”

The team of eight nodded their heads, their antlers moving as they did so.

“Yes Miss Claus, I'm sure we can find eight very lucky girls for you.” they said in unison.

Miss Claus smiled, “That's my girls!”


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