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A Cut Above

by Daviddrb6

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© Copyright 2012 - Daviddrb6 - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; M+/f; bond; table; gag; tape; pendulum; peril; voy; video; website; nc/cons; XX

Amy was a twenty-two year old blonde with a slim, shapely figure. She lay spreadeagled on a table wearing a string bikini that emphasised her thrust out chest and also fitted snugly round her thighs. She was bound to the table with ropes round her wrists and ankles. Her mouth was also taped.

She struggled. She flexed her fingers as though they would break the ropes. Her back rubbed against the flat surface but all she felt were the ropes round her ankles digging deeply into her skin. She stopped and felt the palms of her hands were sweaty. Her chest rose and fell as she breathed through her nose.

Above her she heard a clatter. A panel opened in the ceiling above her and she saw a long shaft with a metallic crescent, half - moon shape at the end of it descend. It hung above her then began to move.

It swung to the right, paused for two seconds, then with another click swung to the left. Again, the click then it swung to the right again. It was like the pendulum of a grandfather clock. It's arc covered the width of the room and Amy could hear the a loud whiring sound that accompanied the pendulum as it swung through the air and guessed it was the mechanism that powered the pendulum. She watched it swing left to right, right to left

Then Amy saw the crescent shape was sharp!

And then she realised it was getting lower.

Amy could now feel the gust of air the blade left in it's wake against her front. That's where the blade was heading for, and at every arc the blade descended another inch.

It was going to cut her up!

It wouldn't be quick either. Amy could see the blade would cut into her stomach. First a graze; then a gash and finally, deep into the skin, into the intestines. And her death would be slient as the tape would stiffle her screams of pain and fear as her heart gave out under the shock. And it was supposed to be mild compared to sudden death!

Amy followed the blade's sweeps across the room. She found herself counting the rushing oscillations of steel! Inch by inch - line by line - and it seemed like ages that it descended. Down and still down it came. Amy leaned back her head and closed her eyes. The swing was restful - then she snapped her eyes open as she started to smell the sharp steel and saw it still descending. She had to do something!

Amy started struggling again. She arched her back in the hope it would at least loosen her bonds, but they held her down tightly. There wasn't any gap between her wrists and ankles and the table. She squrimed away from the descending blade as though she could somehow get into or under the table. Whoever was doing this to her wanted her to suffer, to be frightened and have no hope of escape. The Spanish Inquistion had only wanted to save souls through their perverse use of this type of torture. This was torture with no last minute escape. No end except in death.

Down came the blade - steadily down it crept.

Amy began making muffled, guttural sounds behind the tape; expressing her terror and anger.

Down - certainly, relentlessly down.

The blade was now eight feet away, and Amy struggled. She wriggled her toes; twisted her feet. If she could at least get a leg free then maybe she could raise it to stop the blade. Or, she could try and move the table away by jerking her body. She bounced up and down grunting. But the table was fastened down.

"No. no. Please, let me go!" Amy thought.

Down - still unceasingly - still inevitably down!

Five feet away.

Amy, writhed and twisted. Shouting into her gag, she felt sweat on her brow; not from heat but from fear. Her heart was thudding a warning alarm and now she realised her nipples were erect beneath the cups of her bikini top and she felt moist between her legs as though she'd wet herself. Soon, the swinging pendulum would thrust itself, phalic like, into her body.

Amy arched her back; twisted away and pulled at the cords holding her wrists but they held her down for the blade that swooped towards her.

Fifteen inches away.

"Oh God, please help. Please help!" begged Amy.

Twelve inches away.

Amy twisted her head away; screwed her eyes shut and tensed her body, waiting. She moaned behind her gag.

And then she heard a loud hissing and a rattling.

Amy opened her eyes. The blade was still swinging overhead but now it was slowing down.

Amy watched as the blade finally stopped. She watched it pulled up to the ceiling. "Oh Thank God it's over," Amy thought. "Are they going to let me go now?"

Then the pendulum started it's sweeping descent towards her again.

"No!" Amy protested. "No, no, no!"


Having pressed "Enter" on the laptop keyboard to start the pendulum again George watched Amy's terrified struggles. "These livecasts are great", he told his friend Steve. "I'm really getting a hard - on watching her"

"You can make this last up to fifteen minutes," Steve said. "If you want more you have to pay extra".

"If I stay on this site I'll end up being skint. How does it work?", George asked.

"You just e-mail the site and it's arranged for you. Then you can control what happens from your computer. "

"And how much does it cost?"

"You can take out a year's subscription for £21.00. A lifetime's subscription is £72.00.

"Lifetime!", George exclaimed. "If I watch anymore of this stuff I'll have a heart attack. What are the rest of the girls like?"

"Really fit", Steve answered. "They've got fetish models; stunt women and girls from Eastern Europe and the Far East. You can do anything you like with them: bondage, sex machines, packaging, mummification, dungeon, torture and peril scenarios. When I've finished burning this on to the CD I'll show you them on the site".

George went back to watching Amy writhe under the pendulum. Amy had turned to face the camera and her eyes were begging to be released from her torture. The image was framed by a black banner that announced in yellow gothic type:






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