Bear Trap

by Jackie Rabbit

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© Copyright 2020 - Jackie Rabbit - Used by permission

Storycodes: M+/f; outdoors; naked; drug; trap; accident; reluct; X

...It was the craziest dream I had ever had, but I had been taking melatonin lately for my sleep, and it had given me some strange ones...

This first part wasn't part of any dream, this part really happened, I struggled myself with what was real, and what wasn't. I challenge the reader to determine for themselves where the reality ends, and my crazy dream then does.

We had been having some problems lately with what they commonly call "nuisance bears," these being black bears anywhere from the size of a large dog, to eight hundred plus pounds of hungry, destructive omnivore. These were the least dangerous kinds of bears indigenous to our country, and the only ones to roam my particular part of it. Still, these animals could be dangerous, if provoked, not to mention destroying bird feeders and scattering garbage pails and their contents to hell and back.

My neighbors complained to the game commission, telling them that something "must" be done. I didn't though, in my estimation one had to pay a certain price for building homes and communities in what was once their wilderness, and picking up scattered garbage, while not my favorite thing to do, was in reality a small price to pay. My home in particular lay right up against that wilderness, tens of thousands of acres of state game lands where people could hunt and hike to their heart's content. I did plenty of the latter to not only keep in shape, but to work on my tan while practicing my other well documented kink, self bondage.

Such a property was perfect for one like me, and when we had found it we even paid extra for this specific end lot, it was oversized and seamlessly transitioned from ‘my’ woods, to the woods of the state game lands behind. I had neighbors, obviously, their homes just as new as my own, but my yard was such that I could sunbathe in total privacy in any state of dress I desired, or I could even slip into the woods of the state game lands from it wearing just as little, either for a naked nature hike, or for my other well documented passion.

On this particular early morning it was to be the former, the weather warm, and I the house to myself as my significant other was traveling for work. I hadn't been sleeping well, perhaps missing hubby just a little more than usual, and was taking melatonin to help me. I locked the backdoor behind me on reflex and entered the still dark woods from my backyard, naked and barefoot, just the way I had gone to bed.

I was familiar enough with the area that I couldn't really get lost, even in the early morning pre-sunrise light, although I had accidentally come down in the wrong backyard once. I hadn't been seen though, such would have been a major scandal, but that all depends on who exactly in that other family caught me. Some of the men were quite friendly and helpful when my hubby traveled, but things hadn't gone any further than that, those kinds of games played well away from where we lived for obvious reasons.

I wandered further into the woods, coming to a fire trail. A fire trail being a rough bulldozed trail through the woods for fire fighting purposes, either for access, or for a firebreak, this particular trail not really wide enough for the latter. This trail was only really good for walking on, or if one had a jeep of some kind with big tires perhaps, but a car would never make it. It made for easy walking though, and I followed it, my early start and the thick tree canopy leaving me with little light to see.

I walked, and walked, drinking from a water bottle that I didn't remember taking with me, it was not getting any lighter out though. Was it going to rain? I wondered, I hadn’t checked the forecast beforehand, although this seemed impossible to me. I knew this trail led to town, eventually, but I wasn't dressed for town, and hitchhiking back home in the nude would either get me arrested, or abducted. I pressed on though, perhaps it WASN'T going to rain, I reasoned, but those first cold raindrops convinced me otherwise.

I was quite far from home by this point, and I decided to seek shelter, to wait out what must surely be just a passing shower. As if in answer to my silent prayers, I then saw a canted large green steel pipe on a trailer, and I walked toward it. There was cautionary writing on the thing, but the yellow letters and words didn't translate in my mind to language, as if they weren't written for me at all.

There was also a bag of garbage on the ground next to it, and I figured one more empty water bottle wouldn't hurt, I intended to pick it up later - all of it - when I found my way home again. I looked inside the pipe, there was another bag of garbage deep in the back of it as well, as if this were some kind of open on one end portable dumpster. But, the inside of this thing, whatever it was, also happened to be dry and out of the rain, and it seemed like the perfect refuge to wait out the storm naked as I was.

I climbed into the open end, the surface oddly enough smooth on my bare skin. I then carefully crawled upwards, on hands and knees, toward the other bag of garbage deep in the dark back of this strange misplaced dumpster, my intention to throw it out on the ground with the other so I didn't have to share my dry space with smelly trash...

Before I got to the bag though, my little world inside the pipe turned on its head, literally, my crawling progression upsetting the precarious balance of the strange contraption, and I ended up against the back wall of it with the garbage, and in total darkness! It happened in an instant, accompanied by the most awful loud bang I had ever heard, almost like being inside of a giant bell that someone had just rang.

...The next thing I remember is waking back up at some point later, although how long I was out I don't know. I wasn't fully awake yet, more like I was just slowly waking after a nice long healthy sleep. I remembered hearing a soft "ding" sound off in the distance every once in a while, reminding me of the sound my phone makes when getting a text message.

Then I became aware of men's hushed voices somewhere nearby in the darkness, and my first reaction was to hunker down with my garbage and hide until they went away. I was confident that I could find a way out of this trap I had sprung on myself. The next part was well practiced and also happened in an instant, and I was even looking the wrong way when it did.

A small door opened in the middle of the pipe somewhere behind me, temporarily flooding the compartment with sunlight and dazzling my eyes. At almost the exact same time a long stick of some kind was then poked through the opening, jabbing at my naked ass, the pointy needle on it's end sinking into the fleshy part of me deeply and making me jump. I yelped, but the sound was likely drowned out by the clank of the tiny door being slammed just as quickly closed again, lest the dangerous creature inside should swipe at the men in a fit of rage.

The effects were instantaneous, my eyes were still open in the darkness, but a paralysis had overtaken my body, to include my slacked and drooling jaw. I couldn't move a muscle, wondering at the dosage I had been given of whatever this drug was, and how it had been measured. It was such a strange feeling, my brain working almost normally, but my body totally unresponsive. This was total helplessness laid raw, without even the struggle of a really good bondage scene. I was passive, along for the ride wherever these men took me, their intentions not clear.

"Little bear this time, almost seems a waste," I heard one man saying to the other, their need for stealth and quiet past. The dangerous creature inside their trap was now tranquilized, they obviously thought I was a bear, and this contraption was surely a bear trap. It all made sense now, and if only I could call out to my captors, I'm sure we could have worked something out one way or the other, they were men after all. We might have even had a good laugh over it afterwards.

Such was not to be the case though, because I instead became aware of an engine running, and then the bump of this unique trailer being hooked up to a truck of some kind. I was about to go for a long relocation ride up state, and then into the deep forest there, much to my horror. But, what would happen when they got my naked self there and discovered their error? Somebody would be in big trouble, possibly even a big lawsuit, and I almost felt sorry for them.

I remembered reading in the local paper about how the neighborhood people had badgered the game commission into trapping the bears, and then what their plans were for them once captured. They wouldn't be killed, the first time, only tagged in their ear and re-released someplace upstate, where there was more room for them to roam and less wealthy people to bother. If a tagged bear was recaptured back in the neighborhood though...

I found the thought abhorrent, killing a bear for basically just being a bear, and then not even eating the thing like a hunter would, what a waste!

The bumping of the trap trailer I was riding in on the trail was awful, but that soon was replaced by the smooth asphalt of a highway, and I lost track of time again in the dark trap. That ride eventually turned back into rough secondary roads, and then what felt like another rough trail like road after that.

Soon the truck's engine turned off and the silence enveloped me. It was dead silent out there, no signs of humanity at all, other than the two men who had captured me slamming their truck's doors. It gave me a foreboding feeling, as this likely meant no witnesses either. Would the men take some liberties with my helpless naked body? I couldn't blame them if they did, but once I recovered from this drug such liberties would be much more enjoyable, for all of us. Could these men possibly realize the kinky nature of their naked captive, and my "I'll try anything once" attitude? Surely the fact that I had been captured as I was might hint at this.

Then it happened! I saw the light from the trap door behind me again, but this time it remained open, and then a man's voice said "OH SHIT!" All kinds of curses and shouting followed, the two men very agitated, and trying to blame the other for this screw up.

"We'll get fired!"

To which the other replied, "Fired? We’ll get arrested!"

I could do nothing but listen, it was the most passive thing in the world for me, and a new level of helplessness. These men sounded desperate, and I well knew from history that desperate men did dumb things, and I at their mercy. If I could only talk to them, calm them down, reassure them that I did in fact have a sense of humor... at least until they got over the shock of all this and sounded rational again.

"Lets get her out of there, see if she's still breathing. If she's not... nobody really needs to know, do they?" The older of the two asked the younger, as if trying to convince him.

I eventually saw my body dragged toward the now open back of the trap, and the sunlight, it perhaps early afternoon by this time. I didn't feel a thing, not their hands on my body, nor their lifting and carrying me by my wrists and ankles like a freshly slaughtered game animal. They placed me softly on my back, after carrying me perhaps a hundred yards into the woods and further away from the desolate trail. In here I would be even more out of sight, but also mercifully out of the direct sun, but I wondered at their intentions.

"Still breathing," one said to the other through his bandanna, my eyes unfocused and staring, the tone of the man's voice telling me that this might have been his second choice. The men had donned bandanna face masks, like the movie train robbers from an old black and white show. It was as an effective disguise today as it had been back then, I only saw their eyes in blurry focus for a second or two when my own eyes happened to be pointing that way. I noticed the men's shirts had no name tags present either, but it was doubtful that I could have read them if they had.

"Oh holy crap, will you just look at that body, look at it! How does one get a tan like that?"

"Lots of naked time in the woods I would guess... WOW, that is nice!" his friend agreed after a second more critical look at my body. I had no secrets to keep.

"You know she can hear us, don't you?"

"It'll make for some great testimony at our trial" the one said to the other, just to get him back on track. This was the older of the two, and the one I was instinctively more afraid of, because he had the most to lose. The younger man could always throw his older counterpart under the proverbial bus... or they could conspire to make this little problem of theirs go away in a more permanent way. We were in the deep woods, and all kinds of things could happen...

"You want some of that first?" The younger one asked, his tone telling me HE did.

"With the dose we gave her, she probably has a good two hours before she's able to feel anything. Right now, you could probably stick your mag light right up her ass and she wouldn't even twitch. Sound like fun?" his older friend asked sarcastically.

"No, not really... Do we still tag her?" the younger one asked, trying to add some levity to their grim situation.

"If we did, she wouldn't feel that either," the man laughing at the absurdity of it.

"Think of the irony of it," the older one further opined in a more serious tone, "these high-dollar neighborhood snobs bitch about the bears. Probably this one was even the leader of the bunch, and she gets caught in her own trap... naked. You just can't make this stuff up!"

"What do you want to do with her? I'm okay with almost anything you decide. I have a pension too, you know." The younger one was clearly surrendering, receptive to whatever the older one suggested, for their mutual own best interests.

"Tag her, chip her, and send her on her way, just like any other nuisance..." The two discussed their plans for me as I helplessly listened, the irony being that their twisted ideas paralleled several of my own extended kinky fantasies...

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