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The Bikini Bandits

by Jackie Rabbit

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© Copyright 2013 - Jackie Rabbit - Used by permission

Storycodes: F+/m+; M/f; beach; bikini; strip; tease; voy; crime; caught; punish; cons/reluct; X


The headline in the local paper "The Bikini Bandits Strike Again" was written to sell newspapers, and not necessarily to inform the public of the crime wave gripping their beachfront community. That was OK with the paper's editor, he had noticed a huge increase in sales of his areas only remaining print newspaper, so much so that they had sold out several times and were now running a temporary second shift at the printers. There was an online version of his paper as well, and one could subscribe to that and see any pictures in a digital clarity not possible with printed papers, but taken by the same reporters and photographers while running down their various stories.

His problem was that there were no pictures of the "bikini bandits", as he took to calling them, and the local mayors and small police force didn't like the negative attention to their beachfront towns during tourist season either. The fringe benefits to the small police force were lots of paid overtime to be as visible as possible, and also to watch thousands of lovely scantily clad ladies while looking for a "wardrobe malfunction" in the surf, the groups primary M.O. lately.

The four girls who were responsible for all the trouble were nowhere near the beach at the time, and one of them was of all places at the laundromat washing at least a dozen bikinis for the sixth time in a row in a heavy bleach and soap solution. They were all to fit the mastermind of their little crime spree, and truth be known were new and not even the least bit dirty when they were thrown into the machine the first time.

Jane was the mastermind, and before her eighteenth birthday was not a girl to gain the attention of any of the boys in school, but after that she blossomed in a way that almost made her bikinis obscene. She bought them small on purpose and never took them home, but washed them to death until they were thread bare and mostly transparent when wet. The other three girls were all pretty enough, but purposely dressed down in one pieces and shorts with sun glasses and floppy hats to help blend in with the tourists, and the four never entered the beach together or even at the same time.

They even bathed themselves in SPF one hundred to look as pale as the tourists they were hiding among. All four girls were from affluent families and didn't need the money, but their families were pleased when they found out they wanted to work for the summer to earn their spending money in a surprising show of maturity. Their parents even agreed to allow them to share an apartment for the summer away from home, thinking that the four lifelong friends could keep each other out of trouble and have a summer to remember.

Jane realised she could gain any man's attention easily enough now, and if she could hold it long enough her friends could sneak their cash out of their wallets without their immediate knowledge. The girls would even leave enough cash behind for the guys to get home and not clean them out completely, and as a result many didn't even know they had been robbed until the next day. At first Jane would get all wet in the ocean and pretend to be looking for her towel, pretending to be oblivious to the transparent nature of her thread bare bikini. That worked well enough and provided quite the show as the girls worked many beaches up and down the coast, but avoiding two days in a row in any one town. Jane got nervous that some of the guys girlfriends, who actually looked at her face and not her other exposed charms, might be able to identify her in the future despite her dyed blond hair. Her friends realised by this time she was a full blown exhibitionist, and made a suggestion to change their M.O. before she got herself caught.

The next day on a different beach she frolicked in the heavy surf, and with the help of a convenient wave she "lost" her straining bikini top out to sea. Every man within sight had a single focus, and she played it up brilliantly as she attempted to cover her massive assets with little success all while facing the crowded beach. The girls made big money that day, especially when Jane "had" to walk along the beach to where her towel was, all the time attempting to hide her assets. A kind lifeguard finally gave her a towel to cover herself up, and she knew she would never be able to return to that beach again, but with the money they made she wouldn't have to.

They played that same game on the second beach, but the newspaper had since ran their Bikini Bandits article and the pickings were slim as guys weren't bringing much cash onto the beach anymore. The newspaper article did little to stop other women from wearing bikinis, and Jane could still easily hide among all the other lovely ladies on the beach, as long as she didn't actually get into the water with her thin suit. There still wasn't even a clear connection between her and any thefts that may have taken place, but the newspaper was still selling out every day. That called for another change in tactics, and the girls figured if the guys weren't bringing their cash onto the beach anymore, it only meant they were leaving it in their cars. The girls took to stealing car keys with Jane's next wardrobe malfunction, and had made enough to fund the rest of their summer with the cash they found there.

The girls took a break from their crime spree, but continued to visit the beaches to keep up the appearance of being anything but guilty, just as they had learned by watching many crime shows on TV. They went back to work days later on a beach that the cops had apparently forgot to cover, but on this beach one of the cops was out of uniform and walking with a friend of his with a camera. Jane had got the all clear signal from her friends on the beach, a towel that was red on one side and blue on the other, this time laid out blue side up as she watched. She pounded into the surf with her modified swimsuit, already the subject of lots of male attention, and it predictably blew apart right between her large breasts as she intended.

The two guys on the beach looked just as hard as thousands of others did, but these two approached her, and one took out a set of handcuffs, and before she knew it she was under arrest while standing up to her waist in the warm salt water for a huge audience. The other man took pictures of the mostly naked and cuffed woman, her magnificent breasts forced out even further by her arms cuffed behind her back as she was. Before she was even dry he would sell the pictures to the newspaper, and they would immediately publish them on line while only blurring out just enough of her assets to satisfy the sensibilities of their older readers.

She was lead to a waiting police car, but the proud cop took his dripping suspect up to the boardwalk the long way to increase her humiliation and exposure as the police made no effort to cover her until she was in the police station. The air conditioning in the police car was cranked to full, and despite the outside temperature the interior was no more than fifty degrees and chilled her wet self to the bone. Her friends on the beach looked on in horror as thousands of others looked on with a mixture of lust and loathing at the suspected thief.

Jane was photographed and fingerprinted after she was given a shirt to wear, and she claimed not to know why she had been arrested. She wasn't offered a phone call or even a lawyer, and she knew from the cop shows she had watched that they had screwed up the arrest so far. They left her handcuffed and took her into a room and the cop that caught her and another started asking her all sorts of questions related to the thefts, but their attempt to intimidate her failed. Jane was left there with her hands still cuffed behind her back, and her breasts forced out against the thin shirt when the lawyer her parents had called arrived... To make a long story short she was released and there would certainly be lawsuits not only against the police for not following their own procedures, but against the paper for printing her obscene picture as well...

The same day Jane had been arrested the three girls moved to another beach, and two of them spread out the same towel with the blue side up while their friend swam in the surf next to an especially well endowed woman, and in a wave the woman's bikini top was ripped from her ample chest and left to float away as the other two girls did what they did best. Their friend swam away without the other woman even knowing what happened to her, but her shocked squeals still provided the necessary diversion they needed. It was reported later that night that the Bikini Bandits were still out there, and the poor young woman they had arrested and humiliated was obviously innocent, just as Jane's friends intended.


Days later the girls were on vacation in Mexico, and Jane was possibly looking at two lawsuits that could fund her college education completely if they settled the way she expected. She was staying at a very nice resort for the well healed in society, but that didn't stop the older men on the beach from trying to look right through her skimpy bikini while she frolicked in the warm water in front of them. Her friends were nearby, and they couldn't believe she wanted to try this game one more time just to see if she still had the courage to do it.

She had another acquaintance nearby as well, but this one she didn't know about. He was a recently suspended police officer that had apparently made an embarrassing arrest, and was given some time off with pay to find another job. He followed the four girls in what could be considered stalking, but to him he was following his intuition. He had also warned the resorts security manager about a possible theft ring, and there were undercover resort officers watching the girls every move.

Jane popped under the breaking waves and came up without her small top on, and she was so good at her deception that anyone looking would have thought it was an accident. The men on the beach all looked, as men all over the world probably would have, but this time three modestly dressed accomplices were caught red handed by the security people, and they and the topless Jane were escorted to the resort managers office.

The four girls knew they were in a lot of trouble, and Mexican jails they were told, were no place for girls like them to visit. The resort manager offered the girls a choice, he could call the police and be done with them, or he could arrange for them to work off their debt to his resort in house by doing whatever he needed them to do. The girls were scared, and each of them took the deal and signed a confession for the manager, to be destroyed at the end of the summer if they did as they were told. In gratitude for his tip about the theft ring, all the money the girls earned would be given to the unemployed cop in exchange for his management of their duties, and he found himself once again looking forward to the summer...


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