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Birthday Bicurious

by Flax

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© Copyright 2013 - Flax - Used by permission

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Early on I discovered that I was much more interested in other girls than I was boys. But I lived in a small, conservative town and didn't want anyone to know, so I kept my interest in girls to myself. It wasn't like I didn't like boys - I did - It's just that they didn't excite me the same way the thought of being with another girl did. I think the girls in town sensed something was a little different with me. I wasn't shunned or anything - but I also didn't have any close female friends in high school. I did have male friends, and even boyfriends - partly because it was expected of me - but also for companionship, friendship, and just having someone to hang out with on a Saturday night. I wasn't much interested in sex with them, so I'd usually find an excuse to break up with them when it started to feel like they were expecting our relationship to become sexual. More than once, they ended the relationship for me, leaving me for another girl that was more... accommodating.

The summer before senior year I was on a summer vacation with my family and Tom's family. Tom's and my parents had been close friends growing up and once a year both families went on a trip together to lakeside resort near a college town several hours away. Tom and I had known each other for years, but usually only hung out together for the few weeks at the resort. Back in town we were in different social groups and had never really connected. This summer was different though. A few weeks before the end of school Tom had asked me out. Previously, Tom had always been a bit awkward, and I don't think he had had a girlfriend before. But he seemed to have grown out of his awkward years now. Anyway, I knew he was a nice guy and was fun to hang out with, so I said yes. We had been seeing each other a few months. Thankfully, with Tom, the progression from holding hands, to kissing, to awkward groping was progressing more slowly so we were still together when we all left for our vacation.

In the town near our resort, I had heard about a strip club. I first heard of it a few summers ago. There was nothing like this place back in our state. I had longed to go there since I first heard about it. Now, finally!, I was 18. (Tom and I both have summer birthdays so we both turned 18 over the summer - months before most of our classmates.) I had saved up money from my part-time job, but now I couldn't think of any way to actually get there. I'd have to borrow the car to get to town and back and I couldn't hardly say that I needed to drive myself to a strip club. This trip would be my only chance to go to a place like this - at least until after I graduated - and I couldn't miss my opportunity. Finally, I had an idea.

My birthday was before our trip, but Tom had his during our vacation. I arranged with my parents for a birthday dinner and a movie date with Tom in town to celebrate his birthday, which secured the use of the car for the night - and gave Tom and I an excuse to be gone for hours. (18 or not, there was certainly no way either of our conservative parents would have ever approved my real birthday plan.) As soon as we got in the car. I told Tom that we weren't going to the movies; I had a special birthday treat planned for him instead. I'm not sure what he was expecting (well, from the initial look he gave, I have a guess what he was hoping for), but from the look of shock and delight in his eyes when we pulled into the parking lot and he saw where we were, he was certainly surprised and definitely not disappointed.

As we walk in and up to the woman at the cash register inside she says their is a cover charge for Tom, but that ladies are free. I hand over the cash for Tom (since trip is supposedly for him, after all) She ask for ID for both of us. When she hands them back she draws a big X on my hand and Tom's with a marker. She wishes Tom "Happy Birthday and hands him a card that says "Free Lapdance".

We walk around the corner and I'm not sure who was more amazed at the sight that awaited us - me or Tom. On the stage nearest us there was attractive woman with dyed red hair wearing nothing but a tiny pink g-string and heels. I can see her skin glistening from here from sweat (and glitter maybe?) as she hangs backwards and slowly spins down a brass pole she has her legs wrapped around. I can see the definition on her legs from here and imagine running my hand across her leg feeling it twitch as she holds herself on the pole. At the next table over a petite brunette in a schoolgirl outfit has a man's head under her short skirt. She is alternatively using her legs, which rest over his shoulders with her knees by either of his cheeks, to pull his face in close to her white panties, and then when he is almost there, pulling him away again.

Further down there are several more stages with other women dancing surrounded by men seated around their stage - some of them groups of friends cheering, others lone men watching lustily. Near us at a table another woman, nude except for a skimpy g-string is seated on the lap of a well-dress man while he ordered drinks for him and her and the other two guys at the table. Yet another nearly-nude woman is holding the hand of a eager looking man leading him toward a doorway marked "Private Dances". A skimpily-clad (although demure by the standards here) waitress asks us what we'd like to drink - she glances at the X's on our hands and lists their non-alcoholic choices. I order us a couple of sodas and start to wait. She says, "Don't worry, go have fun. I shouldn't have any problem finding you." I look around a bit more and realize that I'm the only woman here that isn't working here.

The song ends and while the girls start to gather up the dollar bills on their stage and the clothes they had left there - the DJ announces a new set of dancers. I hear him announce "On stage 2, lets welcome the sexy Shania!" But he says it more like "Shine-ia" with a heavy emphasis on the 'shine'. As I glance over to stage 2, I see why and am instantly transfixed. A tall beautiful brunette who doesn't look much older than me stands there covered in red latex. Her legs are covered with latex stockings disappearing under her mini-dress. She is wearing arm-length latex gloves, and she has what looks to be a smooth, seamless metal collar around her neck. I see Tom looking from stage to stage, loving everything but not knowing where to begin. I pull him along with me to two seats next to each other at stage 2. Our waitress finds us and gives us our drinks and change - all in $1s. I give half the stack to Tom.

Shania dances seductively in place, rubbing her latex-covered hands over her dress, teasing it up slightly then letting it fall. Once the DJ stops droning on, she makes eye contact with an older man across the table from me. She drops to her knees and slowly, sexily crawls across the table toward him. Her crawl gives me a view under her dress and I can see she is wearing a latex panty as well. My eyes are locked at the view I have under her dress, but I see her running her gloved fingers through his hair, She has him strip off one, then the other, of her latex gloves. As she is tossing her glove behind her she notices my stares and smiles. I feel my face quickly flush with embarrassment and look away. She leaves the older man and crawls to another man. I stare again, fascinated at how her latex dress clings to her skin, showing off every beautiful curve. She then locks eyes with me and crawls over to me.

She strokes my face and my faces flushes again at the touch. She leans in and whispers, "I know I turn you on." I start to protest "but..". She continues, "That makes me so hot. I'd much rather have your hands on me than one of these men's." She then motions me to stand and she kneels in front of me on the edge of the stage. She grabs my hands and places them on her legs under her dress with her hands over mine, with just my thumbs sticking out over the hem of her minidress. She then starts sliding my hands up her legs lifting her skirt. "Take it off" she whispers.

My hands continue up across her hips, up revealing her pink latex panties. They are much lighter than her other latex, allowing a clear view of her lips, only slightly clouded by the pink latex. She tightly holds my hand preventing it from straying and moving it further up her side. She removes her hands a lifts them over her head. I continue up further, revealing her beautiful bare breasts with her nipples clearly erect. My hands feel drawn to her breasts, but I manage to resist the urge and continue up sliding up her raised arms and over her head. I notice her collar closer now and see it is hinged on one side, with a carefully recessed padlock hidden on the other. She takes the dress and toss it to the side.

She takes my hands again and places them over my head. She then whispers "Are you wearing a bra?" "Yes." I answer, not yet understanding the purpose of her question. She places her hands on my hips and slowly starts lifting my shirt. My hands start to lower in reaction, but her sultry "don't move" causes any thought at protest I had to melt away. Her undressing mirrors mine of hers except she stops as my shirt covers my head and arms, but with my torso, other than my breasts, exposed. She then strokes across my waist and stomach up between my breasts, around my neck - finally lifting my shirt the rest of the way off and tossing it to the other side of the stage with her other clothes.

When my shirt comes off and I can see again, I notice all of the men were staring at her undress me. It surprises me that that excites me - instead of embarrassing me. She see's Tom's birthday pass and whispers in my ear that I should see her after the set for a private dance. I pull numerous ones from my stack and reach out with them. She pulls the side of panty out and I slide the ones between her leg and panty. She release the panty holding the money in place and grabs my hand dragging it across her latex covered lips before releasing it and crawling away toward Tom, tossing the ones into the pile near her clothes.

Her dance with Tom is more like it was with the other men - shorter and less sensual than her dance with me. She grabs his hands and explores her bare torso with them - carefully avoiding her breasts - but not objecting as his thumb sneaks a feel along the side. I realize I am still standing, dazed, topless except for my bra, and staring - and I retake my seat to regain a bit of my composure and watch the rest of Tom's dance. Finally Shania starts to gather her belongings - along with my shirt - and the DJ begins announcing the next dancers.

She tells me that his birthday pass is good for 3 songs for him only, for another $20 I can watch, but for an extra $80 I can join him for a longer dance and she promises a night neither of us will ever forget. I know I won't be able to do anything like this again for a long time, so I quickly hand over the $80. She smiles and leads us back to the "Private Dances" area. She whispers into the ear of the bouncer there and discretely hands him one of the $20s. She then leads us back to furthest area from the doorway. There is a small nook there with a cushioned seat in the back for us to sit. The nook is walled off on three sides, open only on the end where Shania is standing - behind her is the back wall of the private area.

She starts her dance with Tom, standing in front of him, dancing, then leaning back rubbing her ass on his pants as she dances. Tom can't help himself and his hand reaches up and strokes her ass. She stops dancing, turns part way around and softly say, "I'm sorry, but the law says you aren't allowed to touch me during private dances ... but it doesn't say anything at all about you touching each other." A mischievous grin crosses her face and she grabs Tom's hand, places it on my thigh and starts sliding it up toward my underwear. She then unzips Tom's pants, pulls his underwear away from him slightly, grabs my hand and slides it into his underwear.

As Shania continues her dancing, I begin exploring Tom balls and penis - fascinated with how hard it was (although I imagine that was more due to Shania than me at this point). I see how my various touches cause different reactions in Tom. First I just play with the head, then just the underside, then his balls. I try stroking it like I'd seen guys jokingly gesture before, but it doesn't work too well, so I go back focusing on the head - circling it with my finger. I seemed to get the best reaction when I tease my finger along the ridge between the head and the rest of his penis. Seeing the pleasure on his face at what I'm doing excites me as well.

I see Shania whisper something into Tom's ear and then she moves over to me. She puts her hands on my knees, turns her hands and slowly slides them up the inside of my thighs. She stops before she reaches Tom's hand covering my pussy. She then moves her hands to over the top of my thigh to the outside and then slides them back out to my knees where she quickly pushes together closing my legs. She then straddles me, with one of her knees besides each of my hips. Her latex-covered pussy grinding into the back of Tom's hand. She leans into me, her lips approaching mine. I close my eyes expecting a kiss but instead feel her soft cheek rub against mine. Then her hot breath is in my ear. She nibbles a bit on my ear and whispers, "Lick your hand to get it wet, and stroke him with it."

I withdraw my hand from his underwear, Tom starts to open his mouth to complain or perhaps to beg for its return, but is quickly silenced as Shania moves over to sit on his knees with her legs holding his together. She looks at Tom, sucks on two of her fingers for a moment, and then slides her hand inside her own panties. Through the partially transparent latex I can see her teasing her own clit. As I lick my hand I can taste Tom's salty precum on it - I imagine that it's my tongue, not Shania's finger, circling her clit. Tom is clearly as hypnotized by her clit as I am as he is startled slightly when my wet hand slides back onto his cock.

She withdraws her hand from her clit, slides it past Tom's nose letting him smell her juices, and grabs his head pulls herself into him, pointing his eyes at her breasts while her lips head to his ear as they did with mine. She whispers into his ear and I feel his hand move, then one of his finger begin sliding in and out of my wet pussy. She whispers again into his ear - this time on the side I'm on so I can hear as well. "Wouldn't you like to fuck me? Wouldn't my pussy feel so good wrapped around your cock?"

She then gets up and turns around to face the opposite direction with her ass facing Tom. She slides her stomach down until almost touches his underwear. She then begins rolling her hips forward and back, moving her ass up and down, looking like she is fucking a dick that isn't there. I finally realize what she has in mind, and begin matching the rhythm of my strokes with her gyrations giving Tom the illusion of fucking Shania from behind. She softly moans about how good it feels - adding to his experience. I can tell he's fully immersed in the illusion she's created for him as his hand that was working on me has all but stopped with just the occasional spastic motion.

She increases the pace of her movements - I match with my strokes. She senses his orgasm approaching (I assume from some change in his breaths I didn't pick up on). She moans "I want you to cum inside me". Soon I feel him grow much harder in my hand, Then he tenses up and I feel his penis spurting out his warm cum into his underwear and onto my hand. Shania continues with a few additional motions and I match them causing his penis to twitch and jerk in my hand and animal-sounding grunts to come from Tom. After a moment Tom's hand pulls out of me as both of of his hands move to hold Shania from moving and stimulating him anymore. Finally she slides back off of his legs and I withdraw my cum-covered hand from his underwear. She hands me a towel to wipe my hand. While I'm cleaning my hand, she sits across Tom's lap again and whispers in his ear for while. She then kisses Tom on the cheek and stands. She approaches me, flashes that mischievous grin again and says. "Your turn!".

As she pulls my skirt down I lift my ass slightly allowing her to slide it under me and off; she then tosses it to the side. She then grabs a nearby chair and places it between my legs keeping my legs apart. I now feel exposed with my legs spread and my pussy protected only by my, now dripping wet, panties. She then sits on the chair and loosely wraps her legs around me and leans back into the chair - placing our pussies inches from each other. She teases her finger around her nipple in circles for a moment, pinches it a bit - and feel a shock of pleasure as Tom matches on my nipple which is standing out prominently through the fabric of my bra. She then licks her finger and traces up and down the outline her lips through her latex panties. I feel Tom's fingers matching every motion on me.

She then traces her finger up, teasing her clit -- our clits -- through her panties. She slides her hand into our panties briefly teasing our lips. She slides first one finger, then a second. She slowly slides them in and back out, in and back out. Slowly the moist fingers trace a line up toward our clit. But they don't touch it directly, first they circle it and then they slide down it on either side. On and on they continue, not with the fast, desperate strokes I give my clit, but with gentle, teasing strokes - making it ache for more. I look up into her eyes, and I see the same hunger there that I feel. I don't know how she's able to hold back any longer.

She looks back into my eyes and I feel the sensations change on my clit. Now I feel my clit being slowly stroked up and down from either side. Up... down... Up... down... and then slow circles directly on my clit - then back to stroking, repeating. I feel a familiar warmth growing and I look into her eyes and can tell from her flushed face she is nearly there too. She stands, still straddling me and moves so that her knees are beside me and she is whispering into my ear again. "Hold me while we cum".

I put my arms around her, feeling her breasts press into me, and her hot breath on my neck. I feel the strokes on my clit shift to strokes more like those I use. I few moments later I squeeze her tightly as waves of pleasure wash over me and I scream out. I expect the strokes to stop - but they keep going rubbing my over-sensitive clit faster - electrical shocks of pleasure shoot from my clit every time it's stroked. I try to move my clit to get away from the stimulation, but she is still on top of me limiting how much I can move. Then I feel her tense up and moan, "I'm cumming" into my ear and the rubbing on my clit stops and I feel Tom's hand slide out of my panties. Shania's hands wrap around me holding on to me for support as she twitches from aftershocks of pleasure from her orgasm.

After a moment she regains her composure, whispers in my ear, "that was amazing".

"*You* were amazing!" I tell her.

She kisses me on the lips, then stands. She says, "I hope I've given you two some inspiration to keep you busy for a while."

Then she quietly leaves the same way we came in, leaving my shirt and skirt behind. Tom and I gather our things, I dress and we head out of the club and back out to our car. Tom leans over and kisses me and says, "Thank you so much for doing that for me - that was the best birthday present ever!"

I'm happy he enjoyed it, but all I can really think about is how amazing it was to feel my orgasm wash over me staring into another woman's eyes. I know Tom and my relationship has moved on to another level, and I'm left wondering if Tom's hands will feel as good when it's his eyes I'm staring into instead of hers.


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