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The Business Trip

by MondayMrngs

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This would be anything but an ordinary business trip. A small group of co-workers and I were headed into the city for business meetings. We took the train downtown and cabbed over to the meeting place. The entire ride down, all I could think about was how I purposely left my ben-wa balls at home and every toy I own for that matter. I was trying to let my better judgement win over the tasty temptation that was before me. What temptation?

The man I had fallen for over the last year, the man who opened my eyes and mind up to bondage, dominant and submissive roles and the greatest pleasures I had ever experienced. It had been several months since we had a chance to see each other alone, away from our normal lives. My anxiety was at an all time high. If I wasn't in conversation with a peer, my hands were shaking with excitement and nervousness.

Although it is completely cliché`, it doesn't reduce the fact that this would be a night we'd never forget.

After the meeting finally ended, I could feel my blood pressure rising and swore everyone in the room could hear my heart pounding. We all arrived at the hotel to check in. "Floor 6..." I heard the bellhop say to the first guest in my party. "Floor 7 for you. Floor 8 for her." There's no way we are all on different floors... "Floor 9" "Floor 11" and so on. We ARE all on different floors!! The risk of running into someone we know in the halls is now extremely minimal. I get to my room to quickly freshen up before dinner and realize that my room is only 2 down from the elevator.

Once inside I take a deep breath and smile. I see a King size bed and a large window bed overlooking the city. I also have a nice size shower that I can only hope to share later this evening. We all meet back up in the lobby and head to dinner as a group. I find myself seated across from Him at the dinner table. The dim lighting casts shadows on his face with the candle light flickering in his piercing eyes, causing me to squirm in my seat - a lot. Every time he licked his lips, I swear my pussy could feel it. He sat there, fingering his utensils, rolling an ice cube in his mouth with his tongue. My legs were crossed tightly and I could feel my body warming up. The sangria had a nice effect as well. We sat there for a couple hours, talking and entertaining our crew, charming & intelligent - they had no idea.

All I wanted was for the meal to end and for everyone to rush back to the hotel so we could get some "sleep" before round 2 of meetings early tomorrow. Finally, my wish came true and we were all headed back. As a group, we entered the elevator and one by one exited to their chambers for the night. By the time I reached my room, my heart was pounding again, my legs shaking, my pussy dripping and already pulsing with excitement. I received a short text - "Take off your clothes, put on the robe. Be there in 2." 2 minutes!! That's all he has given me! So much for my better judgement. Damning myself for leaving my toys at home.

He didn't even have to knock, I was waiting by the door so I could open it and usher him inside before anyone could see. For the first time I could see that he
was nervous too. Neither of us had ever done something this elaborate before, with so much (everything) to lose. The fear only added to the adventure. He laughed and smiled when he saw that I obeyed, wearing only the robe. Purposely leaving my thong & bra on the floor for him to see. "Turn on the shower, I want to wash you & help you to relax before bed" - doing as I'm told I turned the water on, only to peek out the door to see him undressing. What an amazing sight that was - tight and rock hard arms, shoulders and back, turning back around catching me from my hiding place he pulled his briefs down and walked toward me with a smile.

In the shower, he kissed me, soft at first then harder and his tongue plunged deep into my mouth, twisting around my own. Our breathing picked up and he cupped my breasts in his hands then greeted my nipple with his mouth, sucking playfully. He pressed my back against the wall of the shower and held my hands above my head kissing me, distracting me from where his other hand had migrated. Toying with my clit, he waited for the sign - gasping for air and moaning in his ear, he put two fingers inside my pussy, finding the perfect spot. As I came the first time he brought his lips back to my nipples and licked and sucked while I arched with pleasure.

When I finally came down, I got to my knees, the water pouring onto my back and soaking my hair. I put all of him inside my mouth and ran my finger nails down his thighs, between his legs across his balls and gripped his hips as he began thrusting with my rhythm. As the water started to cool, he washed my body. We started kissing again and I tried to take control. Pressing him against the wall, kissing him aggressively biting his lip. He inserted two fingers back inside me so quickly and began thrusting with his fist - "faster.. harder.. more" I whispered between moans. Eventually he went as deep as he could, even raising me off the ground as my pussy pulsed around his fingers. Panting for air, he shut the water off and we dried off.

It only took seconds to move from the bathroom to the bed. Where he began caressing my arms, chest, abs & legs gently. Kissing my body and running his tongue along my neck. This was the first time we didn't involve toys or cuffs or ropes. This was the first time we had all night to play. We explored each other's bodies. Paying special attention to my nipples, I came again and again. His tongue finally graced my pussy with its presence and took me over multiple times as well.

Laying together, tangled in each other's arms and legs. Listening to his heart beat and enjoying the warmth of his body pressed against mine. I knew that we had reached another new level and it would only get more intense from here. Without the bondage - no cuffs, no ropes, without the pleasurable slavery - I experienced something new. That with this man, I could have both types of pleasure I have sought after. With him, I didn't have to choose a lifestyle, he presented me with it all.

It's safe to say, we didn't get any sleep that night. And the best part, we walked away with the best kept secret of them all.

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