Catfished by Mistress Zee

by Shawna Summers

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© Copyright 2022 - Shawna Summers - Used by permission

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“Really? Another fake Domme?” I said out loud exasperated by another private message pretending to be a dominatrix.

My wife just shook her head and smiled in sympathy, “You know if you didn't post so much on there, you wouldn't get all those.”

“You're probably right, but I've actually made connections with several people, too,” I replied, shrugging my shoulders.

I had made several connections with people online that I really enjoyed chatting with, and yeah, seeing their sexy posts didn't hurt either. Especially some of the amazing, powerful female Dominants that were out there. I'd even chatted with a few of them and considered a few of them, maybe not quite friends... associates? Something like that. I knew I could ask a respectful question about things and they were usually quite happy to answer.

I didn't abuse that of course, not unless I was going to be paying or sending them a gift. I also knew these ladies had lives and businesses, so I didn't want to monopolize their time.

That was probably why I also felt a little protective of them, and their brands. So, when someone went online pretending to be them to try and get money, or whatever their reason for pretending to be a Domme was, I would go out of my way to not only mess with that person and waste their time and energy, but I'd also be sure to report them, alert the Domme and post it on that person's page with the Domme included in the post.

I knew that wasn't really going to stop the scammers, catfishers and the fakes, but it made me feel better. Like I was doing my small part to assist the powerful ladies that fascinated me so.

I was also quite lucky that my wife of over 25 years was also my Domme. Sadly, we very rarely got a chance to play. I know, you need to make time, but with work, kids, family, school, after school activities and everything, it was sometimes tough to find the time. Sometimes it was tough to find time just to talk.

Now that our kids were older, we were trying to make sure we made time for each other and for kink, too. And yes, sometimes those were mutually exclusive. Simple stuff, like trying to make sure we said “Good night” and trying to talk for a few minutes when going to bed.

It wasn't always easy, but we knew it was important, especially since we'd be empty nesters in a few years. At some point in our marriage, we'd realized we didn't even really have a relationship with each other, it was just about the kids. So, we really made an effort to connect when and where we could.

This was why we had started taking long 'us' weekends to get away. We also tried to not only get out and have actual dates and dinner and such, but we also made sure to include kinky sex on the agenda, too. The funny thing was, the first such weekend we did, we both had a great time, but we were both quite out of shape with kinky sex. We were a bit sore afterwards and there really wasn't that much spanking or corporal stuff. I never thought limbering up was going to be a necessary part of sex. The joys of getting older, I guess.

“How do you know the profiles are fake anyway?” my wife asked, genuinely interested.

“Well, some I just recognize the pics. But most actually message me, and while I've had Dommes message me before, it was usually to thank me for a nice comment or reply to a question I'd asked. I've never had one real Domme tell me 'I want to own you and make you mine own sissy slut for all time'... and yes, that's a direct quote,” I explained to her.

“Okay yeah, that doesn't sound like a native English speaker, but lots of people online can't write,” my wife reasoned.

“True, but if they're Professional Dommes, they have links to their website, their pay site, their gift wish-list, that kind of stuff. Also, they almost always have their location, at least which continent they're on. These never have a location. Also, I usually just do a reverse image search on their main photos and I come up with who the Domme really is, or the model. Sometimes they're just using a fetish model, not even a Domme. Then I check if that person has a profile and I can message them to let them know someone is pretending to be them,” I said fairly quickly.

We talked a bit more about stuff I looked for and how I knew a profile was real or fake. I was surprised my wife took an interest at all. She usually would just let me rant and blather about the phonies. So, I was happy to have her interest, even if it was something silly.

You see, my wife is just amazing. I know, most guys think that of their wives, but mine was. Not only was she pretty with the most amazingly beautiful blue eyes, but she was also one of the smartest people I knew. Also, the connection we had was just unbelievable at times. We often joked at times about sharing a brain since we would frequently have one of us say exactly what the other was thinking. Sadly, the one area she lacked was self-confidence. A lot of it stemmed from her being a Big Beautiful Woman, y'know the BBW category from the porn sites? Yeah, she was big and curvy, but her curves were amazing, and they drove me crazy. Sadly, she didn't always get it.

That was actually part of the reason I'd suggested maybe she try to find a “Domme persona”. So when we got kinky, she could be someone else for a bit. It worked for me when I was in drag. It was sometimes nice to not have to be a guy any more, that I sometimes lost myself in the mental aspect of it. But she was smart and clever and playful enough that our Domme-sub sessions were amazing, so she really didn't need the persona, but I thought it might help.

That's the other amazing thing about my wife, that she puts up with my crossdressing. You know how many women get worried about another woman messing up their relationship? Well, what if the other woman IS your husband? What do you do then? So, she'd put up with learning to understand that aspect of me, and had even come to embrace it and use it during our kink sessions. Dressing up as her sissy maid and doing chores was one of my favorite things, especially when I got to pamper my Domme with doing her toenails, assisting with baths or showers, even massages. Plus I'd sometimes get to help her dress in lingerie or leather, so that was a huge plus.

Unfortunately some health issues with family members and other responsibilities had kept us from having an 'us' weekend in quite a while, and I think we were both beginning to feel it. I know I was, and I'm sure she was aware of my desire for some kink time. So, while we were trying to plan our next trip, getting messages from fake Dommes was the last thing I wanted.

That's why the message from a 'Mistress Zee' really threw me off. The profile was fairly new, just a couple months old, but it did have a location. Right in Philly, just up the road from us. She was friends with several of the Dommes in the area that I followed. She only had a few pics and no face pics, so that was a red flag, but plenty of Dommes had day jobs and tried to conceal their identities at least a little. One of her pics was her in a leather top, skirt and thigh high boots. Thigh high boots were a real hot button for me. I had to admit, something about the profile screamed 'fake', but I couldn't put my finger on it exactly.

I did like her tagline was 'the last name in Female Domination.' I thought that was pretty clever. Anyone that put that level of thought into a profile couldn't be all bad, right?

Her message was fairly simple and nice, “Hello, I saw some of your posts and wanted to say hello. You have lots of nice things to say about my sister Dommes, so thank you.”

Well, to be honest, a few of the flakes would start off nice and escalate pretty quickly. So, I'd try to ferret this one out and see how it went.

“Thank you, Ma'am. I always try to be polite and respectful. Are you new? I've not seen you before, and I would have definitely remembered you,” I replied.

It took a while to get the reply back, “That's good, subs should always remember their place. Yes, I'm new and I've been studying with Mistress Belle. She's a great teacher. Thank you for the compliment, you are very sweet and you make a cute girl.”

Well, okay. She was clearly flirting with me, but hadn't gone to the 'I'm going to own you' that so many of the fakes did. She was just... kind of nice. Chatty and flirty.

So, we messaged back and forth for a bit like that, when she asked, “Have you ever visited any of the Pro Dommes here in town?”

I explained that I hadn't. My wife and I had talked about it before, but she wasn't entirely comfortable with the idea and I was more than a little freaked out at the idea of going by myself. The cost was a bit of an issue, too. Thankfully, we'd both gotten promotions at work, so the money was becoming less of an issue, but we both still needed to be comfortable with the idea. So, I stressed that, and made sure to say that I wouldn't arrange a visit unless I cleared it with my wife, or better if we both attended.

She was very positive and appreciated that I was so forthright. She did also suggest talking with my wife about a visit to a Domme again. She explained she was new and looking for clients, so she'd be willing to offer a discount if we didn't mind doing some promotional shots with her.

I had to admit, something about this still felt off, but I couldn't come up with any one specific thing. So, I finally decided to bite the bullet and message Mistress Belle. We'd messaged a bit in the past and she was always very nice and super informative. She was also a gorgeous Domme and managed to mix being playful and being super fierce, so you know, that helped my appreciation of her.

I messaged her, “Hello Ma'am, I hope all is well with you. I wanted to check about a Domme that may have been working with you recently, a Mistress Zee. I wanted to check that you knew her and what she was like.” I was sure to include links to her profile.

Mistress Belle got back to me the next day, “Oh yes! I know Mistress Zee well. She's been working with me recently and while she's new, she will make a great Domme. She is a special lady and I'm looking forward to having her in the scene.”

“Thank you, Ma'am! You're always wonderful, I appreciate it!” I replied back. 

Well, she had the blessing of a mentor, so one night while my wife and I were talking about trying to get away for our next trip, I mentioned visiting a professional Dominatrix again.

“I'm still not sure, dear. I mean, won't it be weird to meet with someone and start having sex with them a few minutes later?” she asked.

“Well, first of all, Dommes don't usually have sex with clients,” I reminded her. We'd had this discussion before.

“But its still stuff of a sexual nature,” she interrupted.

I stammered, “Y-yes, but you also negotiate with them about what you will and won't do. Also, a lot of them will meet for coffee or dinner or something first if you want to see about chemistry and if you like them or not.”

My wife made a thoughtful face, “Okay, I might be up for meeting for coffee or something, that'll be like going to the munch. Did you have someone in mind?”

And yes, we did go out to a local munch occasionally. We didn't go a lot since schedules often made it tough. We hadn't gone to any of the play parties yet, but that was mostly because we needed to plan one of our weekends around a party date. So far, we hadn't been able to make that happen.

“Well, I always like Lady Rouge Love, and Mistress Blackwell is pretty amazing, plus Mistress Kye, Mistress Tissa, Mistress Chloe, Mistress Rita, Goddess Destiny Kane, Miss Lizzy, Miss McKenzie, Miss Skyler, Goddess Minerva ... let's face it, I'd be ecstatic with any of them.” I went through some of the Philly area Dommes I followed regularly. “Of course, there is also this new Domme, Mistress Zee.”

“Mistress Zee? Have you mentioned her before?” my wife asked, looking at her pics. “I like her, she's a big girl, too.”

“Yes, she's really attractive and pretty nice, too. She's pretty new, but get this, we've been messaging and she said since she's new, she'd be willing to give us a discount on a session if we'll do photos and stuff with her,” I explained.

My wife frowned at me, “Photos? Really? Isn't it bad enough we've got pics on FetLife and whatnot? Now we're going to be in advertising for a Professional Dominatrix?”

“We can wear masks or something, and I can make it so the shots have our faces cropped out,” I explained.

“What about our tattoos?” she asked, actually sounding convinced.

“Well, we can either wear clothes to cover those, or I can blur them out. I'm a whiz with Photoshop, y'know,” I explained.

My wife patted me on the head condescendingly, “I know, dear. Alright, well what the hell? We can at least meet her for coffee and see, right?”

“Really?” I asked, shocked. After all these years of talking about it, we were actually going to do this?

I was pretty damn excited, I won't lie. I mean, my wife is an amazing Domme, for her to have the chance to learn from a pro was just too good to pass up.

“Yup, really,” my wife smirked at me, shaking her head softly. She then scrolled on my phone, “So, I'm going to guess, this is your favorite pic, right now?” She pulled up the one of Mistress Zee in the leather and thigh boots. It was a gorgeous pic, and yes, I'd been fantasizing about being at her feet since I first saw that picture.

I blushed softly, yeah, she knew me too damn well. I nodded, “Yes, Ma'am. I really like that picture. I'd love to see you done up like that.”

My wife smiled at me, chuckling softly, “Who knows, we'll see how things go with...” she paused as she glanced at the phone. “Mistress Zee.”

“Yes, Ma'am,” I replied excitedly.

“Do you want to play with yourself?” she asked teasingly. “You look like you're really enjoying this.”

“I always enjoy when you get playful,” I grinned and added, “And dominant.”

She leaned back on the bed and looked at me with a gleam in her eye. She extended her legs out to me and lightly set them on my legs. She just looked at me, daring me to make a move without permission. I knew better, but I still trembled with excitement from the caress of her on me. Even if her feet were a little cold!

She smiled teasingly at me as she began to rub her feet over my legs. She lightly ran one down my leg and the other up to my side, tracing her toes over my stomach. I looked pleadingly at her with my best version of the sad, puppy dog eyes, but that just made her smile more. That delicious wicked smile.

If you couldn't guess, she enjoyed teasing me, and she knew I had a foot fetish, so seeing her purple painted toenails running over me had me turned on like a live wire. Every brush of her feet and toes was a slow, teasing exquisite agony.

Finally, she moved her one foot up my leg to rest it on my crotch. She traced my rock hard cock with her toes. I whimpered softly, but she just said, “My, you must really like this Mistress Zee.”

She grinned knowing it was her feet doing that to me, but she played me like a fiddle when it came to this stuff. “So, is that who you'd like to go see?” She emphasized the 'you'd like' with a soft stroke up and down on my cock.

I gasped in arousal, “Whatever you'd like Ma'am! I'm happy with any of the Ladies.”

“Well then you'd better send me her contact information,” she laughed softly. Waving my phone in front of her, and she continued running her feet over me. Eventually moving up one arm, she just moved her foot slowly and sensuously in front of my face, resting her ankle on my arm while her other foot continued teasing my cock and balls.

I looked at her and softly said, “Please?”

“Please what, dear?” she smiled knowingly. Even though she knew exactly what I wanted, she liked to make me say it. In fact, she'd probably make me beg for it.

“Please may I worship your beautiful foot?” I said pleadingly.

She smiled even brighter, “Are you sure? You really want to worship my foot? I'm not sure I believe you.”

Dammit, she was good. She knew this teasing would drive me out of my mind!

“Please Ma'am, please may I worship your gorgeous and amazing feet? Please let me taste you?” I said my voice quivering with my need. I told you she was amazing, and I would literally worship the ground she walked on.

Sadly, it was a weeknight, so we both had work in the morning and the kids had school, so we could only play a little bit.

“Very well,” she relented and pushed her foot to my mouth. I began kissing her toes loving every moment of tending to her feet. “Also, you will give me Mistress Zee's contact information,” she intoned as I gently massaged her foot with my mouth and tongue. “It's only appropriate I handle our get together. Don't you, agree?”

“Yes, Ma'am! As you wish,” I smiled at her as I lovingly kissed the arch of her foot.

“Good boy,” she smiled, resuming rubbing my throbbing cock with her other foot.

She let me kiss her foot for several more minutes before she told me, “Undo your pants, I want to play with my toy more.”

I quickly unbuckled my pants and slid down my underwear, my raging hard cock throbbing desperately. My wife began rubbing even harder on me with her foot as I kissed my way up her leg. I also began dry humping her foot.

She pulled her foot back, “Uh-uh, I didn't give you permission for that, keep it still, I'm playing here, not you.”

I nodded, biting my lip, determined to please her, “Yes, Ma'am. Sorry, Ma'am.”

She slowly and agonizingly teased me with her foot for what seemed like hours. It was probably only about 15 minutes, but I was still a quivering, frustrated bundle of nerves by that time.

My wife pulled her foot back and stopped rubbing me. I looked at her desperately, but she said, “Get me the vibrator out of the nightstand.”

“Yes, Ma'am!” I hopped to get the toy out of the bedside table.

It was a relatively small vibrator as these things go. She found it gave just the right level of intensity. 

She pulled down her pants and quickly slid the toy against her mound. I could hear the soft buzzing as she held up her leg with the pajama pants on it, “Take those off, now.”

I quickly pulled the pajamas off her leg. She quickly put her one foot back on my face, the other on my dripping member. I was in heaven with her amazing feet on my mouth and cock, I was in a daze as I tried to watch her playing with the vibe, but she made sure to keep her foot almost directly over my face, so I could only catch glimpses of her body bucking as she rode the vibrations.

She must have been pretty excited, or the vibe was hitting her right, since she leaned back and closed her eyes, diving deep into her arousal. It was such a tease to not quite see everything, but that made me want to see even more. As she really took off, she pulled both her feet off me and squeezed her legs together, trapping the vibe and her hand inside her.

I could see now, but in exchange, I lost the feeling of her amazing feet on me. Getting to watch her cum was fully worth it though. She bucked and squirmed for several minutes until she finally tossed her head back, gasping and groaning as quietly as she could.

This was part of the reason we'd go away for our trysts, so we could be as loud as we wanted. Let's face it, spankings can get really loud and yes, I can be very vocal.

I didn't want to disrupt her post-orgasmic haze, so I sat quietly, watching and waiting to see if I should do anything. I figured if she wanted anything she'd have told me. 

After a couple minutes, her breathing settled down and she looked over at me, “Awwww, you look like a puppy that's been left out in the rain.”

I smiled at her and nodded. She kept going, “Is it because I stopped playing with you?” She answered her own question by putting one foot on either side of cock and stroking very slowly.

“Ohhhh my God!” I gasped as the sensation overwhelmed me. I did have the presence of mind to add, “I just didn't want to disturb you, Ma'am.”

“Awwww, such a sweet boy. Do you think you deserve a reward for being good?” she teased, her eyes sparkling.

“Yes, Ma'am! Please?” I pleaded.

“Would you like to cum?” she asked, teasing me mercilessly.

“Yes, Ma'am! Please! Please may I cum?” I begged softly.

“I don't know, that didn't sound like very much begging,” she sighed. “I guess you're not that worked up after all.”

“Oh please, Ma'am! Please take pity on your boy and let me cum! I'm so worked up from worshiping your feet and watching you cum was just hot as hell. Please, please, please?”

She looked at me as if deciding. “You think Mistress Zee would let you cum?”

“I don't know, Ma'am, maybe, but...” I trailed off, a little unsure I wanted to get too deep.

“But what?” she asked sternly, clearly wanting a response right away, her feet stopping.

“She'd probably make me... earn it,” I added hesitantly.

“Oh?” she went back to teasing, moving her feet just a bit faster. “How do you think she'd do that?”

“Maybe she'd spank me, first?” I offered.

“Well, that's not happening right now. Maybe our next trip, if I want to,” she added, managing to be both teasing and menacing at the same time. It was a fine line, but it was hot when she did it.

“Maybe she'd make me promise to do something? Something humiliating?” I offered.

“Sounds promising, what do you think she'd have in mind?” she teased moving her feet even faster.

“Maybe... having me cum with her feet, and lick them clean after?” I said, a little unsure. I'd had this fantasy for some time, but I wasn't sure if she'd be into it. I don't know why I hesitated.

“Really?” she drew the word out into three syllables, but her smile was all predator. “That seems pretty humiliating. Would you do that for her? For me?”

I nodded, starting to feel my orgasm building from the constant rub of her feet, “Oh yes, Ma'am! I'd do anything for you.”

“I know, but it's hot to hear you say it. Tell me what you're going to do,” she purred.

“Ma'am, may I please cum and then clean your gorgeous and sexy feet? Please? Please may I cum and worship you?”

“Tell me when you're close, and beg. Beg like your orgasm depends on it, because it does,” she did that teasing and menacing voice again.

I was really worked up at that point, so it could only have been another minute at most before I was begging and blubbering to cum. I don't even know what I said, I was so lost.

She replied curtly with, “No! Hold it, don't cum yet.”

I begged and pleaded. I'm sure I was pathetic and mewling, I was pretty desperate.

Finally after making me wait until it felt like my balls were going to burst, she said the words, “Cum for me, boy.”

I let go of the orgasm I'd been building for several minutes. I did have enough presence of mind to not get too loud, but I came for a long time. It felt like minutes, but was probably about 15-20 seconds or so. My body was shaking with little aftershocks for quite some time.

My eyes cleared from their haze and my wife was looking up at me with this cat that ate the canary look on her face. It was beautiful. She also reminded me, “You have some unfinished business.” She pointed to the long ropy strands of cum on her legs and feet.

“Yes, Ma'am,” I leaned down, still a little short on air and stuck my tongue into the salty thickness. It was a strong, salty taste, not really bad, just strong.

“Hold it all in your mouth, my little cum-slut,” my wife said, I could hear the smile on her face.

I quickly worked my tongue around collecting as much of my spending as I could. There was a lot! I was sure to keep it all on my tongue. Once I had all the white cream I could find, I looked up at her.

“Show me, slut,” she grinned with that twinkle in her eyes again.

I held out my tongue with all my thick cum on it. I was at the same time embarrassed and incredibly turned on. I couldn't believe how humiliating licking my own seed off her feet was. And with her calling me slut and cum-slut, well if I hadn't just come, I would have been rock hard!

“Swallow,” she commanded simply.

I obediently swallowed down the load and then held out my tongue to show her.

“Good little cum-slut,” she teased as she beckoned me to her. I snuggled in next to her on the bed and we lay quietly for a while.

“You are amazing,” I said after a couple minutes, kissing her softly on the shoulder.

“I know,” she replied back. “So, that was good? I know it wasn't a full session, but I enjoyed the hell out of it.”

“Oh my God! Yes!” I excitedly answered. “You are just as awesome as ever. So sexy and playful.”

She smiled, wrapping her arm around my shoulders and pulling me in close.

“So, you really think Mistress Zee will let you cum?” she asked quietly.

“I'm not sure, I hope so, but it's not really up to me,” I said.

“No, it's not,” she agreed quickly. “And you think she'd make lick your own cum up?”

“Possibly, she seems pretty... domineering,” I noted.

“Well, I'll mention to her that you want to do that,” she added smugly. “Maybe I'll give her a whole list of things I want her to do to you...”

“As you wish, Ma'am!” I smiled happily at her.

“So, did you like licking up your cum?” she asked, seriously wanting to know. This was one of the great things about her, she really wanted to know what made me tick.

“Yes, I did. It was surprisingly humiliating, yet getting to worship your feet at the same time was pretty awesome. So, it was kind of a mind fuck, that way,” I tried to explain.

“Why would it be humiliating? It's just cum. It's not like I haven't swallowed it from you before,” she wondered.

“I don't know,” I shrugged. “I guess it's just some of the male ego? Or the idea that a 'real man' wouldn't be eating his own cum that he just licked off his Mistress' feet?”

“Well, we need to make sure to beat any of that last male ego out of you,” she added with just a hint of seriousness.

“I look forward to it, Ma'am!” I smiled at her as she kissed me softly.

“You better! You also better get used to licking your jizz off me more,” she added.

I looked surprised, “Really? So you enjoyed that part?”

“Uh-huh, I think it goes to that 'breaking the male ego' idea. The thought that you had just put forth your 'virile male seed' and were now taking it. Kind of the same idea as being pegged,” she explained, hitting another of my big fantasies. “I enjoyed it, too. If I hadn't already cum, I'd probably have played with the vibe right then.”

We talked some more before we finally went and cleaned up to get ready for bed.

It was a few days before my wife brought up visiting Mistress Zee again. One night as we were getting ready for bed, she simply said, “I've been in touch with Mistress Zee, she's a trip.”

“Oh, great! Glad you like her,” I said, trying to not sound too eager. I wanted to ask about what they talked about, when we would meet, but I also didn't want to push too much. Plus, I figured she might want to tease me.

“Oh yes! She's great, definitely a good pick for meeting up,” she said flatly.

I hesitated. Did she want me to ask? Was she just toying with me?

“Do you want to know how it went?” she smiled slyly as she looked at me.

I blushed, it was like she was reading my mind, “Yes, Ma'am.”

“Then finish getting naked and get in bed... actually, put these on,” she tossed me the panties she'd been wearing. They were lacy, sexy boyshorts. Of course, I could also smell her on them as I took them in my hand. 

So, I slid the soft, lacy panties up and climbed under the covers with her. I realized she was completely naked as I slid up next to her.

“How do my panties feel?” she said in my ear as she kissed my neck.

“They feel wonderful, so soft and lacy,” I whispered back.

“Roll over a bit, I want to feel you,” she said as she pushed my shoulder. I turned onto my side and she started rubbing her hands over my ass and my hips, I could feel the designs in the lace as her hands ran over me. “Now, was there something you wanted to know?”

“Yes, Ma'am. What did you talk... oh my...” her roving hands brushed my hardening cock, just a light touch, but enough to throw me off. “Uhm... what did you talk about?”

“Are you sure you want to know?” she teased as she lightly brushed my balls. In the lace, the light touch was such a tease.

“Yes, Ma'am, please?” I begged softly.

“Please what, pet?” she chuckled softly as she brushed my cockhead. “You're dripping.”

“Sorry, Ma'am, you've got me very worked up. Please may I hear... oh wow... may I hear what your plans with Mistress Zee are?” I pleaded.

“Are you sure you want to know?” she said again as she ran one hand over my balls and pressed her tits against my back. I could feel the heat radiating off her as she rubbed her large breasts against me.

“Please Ma'am? Please tell me what your plans with Mistress Zee are? I want to know when we'll meet and what we're going to do. Please tell me?” I breathed quietly, trying to plead with her. I never knew if I was begging enough, or too much or what.

“Oh my, she has all sorts of wicked plans for you,” my wife whispered in my ear, grinding herself against my back. “So many lovely ideas! And she really liked those pics of you as my sissy maid. Get me the vibrator.”

I leaned over to the nightstand and pulled out the small vibe, handing it to her. “So, you can expect, you'll be done up as her sissy. Of course, that also means she wants you as feminine as possible... Let's see if this works.”

I was about to ask what, when she reached down the back of the panties. She turned the vibrator on and put it down the back of the panties, right along my asscrack. Not actually in, just resting between the cheeks. She then began grinding her pussy and clit along the vibe, digging it into my crack. That was a really intense feeling!

She growled into my ear, “She has a whole plan for the next week and half of what I'm going to do to you, you're going to like most of it, I think. She definitely wants your little ass stretched, so you'll be wearing your butt plug.”

She moaned as she hit a good spot with the vibe, panting in my ear she continued, “You're to practice your make-up, walking in heels each night and fucking yourself with your dildo, too. You're only wearing your feminine underwear until we meet her next Saturday, oh and one more thing...”she trailed off breathlessly, clearly worked up and enjoying this. “You're going to be locked in your chastity cage until then, too.”

She then ground hard against me, biting my shoulder hard. The vibe was digging painfully into me, but I didn't dare move, since I didn't want to disrupt her. I could hear her panting as she shuddered in what I assumed was a pretty good climax.

She settled down and reached down to turn the vibe off. “Oh my, I feel better. How are you down here?” she whispered as she kept lightly playing with my lace covered cock and balls. Teasing me with soft touches, I whimpered slightly.

“Now, it's up to me if you get to cum again before you get locked up. Soooo... I have to decide how much I want to torment you and if you actually get off. I'm thinking you really want to cum, right?”

I nodded, “Yes, Ma'am! Please may I cum? Please? I'm so worked up!”

“But that will be the fun, especially if you're in chastity for a week and a half! Oh my, you'll be so worked up, I'll bet Mistress Zee could get you to do even more terrible things than what she has planned!”

“Oh Ma'am! Please? Please let me cum? I'll be a good sissy for you both,” I pleaded desperately.

“Oh you will either way, pet. But I just can't resist watching you get off. It's so hot knowing I can make you this crazy,” she whispered in my ear as she wrapped her hand around my cock. “But you are going to clean up your mess.”

“Yes, Ma'am! I'll clean up, thank you, Ma'am! You're so sexy and amazing! Oh my...” She began stroking rapidly and with how worked up I was it only took me a minute or so to beg to cum. She let me, after some more begging. I came panting and groaning as she milked every last drop out of me.

My shoulders slumped as I tried to catch my breath. My wife whispered in my ear, “Such a mess, I guess my sissy girl enjoyed wearing my panties?”

“Yes, Ma'am! Thank you, Ma'am, they are amazing. You are amazing,” I panted, a big, silly grin on my face as she turned me to face her.

“Now, clean up, pet,” she ordered as she held her hand to my face. I dutifully licked my cum off her hand, trying to make it a sexy show for her. She said things like, “Oooh, looks like someone likes their sticky treat. I guess I'll have to make you eat all the cum in the future.” She smiled wickedly as she said that.

Once I had cleaned her, she had one last order, “Go put on your cage, pet. Then come snuggle with me.”

We'd played off and on with chastity over the years, going through a few cages that were okay. Sadly, these kinds of toys just weren't the kind of thing you should go cheap with. So, we'd finally invested in a device called The Vice. It was about the lightest and most comfortable device we'd been able to find, however it wasn't cheap. But after trying several devices that either broke or didn't work right or just had issues with not fitting, this was one of the most affordable we could manage.

I locked myself into the sleek black cage, put the panties back on and went back to bed. I snuggled in to my wife and dreamed of being her submissive sissy. Needless to say, my sleep was restless because the cage wouldn't let me get worked up.

As much as I'd like to say you can just slap a chastity cage on and keep it on for days, the simple fact is you have to build up to that just like anything else. So, I'd usually do a step up type program. Wear the cage for a day, take it off for a few hours and see if there's any irritation. I'd treat that irritation and then put the cage back on a day later. Then I'd wear it for about three days and see how things progressed. From there I was usually good to wear it for weeks at a time. Of course, a month was the most I had ever been locked in. Yes, we did celebrate Locktober like that last year!

It had been a few weeks since I'd worn the cage, like I said, it'd been some time since we'd been able to take one of our kinky trips, so we hadn't played anything in a while. So, I was wondering how I'd do, and was going to remove the cage and check everything in the morning. I was a bit surprised when I couldn't find the key. I was pretty sure I'd left it with the spacers and other accessories for the cage.

I looked up at my wife and saw her grinning at me, “Everything okay... pet.” She emphasized one of the sub names she usually used for me. We didn't usually play Domme/sub after a scene and certainly not the next morning!

“Yes, Ma'am,” I smiled back. “Everything is wonderful!”

“Good, I thought you might have lost something,” she smiled as she held up the keys.

“No, Ma'am, everything is right where it should be!”

She chuckled and I went to go try and cool down in the shower. Her little display had me testing the chastity cage, and I assure you the cage was winning. After my shower, I was a bit surprised to open my drawer and see that all of my underwear were gone. In their place were several thongs in lacy, silky and even vinyl fabrics.

I realized this was serious. My wife and Mistress Zee were not playing around. This both scared and thrilled me to a degree.

The next week and a half were kind of a blur as I followed all of Mistress Zee's orders. I spent a bit of time each night practicing my make-up, walking in my heels, then sliding the 8” dildo I had in and out of me until I was so worked up and frustrated I thought I might cum in the cage, but I couldn't quite get to that point.

So, by the time Saturday rolled around, I was more than ready to go! Unfortunately, my wife wasn't.

We were supposed to meet Mistress Zee at 3pm in a small cafe in downtown Philadelphia. We mostly hung around the house for the morning, but I was anxious and trying to do little projects to settle me down. Then around 10:30 or so, my wife's phone rang. It was her mother's ringtone. I could tell she was a little irritated, but also resolved.

“Fine,” she said as she hung up the phone.

“Your mom, okay?” I asked.

“Yeah, my mom is on her way to the hospital. It's the same thing it was last time apparently. So, I'm going to head over, she's freaked out because she thinks it's worse,” she said, sighing in exasperation. Then she looked up, “Oh shit, I'm going to miss... late lunch.” She looked around to make sure our youngest wasn't around. Thankfully he was up in his room playing.

I smiled and nodded, “Yeah, well that's the way life goes sometimes.”

“Sorry, baby. Well, you should still go and meet with her at least. See if you like her, and let her know what's going on,” she said sweetly.

“Are you sure? I'll feel a little weird. I mean, you've been the one in contact with her, so I don't really know much,” I hesitated. “Also, I'm worried I'll freak out or say something stupid. I'd feel better with you there.”

She laughed a little, then reassured me. “You'll be fine. She's just a woman, and be yourself. You're cute, you're funny, you're smart, you'll be fine.” She then added, “And if you still want to go ahead with the session, go ahead.”

“Really?” I was a bit surprised, but with how she'd been acting for the past ten days, I shouldn't have been too surprised.

“Absolutely, we already paid the deposit, so, make use of it,” she grinned.

“Well, if you think I should. I'd still rather you were there,” I replied, still a bit nervous.

She shrugged, “Well, don't worry about me. Besides, I can join next time.”

My wife headed out after that. As she drove away, I suddenly realized that she had my chastity keys. Aw, hell! Well, I guess I would just be locked away for the session, if I had the guts to go through with it. I won't lie, backing out was a real serious consideration at that point. On the other hand, I knew a lot of Dommes had issues with clients not showing, so I'd hate to make things a problem like that.

I busied myself for the rest of the afternoon until it was time to go. I left myself plenty of time to get there early. I did NOT want to be late. I know most Dommes hate that. I also stopped and picked up a small bouquet of flowers. It was nothing major, but I thought it might be a nice touch. I did also pack a bag that had some of my 'Shawna' stuff in it that Mistress Zee had apparently requested.

So, I drove up to the City of Brotherly Love and found the area where the cafe was and checked the time. I still had about 15 minutes once I'd parked. So, I hung in the car for a bit, the place was only a five minute walk and I didn't want to get there too early, but I didn't want to be late either. Arriving right on time can be a challenge. I guess that's the point? Dommes want to test you and see how you do? Or they don't want their time wasted? I don't know, I was just really nervous.

As I walked up to the cafe with the flowers in hand, I remembered my wife said Mistress Zee would be wearing a little retro style cocktail hat, she referred to it as a 'fascinator'. So, she should be pretty easy to spot. She'd be the powerful lady that was going to rock my world.

I entered the small cafe and since it was late in the afternoon and too late for lunch, but still too early for dinner, the place was largely empty. That was good, because I felt like everyone was staring at me. It may have also been because I was wearing my panties, corset, garters and fishnets under the khakis and polo I had on top of my femme clothes.

That was probably contributing to my nervousness. I felt like every person I passed knew what I was wearing. I knew in reality most of them didn't even really care. Hell, most people would never even give me a second look. That was part of the thrill of crossdressing for me. Becoming someone that people would not only look at once, but look twice. Maybe even three times was a huge change from my plain male self that no one ever really noticed.

I spotted the lady in the hat sitting off to one side near a small door looking onto an interior courtyard. It was a very cozy and tasteful cafe, though the place looked expensive. I nervously walked over to the table, my heart in my throat.

Not only was she wearing the fancy hat, she had on a black jacket over top of a wrap-around leather dress, with a pair of knee-high leather boots completing the look. She was clearly exuding power, but in a stylish manner. Her outfit was sexy, but tasteful and would have probably worked in a business environment. I was already shaking with nervousness as I spotted her. I took a deep breath and calmed myself. Then stepped a few paces around so I could approach her in her line of vision. I didn't want to seem like I was sneaking up behind her.

As I came up to the table, I smiled and said, “Hello, you must be...”

My words trailed off as the powerful, sexy Domme looked up at me. At first I was struck by how pretty she was. Her blue eyes looked just like my... wait, what? … The flashing blue eyes, that playful, but wicked smile I knew so well. It was my wife!

What the actual fucking hell?!

I'm not sure how long I stood there in shock, my mouth moving but no words coming out, before she finally smiled up at me and said, “Hello, you must be 'Shawna', it's nice to finally meet you.”

I was only able to mumble some gibberish back, “I... but you... and we, but I...”

“Sit down,” she ordered sternly but softly. “You look like a fish that was just landed... I guess you're surprised then?”

I obediently sat down, the cool chair providing some degree of comfort in my befuddled state. As I looked at her and the powerful outfit, all of which I had never seen before, and sudden realization dawned.

She had played me! And played me like a fiddle. She really was Mistress Zee. All the emails, the profile, even the pictures! How the hell did I not recognize it was her from the pictures? I mean, I'd never seen her face, but a lot of Domme's have day jobs and families and such, so it wasn't uncommon for them to keep their identity under wraps. I guess I just assumed... well, too much.

As I looked at her, she smiled wickedly. She knew I'd just figured it out.

“It's a shame your lovely wife couldn't make it today, but she said I should go ahead with the session anyway,” her playful smile continued.

I nodded, “Yes, Ma'am. She told me that, too.” I realized we were going to continue playing the game, so I better get into it.

“Are those for me?” she pointed to the flowers. Holy hell! I'd forgotten I had them in my hands. I'd almost forgotten I had hands.

I handed them over, nervously and said, “Yes, Ma'am, these are for you.”

“That's sweet,” she said, but the smile came off her face and she looked at me sternly. “And for the rest of the time we're together, you'll address me as 'Mistress'. Is that understood?” her wicked tone both scared and excited me. Okay, this wasn't my wife, this really was Mistress Zee.

I realized I'd suggested she find a character and get into it. Well, she got into it. Why did I have a feeling I was in for it?

I nodded my understanding and added a quick, “Yes, Mistress! As you wish.”

“Good boy, or should I say, good girl?” she smiled that playful yet wicked smile again. I twitched in my chastity cage as I suddenly became very aware of my femme lingerie. “You are dressed as I ordered, correct?”

“Y-y-yes, Mistress,” I answered, swallowing nervously.

She gestured for me to lift my shirt up. My eyes bugged out, was she serious? She looked sternly at me. Okay, she was serious. I quickly and obediently lifted my shirt, so the shiny PVC corset was clearly visible. I started to lower my shirt and she looked at me sternly.

I simply asked, “Please, Mistress?”

She smiled that wicked, playful smile, “Good girl, lower your shirt.”

I quickly did. I managed to resist the temptation to look around and see if anyone noticed. I think my cheeks flushing red with embarrassment was more than enough. I know there were only a handful of patrons and I'm sure they weren't paying the least bit of attention.

At that moment, what I thought was the waitress came over, but then I saw her and recognized her, but I couldn't place her face.

“Everything's good then, Mistress Zee?” the lady asked my wife, well Mistress Zee.

Mistress Zee replied, “Oh yes, Mistress, everything is fantastic!”

Mistress? I looked closer at this newcomer, and realized it was Mistress Belle. Omigod! That's how she did it! She had Mistress Belle working with her. They had both played me. Oh damn, this would be frustrating... if it wasn't so damn sexy and brilliant.

Mistress Belle smiled at me with that 'cat that ate the canary' smile. “I hope you're ready for today, Shawna. Mistress Zee is going to push you like never before. I kind of wanted to be there when she breaks you,” I shuddered in excitement and fear at the word 'breaks'. “But she's gotten enough training by now that I'm sure she'll have you whipped into shape in no time. I told you she's very special.”

Wait? Training? What did she mean, training? Did you ever feel like you're missing a part of a conversation? Yeah, that was me right then. I wanted to ask, but they turned to talk to each other and I did NOT want to interrupt.

“Call me afterwards, Mistress Zee, I want to hear all about it. And have you decided, does Shawna get to come to slave Marie's next session?” Slave Marie? Who was the hell was slave Marie?

As my wife looked down, I realized it was her. Holy shit! The vision of my wife on her knees serving Mistress Belle was almost too much. I was really testing the limits of my cage now, and as you can imagine, the cage was not going anywhere. “Yes, Mistress. I would like sissy Shawna to join us next time. However, I have a request?”

“Yes, girl. What would you like?” she tenderly cupped my wife's chin in her hand. The sexual tension was almost too much.

“I'd like her to come, but be blindfolded the whole time so she can hear, but not see the session,” my wife, well slave Marie requested.

“Ohhhh, sweetie,” Mistress Belle chuckled and glanced at me. “That is evil! I love it! We can absolutely make that happen. Now, enjoy breaking in your new toy.”

“Yes, Ma'am,” my wife said and then they kissed. It wasn't a passionate French kiss or anything. Just a tender kiss that says 'I can't wait to see you again'. My word, it was one of the sexiest things I'd ever seen. I was in actual pain from trying to get hard in the cage.

As Mistress Belle walked away and I struggled to get control of my member that was vainly trying to get erect, Mistress Zee returned and my wife gave me that evil look again.

“So, I'm sure you have a lot of questions and while I'd like to indulge you, I also really want to get my claws into you,” she said, drumming her long wickedly sharp nails on the table. Wait a fucking minute! Where did she get those talons from? She almost never grows her nails long, certainly not like this. These claws had to be well over an inch long! And they looked sharp as hell, too. My mind began reeling again.

“So, here's how this is going to work. I'm going to leave to prepare for the session. You're going to pay for my food, leave a very nice tip for the waitress, and then you're going to beg Mistress Belle for the address to the dungeon. It should take you about five minutes to get back to the car and get your bag, then five minutes to get to the studio. That gives you five minutes to pay and get the address. So, you'd better be real nice to Mistress Belle. And if you're late, you're going to be punished... severely. See you in a bit, pet,” Mistress Zee then stood, took her purse and left the cafe.

I watched her ass in the leather dress and was reminded just how sexy my wife really was. Now, she was going to be my fantasy Mistress.

As she left the cafe, my brain function resumed working. I sat for a moment, bathed in a light sheen of sweat. Then I realized I'd better get moving if I wanted to make it on time! I fished out my wallet, left a generous tip and went to the register to pay. As I was paying, I saw Mistress Belle sipping from a cup and watching me with a wicked smile and a playful gleam in her eyes.

I approached her carefully and said, “Hello, Mistress. It's wonderful to meet you in person.”

She just smiled at me as she sipped on her coffee. I stood, trying not to shift or show too much nervousness. I wanted to crawl on the floor and beg for the address, but I knew that wouldn't be appropriate here.

I simply smiled and waited for her to acknowledge me. I was starting to sweat nervously again. I was very aware of my femme clothes underneath my drab outer clothes.

“Sit,” she ordered simply.

“Yes, Ma'am,” I hurried to pull out a chair and sat across from her.

“So, Mistress Zee explained your situation?” she asked slowly. Clearly speaking very deliberately.

“Yes, Mistress. She explained it to me,” I nervously stammered back.

“Then you know you're running out of time,” she chuckled evilly as I checked my watch.

“Yes, Mistress,” I stated simply. Did I start begging then? I was more than ready to do whatever the hell she wanted.

“So, is there something you'd like to ask me?” she asked.

“Yes, Ma'am. Please may I have the address to the dungeon, the studio? Please? I don't want to disappoint my... Mistress Zee,” I stammered quickly.

She looked at me for a long moment. I knew she was having fun and looked to be enjoying the hell out of tormenting me.

“So, I told you, she's a special lady. Are you sure you're ready for this? This will be a new intensity... for both of you,” Mistress Belle asked very directly.

“I'm not sure, Mistress, but I don't want to disappoint her. I want to be the best servant I can for her,” I explained.

She laughed softly, “She said you were very sweet, almost like a puppy at times.”

I blushed realizing she and my wife had probably talked quite a bit. “Yes, Ma'am. She is pretty amazing. I am very lucky,” I said smiling brightly.

She shook her head, “You really love her, don't you?”

I smiled happily, “Oh my, yes. She is my everything.”

Mistress Belle chuckled, “Well, she's about to be a lot more. I think you're ready, just remember, she's not just making your fantasies come true, she's going to be enjoying this as well.”

“Yes, Ma'am. I understand. Thank you for this,” I said earnestly.

“Good luck,” she slid a small card across the table.

I took the card, seeing her name emblazoned across the top with an address printed underneath. I realized this was the dungeon and I needed to get my ass moving.

“Thank you, Ma'am!” I blurted excitedly. Did I need to ask for permission to leave? I wasn't sure, so better to assume I did, I asked hesitantly, “May I go?”

She took a long sip of her drink, drawing the moment out and teasing me more.

“You may go,” she nodded.

I stood from the table, pushed my chair in and smiled at her as I raced out of the cafe. I had just under 10 minutes. 8, maybe 9 minutes if I was lucky. If I ran, I might make it on time.

I rushed to the car and grabbed my bag, checking the time. I then looked around trying to get my bearings on where the place was. I checked the address on my phone and began hurrying to where it was. Thankfully, it was a cool, gray afternoon, so not a lot of people were out. That meant I didn't have a ton of foot traffic I needed to wind my way around. Still, trying to figure out the studio's location was making me sweat even more nervously.

Finally, I found the building, checking my watch I had about a minute... maybe...

I looked at the outside and realized there was an intercom. I hit the buzzer number indicated by the card and waited with my heart in my throat.

It took a good thirty seconds before I heard my wife's voice, “Yes?” She sounded like she had no idea who was there. Damn, she was really playing this!

“Hello, Mistress Zee, it's... Shawna. May I come up?” I stammered nervously, still a bit out of breath.

“I suppose so. I was thinking of making you wait a minute more to make sure you were late,” she chuckled evilly.

“You can still punish me like I was, if you'd like, Mistress,” I offered.

“Hmmmm...” she trailed off and the door buzzed open. “I will take you up on that...”

I swallowed nervously and opened the door, feeling like I was walking to an appointment with fate.


To be continued...

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