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Cold Day In Heaven

by Jo

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© Copyright 2012 - Jo - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; MF/f; drug; hibernation; kidnap; outfit; sex; climax; fetish; cons/nc; X


I raise Trish's dress. It's a wedding dress, traditional white with many petticoats and lace. Even though she's lying on the bed, she has white, spike heel shoes on her feet. I expose her legs, then that stretch of cool, naked thigh just above her stockings. She wears no panties. Her bush is strawberry blonde, lush and curly.

I drizzle some lubricant between her nether lips, work it into her with my fingers. I settle between her thighs and push into her. Her sex is slick and tight and cold. Well, not cold, room temperature, maybe.

She doesn't move as I thrust in and out of her, doesn't speak, makes no sound. She just lies there still as death.

When I finish I wipe her off, rearrange her dress, turn down the AC. I take a quick shower and call Marcy.

It was on a date with her last year that I learned of the toad juice. It went something like this:

"Isn't that against school rules?"

"Yes, but there's a long tradition for this kind of thing. They didn't have lab rats way back when, so scientists would experiment on themselves, get first hand experience as it were. And, besides, you can't test this stuff on critters, the biology is too different."

"And you're cool with it?"

"No, definitely not. But it is what it is."

"But if they catch you -"

"I'd lose my tenure, get kicked out. Yeah."

"And this stuff - toad juice?"

"It's not really toad juice. It's a compound that mimics the effect we see in toads, but in humans."

"The hybernation thing."

"Yeah. Bears hybernate, but they wake several times during the winter, take a little walk. Their systems slow, but nothing like a toad's. Their systems shut down almost completely, no respiration or circulation to speak of. They don't wake until it gets warm."

"And your kids-"

"They're not my kids. They're grad students working toward their PhD's."

"Whatever. They're shooting themselves up with this toad juice?"

"Conducting experiments on themselves, yes."

She glanced at her watch.

"Speaking of which."

I tossed some money on the table.

"Can I tag along?"

"I'd rather you didn't. If word gets out they'd can your ass, too."

"Like I care."

A half hour later we walked into the lab. The students, Ryan and Linda, were there. The three of them put their heads together, then Marcy unbuttoned her blouse. Linda applied sensors to Marcy's chest. It took a minute for me to realize what was going on.

"Wait a sec. You?"

"Uh huh. I could give you all sorts of rationale, but, honestly, I'm a scientist. I want to see for myself."

"Is it safe?"

"Is anything safe?"

That was not the answer I wanted to hear.

Marcy lay back on the gurney. They taped a sensor in her ear, clipped another to her fingertip. Ryan poked a needle into her hand.


"Sorry. I'm not a doctor."

"Yeah, I know. Now I know how our lab rats feel."

They checked the equipment, made notes. Then Linda held up the syringe.


Marcy nodded.

Linda screwed the syringe into the IV socket, pushed the plunger. And, just like that, Marcy faded out.

It didn't happen instantly, but after several seconds, the readouts tanked, everything heading toward zero. Then they flat-lined.

"Uh. Is it supposed to do that?"


I was not reassured.

Minutes passed, then there was a beep and a spike - just one.

"Right on time."

Linda agreed. They made more notes.

"How long is the, er, experiment?"

"Couple of hours. We want to get her body temp down to ambient, about sixty-eight farenheit."

"I thought low body temperature would kill you."

"Yes and no. People fall through the ice, say, the body shuts down. You'd think they were dead, but once they warm up they're fine. Ideally, to be most effective we'd have to bring her temp down near freezing. We've done that -"



"You've done what? I'm going to tell Dr. Garrad when she wakes up, so you may as well tell me."

"Yeah, well, we've run a couple of tests in the freezer. You can't go below freezing, obviously, but when you get close, it really optimizes the effect."

"That's what triggers the compound in toads: cold. When it warms up another compound is created that reverses things. The same thing happens in humans, but not consistently, hence the toad juice. We can induce hybernation at will."

There was another beep, another spike on the display.

"How long is the effect?

"Toads hybernate for months, so we don't know beyond that, but, yeah, months at least, maybe years."

A light bulb went off in my head.

"So instead of cryogenic tanks, a person with an illness could just hybernate until a cure was found?"

"That's one application, sure."

Time passed. And as my fears eased I found myself with a strange desire, a strong desire to touch Marcy. And when I say touch, I don't mean just hold her hand.

We've been intimate for months, but seeing her like this, even fully clothed, was a turn-on. Okay, I admit it, I have a kinky bent and this had pushed a button somewhere.

Fast forward a few months. They got caught. Ryan and Linda were expelled. Not a heartbreaker because they got a government grant to continue their research. You take a hundred year space flight with a crew of ten. Two are awake for a year. At the end of a hundred years, the crew has aged only twenty. At least that's the official explanation.

Marcy kept her tenure, but got an official reprimand. Apparently there was some government thing going on there, too. The less attention the better.

I stole the toad juice.

Dating Marcy it was easy enough to get the key to the lab and make a copy. While the powers that be dithered, I snuck into the lab and replaced the toad juice with saline. It was decided that the juice was school property and should be destroyed, but not before I made the swap.

Trish, the bride, is my second victim. Brenda was the first. Caught her in the park on a secluded part of the jogging trail. I had fitted my walking stick as a gas powered dart gun. The dart got her in the thigh. She was out before she hit the ground.

I had her for three months. I put sensors on her chest, led the wires discretely to the monitor under the bed. The little spikes came regularly, though not often.

After three months I decided not to push my luck. I took her back to the park, gave her the antidote. The school was a buzz about the missing student who suddenly reappeared - with a strange story about amnesia. Test showed that she was none the worse for wear and she's back in class, doing just fine.

It's about time to think about replacing Trish. I've had her four months. I caught her in the woods, down by the river. She was my student, freshman math. We're both into photography and she told me she takes a nature walk most mornings at dawn. The path runs through the woods behind her apartment - very, very secluded. Settled behind a bush with my walking stick, it was easy enough to get her.

I decided on the bride thing. Why? No clue. Except that I have a thing for encasement and the idea of her encased in a voluminous gown appealed to me. I guess I could have mummified her. Maybe the next one.

Anyway, getting her home was easy enough. There were several tracks through the woods and I was able to park my car close by. I hefted her into the trunk, drove her to my house. Sometime after midnight I retrieved her.

I  kept her naked, for about a month, in the spare room. I mounted an AC unit in the window, kept the temperature in the room down in the fifties. When I wanted sex, I'd turn the unit off and let the room, and the girl, warm up a bit. But she was still cool, cold even. That became an odd turn-on. Her bare skin, cool and smooth. Even her chilly pussy thrilled me. It's like that Ahh moment when you sink into a hot bath, but backwards. I don't have a problem with "shrinkage." To the contrary, it seems to engorge me further.

After a month of naked Trish, I'd finally assembled the pieces and dressed her in layers of white: white garterbelt and stockings, white shoes, several white petticoats, a white gown, white gloves, and a long white veil.

Marcy and I will have diner tonight, then go back to her place to fuck. And while I'm pounding her hot, wet box, I'll be thinking of my cold, heavenly bride.



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