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He seemed very charming – unfailingly polite, just up to the edge of flirting, never quite crossing it. Eye contact always, except when she’d bent over to pick up the coaster she’d dropped. And when she caught him at that, he just winked at her, very secure in himself; never a question there would be any awkwardness in being caught.

When he asked her to come back with him it really wasn’t a question. She’d been enthralled by his easy-going manner and was anxious to find out exactly how nice he could be. The hotel was suave and she felt exceptionally glamorous on his arm walking through the posh lobby in her cocktail dress, on the arm of such a handsome suit.

As soon as the elevator doors closed, he turned to her and gripped her firmly, pulling her close against him. She could feel the outline of his muscles underneath the silk suit, and immediately melted into his waiting embrace. Fourteen uninterrupted floors later and she collected her thong from the floor where it had fallen; victim to his desperately probing fingers and her complete lack of desire to keep them on.

Before she could straighten she felt his hands all over her behind, feeling every contour, and yet somehow in the firmness she knew she wasn’t standing up fully. She drew her head level with her ass, and looked over her shoulder at him curiously. He grinned a very dangerous grin, full of dangerous promises. Promises on which she felt certain he would deliver. She gyrated her ass against his hand, and tried to convey just how willing and ready she was to get to the room.

“Who’s my good girl.” he murmured, as he gently pushed her forward, giving directions to the room quietly, forcing her to lead. She knew he was looking at her ass, and found herself pulling her dress higher as they walked. By the time they reached the room it was not only obvious but plain she wasn’t wearing any underwear. A porter approached from the other end of the hall just as they were reaching the door pushing a luggage cart. She squeaked and tried to drop the dress back down, but his iron grip stopped her before she could do more than flinch.

The porter walked past, pointedly looking away in a way that screamed he knew what was going on. A rush of heat throbbed to her clit and she moaned involuntarily. The porter looked back in reflex, and they made eye contact. The throbbing continued as he looked away, and suddenly, she was desperate and needy in a way that made the walk across the floor seem serene in comparison.

Still in the hallway she unzipped the dress, and let it fall to the floor. His eyes drunk her in, and she could see her need reflected on his face. She unhooked the bra, and he stepped forward, and slipped two fingers in her very wet and willing slit. She moaned, a prolonged animalistic sound of pure need. “I’ll take that.” He murmured to her as he took the bra from her unresisting hands and using his fingers in her pussy as a guide, firmly swung her around and led her into the room.

She was marched in a hold she couldn’t ignore to the bed, and pushed firmly so she was lying on her back. She was suddenly struck by how in control he was – she was naked, being led around by her desire in more ways than one; while he was fully dressed and had her very firmly in hand.

He smiled at her sudden uncertainty, seemingly unfazed. He reached into her sopping pussy again and brought his fingers to her lips. “Don’t worry darling. I think you’re very much looking forward to this.”

Face burning red in shame at her uncontained arousal, she managed to stop sucking her juices from his fingers long enough to force out, “Oh god yes. Please.” He chuckled softly, which somehow had a very dangerous undertone to it, and leaned in close to her face. “Please what?” he whispered in her ear. “Please play with you? Make love to you? Make you scream? Beg? Plead? Use your words.”

She whimpered around his fingers. “Take me.” He chuckled again. “Oh, I plan to, don’t you worry. But before I do, I need to know you’ll be up to the task.” With that he pushed her legs back, knelt in front of her, and licked straight up her drenched slit. She moaned and writhed under his touch as he started to work her clit slowly.

Circling it softly with his tongue, rubbing his nose over it, tongue lapping at her wetness, she was beginning to buck against him, exhorting him to do more. “Fuck, yes, please, more, harder!” she cried, and yet he maintained the slow pace, the soft feels. She reached at his head in her desperate need and quick as a flash his hands took hers, pinning them beneath her ass, effectively immobilising her. “Oh no dearest, we want to enjoy this. No interference from you, thank you.”

She moaned at those words and wished she hadn’t felt her fuckhole quiver at how easily he’d taken her over, removed her ability to have any control over the situation. He kept the slow pace until she was humping against him with abandon, unable to breath in more than shallow gasps. And then he just stopped.

She mewled at him to keep going, but unaffected by her need he stood and swung her around the bed; her head was now the closest part of her to him. She heard his trousers unzip, and she was presented with the prettiest cock she thought she’d ever seen. “Suck.”

She reached up her mouth and took the hardening member as deeply as she could, filling her vision with his balls, before bobbing up to meet it with all the enthusiasm she could muster. She could still feel her cunt aching to be played with again, and that must have been obvious in the way she was humping the air because she heard him give a very self-satisfied noise deep in his throat. She could feel him reaching for something she couldn’t see.

“Now you need to understand something,” he started to say as she felt him turn back to her. “You’re mine. I come first; your pleasure happens only because I want it, and whether you cum is only because I say so. You do not cum without my express permission, do you understand?”

She tried to nod her head, but given she was upside with a mouthful of cock it didn’t work very well. She followed up with trying to verbally confirm, and all that happened was she sounded like she was moaning at the thought. Which as she thought about it wasn’t incorrect even in the slightest. Either way it was clear he understood because he made a noise that sounded like acceptance and reached across her.

A buzzing broke the slurping silence she made against his cock, and suddenly her clit was dancing and she bucked against the vibrator. “That’s right, do the pleasure dance. But you don’t cum, remember? And my pleasure comes first.” She moaned, bucking her hips and pressing upwards with her head, trying to engulf as much of his cock as possible down her throat.

He casually played the vibrator across her clit as she worked him over. Rubbing from side to side, taking it completely off her clit; sometimes rubbing it down her dripping cunt and back up again; sometimes hovering it over her, watching her desperately push her hips up and up to maintain the contact. Removing it completely when he felt she wasn’t paying nearly enough attention to his cock.

Mewling and needy, she starts desperately humping the vibrator, unable to think, needing the release. As he realises just how close to the edge she is, he removes the vibrator completely and grips her head, and instead of allowing her to bob up and down his dick, he starts fucking her face. Slowly, but going all the way; hitting her gag reflex and holding her firmly in place, until she can breathe. Pull out, back in, all the way. Slowly but consistently; passionless and inexorable.

She starts getting used to the rhythm; her gagging is slightly less with each repetition. So he ups the pace, no less deliberately or forcefully; just faster. And faster. Always in control, never losing his head or his pace; never giving her a chance to breathe except exactly when he wanted. She couldn’t work out why being used so dispassionately was still fuelling her desire, her need – she was pressing her hips up towards him with every down stroke, desperately mimicking his actions in reverse.

Eventually she felt him crack; his movements became slightly erratic, no longer able to maintain the careful rhythm. Her cunt gushed and quivered knowing what was coming; he started jack hammering at her face fuck hole well past her gag reflex, still ignoring it, before an extremely powerful final thrust brought his climax, spewing his cum all the way down her throat. She was coughing, gagging; but he was relentless, holding her with his full length as far down as he could go. She tried to swallow what she could through the coughing but it was too much; she just couldn’t take it all.

Eventually, after his orgasm had subsided, he pulled out and let her splutter and cough as she needed. The calm demeanour was back; he smiled down on her wracked body. “Good girl.” He cooed down at her. “You took that as well as I could have hoped. You’ll do very nicely.”

Despite the torment of being used that way, her body still responded. Her nipples stiffened again and her slickness renewed down her thighs. She couldn’t help it. Even as she panted and tipped her head so the cum she couldn’t swallow dripped off her face onto the bed covers, her fingers sought her wetness and began to bring herself to the orgasm she needed. Her eyes closed with the strength of her need.

He watched with a crooked smile, allowing her to get as close as he thought she would still be able to pull away before pinning her arms to the bed again. She humped desperately, trying to find anything to tip her over the edge. “I haven’t given you permission yet, have I? And you haven’t asked.” She squirmed in his grasp.

“Please, please, sir, let me cum; give it to me, make me feel so good, I’ve been good to you haven’t I? You want it? To feel me? Please?” He chuckled. “You can do better than that.” He twisted her around, bringing her to stand on the far side of the bed, next to what looked like a dildo on a stick. “But I’ll make you a deal instead. You get on this, and if you can get yourself off without using your hands – in either sense of the word – I’ll give you the best orgasm you’ve ever had.”

“And if I don’t, sir?” She stared up at him pathetically begging with her eyes. He smiled in a way that didn’t quite reach his eyes. “Then you’ll be mine, completely. You’ll give yourself willingly to me and the you who walked into the hotel will no longer exist; only the wanton whore as you are now. Obeying me completely in all things, desperate for my attention.”

She felt his words straight to her throbbing clit; her sloppy cunt aquiver. Already tonight she felt sexier, hornier, more desperate than she ever had – and he hadn’t even fucked her properly yet. How would a lifetime of sexual encounters like this feel? As she felt the cold metal of the apparatus slide inside her, she decided she wouldn’t even try. This feeling? She wanted to feel it often.

So as soon as he stood, after replacing her heels and locking the device in place, she stared at him pointedly, “Oh no. How have I struggled, and can neither free myself or orgasm without your help.” She delivered it evenly and tried to convey just how willing she was for what was to come next. He smiled again, and reached out to grab her nipples, twisting and pulling them through his fingers. “Oh, you like that idea do you? Excellent. Then let’s have some fun.”

He slapped her across the face suddenly, the unexpected shock flung her head back and she gasped in surprise. “My fun, baby. My fun. And just so you remember you basically begged for this, you gave in without even trying.” He slapped her on the other cheek, “To keep things even,” he told her, before pulling out some purple rope and binding her in a bikini harness with her arms behind her. She stood as upright as she could, holding back the sudden tears, the echo of the blows to her face stinging as she waited to finish being tied.

She’d never been struck before like that, so callously, so obviously designed to make her feel as small and insignificant as she now felt. She remembered his words – “only the wanton whore you are now.” She certainly felt it now, not just the pleasure of it, but the way she’d just given it up to him. The way she’d stood and allowed the second hit to happen. The way she could still feel herself dripping down the metal dildo that was hilted inside of her.

As she shifted her weight unconsciously to try to get some stimulation to her desperate clit, she finally realised the devious genius of the device – there was no way she would have any leverage to get off of it herself; to lift herself high enough to get it out of her she’d need help.

He reached around from behind her once the bind was complete and began to massage her tits; softly at first and she melted; pressing her back into him and purring. Rolling her nipples through his fingers, kneading with palms, quickly turned into squeezing just a bit too hard, fingernails scraping across the soft flesh. She moaned, still pressed against him, grabbing at his chest blindly with her hands. Feeling him start to nip gently at her neck, and then slapping at her tits. Gently, playfully. Then harder. Harder again, the slaps ringing out across the room, the pain starting to mount, her nipples afire as he grabbed them roughly in between the slaps.

He stopped, and the sudden lack of stimulation made her cry out, needing more. He walked around in front of her and smiled at her. “Don’t worry pet, you’ll get all you can handle, and then probably some more. Patience is a virtue.” She nodded in compliance, and he took a silk scarf and covered her eyes, blindfolding her. She heard him shuffling around and then felt some material being rubbed against her dripping cunt, before being placed into her unresisting mouth. She could feel the lace of them and realised she’d been gagged with her own panties, and as she instinctively sucked her own desire out them, she heard the rip of tape then placed across her mouth.

She moaned, imaging what she must look like now – bound, blindfolded, now gagged, stuck on this contraption with no way of freeing herself. She’d never felt so small, yet so wanted. “It’s funny – I really do appreciate the aesthetic of the classic ball gag, even bit gags. Ring gags are fun in their own way, but all they really do is take away your ability to communicate. Tape is so much better for suppressing the noise you make, even if it looks less appealing in and of itself. And I am going to make you scream.”

With that she felt the whip crack of something across her ass, and it left a line of fire in its wake. She jumped, or tried to; and let out a squeak of surprise and pain, or tried to. The complete lack of her ability to even react just reinforced how helpless she was; how much control he’d taken of her. The second crack was less unexpected, but much harder; instinctively she knew it would leave a welt. She did manage to control her reaction, breathing heavily through her nose and quivering in place; she had a momentary flash of pride at being able to hold it together.

That was of course until the third strike hit; harder again and with much less time in between. She squirmed and screamed as hard as she could through the gag; and before she’d even finished the fourth landed. She tried to twist away from the blows and while her torso moved, her ass didn’t. Several more blows rained down and she lost count; her ass was on fire and she was screaming nonstop.

Eventually the assault stopped and she was able to stand, while not still perhaps, at least no longer trying to dodge blows she was unable to. She could feel her whole body shaking with the intensity, the pure pain of it all. After some time, and she had no idea how long that really was, she was able to calm her breathing. The tape had become much less tight across her mouth due to the saliva and screaming, and she was able to gulp gratefully large breaths.

She felt his hands trace up her thighs, and to her surprise he cunt responded instantly; through the pain it was held at bay, but her desire almost instantly sprang back to the fore at his simple touch. She could hear him chuckle slightly, feeling at her wetness. “Oh yes, my little slut. You enjoyed that didn’t you? Taking all of that for me?”

And she found herself nodding at his tone, the words not really registering in her overstimulated brain. His ministrations on her clit felt too good, and she was still reeling somewhat from the torment inflicted upon her ass. She tried to tell him how good she was; how desperate she was; all that came out was an unintelligible gurgle.

She heard him chuckle again, and felt his other hand grabbed at her breasts, kneading them, tweaking her nipples, while maintaining the constant motions on her clit. She felt herself moan, and he gripped her nipple tightly – too tightly, and she squealed and tried to shake him loose, but his iron grip he had only meant she hurt herself more.

“Your pain and pleasure are mine now. Don’t forget that. If you fight it, you’re only going to get one. And I’m sure you can figure out which one that will be, even as far gone as you are now.”

She whimpered, and did her best to let it roll over her. Deep breaths. She idly felt herself gripping the opposite elbows in the tie in an effort to relieve the sensations; she forced herself to let go. And suddenly, she could take it. She was His. Suddenly it crystallised in her head in some way, and she was able to let it all go. Ignore the blazing fire in her ass, ignore the sharp pains on her nipples. Just, let it all go.

And immediately she felt herself cum; all the pent up feelings just escaping through her cunt. She gasped and quivered and shuddered; she felt the pressure release from her nipples, and by the time she finally got herself under control she could hear him talking a few steps away from her.

“She’s ready. Even easier than the last one, it’s been less than an hour. Yeah, we’ll make a packet on her, don’t worry about it. She’d responded to everything, so the training will be easy. Yep, see you soon.”

Her brain couldn’t comprehend what that combination of words meant. She breathed heavily, and leaned in against him as he stood next to her while he groped her ass and felt the fire run through her; shivering in response. “You know, it really is surprising how easy it is to get you cunts in the right headspace, and all packaged up. You’re going to go to sleep now and when you wake, the you that walked into the hotel won’t exist. Only the wanton whore. Just like I promised. Just as you want.”

And this time she understood exactly what she heard. Which is why she couldn’t understand how she started cumming again just as the sweet smelling rag was pressed over her mouth and nose.


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