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by Don Davidson

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© Copyright 2011 - Don Davidson - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF; FM; F/m; cucold; sissy; maid; oral; nosex; cons; X

Chapter 1:  The Realization

Cynthia sat sitting with her mother outside her mother’s house on the patio overlooking the pool.
"What's wrong?" her mother asked her.
She looked off into the garden area, slowly sipping on her cocktail, pondering what she was going to tell her mother and started to think back....
Cynthia was 33. She was a professor teaching business courses at the University when she met, Mike, her husband. He was a computer science major working on his masters and took some business classes to round out his curriculum. She was quite stunning. She was 6 foot 2 inches tall with out heels, very slim, buxom, chiseled features from a natural fitness level that came easy for her. She was always immaculately dressed with some sort of leather fashion included in her ensemble. He was mesmerized from the first time he saw her.
She was in explicably drawn her to student, 11 years her junior at the time. She couldn't explain why. He was fit, but much smaller than she was. At only 5'6", she towered over him. She was drawn to his professional attitude and maturity from the moment she talked with him. His intelligence was beyond belief. A 4.0 for a semester was the routine. His master’s project had been to work with some engineering students to create a new innovative product.
He had the engineers create a bar code reader for fridges. As the primary inventor, he had the primary rights to the product. The program involved reading bar codes from food products put into the fridge, recording the dates entered, and assigned a best before date. The computer would alert the home owner when food was expired or running low or needed to be replaced. All automatically. The product needed to find an investor and needed to be sold to a major refrigerator manufacturer.
One day, after class, towards the end of the course, he had approached Cynthia. They were both drawn to each other. He asked her questions about investors, business plans and if she could offer any advice..... one thing led to another... a few dinners.... business meetings.... the more and more time they spent together... the more they found that were attracted to each other. The age and size differences occasionally drew looks from others, but they fell in love with each other.
Cynthia believed that he had an amazing product and called on one of her old school friends. John and she were in the same undergraduate business class’s years before. She earned her PHD. He went on to be a very successful entrepreneur. Cynthia introduced Mike to John one afternoon at his office down town. John was 6'3", 285 lbs and a towering imposing figure. He was all most intimidating to Mike, but John’s pleasant smile and easy going attitude put him at ease.
Cynthia prodded Mike to show John what his idea was. After showing the schematics, estimated costs, results from the prototype testing and customer survey data, John was impressed. They drew up a partnership agreement formed a company and Mike was now ... essentially... very well off financially. "I think this is going to be the beginning of a beautiful friendship" John said. 
With in a year, Cynthia and Mike were married.
"Well mum..." she paused.” I love Mike." she said, choking up a bit. Her mother looked at her knowingly.
"Let's me guess" her mother said. "You are totally in love with Mike... but something is missing. Am I right?" she said. She sipped her drink holding the long brown cigarette in her hand. Its smoke gently swirling around the glass. Her daughter nodded.
She took a long, slow drag on the cigarette, deeply inhaling the smoke... holding it in and slowly easing it out...
" I know what's going on... He's very very good orally... but too small down there..." she said. Cynthia's eyes blinked.
"Mum... how do you know that?" she asked.
"A mother can tell" she said looking at her daughter... lovingly.
Cynthia sniffled a bit. "He's so fantastic with down there with his mouth. I can cum over and over and over. He's just... not big enough for me. He's 5 inches..."
"That's OK. He's a small fellow. That's actually average. You need something... bigger to satisfy you... don't you?"
Cynthia nodded... sipping on her drink again. She, herself, took a long deep sensuous drag on her long brown cigarette, holding it in in... a mirror image of her mother. She blew it out. She felt relieved. Seemingly, her mother knew.
Her mother leaned toward her.
"Cynthia. I have something to tell you. I need you to just listen. But I think this will help you save your marriage." She reached over taking Cynthia's hand.
"You need to cuckold him."
Cynthia pulled her hand back from her mother. "Oh My God mum."
"Just hear me out" her mother said sitting back holding her hands up... one holding the drink and smoke...
Her mother turned and looked away for a moment. Not looking at Cynthia, she spoke.
"Do you remember after your father died... and you were away working on your masters and PHD those 3 years...?"
Cynthia remembered the car crash, the funeral, and her mother insisting that life goes one and supporting her in her quest for her doctorate.
"Yes mum... I remember" she said.
"Well... I never told you this... but Daniel is not your 'first' step father... "
Cynthia looked at her puzzled.”What do you mean?"
"He's actually your second".  Cynthia sat there dazed. Blinking. Not quite sure if she heard her mother accurately.  She didn't say a word.
"A while after your father died... I met a man. I think I was just lonely. He was there. We became quite fond of each other. And well, we quietly married. I didn't tell you because I thought you would be upset."
Cynthia sat and stared at her.
"We kept it quiet. He was a wonderful man. Wonderfully talented with this oral techniques... but not well endowed. He confessed to me one night that he secretly cross dressed when he was younger. I didn't know what to say or do.  It took a week or so and I realized that I loved him, but needed to have more than his oral skills. He actually suggested cuckolding him."
Cynthia took another large gulp of her drink and another deep drag on the smoke.
"So, after doing some research, I found a place that could help me do that..."
"Do what?"Cynthia asked.
"Turn him into a sissy cuckold."
Cynthia slumped into her chair. "Oh My God." she said. Her mind raced back to visiting her mother when she was on a break from her studies. The maid that her mother had hired to look after the house was actually.... her stepfather.
Her mother could read her mind and nodded.
"Yes.  Maria was actually Martin. We turned him into a submissive sissy maid. He looked after me for 4 years. Four wonderful years. He cooked, cleaned, took care of the house, paid bills, took care of my 'needs' including occasionally finding me a bull to satisfy my need for a real man."
Cynthia continued to stare at her mother.
"This is all probably quite a shock to you... but... I think I will help you to understand a few things."

Cynthia remembers how devastated her mother was when the "Maid" got sick and died. Her mother seemed overly distraught over it. Cynthia now started to understand.
"Marie was wonderful. But she got prostrate cancer and passed away. I blame myself a bit for that. Marie was in chastity. That was her idea. She was only "milked' once a month. The more I researched it later... the more I realized that the male's chances of getting that type of cancer are lessened with regular sex. Actually, the orgasm causes the prostrate to contract and relax, exercising it."
Cynthia was shaking her head thinking "yeah OK... so what"
"I'm telling you this as you might want to consider this later in some decisions you'll have to make," her mother said. "Just think about it. You want to keep Mike, but he's not quite what you need. And by cuckolding him, you can have the best of both worlds, you still have his wonderful tongue skills, and you can find someone who has a cock that can satisfy you."
Cynthia sat there dazed. She was almost in a catatonic state. Her mother was right. She loved him. He was intelligent. She didn't need his money. She needed, craved, desired and hungered for a large satisfying cock to fill her up. She put her head in her hands and sniffled a little.
"Mum... How do you know me so well?"
Her mother smiled. "You're my daughter."
They sat there and chatted some more. Mother and daughter. Bonding even more. Having a wonderful, relaxing afternoon, sipping cocktails in the sun, near the garden, smoking, making plans to cuckold, sissify and prepare to send Mike into a world of submissiveness to enable his wonderful wife to be happy.


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