by Tigerstretch

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Chapter 3 - Plums and Nuts


"Yes, I saw the hand on the window."

I jumped back on the bed and quickly pulled the blanket over my head.

"Why is there someone else in my world? I selected SOLO! Not multiplayer!"

"I don't know, Evelyn. Shouldn't you let that person in and ask?"

"WHAT!? ARE YOU NUTS? What if… What if he kills us?"

"I don't know. One moment. I'll go ask the question."

"No! NAM! Come back! Don't open the door!"

Too tangled in my blanket because of my extreme panic, I couldn't grab Nam's arm in time before she walked away from me. She just didn't understand my point. She casually opened the door without any apprehension while I squeezed my eyes shut.


"Hi! Can I come in?"

"Are you here to murder us?"

"I don't think so. It's just very cold outside."


"NAM, NO!"

At this point, I was biting my blanket. My assistant had lost her mind and carelessly decided to let a stranger into our cabin. In a few seconds, we would be assassinated and dismembered by a murderous psychopath.

Nam stepped back, and a person covered in frost walked into our only room. Immediately, my jaw dropped, and the mental image I had of our potential murderer shattered into a million pieces; it was not a huge intimidating male with a scar and tattoos. Instead, it was another sexy woman dressed identically to Nam and me. Same bikini armor, same headband, same boots. The only difference was that hers was silver, like it was colorless.

She looked at me and quickly headed my way, causing me to dive some more under my blanket.

"Can… Can I have the blanket? I'm freezing."



"... S… Sure."

I handed a corner of my sheet to her, and as soon as she grabbed it, she sat on the bed next to me and began wrapping it around her shivering body. I pushed myself as far as I could in the far corner of the bed.

"N... Nam? Who is she?"

"How should I know?"

"Well, you are my assistant. Assist me a little here."

"She is a woman."

"I know that. But why is she dressed up like us?"

"I dunno… Ask her maybe?"

The unknown girl looked back and forth between Nam and me, unsure how to follow our conversation. She didn't look like she intended on murdering us, which was a good thing. Nam was right, though. If I wanted some answers, I should probably ask her my questions directly instead of using Nam as my intermediary.

"Who… Who are you?"

"I don't know. You?"

"I'm Evelyn… Hey! What do you mean by, you don't know!?"

"I don't think I have a name. Can I be Evelyn too? It's a pretty name."

"What? NO! That's my name! You can't have it!"

"Oh… Sorry."

"Where do you come from?"

"I don't know. I just arrived in Valhalla and saw this village. I looked by the window, and you were making out with this pretty girl. So I just walked around to see if there was another empty cabin, but after thirty minutes of not finding one, I decided to come back here and ask for help. It's freezing outside."

My face turned red when I realized that she saw that I had been collecting points with Nam; a less embarrassing way to say I had cuddled heavily with another girl. But what was this village nonsense?

"This… This is not a village. It is my survival camp. There is only Nam and I here."

"Well, is this not your world?"

"I… I think it is, but…"

"How come you only have one cabin, then?"

"I just started. It was super hard just to build this one. We almost died!"

Nam took the relay.

"Evelyn can build you one tomorrow. We are a bit too tired to do it tonight."

"Oh, that's generous. Can I sleep here tonight, then?"

"Sure. We can share the bed. Evelyn loves women even if she denies it."


I jumped off the bed, grabbed Nam's arm, and dragged her outside. After a few steps in the snow, I demanded clarification.


"I'm standing outside with you? And it's very cold. I would prefer to go back inside."

"NO! I mean, why did you tell her she could sleep here? We don't even know her name!"

"She said she didn't know what it was."

"See! That's abnormal. I have a name, you have a name. That's how it works."

"I am your assistant. Didn't you give me my name?"

"What? No! I didn't name y…"

Before finishing my phrase, my brain put it back into perspective. When I initially set up the game, I picked a randomized assistant character. If I had not done that, a different menu probably would have popped up and allowed me to modify my assistant's different traits and appearance, including her name. Nam was perhaps a name that I had accepted by default when I had generated her.

"Fine. She doesn't have a name. But that didn't give you the right to invite her to sleep in our bed! I don't want this."


Without arguing, Nam went straight back into the cabin, leaving me puzzled. What was she going to do now?

"Evelyn said that you couldn't sleep in her cabin."

"No? But, I'll freeze outside."

"Yes, but Evelyn prefers not to have you here tonight."

"Can I borrow a blanket, then?"

"No, those sheets are bound to the cabin. if you take them with you, they will respawn here as soon as you step out."

"Aww… okay."

Wearing a miserable face, the silver armored woman exited my home, walked to the closest tree, and sat at its foot. Thinly dressed like this, there was no chance in the world that she could last more than an hour or two. Valhalla had decided to be freezing cold again tonight, and guilt slashed my heart.

Nam pulled on my arm gently.

"Evelyn, I'm tired. Can we go to bed now?"

"... Yes."

We returned inside my tiny cabin and lay back down on the bed. Nam didn't seem to care whatsoever about what I had done, or at least she wasn't telling me I did something wrong. She just complied with what I had decided and rolled with it without judgment. Same for that new girl; she didn't argue or begged for mercy, even though she seemed to have a certain spirit of survival, or else she wouldn't have asked for a blanket. She was more than likely aware of what would happen if she were to stay outside overnight without protection.

Who was she? Another player? It couldn't be. I had clearly selected a solo game, and anyway, her behavior didn't match the real world. Anyone with an ounce of common sense would have fought for their life more than that. She had to be an AI like Nam.

"Nam? Is she a player?"

"I don't know what that is."

"I mean, a person like me."

"She is like you and me, yes."

"I'm not like you, Nam. You are an AI."

"A what? I don't know what that is either."

"Aaah! Nevermind. We can't just let her sleep outside."

"I know, but you said you didn't want her in the cabin with us."

"Well, it's complicated. From where I'm coming from, you don't let random strangers in your house."

"You are in Valhalla, and it's your world. So if it's like that in your other world you keep talking about and want to replicate it, it is what it is."

Once more, Nam suggested stuff that I had to decrypt. The existence of another world, the real world, was not a concept she comprehended. To her, Valhalla was MY world, and that was the end of it. She was convinced that I was the main character in Dive, and suggesting otherwise would just confuse her.

She also treated me as some sort of game master. Whatever I decided was absolute, and she believed Valhalla was for me to discover and interact with as I saw fit, which included this new woman. Based on the impression I got, Nam was fine with me letting her freeze to death even though she seemed to suggest that it was not my best idea.

But for me, I was a real person with ethics and values. I had followed Nam back inside the cabin because I needed time to think about how we would handle this situation, but I never had at any point in time an intention to let that visitor freeze to death.

I slid my finger on my arm and looked at my profile.

"I don't have enough points left for a new building core. That would have been ideal. That said, we don't have enough stones left to build anything else."

"Do you want to help her, now?"

"Yeah, I'll go see her. I'll give her a campfire and a blanket. We survived a few days like that at first, and it wasn't that bad. She will be fine for one night. I'm just not ready to share my tiny home because I know nothing about her."


I made my way to the door and opened it.

"Aaaah! What the hell?"

"What is it, Evelyn?"

"The temperature dropped like crazy. It went down by at least fifteen Celsius within the last few minutes."

"Yes. I can feel it from here. A blanket and a campfire might not be enough now."

"Stupid game! Okay. Fine. I'll let her sleep in our home. Wait for me, Nam."

The tree where she sat was only a few steps away, and she was still there in the same posture, probably frozen to the bones.

"Hey, come! It's too cold."

Silence… I got a very bad feeling about this.

"Silver lady? Can you hear me?"

Worried, I knelt in front of her and tried to look at her face. A layer of white frost covered her entire body, and she didn't even seem to breathe anymore. It was so cold that I was taking damage from it. I could only imagine what this extreme temperature did to her during the past few minutes. And that was not even considering that she was already frozen before I kicked her out.

"Did… Did I just… kill someone?"

My heart rate spiked, and my stomach turned upside down. What have I done? What have I done? If that were the case, I would regret dearly having taken these few minutes to discuss her with Nam instead of simply welcoming her. But, tragically, I had overreacted and was now paying the price. There was no doubt that this trauma would follow me all the way to the real world.


Responding to my distress call, Nam jogged to me. My skin was tingling all over, but I didn't care about that anymore. A person had died because of Valhalla's bad mood and my idiotic reaction.

"Naaam! What did I do? I killed her!"

"You killed her? Are you sure?"

"Look… Look at her… She doesn't seem to breathe anymore."

"Let's see…"

Nam joined me to the ground and double-tapped on her frozen head. I totally forgot about that. In Dive, that was how we could interact with everything, even people. A small screen appeared, and Nam gave me such relieving news.

"She is alive, but not for long. If we bring her inside right now, she will get better."

"Aaaaah! Quickly, then. Help me!"


In a hurry, we carried the frozen woman back inside and laid her down on the bed. But as if it was the perfect timing for another problem, something else came up. As we were taking care of her, an incredible tiredness hit me like a sledgehammer.

"Nam? Why… Why am I… So tired all of a sudden?"

"You stayed in the extreme cold for too long. Lie down next to her and sleep. I'm still okay for a little bit. I'll take care of both of you.

"But... I… I want to… help."

"You can't, Evelyn. Just lie down. You can't fight it."

There were too many things happening at once; Valhalla was a bitch, I almost killed someone, our bikini armors were useless props against the cold temperatures, and now I just wanted to sleep; what a mess.

I knew Nam's advice was sound, remembering how I had passed out while cutting my first tree, so I climbed on the bed, laid down next to the unknown woman, and let myself drift to sleep.

It was far from ideal.



"Mmm… Nam… It's too early to collect points. Mmm… Let me sleep a bit more."

Still half-asleep and emerging from my heavy slumber, I felt a warm body wrapped around mine, one that tenderly woke me up with kisses. I could hear the faint bell indicating that my points were going up, which probably was why I didn't fight her off right away. I needed more of those precious hard-to-get points.

People could say whatever they wanted, but Nam was a good kisser; she was even getting better at it, or perhaps it was just me getting more receptive to it. The way she licked my lips and caressed my tongue wasn't unpleasant at all. I had learned to enjoy it. Maybe even a bit too much.

The fact that we never had to brush our teeth in Dive made me very happy. Even in the morning like this, there was not a glimpse of bad breath or crusty eyes, which allowed us to get at it right away as soon as we woke up. I wished it could be like that in real life too.

As I gradually regained control of my body, my arms reached her perfect waist, and I pulled her a bit closer. I was not waking up with someone by my side in real life, and Valhalla reminded me that I was missing that a lot. Yes, Nam was a girl, but I still felt comfortable in her delicate embrace. Affection was affection, and I always welcomed it.

I felt the need to intensify our tongue wrestling, so I rolled a bit over her, wrapped my leg around hers, just to control her a bit more, and she responded positively to my request. Of course, she was. Nam had not missed an opportunity so far to notify me about how much she loved helping me with my points. I really wanted to get closer physically, but our flat bellies were already pressing against each other, making me feel her accelerating breathing. If I weren't so stubborn, I would have accepted my desire to make love to her and take action.

We continued to make out for a bit longer until the memories from last night gradually emerged from my grey matter.

The new woman… The one who wore silver armor. Who was she? What did she want? Where was she now?

That last question caused my body to pause, then twitch, and finally flick my eyelids open.

And there was no blue hair in sight. My tongue was deep inside the head of a girl I didn't know.


"... EEEK!"

As if Valhalla had cursed me or something, the girl with whom I was making out was NOT Nam; it was the girl with the silver bikini armor. Using my legs and arms, I strongly ejected her out of my bed.



"Oww... Why did you do that? It hurts!"


"I thought it felt very good. And you asked for more, so..."

"THAT'S NOT WHAT I'M ASKING! Where… Where is Nam? What did you do to her?"

"Nam? Nothing. She said you needed more stones for my new cabin, so she went mining a little while ago."

"And you took that opportunity to attack me in my sleep!?"

"Attack you? No… Nam said that you loved kissing and that was something friends were doing with each other. I just tried to be nice since you let me sleep here last night. But you really gave me a good time. Can we continue?"


This nameless woman seemed to be as disconnected from reality as Nam was. They were interpreting the social conventions in a totally different manner than I was. It took me quite a while to come to terms with this from Nam, but I didn't expect to do the same exercise from scratch with a new person.

She sat on her heels on the wooden floor, staring at me with her big silver eyes, which matched her headband color, or lack of. Her face was a bit different than Nam's, but she was still very attractive. Her skin tone was a bit darker than mine as if the game had decided that variety was good. But so far, we all seemed to have very similar hot girl body shapes.

"So… You still don't remember where you are coming from?"

"I don't know what you mean. I arrived in Valhalla and saw your village. I'm from the other side of the frozen lake, I suppose. Is that what you want to know?"

"... Not really…"


"And you don't have a name?"

"I don't think so, but Evelyn is nice. You can call me Evelyn."

"NO! I already said that it was my name. You can't use it."


She repeatedly felt disappointed by my direct unfriendly replies to her failed answers. Curiously, it made me feel guilty. She obviously was an AI, and perhaps I was treating her a bit too harshly without justification. Not only I thought she was going to murder me before we had even met, but it turned out that she didn't do anything that could make me fear her as of yet. The only bad thing that had happened was that she had explored my mouth, and even that was out of good intentions. I had to remind myself, this was just a game and had to relax a bit more, or else my anxiety would take my life before Valhalla did.

I sat on the edge of the bed, let out a long sigh, and attempted a more gentle approach.

"Alright… Come here."

"Okay. Are we going to kiss again? Can you pin me down to the mattress like earlier. I really loved it."

"Nooo. I just want to look at something."


Walking on her knees, she got closer to me, and then I double-tapped her silver headband to open her menu. The same way it happened with Nam, the status screen froze her.

"Good, her health bar is full again. And she doesn't seem to hold a grudge against me. You don't really kiss someone you are angry with."

Her profile tab contained her picture, some hidden information about her traits, but her name field was empty and flashing. Would it be possible that I had to give her a name? The theory was that I did this for Nam during the setup of the game, but maybe this new character needed to be configured manually.

I tapped the name field, and a small virtual keyboard appeared.

"No way! Let's see… You'll be…"

I punched her new name in, and when I pressed the confirm button, another screen popped up.

"Role? I have to give her a role? Miner-Woodcutter or Hunter-gatherer? Mmm… that second choice must mean the game will unlock a food system or something. It was pretty obvious with the granary building, but this confirms I'm right."

Since I knew how to cut wood and Nam knew how to mine, I decided to give her this new Hunter-Gatherer role, something I knew nothing about.

When I pressed the confirm button, her menu closed, and a spiral of light enveloped her glowing body for an instant. As the brightness faded, I witnessed something very strange… Her armor had turned from silver to emerald green, and she seemed totally unphased by it.

"Uh… Are… Are you okay?"

"Yes, why?"

"Well… Your armor changed color… That's a bit odd."


After looking at her own body for an instant, she shook her head.

"No. It has always been this color… I'm not sure what you mean."

"Hehe… If you say so."

Before I could do or ask anything else, my cabin door opened, and Nam walked in.

"Hi, Evelyn! Hi, Aria!"

"Hello, Nam!"


Now that was something. I had not told Nam that I had just named our new visitor Aria, yet, she already knew about this change. As puzzling as it was for me, it looked like the AI characters evolving in this world could share some basic information between themselves without having to speak. It was as cool as disturbing. In fact, it even made me feel a bit excluded from their group due to my lack of super abilities.

"Nam… Look, her armor turned green."

"Mmm… I think it has always been this color."

"Aaah! You too!?"


"Nevemiiind. So, apparently, Aria is a hunter-gatherer now."

'That, I am!"

"You know that already?"

"Of course. I've always been a hunter-gatherer. I can go get food for you if you want. I just need some tools. Do you have any?"

"Heee… What do you need exactly?"

"I don't know."

"You don't?"

"How should I know? I just got here last night."

"But, you just said you've always been a hunter-gatherer, and you know you need tools! You must know what they are. No?"


At this point, the best thing I could do to survive Aria's cluelessness was to pinch the bridge of my nose and shake my head in despair. Nam already was a challenge to deal with, but now I had an extra person in the same infuriating category.

"Alright, alright! Let's see what I can come up with."

I opened my arm menu and browsed my inventory. The tool category would certainly contain what Aria needed. There was the ax, the pickaxe, but some new ones had unlocked, more than likely after I finished building the granary.

"A sickle? Is that what you need."

"I suppose I could try."

"It costs 15 points, so it would be nice to know before I spend."

"I don't know."

"You are so unhelpful."


"Alright, don't give me that look. I'll give you a sickle, and then you can go try it. I suppose it's a way to spend the dirty points I earned when you kissed me this morning."

"I loved kissing so much."

"I know. I know."

I unlocked and spawned her new tool. As soon as she could, Aria grabbed it and inspected it as if she was a sickle expert. Seeing that convinced me that I had aimed right, and that was the one she needed.

"Do you like it?"

"Yes. Thank you. I'll go try it right away."

"You can take a sled with you in case you find a lot of food. Oh, and I'll give you a warm blanket as well. Don't lose it."

"Thank you."

After creating a new blanket out of thin air, our new green companion headed out and disappeared into the woods with her sled.

Now, it was time to have a good chat with Nam. It couldn't continue like this.

"So, I found out that you told Aria to make out with me?"

"Yes. She is your friend, right?"

"She is not my friend! She appeared out of nowhere last night. Don't tell strangers to make out with me. That's just wrong!"

"Oh, you didn't like it?"

"NO! I mean... Yes... Aaaah! That's not the point! I can't just kiss all the hot girls I meet. I told you, I'm not into girls!"


"Anyway, what surprised me is that I got some points from making out with her. How is that possible?"

"I don't know. But when you do it with me, I think you like it."

"You… You think that the more I like doing sexy things, the more points I get?"

"I don't know. But I like it a lot too."


Talking to a wall would have been more productive this morning. Despite that, what she said just now could have been a potential explanation. I remembered the first day I arrived in Valhalla; I didn't know Nam very much, and it was a real struggle to get a few points because kissing her was so awkward. After that, I calmed down and accepted that it was not the end of the world to kiss a virtual girl, and my points went up faster. More recently, when we took off some interesting armor parts to intensify the activity, that was when I racked hundreds of points fairly quickly.

That said, was this performance increase because we had played with some more sensitive areas of our body, or was it simply because I had learned to like it a bit more? Or perhaps it was a bit of both? 

"So, are you going to build Aria a new cabin?"

"Do I really have a choice? If I don't, she will want to sleep in ours or die of cold again."

"Ours? Do you mean that you want me to sleep here with you, Evelyn?"

"Uh? Oh… I… don't know. I mean, we sleep together because we have to, right?"

"If you prefer to be alone, I will sleep with Aria in her new cabin, then."

I told Nam so many times that I wasn't into girls that it would have been awkward to say that I didn't mind sharing my cabin and bed. To get points, I needed her, but what kind of an awful person was I? One who would sleep with a pretty girl just to earn points? Would it be fair to let her sleep with me if that was my main reason? Was I really like this?

Yet, in order to get the new cabin built, I knew only one path.

"Naaam… I… I need more points."

"Okay. I like helping you to get points a lot."

"Mmm… Maybe… Maybe I don't hate it either… But don't tell Aria."




I opened my arms, and Nam walked to me, straddled me, and sat on my lap. She was so light. Her delicate hands glided around my neck in a very feminine manner, and she began kissing me. It didn't take long before my back hit the mattress.

How could an AI be so good at kissing? Nam was intense this morning. Her tongue pushed on mine with conviction, inviting me to do the same; she really wanted to help me get those points. The little moans I heard from her, and even my own, just turned me on so much. Gently gripping my red hair showed me how much she liked what we were doing and made me feel all fuzzy inside.

Since she was on top of me, I wrapped my legs around her thin waist, which was a totally different feeling than doing it with real-world men. Her delicate frame was just perfect.

No, it wasn't just for points anymore.

Nam reminded me about how pleasant and flattering it could be to let someone display their affection and how much returning it was also rewarding. My fingers dragging on her perfect back wanted to caress that skin more. 

"N… Nam… Let's take off our armors… okay?"


Knowing the drill, Nam and I went to our menu and took off our boots, bracers, and top… but perhaps it was time to make things even more… comfortable. A justification to stop saying I wasn't into girls was perhaps what I needed at this point.

"I… I'll remove my bottom… too…"

"Okay. Here… I removed mine as well."

Valhalla was a strange place, and having my clothes disappearing from my body in a snap of a finger wasn't something I was used to. We should have known what was going to happen with our hips pressing against each other like they were. When our armored panties vanished simultaneously, our naked pussies touched right away, without having an opportunity to discuss whether or not we wanted to have sex. That wasn't planned, and it was not her fault nor mine, so we both stayed silent, but our red faces said everything.

The heat of her burning pussy turned me on so much, and denying it would have been so dishonest. It felt way better than in real life. I didn't know how they had created this virtual body, but it was certainly doing the trick.

Nam remained silent, as shocked as I was, and I wondered if she was thinking the same thing as I did. But before we had time to open our mouths to ask anything, I failed first and began moving my hips out of desire, which made us react the same way.



"Oh my God! NAM!"

"Aaah! You are rubbing your… against my… AAAH!"

It was beyond absurd. It felt so good. The wetness of our crotch, combined with the absence of body hair, made this experience a terrific one. I had never felt anything like this. It was a legit sexual sensation without any discomfort. My body and soul wanted more of this.

For the next little while, we learned. We moved around, trying to find the most pleasant positions, which was not very hard. All of them were sensational. I couldn't believe it. For the first time in my life, I was having proper sex with another woman I was really attracted to. At this point in time, I had ZERO regrets for having chosen the adult setting when I had initiated the game. I had no idea it would lead to this kind of twisted world, but I needed to take advantage of this madness while I could because I loved it.

Who knew how it happened, but I was no longer in control for the past couple of minutes. Nam, and her amazing blue hair, had lifted my leg on top of her shoulder and kept me on my side. Her pussy rubbed relentlessly on mine, and I couldn't get away from her… probably just because I didn't want to.

And then, my mind started to go blank.

"Naaam! I'm… I'm about to… cum…"

"O... okay…"

My cheeks and teeth tingled, my breathing became erratic, my muscles randomly contracted, and then I exploded like the Etna.

Unable to control myself anymore, I thrashed on the bed while Nam continued her excellent work to keep me in my happy place. That was one of the best orgasms, if not the best I had ever experienced. My partner was so hot, too; it just made our fornication even more amazing.

Since Nam had not cum yet, I flipped her to her back and went straight to her crotch with my mouth. I had never done this before. I went so fast without giving her a heads up because I didn't want to discuss or overthink this. I knew in my guts that it would have ended up like this anyway, so I preferred to go cold turkey and own my decision.

That little Nam was a real curse because she tasted so good. I was pretty sure real-life pussies were not supposed to taste that sweet. It was almost like licking high-quality ice cream, but this one was moaning a lot. Thanks to this being a virtual game, her pussy was perfect. Her clitoris was quite swollen and seemed very sensitive; I very quickly learned that it was fun to lick, suck, and nibble on a clit. Even though I knew she was just an AI character, giving her this pleasure felt very rewarding to me, and I already knew in my heart that I would want to do this over and over again. There wouldn't be any second thought next time, and if she wanted it, I would give it to her.

After Nam came super hard a few minutes later, she returned the favor. Without a word, she got between my legs and ate the hell out of me, making me understand what I had just done to her until I almost passed out. And then we did it again, this time together in a good old sixty-nine position.

How long did we spend on this fun activity? Probably, way too long for my own good. I didn't even remember how it had started, some sort of bikini-armor incident. But now I was on my back, still ready to go, but I held Nam tightly in my arms in an attempt to calm things down.

"N… Nam…"


"Do you… want to sleep with me… in my cabin? Like… every night?"

"Yes. I would love to."

"Me… me too. But… just for points, right?"

"Yes… Just for points… and kissing… I love kissing."

"Okay… for kissing too."

"And for sex? Because sex was fun too."

"Yes, Nam… for sex too. I'm okay with sex now."

"Good. Because I love sex."

"Yes, you said that already."







"... Evelyn?"


"Can you eat my pussy again?"

"... Yes… if you eat mine too."



"Alright, let's do this. Do you like this location, Aria?"

"Yes. I like the view. And it's close to the granary. I'll always have to go there because of my role."

"Okay. What do you think about this cabin model?"

I showed Aria the cabin I had selected for her.

"It's bigger than mine, but we have collected enough resources today to build it. I wouldn't mind seeing what it looks like in person."

"It's big. But I like it. You are very generous, Evelyn."

"Bah, it's not like it costs money."

No, it didn't. And somehow, points didn't seem as daunting to collect as before, so I didn't mind spending them. My little skin-on-skin adventure with lovely Nam this morning had provided me with more than enough of this virtual currency to create something better. Or, perhaps, I just wanted to spend my points so I would be forced to collect more. I wouldn't mind that at all.

I dragged the little cube off my arm screen and let it fall onto the ground. We then positioned it correctly, making sure the green line indicating the structure's perimeter was where we wanted to. Once that was done, we hauled the various materials from the stockpile to the future new cabin.

It was so convenient to have everything we needed nearby. Building this mini-town with the proper infrastructure would definitely save us many unnecessary round trips to the forest or the mining site. Also, having three people to carry stuff made things even more fun. Today, I felt that I had progressed nicely in this game.


"Okay… That's not fair! Aria's lodge is way bigger than ours, Nam."

"Yes. It's because you gave her a bigger one."

"Thanks, Miss Obvious. But now that it's built, I'm jealous."

The picture on my arm screen misled me. My cabin was like a large living room, but the one we just built for Aria was more like a small bungalow. There was a huge bedroom separated from the larger living area. As we began furnishing it, I grew a bit frustrated.

In comparison, my place was barely big enough for a bed in one corner, a small table with two chairs, and, of course, the small wood stove in the corner. Nam and I would walk on each other's toes all the time. Simply put, I wanted to trade places. Aria could live by herself in the tiny cabin, and Nam and I would move into this bigger one.

"Evelyn! Thank you so much for giving me such a big cabin. I love it!"

But I couldn't get myself to evict Aria at this point. I told her that it would be her cabin, I even let her pick the location, and it was near the granary… No, I just couldn't get myself to do this to her, not after having almost turned her into a popsicle last night.

"Yeah… Well… I hope you'll enjoy it."

"I will! This couch is super comfy too."

"Ahan… tell me about it. I have no room for one in my home."

Not only was her cabin larger than mine, but on top of that, there were a lot more furniture options available, like this nice couch that we installed in the corner near her wood stove. Aria curled on it with a grin on her face and squeezed one of the cushions in her arms.

Yes, it was unfair.

Nam also walked to the couch and sat on it.

"Yes. It would have been nice to have this in our cabin, Evelyn. But we can't have it."

"That's enough, Nam! Don't rub salt into the wound. I didn't know it would be like this."


"Anyway, Aria. Did you find food today? You were gone for a while."

"Yes. A sled-full of it. I put everything in the granary already. But when I'm done squeezing this super soft pillow that you can't have in your home, I will transfer part of it to the local storage of our cabins. That way, you won't have to go to the granary every time you want to eat."


Sliding my finger on my arm opened my status menu. Right off the bat, I could see a change; a new bar had appeared under my health bar. It was uncreatively called "Hunger," and it was about eighty percent full. It seemed that as soon as I gave Aria the hunter/gatherer role, the game had unlocked this new feature. Since I did that in the morning, it meant that eating wasn't something we would need to do often. It was even possible that we could skip a day or two without any issues. But I was curious…

"Aria. Can you show me what you have collected? I've never eaten anything in Valhalla. I'm wondering what it tastes like."

"Sure. Here, Nam. You can squeeze my cushion. It's super soft."

"Thank you, Aria. We don't have one in our cabin."

I rolled my eyes at those incessant reminders that my house sucked and just walked out with Aria. It was getting colder this evening, but it was still a beautiful day; no crazy storms and a lovely sunset over the snowy mountains. I still couldn't wrap my head around how beautiful this game was. Telling the difference between this and the real world wasn't that hard, but still, I could appreciate the gorgeous landscape. The surreal colors of the sky were proof that very talented artists had created this world.

Aria and I entered the granary. It seemed bigger inside than outside, and it was totally empty, minus two woven baskets in a corner, which was almost worrying. There were rows of empty shelves, some racks that would potentially serve a purpose, and even a few empty bins here and there.

"... There is not much here."

"Aww… But I worked so hard. Look. This basket is full of nuts, and the other one has plums in it."

"... Plums?"

"Yes. They are little round fruits and…"

"No, I know what plums are, Aria. I mean, it's winter… Where did you find plums during winter?"

"I got them from a plum tree."


"A tree is this big plant, and sometimes they bear fruits and…"

"ARIA! Stop! I know what a plum tree is… But it's WINTER! Trees don't produce fruits during winter."

"I beg to differ. I swear that's where I found them. Here. Have one. They are delicious."

Valhalla was one messed up place. Despite a climate dedicated to freezing us to death, the trees were apparently producing fruits. Aria picked a big purple plum from the basket and tossed it at me.

In my hands, it indeed looked delicious. Unnaturally delicious. There was no white film on the skin, no dents either. It was so clean that I didn't feel the need to wash it first, and it seemed to be oversized compared to a normal plum. But still, it was appealing, so I planted my teeth in it.


Weirdest feeling ever. The only thing I had eaten in the game so far was Nam's crotch, and she didn't taste like an actual human. It was the same thing for this fruit. The plum didn't taste much like a real plum, but it was not bad at all. The sweetness wasn't overpowering, and the juice didn't spill everywhere on my chin. I looked at the plum, and there was now a generic bite mark in it.

"So? Do you like it?"

"Yeah… I mean, it's good. It doesn't taste like a plum, though."

"Aww… But it IS a plum… Maybe I did something wrong."

"Haha. Don't worry. Aria. I don't think you did anything wrong. And what about those nuts? Can I taste them too?"

"Of course."

I picked a handful of nuts from the basket and took a closer look. There were various types, all shapes and forms, but none of them had shells. I thought about asking Aria about that, but I could only picture in my mind the kind of nonsensical answers she would give me. Something like "they came from a nut tree, and there were no shells." For my mental health, it was better to remain ignorant.

When I put them in my mouth, a single thought arose. Peanut butter. It tasted exactly like peanut butter. At this point, it wasn't hard to understand that tastes were probably something the developers had struggled to replicate in this virtual world. At least I liked peanuts.

"Good job, Aria. I like it."

"Yay! I'll gather a lot more later, now that I know where the fruit trees are."

"Do you know what those shelves and racks are for?"

"Yes. They are for fish and meat. Those bins are for grains. We can put the processed food here and..."

"Wait, wait, wait. We can get meat!?"


"So… There are animals out there!?"

"Oh, I don't know about that."

"But… Will there be?"

"I don't know."

"You are a hunter-gatherer. You should know. Do you need weapons to kill them?"

"I don't know. I guess it would help. Or I could throw little rocks at them."

"Aria! You can't kill a deer by throwing little rocks at it!"


"NO! Come on! Think about it for a second."

"Do I need to throw bigger rocks?"


Just as I was about to strangle my unethical hunter, Nam entered the granary and casually dug her hand into the nut basket before tossing some in her mouth as if there was nothing new to it. She was probably programmed to do this automatically in order to keep her hunger at bay. But then, something out of place came out of her mouth.

"Evelyn. Can we have sex again now?"

"... NAM! You can't say things like that in front of people!"


Why were my AI friends so clueless about everything, including basic social behaviors?


I had to admit that the past two days were fun. Since I learned that I wasn't in a rush to return to my real world, it allowed me to relax and enjoy my time in Valhalla a lot more. Also, having a shelter to protect myself against the terrible weather conditions has been a game-changer. When the temperature dropped too much, or a big storm hit us, we could just go home and wait it out. And because of my recent acceptance that being a virtual lesbian was incredibly fun, waiting it out was fun.

Having sex with Nam over and over without any feeling of guilt was awesome. The only odd and good thing was that it was not quite like having sex in real life. Not only did it feel better, from a certain point of view, but on top of that, I didn't get tired of it. Outside the game, there was a limit to how much sex we could have before needing a break. But in Valhalla, every time was like the best time. More than once, we were at it until my energy ran out, and I passed out, which meant going for a nap. It was as fun as it was immoral. Nam's programming was unbelievable. The creators of Dive were undoubtedly a bunch of perverts for having created characters like her. It was unreal how they had managed to make me forget she was just an AI.

Very conveniently, all this depraved time caused me to have a surplus of points to use on the new stuff I had unlocked in the game so far. We spent a full day building this brand new blacksmith, which allowed us to craft Aria a nice spear. Her hunter instinct drove her to hunt, but if I didn't want her to throw rocks at the animals as she had crazily suggested, I had to give her something more humane to work with. I sent her away this morning, hoping she would miraculously kill some prey so that we could get to try meat for the first time.

Another thing we worked on was building a "kitchen" in Aria's cabin. She had enough room for it, so we upgraded her small wood stove to something larger. It took quite a bit of iron to craft that bigger stove, but it would be worth it in the long run because we discovered that cooking was a thing. Apparently, if we were to combine some of the ingredients she brought back from her trips in the forest, it would turn into nice meals that we could consume to quench our hunger and also gain extra benefits. Some basic recipes came with the new stove, and I couldn't hide my excitement when I saw that the fish stew should provide some cold resistance. It would be amazing if we were capable of going outside without freezing to death every time.

And of course, we still had plenty of downtime for our most important hobbies.

"Aaaah! I'm cumming again! Aaaah!"


With her perfect blue hair, Nam was still working between my legs and provided me with some amazing sensations. As much as I didn't want to admit it too much, she had corrupted me in an unrecoverable way. Once I would log out of this game, I would never be able to look at girls the same way. She had taught me how to love boobs, thin waists, and curvy hips. Our beauty was above par, almost unnatural, I was conscious that it wasn't identical to real-life, but still, there was something so nice about sleeping with a cute woman like Nam. This softness and sensuality was not something I had ever seen from the males I had dated in my life.

When it was my turn to push to orgasm, it was fascinating to see how her little body spasmed and endured. There was nothing generic about it. Nam looked like a real person to me, and part of that was because of the way she enjoyed herself and desired more. There was also the way she played with me before attacking my crotch playfully. When she discovered that licking my flat belly made me react strongly, she did it on purpose to tease me. Little things like these. This pretty AI girl could learn a bit too efficiently.

Again, we just couldn't get tired of each other. 

My last orgasm finally subsided, and Nam climbed on top of me. Her naked body resting on top of mine always felt comfy, and her post-orgasm kisses were so delicious.

"Mmm… Nam! Are you sure you are an AI?"

"I don't know what that is."

"Hehe… Nevermind. Just kiss me some more."

"Okay. I like kissing."

"I know you do."

"I would love kissing Aria too. She must be lonely."

"... uh?"

What was that? Did Nam just express a desire to do intimate stuff with Aria as well? And did she just show empathy?

"What… what do you mean?"

"Sex feels good. We do it all the time, and I like it a lot. I'm sure Aria would love it too."

"... but… what about you, Nam?"

"What about me?"

"... Yes… I mean… aren't you happy… doing it with me?"

"Of course I am. When you decided to use me for sex, I was very happy. I'm just saying that Aria would love it too."

At that moment, I remembered who Nam really was. Something I had almost forgotten since my feelings for her had grown over time. But she was still my assistant who was there to guide me through my world. Even though she never directly told me how to do anything, making her look useless, she had her own way to help me progress; subtle suggestions. That was her technique when I needed assistance. She relied on my intelligence to understand and take action on whatever weird things she was telling me.

"Nam? Are you saying that I should have sex with Aria in order to make the game progress?"

"It's your world, Evelyn. I would never tell you what to do. I'm just saying that Aria would probably love it, not that you have to sleep with her."

"Well, the way you phrased it kind of made me feel guilty for keeping her aside during our fun time."

"I'm sorry."

"Aaah! No. I'm not reprimanding you. I'm just trying to understand what you are suggesting."

"I'm just your assistant."

"Aaargh! Nam! You always say that."

"It's because I'm your assistant."

I hit her on the head with a cushy pillow.

But then, as we were about to resume our kissing, a voice pieced our cabin walls. It was Aria coming back from her hunting trip.

"Evelyn! Come here! Come here! We got one! We got a deer!"

That definitely caught my attention. I tossed Nam aside like a bag of potatoes and quickly went back to my menu to put on my bikini armor. The prospect of eating meat was greater than an afternoon of sex.

"Hurry, Nam! Let's go check! Meat! I love meat!"

"Evelyn. You are odd. But okay."

I dressed up in record time and rushed to the door. Not only would we get to eat meat tonight, but on top of it and for the first time, I would see what animals looked like in this game. It was so exciting!

But as I was about to pull on the handle, I heard some laughter coming from the outside. When Aria called out for us, she definitely had a cheerful tone, but what I heard just now worried me a lot. There was someone else with her. Could it be possible that we had a new visitor who appeared out of nowhere the same way Aria did? I wasn't so sure I wanted that since I barely had time to get comfortable around the first one.

I looked at Nam, but she wore her default neutral look as if nothing could get to her. What else to expect from her. I was willing to bet that she already knew that a new character had arrived but didn't tell me because it was "normal." There was not much else I could do but open the door to face this new challenge.

"Hold it, so it doesn't move!"


What I saw as soon as I stepped outside made my blood curl. There indeed was a new woman wearing a colorless bikini armor, but that was not what shocked me most. No! No, no, no! That was just wrong! That person was holding a small frightened deer by the neck, and right in front of her was Aria, holding a big rock above her head. Her intention was crystal clear— she was about to smash the deer's head with it.



Somewhere else in Valhalla, nested at the bottom of one of the large snowy valleys hidden between two large rocky mountains, an imposing stone castle protected the proportionally sized town surrounding it.

At reckless speed, a horse and its rider followed the curvy paths leading to the city's most important building. On their left and right, they passed structures of all sorts, the ones providing the inhabitants with resources, services, and shelter. 

Keeping her balance by tiptoeing in her stirrups, the woman wearing a minimalist fur outfit screamed at the top of her lungs to clear a safe passage for her mount.


Her voice was as intimidating as her face markings, but her fierce barbarian look wasn't the main reason why people moved out of her way. A message for the Queen was a compelling argument not to cause the rider to slow down. Failure to yield and delaying this mission could be enough justification for someone to end up locked in the castle's dark dungeon for an extended period of time.

The horse quickly entered the large open gate of the Queen's oversized residence, a symbol that this place didn't fear anyone. The heavy doors had never been closed before, and if that day were to come, it would probably mean that the end of the current royalty was near; they had to remain open at all cost. The woman warrior jumped down the exhausted animal and ran to the main entrance.


"In her quarters!"

As soon as she got her answer, the messenger replotted her course from the throne room to the path that would lead her to the Queen's chamber instead. Usually, she would never dare go there directly, but this was urgent, and it just couldn't wait.

This castle was way bigger than it needed to be. Having to climb three long flights of massive stairs to get to a bedroom was preposterous. The only advantage it had was to provide more room to display all kinds of wall art and sculptures, even though none of them could match the Queen's greatness in any way, shape, or form.

When she finally arrived at the massive double doors separating her from her goal, two guardswomen crossed their long halberds to prevent her from accessing the prohibited place.

"HALT! You can't pass, Aisha! The Queen is taking a bath."

"Heeey! Stop this! Let me in!"

"No. We don't want to end up in the dungeon."

"But… You know I can easily kick your butts, right? I'm way stronger than you are."

"Mmm… Good point. You are one of our strongest warriors, after all."

"Yes. So let me in."

"No. We know you aren't going to hurt us. You are too nice."

"Aww… Come on. I need to see the Queen now, or I'll get in trouble."


Aisha tried to get in anyway, but they pushed her away. They were right. She would never attack one of her own, but still, this was important, and they needed to let her in. But before she could beg some more, a voice coming from inside the room turned their blood into ice.

"Let her in."

After looking at each other briefly, the two guardswomen uncrossed their halberds and stepped aside, conditioned to obey swiftly and unquestionably by fear of the consequences. Aisha, as intimidated as her friends, pushed the doors open anyway and walked in.

Looking around, she quickly understood that the Queen was in the bathroom when she noticed the Goddess' naked silhouette moving graciously behind the light white curtain separating her from the rest of the room.

"Your Majesty! I have an urgent report."

"Is that so? Urgent enough to disturb me during my bath?"

"... I… I think so."

"You think so?"

"Y… yes…"

It was not good. Aisha suddenly realized that she would be in a very bad posture if the information she would provide out of good intentions were deemed uninteresting.

"Lie down on my bed and close your eyes. If you dare open them before I tell you to, I'll carve them out myself."

"... Y… Y… Yes… my Queen."

Not only climbing on the Queen's bed felt like a high crime, but not being able to see her surroundings with her around was quite scary. She could only pray that her message would be pleasing; it was nerve-wracking. One wrong move would be sufficient to end up in the dungeon, where everything was possible.

Aisha lay down on her back, her little body sank in the cushy comforter, and she shut her eyes as requested. Her fur bikini left most of her torso exposed, her hide boots only covered her legs up to her knees, and her little gloves barely reached her wrists. The Queen would get a perfect view of her dark skin, and this could be enough to get her in trouble under the circumstances.

The few minutes she waited felt like a month, but eventually, Aisha heard someone joining her on the large bed. Not a word had been said yet, but she felt some warm air brushing against her cheek, the Queen's sensual breath, so close. And then, an ice-cold metal object pressed on her other cheek… the blade of a dagger, undoubtedly. A very low voice, almost whispering as if she were sharing her bed with a girlfriend who wanted to make love, penetrated her entire body.

"Remember what I said, Aisha. No peeking. Or there will be carving."


"So, what is it that you want to discuss with your Queen that was so important?"

"... We… We found… a village…"

"A village? Be careful, Aisha. Valhalla is my land, and my land only."

"I… I know… But, I saw it… with my own two eyes. It's… very small, but it developed rapidly over the past few days… AAAH!"

A set of sharp fingernails dug into Aisha's flank. It was such a challenge not to open her eyes as the pain traveled up her spine.

"Aisha, Aisha, Aisha. What did I just hear in your voice? Concerns? Are you suggesting that a small village could be a threat to my supremacy?"

"N… No… Never! I'm merely saying that it would be better to react quickly. AAAH!"

A jolt of electricity reached her brain again when something wet and warm slid slowly from her navel to her sternum, the Queen's warm tongue.

"You are so delicious, Aisha. I wish all my subjects were as beautiful as you are. I really do have a soft spot for you. Maybe I should make you my personal slave again."

"NO… I mean… I mean… If… that is what your majesty wishes."

"Hahaha. You earned your freedom last time. But you know I can take it away with the snap of a finger."

"Y.. yes."

"Rest assured. One day, I'll wake up in a good mood and send you to my dungeon for a few months. It would entertain me greatly. I don't need a reason."


"Oh? What is it? You didn't enjoy it last time?"

"Y… yes, your majesty."

"Haha. Such a liar. Alright, here are my orders. Grab twenty warriors and take care of them."

"Take… take care of them? Do you mean…"

"Yes. Kill them all."

"Can… Can we take prisoners instead?"

Instant regrets. Arguing with the Queen was never a good thing. That dagger on her cheek could have poked a hole in her jugular just for having questioned a harsh command. It was obvious that her mistake wouldn't go unpunished.

The Queen placed the blade of her dagger against Aisha's throat.

"There are two guards outside my room, Aisha. Do you know them personally?"

"Of… of course… I know everyone in this town."

"Questioning my orders means that one of them will be sent to the dungeon."

"N… No… please… I'm sorry… I didn't mean to!"

"Choose. Which one of them is going to get tortured because of your lack of faith?"

"Nooo, please! I'm sorry!"



"Good. And now your indecision will send both of them to the dungeon. Six months should be a good start."

"Nooo… please! Don't do that. My hesitation wasn't their fault."

"If you come back here without having carried out my wish, I promise you'll join them. Do you understand?"

"Y… yes! YES!"

"Good. Good. Now leave."

As soon as the blade left her throat, Aisha crunched up and slid off the bed before hurrying out of the bedroom. She didn't even dare to look at the two guardswomen as she passed between them, knowing way too well what they would have to endure for the next six months or more because of her.

Now the question was, would she join them soon?


"Nooo! Bwaaaaahaaaa!"

"What's wrong, Evelyn? What did we do? We found some meat as you asked."

Unconsolable, I ran back to my cabin and curled under the bedsheets. I couldn't believe they had done this to the poor deer. Unable to stop her in time, I barely had time to turn my eyes away from the brutal slaughtering. But even if I didn't see anything, I could still picture the scene in my mind.

"Why didn't you use your spear? I gave you a spear so you could kill the animals in the forest. I didn't want you to kill it in front of me. And certainly not by smashing a big rock on its head."

"I'm sorry. The spear you gave me is not the right one. It's not a hunting spear."

"Aria! A spear is a spear! You could have told me it wasn't the one you wanted."

"I don't know. I thought it was just a gift, like the cabin you gave me."

All my AI characters could be as nice as stupid. I really liked Aria, but this was not cool. I didn't want violence in my game, or at the very least, I didn't want to see it. It was no secret that meat came from animals, and I was okay with it, but there were better ways to terminate them other than stoning them to death.

Anyway, knowing that this was just a game and that Aria didn't mean bad, it was a bit easier to forgive her. I will just have to spend time with her to set some ground rules so such a horrible thing wouldn't happen again.

"Alright. I'm sorry. I shouldn't have yelled at you. We just don't do things this way where I'm from."

"... You are from Valhalla, no?"

"... Yes… I guess I am. Whatever. So did you get some meat out of that deer at least?"

"Yes. I put it in the granary already. I'll bring some to your cabin storage as well after cooking it."

"Thanks. I'm looking forward to tasting it. But for now, who is your new friend?"

"My new friend?"

"Yes. The woman who helped you kill the deer."

"Oh, her. She arrived in Valhalla earlier today. She was on her way here, but she was nice enough to help me with my deer problem first. It was struggling too much, and I had trouble bringing it back here by myself."

"Aaah! Enough with the deer thing. So, let me guess, she doesn't have a name…"

"Deers are supposed to have names?"

"Raaah! Not the deer! The woman!"

"I don't know."

"Of course you don't. Where is she now?"

"In my cabin with Nam. She asked if she could live in it with me."

"I see… Alright, let's go see her then."

At least this time, I knew a bit more about what to expect. I had this gut feeling that more of those AI characters would eventually show up, or else I wouldn't have a granary this big and cabins that were this spacious. The good news was that I was already set to accommodate this new person. She could sleep with Aria and dream about slaughtering deers together. On my side, I would be all okay staying with my delicious Nam in my tiny cabin.

Since Aria led the way to her home, I couldn't help but think she was very pretty. Her green metal panties, barely covering her round butt, were giving me a nice view of her perfect legs. What Nam had suggested earlier was still on my mind. I loved sex, Nam loved sex, so there was no reason to believe it could be any different for Aria. I had a first taste of what she was capable of that one morning she woke me up with some kisses, so would it be possible that she could also give me a good time? Perhaps during a lesbian threesome?

Dive was getting very kinky real quick.

When we got in Aria's cabin, something validated this last affirmation.

"Aaaah! Mmmm! That's… that's amazing!"

"Yes… Evelyn taught me how good it felt."

"Don't… don't stop! Aaaah!"

What in the world was happening? On the comfy couch, the new silver girl was sitting on her back, legs wide open, and Nam was eating the hell out of her crotch.

I was paralyzed by the mental shock. Good thing Aria was the first to comment.

"Awww! Can you lick me too after?"

"Yes. I'll do you after her."

"Yay! It looks fun."

I didn't know who to look at anymore. They acted like what was happening was normal, and it conflicted with every social rule I was familiar with. Was this my fault? Did I teach them to behave this way, or were they just super kinky from the store?

"Wait, wait, wait! NAM! What are you doing?"

"Aaah! Aaah! I'm cummiiiing!"

I didn't even have time to get an answer to my question when the new silver lady orgasmed dramatically. Nam was very good at it, so I couldn't blame her, but still. Having an orgasm while everybody watched her was a bit twisted.

"Ah, Evelyn. We have a new friend."

"I see that! And I see that you are teaching her useful things."

"Yes. I like sex a lot, so I told her that it's what we do here. She likes it a lot too now."

Even my facepalm didn't help with my bafflement. They were all so innocent and clueless.

"So, who are you, silver lady?"

"I don't know. I just arrived here. Can I stay here with you guys?"

"Aaah. I suppose. But we need some ground rules."

"Rules? Is this your world?"

"Yes. And, you can't have sex like this in front of everybody. And put your armored panties back on, please."

"No? Aww… But I liked it."

"So, you can sleep here with Aria, but my cabin is just for Nam and me."

"Sure. I think Aria is cute too. She is a great hunter."

At least my new visitors were all obedient and didn't argue with my decisions. They were doing weird things but always out of good intention. As soon as I told them not to do something I disliked, they were not arguing at all, which was somewhat reassuring. That new person was as attractive as the rest of us, though. It would be a lie to claim that the thought of a foursome didn't cross my mind at that point. What I did with Nam since I arrived in Valhalla had really started to affect me in ways that I didn't think were possible.

But before anything else, something needed to be done. I sat next to the new girl and double-tapped her silver headband, and a small menu appeared.

"Aaah, it's exactly like with Aria. I have to give her a name and a role."

"You should name her Evelyn. It's a pretty name."

"ARIA! I told you ten times that it is my name and that I won't give it to anybody else."

"Aww. Call her Nam, then. Nam is cute."


"Aria, then?"

"ARIA! Come on, now! You do it on purpose! I'm not going to give her your name."

"Aww… But, those are just the only names I know."


Was this real? Could it be that Aria's strange sense of humor was not really humor but a system's limitation? Was it possible that those super-advanced AI had no means of coming up with an original name? Was it exclusively my job? I didn't know if it was a sad or hilarious thing, but it distracted me from setting the new girl up. I returned to my screen and skipped the name for now. Instead, I looked at the available roles. As with Aria, I could choose miner-woodcutter, or hunter-gatherer, but there were also two new choices available for me to choose from. The first one was blacksmithing, which I didn't need right now, and the other one, I wasn't sure if I liked it; it was Warrior.

"Nam? What is this? I can give her the warrior role. Does that mean we can get attacked?"

"I don't know. Valhalla seems pretty peaceful to me. You and Aria are not very dangerous either. Maybe it's to fight off the deers? The one Aria smashed seemed pretty angry."

"NAM! No more talking about deers."


"We can mine, cut wood, and gather food already. I don't think we need more than that for now. Do you think I can wait before giving her a role?"

"It's your world, Evelyn, and I'm just your assistant."

"I'll take that as a yes. I'll just give her a name for now. Mmm, let's see..."

I punched a new name in the field and closed her status screen. Her armor remained silver, which probably meant she still had no role. My theory was that if she had helped Aria with her deer adventure, maybe I could just keep her as a helper. She could assist with carrying our resources and all.

"What's your name?"

"My name? But, it's Bethany. Didn't I tell you earlier?"

"Hehe. I don't think so. I didn't give you a role. Can you just help us with whatever we need?"

"Of course, I love helping."

"Good. Hehe. So, here is the deal. You are going to live here with Aria. Are you okay with that?"

"Oh, yes. Nam already told me that you only let people in your cabins for sex and that she was the only one allowed at the moment."

"Aaaah! Naaam! Don't tell people things like that!"

"Is it not true?"


Or was it? My new AI friends were not always too good with social conventions, but they were a bit too proficient at analyzing my psyche. I've been so selfish since I decided that it was okay to have sex with a virtual girl. I wanted more of it, and that was pretty much the only reason why I wanted to share my cabin with my blue-haired companion. But admitting it out loud wasn't something I was ready to do, even though the topic was getting harder to avoid.

"Can I have sex with Aria then?"

"Sure, Bethany. If that's what both of you want, I'm fine with it, I guess. Just make sure you don't overwork yourself because you have real work to do too."


So strange, two virtual girls having a sexy time for no reason. It was my game, so how was this benefiting them? I failed to see the point of having programmed those characters that way.

"Come, Aria. Let's go to our bedroom since Evelyn doesn't like watching us naked."


I was about to reply to that half-truth, but instead, I clamped my mouth shut and just sighed. As those two headed to their bedroom, Nam sat next to me. My red hair and outfit clashed with her blue ones. We looked so alike, though.

"What's the point, Nam?"


"For them to do that. What's the point?"

"You mean, sex? It feels very good."

"No, I know that. But you are an AI, and so they are."

"I'm your assistant."

"Is that the only answer you can give me?"

"I don't know. Maybe it serves a purpose?"

"... What did you just say?"

"I said, I don't know. Maybe they sleep together because it serves a purpose?"

Was this another suggestion? On a hunch, I opened my arm screen and looked at my profile. My point reserve was relatively low after building the expensive blacksmith, but it went up since then. Sure, I had a lot of sex with Nam, but was that the only reason. Could it be…


"... NAM!"


"Did you see that?"

"Yes. Your points went up, and we were not kissing."

"Is it because… Aria and Bethany are having sex?"

"Oh, I don't think so."

"No? Aww... But, my theory sounded so good!"

"No, I think they are just kissing right now. That's probably why you got some points. They will only have sex later."

I wanted to slap her for turning one dollar into four quarters. That was exactly what I meant. But at the same time, it made her look somewhat cute.

"Come here, Nam. I'll show you kissing!"

"Okay. I like kissing."

"I know."

We pressed our armored breasts against each other and engaged in a sensual kiss. Was that not interesting? If I was right about this, letting Aria and Bethany express themselves sexually would earn me some additional points. I guess it was a good thing that my new friends obsessed over sex.

Yes, the more I thought about it, the more I was convinced that it was my fault. I did set an example, and I was building this world based on the things I liked to do. Still, it was now sexily convenient.

I let my back hit the soft couch, and while listening to the moans coming from behind the door, I kissed Nam deeply. My pussy throbbed due to the eroticism of the moment.

I kind of wished I had the guts to join them in the bedroom… maybe another time.


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