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The Dream

by Adam N. Eaves

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© Copyright 2012 - Adam N. Eaves - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF; tease; kiss; fondle; insert; mast; oral; sex; climax; rom; cons; X

Ian walked up to Diane and embraced her tightly in his arms. He planted a delicate kiss on her soft yielding lips and stroked her hair lightly. They held each other for what seemed an eternity, hands all over each others bodies, stroking, fondling and caressing one another. Ian placed his hands on Diane's cheeks as he pulled her close to him and his tongue explored her mouth. Slowly they began to undress each other, throwing off the shrouds of inhibition and loving every minute of discovering each other. Ian stood and admired her body, taking in every curve and feature of her wonderful body. Her heaving breasts came into view as her removed her top and the silky bra cradled the two globes of delight before his eyes. He gently stroked the top of her cleavage gently tracing a finger over her already awakening nipples. He could feel them growing at his touch as he softly cupped each breast before reaching behind her to undo the clasp.

Diane kissed Ian's neck and shoulders as she removed his shirt, her hot wet tongue slithering over his soft skin, her mouth gently nibbling the skin. Ian now planted soft butterfly kisses on her revealed breasts, taking each nipple into his mouth and rolling it around on his tongue. He sucked lightly nipping the tip in between his teeth, then blew on them before tracing a circle around each nipple. He eased her skirt off as he loosened his trousers revealing his hard cock in his undies. Diane eased a hand inside his waistband as she discovered his cock tip already wet with precum juices, her hand sliding down his shaft and gripping him at his base. Ian continued to suck and fondle her tits pulses racing and soft murmurs coming from Dianes lips. They flung each other onto the bed and removed the remaining clothes, limbs everywhere, hands and mouths on each other like a rash. Kissing, sucking, nibbling and licking all over the exposed skin, arms and legs twisted around as they both squirmed and wriggled on the bed to gain a better position.

Ian pushed Dianes hands over her head as he kissed her passionately once more, deep lingering kisses making her squirm even more. He held both her hands in one of his as his other delved between her legs feeling the moistness of her lips. His fingers stroked over her pubes and wet lips, flicking past her clitty which was on fire, her legs moved to allow him more access. As they kissed almost breathlessly, Ian probed her inner recesses and pushed two fingers deep inside of her scooping out the juices while his thumb pressed tantalisingly on her fully aroused clitty button, gently circling it and pressing into her pelvic bone. Diane was helpless, she tried to wriggle beneath him, her panting increased and each stroke of Ian's fingers making her even wetter. She could feel the juices trickling down her crack now as he relentlessly frigged her off, two fingers to the furthest knuckle, his thumb on her clitty and his little finger just rimming the edge of her arse hole.

They positioned each other now for a sixty nine, gagging for some oral relief from the heat of their passions. Ian's mouth full on her pussy as his tongue darted in and out of the wetness, his own cock being licked and sucked in her mouth. The head bulging now as the pressure built by her suction, and she played with his balls at the same time. Fingering the two hairy sacks as she took his length all the way inside her mouth to the hilt. Ian yelped as he felt his cock hit the back of her tonsils, which made him suck and lick even more feverishly. He used his fingers to delve into her wet love hole while his tongue continued to lap away at her now blood engorged clit. The two of them totally lost in their love making, sounds of delight, wriggling and every nerve and sinue on full alert. Ian bit his lip as he tried to hold back his orgasm. The heat was building and he could feel his balls starting to contract.

Dianes first orgasm shook her body as Ian lapped away at her, pussy muscles clenched fully as wave after wave hit her. She sucked even harder on Ian’s cock and knew he wouldn’t last much longer. She was desperate to feel his hot jism shooting down her throat; the thought of which made her cum once more, her whole body shuddering her thighs clamped tightly around Ian’s head. He couldn’t hold back any longer with a deafening scream he let fly into her waiting mouth. They came together again, he felt her juices spurt out of her tight pussy onto his chin as he unloaded his full ball sac into her throat. They hugged each other tightly for ages wallowing in the afterglow of their release. Continuing to caress each other and play until Ian was fully hard again ready to fuck her.

Ian positioned Diane on all fours and eased his cock into her dripping pussy. It felt no resistance as it slid all the way up into her sopping hole. His balls slapped against her cheeks as he began to pick up the rhythm. Pushing her deep into the mattress and forcing Diane to fall into her pillow. She panted loudly as he pounded her deep and long, every stroke making her pussy tingle even more. Her clitty bouncing up and down on the sheet absolutely on fire. Her whole body alight with passion, wanting him like she had never wanted anything before. Ian kissed her back and shoulders as he thundered into her wanton pussy, her juices running down his balls. He knew he wouldn’t last long like this, already her pussy muscles were gripping him tightly like a vice sucking his whole length deep inside of her. Then she came again, even more powerful than before, ripples of her orgasm running down his shaft as he felt himself cum too. He let out a scream and bit on her neck as he came inside her, his juices hitting the back of her pussy walls and making her orgasm go on and on for what seemed forever. Both hot sweaty bodies locked into each other. Holding and scratching each others skin as they collapsed in a heap on the bed.

They held each other tightly and drifted off into a light sleep, whispering words of love and affection to one another. The warmth of their love making subsiding into their bodies, dreaming of the next time and pondering on what had just occurred.



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