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Indiscretion 4

by Wiccedwoman

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© Copyright 2008 - Wiccedwoman - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF; M/f; bond; flirt; mast; cons/reluct; X

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Chapter 4

The waiter placed the bottle of wine on the linen tablecloth, and then uncorked it.  The vintage made a gentle trickle as it filled two crystal glasses. 

Elaine sipped first.  She felt the warmth slide down her throat; it was a pleasant sensation. “Well Carol, what are you going to do? Are you going to leave him?”

“God Elaine, I don’t know.  I’m lost, completely lost.”

“Yeah, I feel like that too.  Do you remember when we met them?  They were real wise guys; they couldn’t wait to get our knickers off.  They thought it would be easy, but we turned the tables, didn’t we?”

Carol giggled at the memory, “Mmmm – yes, I remember.  I kept Alan dangling for weeks.  When we went to bed, it blew his mind.  He went all protective.  I loved it.  We fucked all hours after that.”

“Tell me about it,” said Elaine wistfully, “Jack hardly let me move once, he was so jealous.  He barely notices me now.”  She felt the sting of a tear.

“Hey there Elaine, don’t get upset.”  Carol stroked her friend’s hand.

“Thanks.” And then Elaine hesitated a bit, “I’ll be OK.”

“Yeah.” Carol grinned, “I know you will, we’ll both be fine. There’s life in these two old birds yet.”

The humour was contagious. “Less of the ‘old’ please, I’m still young.”

“Yes darling, I know you are – we both are.”  Carol’s smile widened.

“You’ve got a wicked glint in your eye Carol, what are you thinking?”

“I’m thinking about Jason.  We all know he’s a conceited little prick - but let’s face it, he did me good.  Fucking him against the cellar wall wasn’t a class act, but I can’t get him out of my head.”

Elaine nipped her lower lip, and inhaled sharply at the image,  “You’re a bitch Carol.  You know something?  I wish it had been me against that wall.  Did he leave a number?”

Carol’s eyes sparkled, “There’s plenty more Jasons out there Elaine, enough for both of us.”

“You’re kidding. You wouldn’t, would you?  I mean, it was a one off – wasn’t it?”

Carol raised her eyebrows, and twirled a strand of fine blonde hair.  The tip of her tongue traced her lips as she considered her reply, “Elaine, Alan’s fucking some brainless little bitch and gloating. He’s punishing me for slipping up with a younger bloke, though if he’d been paying attention it wouldn’t have happened.  If he wants to torture me, fine, I’ll do something to deserve it.”

“Well there’s some logic there. What’s that saying, ‘You might as well hang for a sheep as a lamb?’ Though if you ask me Carol, it looks like you prefer lambs.”

Carol’s pupils widened. She continued twirling the strand, “Exactly.  I never thought a twenty-something would lust after me.  It’s opened new possibilities.”

At that moment, the waiter returned with their main course. 

This time, Elaine noticed his maleness, taut muscles under a flawless uniform – and she thought the long dark ponytail and faint afternoon shadow offset the perfection just right.  She swallowed when he caught her eye, and then held his gaze a fraction longer than politeness needed.

Carol giggled softly when Handsome departed, “See Elaine, it’s a whole new world out there  . . . ”

“Yeah right, what am I supposed to say?  Excuse me, Mr. Waiter, or whatever your name is, can I come home with you tonight and fuck your brains out please?”

“Yeah, I admit, it’s a problem . . . Leave it with me.”

“What are you scheming Carol?  I can see the cogs whirring in your brain.  Perhaps I was just looking.  He’s got a nice butt, that’s all.”

“Yeah, you’re right, he’s got a nice butt.  Imagine digging your claws in it while he’s demonstrating another part of his anatomy.”

“That, Carol, would mean I was a slut.” 

“Correct” said Carol with another wide grin, “but at least sluts don’t get cobwebs up their fanny.”

Elaine only picked at the meal; she wasn’t hungry.  Her friend had led her into unsafe territory – though maybe she was just the teacher, the one that appears when the pupil’s ready. Finally, she put down her fork. 

“Fancy some dessert?” asked Carol.

“No – I couldn’t  . . . ”

“Well, I feel like being sinful.” Carol beckoned Handsome back to their table.

Elaine lowered her eyes, sensing a flush spread up her neck.

Carol studied the menu, before looking up and smiling sweetly into his attractive face.  “We’re thinking about dessert.  What do you recommend?”

“Well, it depends.  Would you ladies prefer something light, or something more exotic?”  He was smiling too.  He’d noticed Elaine’s embarrassment.

Carol glanced at Elaine before replying, “Exotic sounds interesting.  My friend’s into the unusual, do you have something to satisfy her?”

Handsome looked Elaine’s way with barely hidden amusement, and saw the glower aimed at her companion.  He quickly picked up the thread.  “Satisfying such a beautiful lady would be a pleasure.  Could I recommend the Cointreau meringue? It’s very warming.”

“Yes, that sounds just right, doesn’t it Elaine?”

“Yeah, that’s fine,” replied Elaine, struggling to look cool.

“Carol” hissed Elaine when Handsome departed, “what are you playing at?  He probably thinks I’m some desperate old hag!”

“Bullshit.  You mightn’t have noticed the way he was staring at you, but I did.  You’ve been with Jack too long.  You should loosen up and learn to flirt again.  You need some of your old confidence back.”

“I should flirt?  Look where that got you.  Your old man’s hardly speaking, in fact, he’s busy fucking another woman.”

Carol suddenly got cooler, “And I suppose your Jack’s faithful?  Let’s face it, he’s not home much.”

Elaine was deflated, “Yeah, you’re right – he’s not around a lot, and last night I think I gave him the flick…Well, sort of.  God Carol, I really need a lift . . . ”

“I know you do darling.  Leave it with me.”  Carol’s smile was enigmatic. “Thankyou!” she said when Handsome returned.

“Two exotic desserts for two exotic ladies, enjoy.”

Elaine found herself falling into his brown eyes.  She snapped out of it when she realised he’d caught, and was returning, her intentness.

Carol watched the exchange with satisfaction, and then commented, “You know, you’re a perfect gentleman and we don’t even know your name.”

“Michael, my name’s Michael, at your service.” He grinned.

“You know Michael, you’re an interesting guy.  My friend Elaine just said how much you remind her of an old friend.  He’s from Italy, the south.  He’s quite a character.”  Carol was using all her charm.

“My father’s Sicilian.  Have you been to Italy?”  he asked Elaine warmly.

“Uh no – not yet, but it’s a place I’ve always wanted to visit.”  She felt a little more comfortable.

“Ahhh, you’d enjoy it, and the Italian men would enjoy looking at such a beautiful woman.”

Elaine giggled. “Michael you’ve obviously inherited the Italian charisma, but I’m an old married woman.  I’m past that kind of thing.”

Michael frowned.  “That’s a mistake, a woman like you is never past romance.”

It was clear to Elaine that Michael was a practised flirt; but what the hell, she loved it. “Perhaps you’re right, perhaps I need a romantic holiday.  I’ll have to ask my old man won’t I?”

“That’s if he’s home long enough.”  Carol’s words were pointed.

“He’s busy Carol, he works hard.”

Carol raised an eyebrow. She saw she’d unsettled her best friend, but so what, some things needed to be said,  “Yeah, and we all know what he’s busy with don’t we?”

“Carol!” spat Elaine, “That’s not true.”

“Isn’t it?” replied Carol, more gently this time.

Elaine shrugged her shoulders in defeat and smiled weakly at Michael, “You’ll have to excuse my friend, she thinks I need help.” 

“Perhaps she’s right.” 

Elaine looked into Michael’s eyes again, enjoying the spark, “Maybe she is, but I’m beyond it,” she said, resigned.

“I wouldn’t say that.”  His meaning was obvious, and then graciously taking his leave; Michael turned away and went back his duties, though he left behind the imprint of a deliciously wicked smile.

Elaine sighed, and then quickly regained some of her usual control. Her friend was leading her into dangerous places.  “That’s enough about my problems Carol – and you can forget about setting me up with the waiter, even if he’s gorgeous.  What about you and Alan? What are you going to do?  Let’s face it; he’s humiliating you.  He wants to keep you hanging.  He wants all the power, and right now, that’s what he’s got.”

“Yeah you’re right, but I can’t face the thought of leaving.  I love him, it’s as simple as that.”

“Of course you love him you idiot, but you don’t have to stay because of it.  Christ, I love triple chocolate mud cake, but it’s no good for me.  Alan’s bad for you Carol.  If you stay on his terms, you’ll just get more depressed – and knowing you, you could end up killing him.”

“I hadn’t thought of it like that, but yeah, you’re right.  What am I going to do?”  For once, Carol sounded lost.

“Chelsea’s got her own flat now.  I spoke to her yesterday, she needs another tenant; someone’s going this week.  Why not move in with your daughter for a while?  It’ll give you some breathing space.”

“Oh Elaine I couldn’t do that.  Chelsea wouldn’t want me around cramping her style.”

“Chelsea loves you – and anyway, how about a little mother/daughter bonding, something you’ve been too busy for?”

“Are you saying I’m a bad mother?” 

Elaine could see Carol was hurt.  “No, you’re a wonderful mother – but I think you need to slow down and take stock.”

* * * *

Chelsea reached for the condom on the bedside table, and focussed on tearing the foil. 

Liam sighed, “C’mon Chelsea, we don’t need that. 

“In that case Liam, you can go fuck yourself . . . ” It was a bad hair day.  Her period was due, and she was unusually testy.  Any other time, she would have been more patient with his whining.

“God Chelsea, you’re a bitch.  We’ve been doing this for weeks now – can’t you let up just once?  I haven’t got anything you know . . . ”

“I don’t care.  I don’t know what you do when you’re not with me, and I don’t want to.”

“And you? How many other guys are you fucking?”

She looked at him thoughtfully for a moment, “Liam I haven’t made any promises, it’s just fun, OK?”

“OK” he agreed reluctantly, wanting to relieve his aching erection.

Chelsea carefully unrolled the black latex over his generous size, and then mounted.  She knew Liam liked her on top, and felt his artists fingers dig into her curves.  Her long dark hair fell across her eyes as she moved. She liked his thick shaft – and the way her clit rubbed on his pubic bone.  She knew he was good at holding on until she finished – and then, bugger it! – The phone rang.  The fucking noise jangled in her head, it wouldn’t stop, “Naff off you stupid bastard” she thought, “We’re busy . . .”

Liam gazed up at her through half open eyes, watching her rock towards orgasm, drunk on the sensations from his cock.  He loved her face and body.  She was small, “A pocket Venus,” he called her.  That perfect round ass turned his head the first time he saw it.   The ringing didn’t stop. “It’s OK babe, just ignore it.  It’ll go in a minute.” Liam was desperate to keep on.

At last, the row ended, but Chelsea couldn’t concentrate.  She’d completely lost her rhythm.   It was obvious Liam wasn’t bothered though; he came quickly in a string of grunts.  “Owww!” she complained, lifting herself from his wilting penis, “you’ve made me sore, and you came before I did.  That’s not like you . . . ” She was pissed.

He grinned.  “Sorry sweetheart, you’re too much of a turn on.”

“Yeah right – tell me another one.”

Liam watched her perfect behind as she got up to go to the loo.  The brightly coloured scarab beetle sitting above the crack of her bum seemed to wink at him.  The tattoo was recent; she already had a ring of briar roses around one arm.  He liked her style, though he knew her mum Carol had gone spastic over the floral embellishment.  She didn’t like the delicate nose piercing either, or the six silver ear studs.  But Chelsea had told him; mum hadn’t seen the ornate navel ring, or the Egyptian bug.

He spread on the bed, content.  He’d shared the place with Chelsea a couple of weeks now.  He had his own room, but slept in hers as often as she let him.  At times he felt like a sex toy, but in some ways, that was OK . . . He was lost in those thoughts when his eyes drifted to a messy pile of books on the desk. Oh Christ! He didn’t want to remember.  His fine arts degree demanded assignments, preferably on time.  His sexual playmate was earthier, choosing journalism and women’s studies.  “How come,” he thought, “the bitch always sails through her work.”

If truth was known though, Liam preferred strong women – and sometimes, strong men.  It was his dark secret.  He recollected his first exploration, or rather, his first encounter.  He’d been the victim, at first.  Sport wasn’t his thing, but his dad nagged him to join the uni football club.  The fortyish coach was a macho type, on the surface.  Alone in the showers one evening, Liam felt a thickset body press against his shoulders – and a large penis rub into the cheeks of his ass.  He was startled and pulled away, but beefy arms held him back. 

“Don’t worry, I won’t hurt you” coach had whispered.

Liam recalled the scene.  A powerful hand gripped his cock, and masturbated him to orgasm.  Just after that grand finale, some cum smeared across his butt.  It felt so good … and then suddenly he was free, macho guy let him go.  Liam went on showering like nothing had happened.  He never told, not even the second time.  That occasion, he’d gone further.  He remembered Coach finding him alone in the showers again; Liam didn’t keep away. Coach had a friend, a man with impressive oral skills.  Liam was blown so beautifully he barely noticed what was nudging his ass. When he finally screamed out in pleasure, Coach was fucking him; they probably came together. 

“Oh God” thought Liam as he looked down at his cock, it was stiff at the memory . . .

Chelsea ran her bath and watched the steam rise.  Damn Liam, he’d left her horny. Usually, he was more considerate.  Maybe it was payback for her bitchiness.  Anyway, he’d be useless for a while, and probably snoring by now.   Sliding into the warmth, she reached for her pussy.  It didn’t take long to come; the ghost of his thickness still stung.  ‘Shit’ she thought after stepping out into a pond, ‘I don’t remember splashing that much water.’

Sipping coffee in the kitchen five minutes later, Chelsea heard the phone ring again. “Hi” she said abruptly.

“Chelsea, is that you?”

“Yeah Mum it’s me, what’s up?”

“Oh, I tried ringing before, but no-one picked up.”

Chelsea rolled her eyes, remembering the interruption.  “Yeah well, I was a bit busy.  Couldn’t get to the phone in time.”

“That’s OK sweetheart.  Look, can I come round and talk?  Things aren’t too good with your Dad and me right now . . .”

Chelsea heard the catch in her Mum’s voice and suddenly felt concerned, “Yeah Mum, that’d be fine – when?”


“Oh Mum, the flat’s a mess.  You know how you moan.”

“I won’t say a thing this time, promise.  I just need to talk.”

“OK then, see you in hour?” Chelsea knew Mum could make it in twenty minutes, but she was playing for time.

“Yeah, an hour’s fine.  See you then.” 

Chelsea thought her Mum sounded relieved, and then looked round despondently as she put down the phone.  ‘Shit, shit, shit!’ she thought.  Last night’s dishes were still around, not to mention the day before’s.  Papers and books sat in unsafe piles, and dirty laundry drooped over the back of the sofa.  “Liam!” She yelled down the hallway, “get up.  Mum’s coming.  This place is disgusting.” 

Roused by Chelsea’s panic, Liam wandered unwillingly into the middle of the disorder, eyeing it like a guilty child.  “So what?  The old bag should take you as she finds you.” He watched her dart round like a demented bee.

“Take me as she finds me? Get real Liam.  She’s my mother, she’s never taken me as she’s found me – and I’m the stupid fuck for letting that bother me, but it does. OK?”

“OK” he shrugged, “so what do you want me to do?”

Chelsea’s eyes narrowed.  If she were a snake, she would have spat at him.  “Listen here fuckwit, just do something useful, like wash up – what’s the problem? Does that imagination of yours dry up when it comes to dirt?”

“OK, OK, OK, I get it.  God, you’re bossy.”

“Yeah well, someone’s gotta get your arse into gear.  You’re hopeless at times.”

When Chelsea heard the door ring a little while later, the place was more civilised.  She just hoped Mum wouldn’t open any cupboards.  She thought it unlikely.

* * * *

“Well then Mum, what’s the problem? What’s going on?”  Chelsea cupped her mug of coffee in both hands and leant back in the kitchen chair.  She saw her mum distractedly stir her own brew, one elbow leaning on the cheap formica top. 

“It’s your Dad Chelsea, he’s being a bit of a bastard.  Don’t know why, he won’t talk.  It’s driving me nuts. I just can’t cope.  I’ve got to get away.”

“Yeah” said Chelsea slowly, “where to?” she was thinking about her parent’s frequent spats, though usually, it was her Dad that made the peace.  She wondered why he hadn’t this time.

“Well” said Carol awkwardly, “Elaine said you needed another tenant . . . “

“Mum! It wouldn’t work.  You know how you are about keeping things clean and tidy.  I can’t live up to your standards.  And what’s up with Dad?  Why’s he giving you the silent treatment?”  She watched her mum draw a breath.

“I – well, let’s put it this way, a woman needs certain things.  I wasn’t getting them, so I fell into a situation. Your Dad found out, and the rest’s history.  Not that he’s been an angel.”

Chelsea’s jaw dropped.  “Mum, are you saying you slept with someone else?”

“Not slept exactly.  There wasn’t any sleeping.”

“No wonder Dad won’t speak.  I bet he went ballistic.  Has the guy still got his kneecaps?”


Chelsea noticed her mum shuffle uncomfortably in her seat, before she changed the subject.

 “Look Chelsea, I know how hard you work – all those exams and essays.  If I could stay for a bit, I’d pay a cleaning lady.  That should keep us both happy.  It’s just that finding my own place is too final right now; I just want a breathing space. And you know, I’d more than pay my way. When’s the last time you had your nails done, or saw a hairdresser for that matter?”

“OK” said Chelsea thoughtfully, noting her mum’s meaningful look. The idea of having a cleaner around was tempting.  She had nothing against hygiene, just the effort it needed.  And if mum felt like being generous, then to be honest, scrimping had lost its charm a while ago.  However, she hesitated, “Mum, my sex life is my business, you understand that don’t you? I mean, I don’t want to have to explain anything.”

“Promise Chelsea, it’s your business.  Cuts both ways though.”

“Oh yeah? And what exotic plans do you have?”

“No plans, but no promises either.”

“What? Haven’t you upset Dad enough already?  The next guy you fuck might end up in intensive care.”

“Your Dad’s got no right to say anything at the moment” Carol snapped.

“Oh” said Chelsea, getting the point.

* * * *

The next day, Alan sat behind the bar and watched complacently as Carol ferried her gear to the waiting taxi, aided and abetted by Ken the cellarman.  He took a slow drag on his cigarette and then swallowed a couple of mouthfuls of malt.  He didn’t usually indulge before lunch, let alone before nine – but today he’d made an exception.

“Well then, I’m off,” said Carol, “I’ll be in touch, maybe.”

He just shrugged.  She’d be back, and then he winced at the pain in his gut.

Di the barmaid caught sight of Carol stepping into a taxi outside the pub, and slowed her pace.  She noticed Ken the cellarman loading the boot with a large suitcase, and then stared as the shiny black vehicle pulled away from the kerb. Her heart started beating faster.  Alan’s wife always had that effect on her.  She paused a bit, waiting for the old guy to disappear, and then gazed at the traditional pub door, newly painted in glossy maroon.  She hesitated again, before tapping on the frosted glass.  She’d been there a couple of minutes when she saw the blurry outline of Alan as he unlocked the bolts.

“Hi kid, how’s tricks?”

Di bit her bottom lip, noting his grin, and then took a breath, “I’m not a kid Alan.  You should know that by now.”

“Whoa sorry babe, didn’t mean to offend.  Come in sweetheart, come in.  What’ll you have? Or is it too early for you yet?”

“No, it’s not too early,” said Di, stepping into the hazy interior.  The smell of beer and stale smoke evoked all her stolen moments with this self-possessed Casanova. “Give me a gin and tonic” she asked, and then followed him to the bar, draping herself on a stool.

“Ah, mother’s ruin” said Alan smiling, “do you want a double? Go on, be daring.”

“Yeah, give me a double” said Di with a defiant tinge, “who the fuck cares? I don’t” She chose to ignore the intent look in his eyes.

“That’s the spirit darlin’.  Fuck’em.” 

Di watched him cheerily serve her shots, before she downed at speed. 

“More?” he asked.

“Yeah, why not?”  After she’d gulped a couple more, she saw Alan squint at her keenly through the haze of his own cigarette smoke.

 “Come to bed with me Di? I want to fuck you slowly.” 

She took another gulp from her double. “Yeah right, why should I screw you Alan?  You’ll never leave that stuck up wife of yours.  Danny hit me, but you’re worse – you fuck with my head.”

“Babe, that’s not true.  It ain’t easy when you’ve been married as long as I have, there’s too many things to consider.”

“Yeah, like what? Tell me? And anyway, looks like she’s moved out already.  Why was Ken loading all her gear into that taxi?”

“That doesn’t mean anything.  She’s trying to piss me off that’s all; she’ll be back.  Trust me.  See this pub.  Carol owns half – and besides, if I ask for a separation, I don’t know how she’d take it.  I think she’d go to pieces.  I don’t want to do that to her.” 

“What about what you’re doing to me?  What about that?”

“Di” he said, “you’re young.  It’s different for you.  Wait for me babe, please?” 

He stroked the side of Di’s face as he spoke, and gazed meaningfully into her eyes.  She grabbed his hand, and put his index finger between her lips before returning the look.   She couldn’t say why this guy moved her with just a word, or even just the way he watched her, but right now, she was a slave to the alcohol and pheromones.

“Come with me then Di, come to my bed.  There’s some things Carol’s never done for me, but you’re different babe, you know how to please a man.  You understand me, that bitch wouldn’t understand me in a million years.” 

Very soon, Di heard the bedroom door click behind them.

“Get undressed Di, I like seeing you undress.” 

She watched him close the curtains, and then saw him gaze at her as she stripped. 

“Lay down on the bed and open your legs.”

He stood over the divan, looking down at her as he peeled off too.  His cock was very firm.  She saw him make his move, and then squirmed at the feel of his mouth between her legs.  She wriggled some more when his tongue searched, sighing deeply when the wet tip slowly circled her clit.  Feeling his strong hands push into her thighs, she spread them wider.  The fire below was raging.  “Alan, oh Alan, you know what that does to me.” She ran her fingers through his hair.  After a little while though, he came up for air.

“Can I handcuff you babe, handcuff you to the bed?”

Di giggled, “Yeah, OK – why not?”  She quickly felt the cold metal click around her wrists, and then watched him secure them to the brass railings.

“Di this thing of mine, this thing Carol wouldn’t do, will you do it for me babe? Will you please me?”

“Do what Alan?”

“Jack, you’ve met Jack haven’t you?  He’s coming over.  I want to watch him fuck you.”

“Christ Alan! No! I can’t do that, and anyway, how does he know I’m here?”

“Ssshhh – I rang him on my mobile when I went to the loo, just before.  Please babe, please.  You’ll like it, I promise.  Do this for me.” 

Alan started caressing her breasts, and then gently sucked on a nipple.  “Oh God Alan, you’re an evil bastard.”  Her flesh wanted to be touched, and the alcohol had blunted her inhibitions.  “OK then, just this once, I’ll do it.”  And of course, she was more open-minded than his wife, a woman that didn’t know how to please her man.  She saw Alan smile.

“You’re beautiful babe, I want to show you off.  You won’t regret this, I promise.  Give me a second will you?’

“Don’t have much choice, do I?” Di’s voice trailed off in a lazy, half sozzled whisper.  She almost didn’t see his grin as he wrapped a towel around his waist, picked up his mobile and went out to the hallway.



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