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Earth Men make Good Slaves

by Daviddrb6

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© Copyright 2010 - Daviddrb6 - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; abduct; auction; slave; oral; sex; anal; cons; X

1. Product Purchase

When Geoffrey Holmes left work at 5pm he was relived that for once he'd left on time. Usually he tended to stay five to ten minutes late tidying up and making sure that the office was securely locked.On two occasons he'd still been at the office at 5.30 and had noted cynically that his colleague and also their office manager were always keen to be out the door on time.

When he was walking through the pedestrian tunnel under the railway bridge at 5.08pm, Geoffrey was abducted.

He was next confronted by a tall, skinny-boned man whose skin was replitian and had long fingered hands with equally long nails. He wore a scarlet robe with a high collar that reached up to his ears. His mouth was downturned as though displeased to see Geoffrey. Geoffrey was disconcerted that the man was nine feet tall.

"You'll come with me" the man said and immediately picked up Geoffrey by his collar with one hand; lifting him off his feet. Geoffrey didn't struggle because it was useless, rather than he was tired and surprised. "Now don't panic," he told himself. "Keep calm and use your eyes."

The man carried Geoffrey into a room. A large semi-circular rostrum displayed a cityscape of skyscrapers which to Geoffrey were no different than the skylines of New York and the City of London. In the centre of the room was a rectangular pedestal with seats nearby. The man carried Geoffrey to the far end of the room where on a raised level was a chair. The woman sitting in the chair got up. She was elegantly dressed with a high collar and had short dark hair, high cheekbones, brown eyes and a mouth that smiled when the man said: "The latest" and put Geoffrey gently down on his feet.

Geoffrey rolled his head round and stretched his shoulders. "Ah," the woman said "That's even better. I know your name isn't suitable but what is it?"

"Geoffrey Holmes," he replied before asking: "The latest what; results?"

"Oh no," the woman replied. "The latest slave we're to sell."

"Excuse me," Geoffrey said, "But I happen to be a slave already in the local council. If this means being chained to an oar in a galley then I'm already chained to a desk. At least we don't have to ask for permission to go to he toilet."

The woman laughed. "I think we have an excellent choice. If we mention his wit as well then we're sure to get a good sale. You haven't examined him yet have you?"

I always leave that to you," the man replied. "On the last few occasions their struggling broke my nails."

Geoffrey always tensed whenever anyone touched him, and the woman after unbuttoning his coat, traced her finger down his neck before patting his breasts under his shirt and fondling between his legs. Geoffrey, embarressed, realised his penis had hardened and was twitching. "Ah yes," the woman smiled. "An excellent product this time. What time is it?"

"Nearly 17.1003 hours, " the man replied. "I'll start seeing to the refreshments and check wth security."

"I imagine he's handy for painting the ceiling," Geoffrey said when he'd gone.

"He's actually the Steward with thirty years experience in arranging sales," the woman replied. "I'm Adlean Temperance. I too am an experienced auctioneer and I'll be selling you off. The Alderbaan Corporation handles business transactions over the galaxy from construction to work units such as yourself."

"So I still count as building materials?" Geoffrey asked.

"The Protocal 7991 states that slaves should not be as addressed as such. However within the confines of a private auction such as this we still use the term. It's seen as romantic."

"But not for me. If this is a slave market, where are the other slaves?"

Aldean smiled. "But you are a special offer. As your planet is remote humans such as you are very valuable for their strength and prowness. We've always found that humans not only provide quanity but also quality of service. For instance I once sold off the entire crew of a sailing ship from your planet."

"I don't suppose it was the "Mary Celeste?"

After a moment Aldean replied, "Yes - yes it was." Aldean led him to the pedestal. "I'm afraid I must ask you to fill this in first." She handed him a form.

"Don't worry, " Geoffrey said dryly. "When you work in public service you can't do anything without filing in a form.

He read:

1. "I (name to be filled) volunteer my services to The Alderbaan Corporation's Human Resources. This to take affect from moment contract is signed."

2. "I agree to surrender all personal property, monies, and clothing on my person and be aware that henceforth I will be allowed no ownership rights or be allowed personal items unless personal owner allows."

3. "I accept that once passed into personal ownership I must attend to owner's need, requests and wishes without objection. Questions only to be asked about any duties to be performed."

4. "I am aware that should I breech any of these guidelines or attempt any assault or escape from my personal owner than they have the right to punish me or to refer me to local law enforcement authorites. I will have to undergo a period of confinement before being transacted again."

5. "Should I refuse to accept any of these guidelines then it will be assumed that I do not wish to volunteer for Human Resources and I will be passed to Alderbaan Food Markets for slaughter and processing for public sale and consumption."

After reading the contract Geoffrey asked: "Let me get this straight," if I sign this then I no longer have any life or rights of my own?"

"That's right."

"And if I don't sign it then you'll send me to the local butchers where I'll be served up for dinner instead of serving up dinner."

"You're very quick." Aldean nodded.

Geoffrey sighed. "Where do I sign?"

"At the bottom please. Don't worry about the date we'll put it in. Now, can you take your clothes off please."

2. Thank you for Shopping

By 5.40pm, according to his guesses though he no longer had a watch, Geoffrey was naked, washed, shaved and oiled. He had also been given an injection that made his nipples and penis permanently errect. His hands were also tied behind his back.

"Why are you doing this," he'd asked Aldean. "I've nowhere to escape to."

"Well some have tried," she answered, "And besides, a male human is even more beautiful when he's tied up."

Geoffrey now stood on the rectangular pedestal, flexing his toes "Come on, " he told himself. "Be a man. You've been through worse. Lets see what happens." He'd never felt he had a good body: he always felt his chest was too broad and his thighs too big. Standing on the pedestal, Geoffrey felt helpless and vunerable. He was realising now that to these aliens he was not an equal but a product to be marketed and sold. His waved hair had been slicked back and his oiled body glistened under the lights. Yet, he felt strangly excited. This was new. He was been seen as a sexual creature and whoever, or whatever came in would treat him as such.

The Steward came in. "They're here" he said.

"We're better get started then," Aldean came and stood by the pedestal.

The Steward stood by the door. "Presenting Mr and Mrs C'crew, " he announced as two frog-like humanoids in robes and elaborate headpieces came in. Geoffrey saw their eyes and mouths were large and they had no noses.

"The Meister of Oold" the Steward announced as what looked like a puddle of mud oozed in. The C'crews stood aside as the puddle flowed past and then curled itself up into a ball. A shape, roughly human, rose out of the ball and bowed before the two humanoids and Aldeen.

"Finally from the Martian Stepps, The Lady M'aarleen," and a woman entered and after nodding a greeting to the others turned to look at Geoffrey. "What beautiful eyes, " he thought, "Like a cat's." They were clear and green. Her long, brown, waved hair reached down her back and her slim, elegant body was heightened by the silken halter-top that seemed to small for her breasts and knee-length pleated skirt that left her mid-riff bare. The Martian wore jewellery round her waist, armlets and a neckchain and a tiarra in her hair. Her face was like that of a young girl's and her mouth had soft, full lips.

"Refreshments are available on request," the Steward added. "And now I will hand you over to Miss Aldean Temperance."

"Good evening," and Geoffrey wondered how many times she'd done her routine. "Earthmen are a speciality due to their remoteness, and when they are obtained they do come at a special rate. Whch is why we sell only to specialised customers as yourself. This human as you can see pocesses strength and intelligence which is average but also a wit that would make him an ideal companion. Of course he is seen as work unit but it would be worth taking into consideration before purchase."

"And she would make a good apologist for my department,"Geoffrey muttered to himself. Mr and Mrs C'crew cocked their heads but he thought they may just have been looking at him. M'aarleen, relaxing in a chair and with a hand resting on it's back smiled. Her gaze was composed and seemed to be mocking him.

"Is he suitable for breeding?" Mr C'crew asked in a controlled belch.

"I would say he would be ideal for marriage once the necessary arrangements are made," Aldeen replied.

"What my husband mean't can he get pregnant?" Mrs C'crew said.


'Thats caught you,' Geoffrey thought. 'Why should I be quiet. They're discussing me like a piece of meat.' He turned to C'crews and said: "I'm afraid I can't. Sorry."

The Steward's narrow face scowled. "I beg your pardon," he said to the guests before striding over to Geoffrey. "You were told to be quiet," he hissed under his breath. "Anymore and I'll have you gagged."

"Well I've got nothing to lose except my freedom," Geoffrey whispered. "And you're selling me as a feisty slave. If you get a good price for me then you'll be whining all the way to the bank!"

One of the C'crews, Geoffrey asssumed it was Mrs C'crew but they were both alike, got up and came over to him. Webbed, three fingered hands came out from underneath the robes and caressed his thighs and buttocks. Geoffrey gasped as the humanoid's hands were clammy. "Well I suppose our daughter could use him as a sex toy or menial labour. She might find him fun to have," Mr C'crew said.

"I wouldn't." Geoffrey muttered.

"Its a pity. I was hoping we'd find a suitable husband for her here." Mrs C'crew added.

"At least they're not trying to pass off apes as humans unlike the colonists on Gaal," M'aarleen's voice was clear and well-pronouced. "They only realised when some chimpanzees they sold as human children attacked and ate their owner!"

The Meister of Oold rolled onto the pedestal. Geoffrey stepped back while the others watched. The creature unfolded itself round his feet and then spread up his body; covering him. Geoffrey gasped. It was like stepping into a cold swimming pool. He tensed and tried to flex his muscles to keep the circulation going. It was like looking through a frosted glass window. He could make out colours and everyone was blurred. Then he felt his mouth open. The creature was pouring into his throat! He felt like retching but the Meister flowed into him as though it were water. His sight cleared and he found himself breathing heavily.Then Geoffrey felt his penis twitch, as though he wanted to pass water. Then he saw a liquid pour out of his extended member and form into a ball before rolling away. No one said anything.

M'aarleen got up. "My turn." She walked up to Geoffrey and pressed herself against his naked body. He felt her soft silken skirt against his thighs and his penis twitched into her as though egar to find out what was underneath. He felt her hands fondle and grope his penis and buttocks. "Such a crude beast," M'aarleen said softly, "And yet soft too. Would you like me to buy you?"

"Only if you think I'll be good," Geoffrey looked into her eyes. Best not to shy away and confront people head on he felt.

"I'll make sure you are," and she squeezed his penis a last time before walking back to her chair. Geoffrey realised it was now wet and sticky. He felt mildly embarressed but these aliens weren't concerned about his feelings

Esspecially when Aldean announced the bidding. "We'll open at 1,000 zatummas. Any advance ladies and gentlemen?"

"Two ladies, one gentleman and something the jury's out on," Geoffrey muttered. The Steward frowned and Geoffrey stuck his tongue out at him. M'aarleen giggled and offered 2,000 zatummas.

Mr and Mrs C'crew belched softly among themselves and offered 2,500. The Meister pulsed orange and Aldean announced it had offered 3,000 zatummas.

"Do I hear 3,000?," Aldean asked. "Any advances on 3,000?"

M'aarleen smiled coolly at Geoffrey and crossed her legs; revealing them and her feet to be bare and also a hint of red pants underneath. 'I just wish you'd buy me. I'm going to end up as a sex toy to a blob.' Geoffrey thought anxiously.

"No advances on 3,000," Aldean asked again. "Then..."

"10,000," M'aarleen bid. "I think your human is worth more than the other bids offered."

The C'crews shook their heads. The Meister stood still.

"Then if there are no advances on 10,000 - sold to the Lady M'aarleen. Thank you all for shopping with Alderbaan Corporation's Human Resources. If you have any attendant needs then please speak to the Steward."

The Steward stepped forward and joined M'aarleen as she walked up to Geoffrey. "Do you want him delivered?" he asked.

"No thank you, " M'aaleen smiled. "I'll take him now."

The Steward fastened a collar and thin chain round Geoffreys neck. "Just remember that she is a noblewoman of the Martian Caste," he told him "They don't accept insubodination so do everything she says. If you can remember!" he sneered.

"I'd rather be her slave than yours, " Geoffrey smirked. "At least she's nice to look at."

The Steward handed the chain to M'aarleen. "You may find him disrepectful," he said, "So you have the right to punish him if he is."

"Oh I will." M'aarleen coiled the chain round her hand, pulling Geoffrey forward so that her face was level with hers. "And I think he'll enjoy it."

3. Loving the Alien

Geoffrey stood still while M'aarleen held his arms tightly to his sides and gave him fellatio. He shuddered and gasped as she sucked and licked his extended penis that throbbed excitedly with the attention it was getting.

The Martian noblewoman had taken him back to her palace in the Martian desert that had a canal flowing past it and with it's spires and onion-like domes seemed to him like a cross between a gothic cathedal and a mosque. Geoffrey had found himself able to breath in the Martian atmosphere and the planet was warm.

"I thought Mars was dead" he'd asked.

"In your world maybe," M'aarleen had answered before ordering him to prepare a meal that had resemblied curled licorice and wine. She made him stand next to her while she'd reclined on a divan and ate her dinner. "I'd like a sweet to finish off," she'd then told him and then got down on her knees and sucked him.

Geoffrey felt his penis tingle and tense even further as the semen came. He grunted as it came out and M'aarleen licked it up like cream; her mouth glistening and sticky. She sighed and getting up, wiped her face on the back of her hand before wiping it on his stomach. Without being asked, Geoffrey poured her some more wine. He began to tidy up, feeling M'aarleen watching him with her cool green eyes and gently mocking smile. Geoffrey's work colleagues had always joked that he was tidy at home and even as a slave in a Martian palace he was no different.

He heard her softly come up behind him and breath on his neck while holding him as well. "I have decided that not only do Earthmen make good slaves: they taste good too." M'aarleen announced.

'On pain of death', he thought 'Or perhaps pain of torture, pain of being eaten alive by bug-eyed monster. Or maybe she's a vampire who'll drink my blood.'

Then he heard M'aarleen call: "Slave, come here!".

"Well, onwards and upwards," he finished, and noticed how erect his penis still was; the tip of which was still wet. "And that didn't apply to you." He said. He wiped it and went to his mistress' bedroom.

He saw how big it was. The walls were a soft egg-blue and ionic columns were in the corners of the room. A semi-circular mirrored bureau faced a circular bed with hangings, soft stain pillows and a silken duvet which had been drawn back. M'aarleen was seated at the bureau. She had changed into a pink push-up bra and a thong. Her hair was loose down her back and in her hands she held a jar.

Geoffrey looked at the woman. It was no longer a case of her waiting for him. He was to serve her whatever she wanted. He asked: "Is there anything you require my lady?"

"You," she told him, "Come here."

Geoffrey walked towards her as she got up. M'aarleen opened the jar, dipped her hand and took it covered with a smooth, yellow cream. She smeared it on his breasts; massaging his nipples between her fingers. She dipped her hand into the jar again and rubbed her creamed hand down his stomach and thighs. Geoffrey inhaled and breathed out as the cool cream was rubbed into his skin.

"What's this for My Lady?" he asked.

"A slave should never ask his mistress anything but his duties," M'aarleen replied. She looked at him invitingly and then said seductively: "This, is to make your body succulent and tender." Her hand coiled round his penis leaving it moist and she moved down to cover his legs.

"So you're going to eat me then?" Geoffrey asked abruptly.

M'aarleen smacked him on his thigh. "Turn around," she ordered. Geoffrey did so and felt her apply the cream to his back. She moved down to his buttock cheeks and he felt her gently pull them apart and massage the cream into the cleft. "No slave. Don't think that because I've gone to bed it is the end of your day." She finished and turned him round. "Now come," and led him to the bed and laid him down. M'aarleen climbed on top of him and rubbed her hand up and down his side.

"I thought I was the one being oiled?" Geoffrey asked. "You'll be nice and slippery too."

M'aarleen smiled; displaying perfect white teeth went on: "Remember slave that you must do everything I ask of you. You have no home; no life; not even any clothes of your own. You are reliant on me and I can do whatever I want to you."

"So what do want My Lady," Geoffrey asked. "A nice little bedtime story; a mug of Horlicks. That is, if you have any. I didn't see a jar in your kitchen."

"Show me how an Earthman mates with an Earthwoman," M'aarleen said."Is it with gentleness and affection, or just naked lust."

"I've no problem with the nakedness," Geoffrey said.

M'aarleen smiled as Geoffrey gently rolled her over onto her back. She closed her eyes, expecting to be kissed on her mouth, but Geoffrey kissed her hair instead. It was soft and he stroked her tresses. He'd always liked women with waved hair. Next he kissed her smooth forehead and closed eyelids and the tip of her nose which like her was also slim. Then the mouth. She responded: her lips moisturing his and his tongue slipping into her mouth and rubbing against her perfect white teeth.

M'aarleen starting murmuring as Geoffrey moved down her neck, suckling her skin. He stuck his tongue between her breasts making the Martian noblewoman give a surprised "Oh!". He felt her nipples erect beneath the cups of her bra but did not take it off. He knew what he wanted.

The girl's stomach was flat and smooth, Geoffrey left a moist trail down to her belly button which he tongued. M'aarleen was speaking softly: "Lovely...beautiful...gentle..."

Geoffrey came to her thong. It fitted snugly round her thighs and between her legs. It was what was between them that interested him. Very slowly he pulled the thong down. M'aarleen raised her head as he did: pulling her feet out of it then lay back as he gently spread her legs wide open. He tensed, then thrust himself into her.

M' aarleen gasped and her eyes popped open. She exhaled and then began to pant as both their bodies moved like the pistons of an engine. Geoffrey's naked nipples moved against the bra cups that protected her breasts. At last his penis was doing what it should rather than mainpulated for somone else's pleasure. It was for him. And if it was sex she wanted then she would have it. He began to move faster and faster: feeling M'aarleen writhing beneath him. He looked down at the girl. Her hair was splayed out on the pillows and the expression on her face was of shock and pain, but he also felt her clinging tightly to him. Her mouth was open and she was gasping: "Kristoph...Oh Kristoph...Kristoph..."

Was Kristoph the Martian God he wondered for a moment. Then Geoffrey felt M'aarleen gasp and he felt her breath on his face as his body tensed and his human semen entered the Martian girl's body. He thrust himself further into her: listening to her grunts and moans. She was no longer an arrogant noblewoman; just a primitive animal as she'd seen him.

With a grunt, M' aarleen went limp in his hands and her panting eased. Geoffrey felt his penis still erect and throbbing and he wanted to take her again but the way he wanted. He got up and fetched the jar of lubricant cream from M'aarleen's dressing table. Anal sex had always appealed to him: sexy but safe and he had always been fasinated by kinkiness. Carefully, Geoffrey reached under M'aarleen's back; unfastened her bra and pulled it off her. She looked at him but didn't stop him and actually raised her arms so he could slide the straps off them. Now she was naked like him.

"What are you doing?" she asked softly.

Geoffrey gently turned her onto her stomach. Her hair flopped over her face so he gently brushed it onto her back and over her right shoulder. Her hands were resting on the pillows and she half turned her head towards him. Geoffrey leaned forward and kissed her forehead. "Lie still" he whispered.

If she was going to object then she didn't. Her slave had a surprise for her and she wanted it.

M' aarleen's buttocks pointed up at him. Like the rest of body they were slim but shapely. Geoffrey reached for the cream and gently massaged it into her cheeks. "Slave..." she murmured but let him carry on. Geoffrey parted the cheeks and gently rubbed the cream between them. She moaned: "Oh slave...slave." Geoffrey dipped his forefinger into the cream and rubbed it slowly between the cheeks. He saw M'aarleen bury her face in the pillows and moan. He reached for one of the pillows and slid it under her thighs: raising her anus up. His penis was still erect and throbbing. He parted the cheeks and M'aarleen gave a primeval cry as Geoffrey slid himself into her. Their bodies, moist from the lubricant slipped against each other, and Geoffrey grabbed her hair in his hand and pulled her head back causing her to gasp. He felt her body rock with his. M'aarleen was his slave now - until the morning. Geoffrey suddenly thought of placing a mirror in front of her next time so he could see the expression on her face.

M' aarleen went limp again as they climaxed and she let Geoffrey ejaculate his semen into her again. She slumped, moaning, face down on the bed and Geoffrey slapped her buttocks once, twice, four times. He was excited from the sex and now knew that was his weapon against the Martian noblewoman. Whatever she did to him during the day he could pay her back in the bedroom. He softly kissed her buttock cheeks then, after easing out the pillow from underneath her he rolled over on his back.

He looked up as M' aarleen climbed on top of him. Her long hair was dishelved and her face was hardened and glistened from the sweat of their love-making. She slapped him four times on the face: making Geoffrey roll his head from side to side. He looked up at her again: his cheeks stinging.

"And that was for...?" he asked.

"Your punishment" M'aarleen answered curtly. Then her expression softened. She smiled and kissed him. Their lips moving together and Geoffrey felt his penis once again harden. He wanted to make love to his mistress again. The Martian noblewoman lay on him and, pulling the duvet over them, Geoffrey put his arms around her body and cuddled her.

"I made a good choice in you," M' aarleen announced eventually. "You will serve me slave?"

Geoffrey giggled and said: "Well, My Lady. I'll boldly go where no man has gone before."



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