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Erotic Disclosure Chapter 5: Sexy Memories

by Wiccedwoman

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© Copyright 2007 - Wiccedwoman - Used by permission

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Chapter 5 – Sexy Memories

I lay there for some time, just appreciating the night sky.  The pool and the night air had cooled me.  I felt relaxed, languid.  Suddenly, I caught sight of some movement – a figure in the darkness.  My heart began to race.  I was still mostly naked, wearing only a damp G-string.  My sexy velvet dress lay in a crumpled heap on the deck.  Before I’d had a chance to stir, the figure was beside me – close enough to make out a face – Steve. 

He gazed down at my nakedness sprawled in the hammock.   “Hi Kristin,” he murmured softly, “I’ve been looking all over for you.” 

My belly flipped at the sound of his voice. 

He picked up my dress, “Here, put this on,” he continued, “Before I do things I shouldn’t.” 

I stood up from the hammock and slipped on the proffered garment. 

His eyes never left me.  “Sit down with me Kristin,” he said, motioning towards a sofa on the other end of the small veranda. 

I did as he asked. 

He continued looking at me intently, brushing a strand of wet hair from my face.  “I got your note,” he finally admitted, “Do you mean it?”  His tone wasn’t in the least bit quizzical; rather, it was kind of calmly ironic – like he already knew the answer.

I’m familiar with Steve, familiar enough to know if he had a shred of suspicion my short letter had been true, he wouldn’t be asking me that question.  I didn’t reply, just returned his gaze, my breath coming a little faster.  I was turned on by his presence.  

Steve’s lips found mine and one of his hands cradled the back of my head. The other explored my bare back and headed towards my round butt.  His breath, like mine, got deeper and faster.  He pulled me closer as his hand finally grasped my soft ass.  He let out a low, barely perceptible moan.  He undid my zip, slipping the dress from my shoulders again, then buried his mouth in the curve of my neck.  He bit and kissed the bare skin.

It sent shivers through me.

A hand found a breast and he squeezed it delicately, appreciatively – before lowering his mouth to cover a nipple and gently suckling. 

My body was engulfed by desire – a fact patently obvious to my new lover. 

Abruptly, Steve stopped what he was doing and looked me straight in the eye, “Come on Kristin,” he said softly, “Come with me.” He opened the door to the tiny summerhouse and led me inside, not bothering to turn on the light.  Closing the door behind him, he undressed in a second and pulled me down on to the freshly made-up single bed inside. 

His skin was clammy now and his breathing came even more rapidly.  He had a slight musky smell about him – a combination of fresh sweat and aftershave – a very male aroma.  He was on top of me, moving himself into position, readying his now rock hard penis at the entrance of my sticky, liquid depths.  As I almost involuntarily arched towards him, I felt the swollen head nudge past my engorged and sensitive outer lips.  Then, with one sharp push, he slid his whole length inside me. 

I blossomed, I swelled.  I buried my nails in his taught, writhing butt.  It was like we were one person as I struggled to make him enter me deeper and deeper still. 

Steve pushed himself further inside my begging pussy. He ground his cock into me with a cruel, demanding passion.  His fingers dug into my pliable curves. 

The clamminess turned into juicy rivers of sweat as our bodies slid together. 

I was riding on wave after wave of pleasure.  It was a dark, wicked, all enveloping liquid.  My beautifully – almost painfully - pierced rose continued to blossom, continued to swell.  The small bud above felt like it would burst with ecstasy at any moment.  When the inevitable orgasm arrived I could have been anywhere, no other reality existed.  I was just falling and falling inside an endless, black tunnel.  The only certainty I felt was the insistent throbbing between my thighs and then my wildly convulsing vagina. 

Steve understood my arousal, felt the erratic pulsation.  It drove him crazy.  Deep, loud reverberating sounds escaped from his throat when he finally spurted his hot, sticky seed in the furthest recesses of my aching belly.

Afterwards, we lay locked together; his head flaked on the pillow beside me.  I gently stroked his back.  Bizarrely, I felt like an adulteress.  Paul had played no part in this encounter. 

After a time, we disentangled our bodies. Steve pulled his still half erect cock from the confines of my dripping vagina.  He lay on his back, we both did. 

“Why did you come looking for me Steve?” I asked, “You could have fucked Lynn and for all I know, you could have fucked any of the women here tonight.” 

He looked in my direction, tipping my chin and gazing intently at me as he did so, “Maybe I didn’t want to fuck Lynn or anyone else, maybe I wanted to fuck you.” He emphasised “You.” 

That response made those now familiar butterflies flit across my insides again.  I rolled towards him, my head rested on his shoulder, my arm stretched across his chest. 

He encircled me with his limbs as we lazily floated into a sea of sleep. 

When I woke again, it was still dark.  I don’t know how many hours had passed.  Steve was on top of me, spreading my thighs with his strong male legs.  He’d wriggled a hand under my butt.  He started to fuck me vigorously – unashamedly playing out his lust and totally focussed my still soaked pussy.  He knew what he wanted and was taking it.

My desire rose to meet him - equally hot.  His hard demanding maleness turned me on with a new passion. 

Steve was so aroused it didn’t take long for him to come in a frenzy of grunts.  As soon as he’d finished, we fell apart again.

I bathed in the eroticism - I loved being fucked like that, loved being wanted so badly.

The dawn light was just beginning to filter through the curtains.  Steve turned his head in my direction and I saw a soft smile

“You’re a sexy bitch Kristin – a really sexy bitch,” he whispered gently, appreciatively. With that, he drifted off to asleep. 

The next thing I remember, a full beam of sunlight was falling across my face.  Someone had opened the door to the summerhouse.  I struggled into consciousness and looked up.  It was Paul – he was standing at the door staring down at our entangled bodies.  His expression was sombre.

 “I looked for you Kristin,” he slowly enunciated the words then continued, “Didn’t think of this place, obviously Steve did.” 

My eyes narrowed.  I sniffed the scent of jealousy.  “Yeah, you’re right Paul – Steve did and it was very, very good,” I replied, relishing each word. 

By then, my husband’s friend had roused himself and he looked in Paul’s direction.  “Oh hi mate,” he said breezily, “Did you have a good time last night?” 

“Yeah, it wasn’t bad” Paul responded then continued – with a thread of chagrin - “It looks like you’ve had a very good time yourself.” 

Steve grinned and slapped my butt.  “You could say that mate.  If she were my wife, I’d keep a close eye on her” he good-humouredly responded. 

Paul’s tone veered on the acid when he measuredly answered,  “Well, she’s not your wife” – then in my direction, “Are you coming Kristin? I want to pick up the kids today.” 

I loved the under-currents.  As much as I fancied Steve, in fact, was half in love with him – Paul was my lover, my husband, my man – he always would be.  The dynamic between us wasn’t simple, but it was never boring.  “Yeah Paul,” I lazily said, “I’ll come with you – when I’m ready.  I’ll see you up at the house.  Put on some coffee will you sweetheart?” 

He glowered, but did as he was told. 

Back at the main house, drinking the brew Paul had prepared, my husband’s eyes never left me. 

Steve was bright and chirpy. 

I just basked in the glow.  “I thought your mum and dad were going to have the kids for another day yet Paul?” I queried. 

“Yeah, well – they’ve been gone long enough.  I want to get them today” was the slightly irritable reply. 

“What’s the matter Paul?” I asked, “Didn’t you get to fuck Lynn last night?” 

“Maybe I did, maybe I didn’t – that’s my business” was his clipped response. 

I think I knew my husband better than he knew himself.  He luxuriated in his little games as long as he had total control – total control of me in other words. 

The atmosphere in the car as we drove to pick up the kids was heavy.  In the end, I’d had enough, “What’s the matter Paul? You’ve not said a word to me since you started driving.  Normally you never shut up.” My question crackled with annoyance. 

He looked uncomfortable, “Nothing Kristin, it’s nothing – I’m just tired.” 

“Or just totally pissed off” I thought with satisfaction.

We stayed for lunch at my in-laws. 

Paul seemed more his normal self, chatting happily with his mum and dad and playing with the kids.  They adored him and he adored them.  He was a brilliant father.  In some ways he was a big kid himself.  I don’t know who enjoyed shopping for toys more – him or the children.  He was always into some new gadget or other. 

Eventually, we said our goodbyes, the kids safely seat-belted in the back of the car.  For me, the past few days without them had been dramatic, in fact – in many ways – they had been a turning point.

Paul and I still had another week’s vacation to go.  We spent the time taking the children out and just generally returning to the normality of family life.  As usual, we didn’t row or argue.  However, I did catch Paul looking at me broodingly from time to time. 

I didn’t hear from Steve for a while, which was a blessing.  I decided I didn’t want the complication, at least, for the time being.  I sent him an e-mail saying as much.  I don’t suppose it made him too happy.  It was not something he was used to – being rejected, not being in control. Unlike the angry note I slipped under his door, my electronic communication was serious and honest.  Steve would understand I meant it. 

Paul didn’t touch me for quite a few days after that interlude at Steve’s place.  When I tried to touch him, he’d just turn away.  “Sulk then, you arrogant bastard,” I stubbornly thought.  Obviously, he was having trouble playing his own game.  I didn’t even bother asking him if he was still seeing Lynn, though that thought smouldered inside me. I decided he’d be more irked if I simply failed to mention his amorous liaison. 

I think my non-response to his passive tantrum just wound him up even more.  That goes some way to explain the events that followed.  Towards the end of the school holidays, the kids went away again for a few days, this time to a short summer camp organised by the local children’s group.  They’d begged us to go. 

Paul and I also had a long weekend away from work; it was a public holiday. 

I farewelled Chloe and Daniel as they pulled away in their coach outside our local youth hall.  It was Friday morning. I’d be picking them up again Monday evening.  When I got back to the house, Paul was sitting in an armchair, reading the paper and drinking a cup of coffee.  He looked up as I entered. 

“Hi Kristin,” he casually said, “Kids get away OK?” 

“Yeah, they’re fine” I nonchalantly responded. 

With that, he rose from his chair and grabbed me firmly, holding my arms behind my back.  He looked down into my face,  “Heard from Steve lately?” he asked aggressively. 

“He’s your friend Paul, not mine – why don’t you ask him yourself?” I spat the words as I returned his angry gaze. 

“Bitch!” he exclaimed. 

“Go to hell!” I shouted in response, then heatedly continued, “Who have you been fucking this last week or so?  Because it’s certainly not been me!” 

“I’m surprised you even noticed!” Was his venomous retort. With that, he frogmarched me down to the bedroom and pushed me down on to the divan, stripping off every shred of my clothing in the process. 

Paul is hugely stronger and bigger than me.  It quickly became apparent this was more than just an impulsive act – rope and other implements of restraint were lined up and ready.  Swiftly, he tied my ankles and wrists to the four corners of the bed, effectively spreadeagling me as I lay on my stomach.  He then applied a gag and blindfold.

I was rather enjoying the attention after more than several days without any.  My pussy became moist with anticipation and my belly squirmed. 

“Christ – you’re so fuckable!” He finally exclaimed, surveying his handiwork

I felt him pour baby oil all over me.

He began to rub it into my entire body, paying particular attention to my butt and the crack that led to my pussy. 

I writhed with pleasure. 

Paul spread my cheeks wide open as he massaged my round ass.  He stopped for a moment to undress himself  - and I was aware of him looking for something briefly.  Next, he slowly and deliberately poured more oil between my legs and firmly stroked it into my aching vagina. 

“Is this big enough for you Kristin?” He viciously whispered in my ear as he suddenly penetrated me from behind with a very large dildo. 

I whimpered in discomfort at the shock as it splayed that sensitive part of my anatomy, but Paul relentlessly tunnelled it inside me. 

He gleefully whispered to me again, “See how you like screwing this babe.” He had a triumphant air.   He was pushing the implement in and out of me in a frenzied, aggressive movement. 

I don’t think my pussy had ever been opened so completely.  I strained frantically against the ropes which now bit into my wrists and ankles. 

“You can’t get away slut” was his only response.  He just kept on fucking me hard and fast with the very large tool that was firmly gripped in his strong hand. 

I could hear his breathing get faster as he got more and more turned on by my frenetic struggles - and by the sight of the huge penis being engulfed by my increasingly crimson flesh.  “See babe – see.  I knew you could take it.  I knew you were just a dirty little whore.” Paul relished each word as he luxuriated in my helplessness. 

I had no option, other than to relax my muscles and welcome the swollen intruder inside me.  Waves of pleasure started to ripple through me. 

Paul immediately sensed my arousal.  “You whore,” he used that epitaph again, then, “Don’t think I’m going to let you come.” The statement dripped control, dripped power.  He was true to his word as he stopped his movement and extracted the now sodden instrument from my gaping pussy.  He slid his body on top of mine, widely spreading the cheeks of my butt as he did so. 

I felt the hard, bloated head of his cock start to nudge it’s way inside me – but not inside my pussy, inside my tight little ass hole. 

His hands slithered underneath my belly, pulling me closer to him. 

I winced as he bit very hard into my neck. 

He kept pushing and pushing, opening me a little wider each time.  Eventually, his whole length was buried deeply inside my butt. 

My knees felt weak.  There was nothing I could do.  The initial pain subsided as I experienced a deep throbbing pleasure in the pit of my belly. 

Paul was lost in ecstasy.  He groaned repeatedly as his groin writhed against my well-oiled ass.  He bit even more passionately into my neck and his hands continued to dig into my tummy, frantically pulling me even closer to him.  He was so aroused he couldn’t help himself.  He shot spurt after spurt of warm stickiness deep inside that tight, forbidden place.  After, he lay unmoving for a few seconds, his satisfied penis still lodged within me.  Then he withdrew his still half hard erection from my invaded flesh.  

I squirmed against the ropes. 

Paul stretched himself down beside me as he rested on his belly, one arm lazily spread across my back.  Satisfied now, he whispered in my ear, “I love you Kristin. You belong to me.” 

He pulled the gag from my mouth and began gently kissing me. 

“Untie me then Paul,” I asked when I surfaced from the embrace of his lips. 

He just looked into my eyes, “No Kristin, not yet.  I’ve got some plans.  I saw the way you responded to Steve.  I saw how turned on you got.  You like having more than one man don’t you?” 

Hell, what could I say?  Paul was digging deep inside me; digging out longings I’d never admitted to – digging out what frightened me most.  I’d often felt if I let myself go, I’d be insatiable. Perhaps I was capable of fucking all the men that attracted my desire.  My mind wandered back to my first sexual experience, an episode I’d never told him about.

I’d been a teenager.  A virgin.  Still living with mum and dad.  I had a very good friend, Nikki.  She was the same age as me.  When her parents divorced she chose to live with her father.  I went round to her place often; we were almost inseparable.  I really liked her dad; he was great fun – almost a big kid himself.  I suppose he must have been about 40 at the time. In fact, I think I developed a slight crush on him. 

One day I went to Nikki’s place but she was out.  Dave, her dad, said she was spending a couple of days with her mum, but he still invited me in.  Mike was there as well.  I’d met Mike on many occasions, he was Dave’s friend and always at the house. 

Both men glowed with pleasure at my presence. 

I was made very, very welcome and given a great deal of attention. 

The pair had been watching a football game on TV and drinking beer when I arrived. 

Dave invited me to sit down with them and offered me a drink. 

It made me feel very grown up, but I had no idea what to choose.  My host suggested a rum and blackcurrant with some ice.  I loved the cold, sweet warmth. It felt like drinking a lolly and slipped down very easily.  In fact more than several slipped down very easily. 

I was getting extremely relaxed and giggly, luxuriating in the attention.  Suddenly, I felt Dave’s lips on mine and he slid his hand underneath my top, pushing aside my bra as he fondled my breasts.  I couldn’t stop him – I didn’t want to stop him.  He was getting more and more passionate.  Eventually, he pulled off my T-shirt and bra entirely and began to suckle in turn on each swollen pink nipple. 

Mike was still there, watching in transfixed silence. 

I was vaguely aware of them exchanging a look before Dave lifted me from the sofa and carried me into the bedroom. 

Mike followed. 

Dave gently placed me on the bed and proceeded to undress me completely. 

Both men took off their own clothes. 

Dave’s tongue and lips searching out my most intimate and sensitive parts as he went down on me.

I felt his heat and moisture swirl around my aroused bud.  I didn’t know men did that.  I’d never experienced a man’s mouth on that exquisitely responsive spot before.  I writhed in pleasure.  I was spreadeagled on the bed, Dave softly lapping at the succulent crimson flesh between my legs.

Mike knelt just above my head, his hands exploring my breasts and his lips gently, but ardently, brushing against mine. 

Suddenly, Dave lifted his mouth from my pussy and he positioned his body on top of me. 

Mike withdrew and became a voyeur. 

It felt as if I was being pushed along on top of raging rapids – exciting, exhilarating and dangerous, but also totally out of my control.  Dave’s hands cradled my head and he was kissing me.  I felt the swollen tip of his very hard cock nudge against my outer lips.  “It’s OK Kristin – it’s OK.  I’ll be gentle.  I promise I’ll be gentle,” he hoarsely murmured the words in my ear as he continued stroking his penis against my moist opening.  Gradually, he pushed himself further and further inside me – opening me up for the first time as he went. 

It was a sweet, delicious pain.  I remember the sounds of delight that escaped from Mike’s throat. 

“Was that your cherry sweetheart?” He whispered, “Was that your cherry I felt?” 

I don’t think I replied.  It was a question that didn’t need an answer – it was more of a triumphant statement.  Once he was fully inside me, he fucked me with a passion.  My belly throbbed with pleasure as he rode me in adamant, demanding rhythm. 

When he came he dug his hands deeply into my butt, pulling me as close as possible to his writhing groin.  All control was lost when he finally shot his load. 

Instinctively though, I knew it wasn’t over.  Of course, I was right.  It was Mike’s turn. 

Mike’s eyes were wide and his mouth hung open slightly.  He was fondling his very stiff penis expectantly.  After Dave released me from his grip, Mike wordlessly flipped me on to my tummy and drew me up on to my knees and hands. 

Dave knelt in front of me, his hands grasping my wrists reassuringly – I wasn’t exactly struggling – “It’s OK babe, it’s OK,” he crooned, “Mike won’t hurt you.” Dave then nodded in his friend’s direction. 

Mike didn’t hurt me, but he did fuck me – seizing my hips in a vice-like hold as he did so. 

I felt his whole length slide inside me.

He made a low moan when his cock was – finally - fully enveloped in my flesh.  “Oh Dave, it’s so tight, it’s so fucking tight!” He exclaimed in ecstasy. 

My belly continued to throb in pleasure. 

Mike seemed to move in slow motion, luxuriating in each thrust. 

Those dangerous rapids continued to carry me towards an unknown destination. 

Eventually, Mike’s arousal got the better of him and his slow motion thrusts took on a hard and fast momentum.  He finally spent himself inside me in a relentless frenzy. 

All three of our naked bodies lay spread across the bed.  My head still swam from the alcohol. 

Dave wasn’t finished with me.  “Have you come yet babe?” He asked, looking into my eyes. 

I silently nodded in the negative.  “Well, let’s do something about it then,” he responded lecherously.  “Come on Mike,” he said, looking in his mate’s direction, “Help me out here.” 

“Yeah, sure thing” Mike replied with pleasure. 

Dave went down on me again, his tongue seeking out my swollen, hot bud.  He continued to attend to that spot with a passion.  At the same time, his fingers rhythmically explored my sodden pussy. 

Fervently kissing my willing lips and playing with my breasts, Mike lay down beside me. 

Sticky, wicked, treacle-like rivers of delight coursed through me.  The heat building between my thighs was indescribable.  Soon my pussy was blissfully convulsing again and again in erotic delight as my orgasm arrived.  I let out loud cries of pleasure.  I remember glancing at Dave and Mike’s expression when they pulled away from me.  Both were grinning in satisfaction.  I’d lost my virginity in style.

I think the excitement and the alcohol got the better of me and I drifted into a dreamless sleep.  When I woke, dusk was settling and Dave was intent on helping me into the shower and dressing me.  My head felt fuzzy. 

Mike was nowhere in sight. 

Dave drove me home.  He told me he loved me.  He told me to tell no-one.  He asked to see me again. 

Looking back, I’m sure his declaration of love was just calculated insurance I wouldn’t tell.  It worked. 

That night, as I lay in bed at my parent’s home, the memories of the afternoon haunted me.  I got hot and bothered just thinking about it and my pussy became sticky and excited.  Strangely, the moral aspects never crossed my mind.  I couldn’t wait to encounter my two lovers gain.  I didn’t have to wait long. 

Dave phoned me at home the next day.  “Hi Kristin,” he said brightly, “How are you to-day?  Are you OK?”  Underneath the breeziness, I think he was a bit worried – worried I’d been traumatised, worried I’d “Told.” 

“I’m fine,” I responded, pleased to hear from him. 

“Good – that’s good” he said. 

I could hear the relief in his voice.

He continued, “Kristin, can I see you again to-day? I’d like to see you.” He articulated the words in a dark seductive tone.  They resonated inside me.

“Yes Dave, that would be good,” I replied, my heart skipping a beat. 

He went on to arrange a time with me. 

I was floating on cloud nine and spent at least of couple of hours getting ready.  I knew I looked good; knew I looked sexy in my skin-tight jeans and low cut top.  I’d fretted about my weight for some time and had never been skinny, but I was quickly learning men appreciated my womanly curves. 

I rung Dave’s doorbell and it seemed like it was only a couple of seconds before he was there, inviting me in.  I noticed his gaze rest on me appreciatively. 

“You look beautiful Kristin – just beautiful.” He crooned the sentence in a low whisper, just before his lips came to rest softly on mine.  He traced their outline with his tongue then explored my mouth even more deeply.  His hands rested on my butt and he pulled me in close to him. 

My heart was racing and my pussy swelling.  I felt Dave’s already erect cock push into my soft tummy as we pressed together. 

That kiss seemed to go on forever, but eventually he pulled us apart.  “Come on you little vixen,” he said, “Sit and have a drink with me first.  I could come just from looking at you.  I want us to take our time.  There are a lot of things to teach you,” his voice took on that low, seductive tone again. 

Again, it sent shivers through me. 

As it turned out, Dave taught me a great deal and I’m sure not all of it was part of his lesson plan.




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