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Erotic Disclosure Chapter 7: My Inner Whore Discovered

by Wiccedwoman

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© Copyright 2006 - Wiccedwoman - Used by permission

Storycodes: M+/f; bond; susp; oral; anal; cons; X

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Chapter 7 – My Inner Whore Discovered

My heart was racing and my breath coming more rapidly as Steve opened the door to his private heaven.  As I entered the now familiar interior, I was again hit with the sweet smell of incense and the sight of the sensually decorated interior.  It was still provocatively lit with softly glowing red lamps.  I heard a click as he closed the door behind us.  Almost at once, his lips found mine in a long, lingeringly passionate kiss – while a hand explored my butt. 

Surfacing for air, he looked down at me and smiled,  “Let’s have a night of prolonged pleasure Kristin,” he said with languid self-assurance.  Unhurriedly, he began to undress me – obviously taking great enjoyment each time his hand brushed against my bare skin. 

I stood there naked. 

Steve was still fully dressed. 

I noticed his breath was coming faster and the outline of a large erection was clearly visible behind the expensive cloth of his sharp business suit. 

He removed his jacket, but that was all.  He grabbed my wrist and led me in the direction of one of the mattresses, before roughly forcing me to lie down on my belly.  Almost before I knew what was happening, he securely tied my arms and legs to four sturdy metal rings, firmly fixed to the floor at each corner.  He used black nylon rope, specifically chosen for the purpose.  He raised my bottom in the air, as he stuffed a very firm over-large pillow beneath my abdomen.  It had clearly been designed for the job. 

I was taken entirely by surprise.  This was not the kind of play I was expecting.  I felt a sharp, forceful surge of adrenaline course through me.

Steve rubbed thick globs of lubricant between my buttocks. 

My chest pounded in excitement.  I didn’t know what his next move would be.  I didn’t have to wait long. 

He unzipped his fly, pulled out his stiff, excited cock and penetrated me.  He groaned in satisfaction with each thrust.  However, he didn’t lose control – it was like he just wanted to taste me, wanted to sample the exquisite sensations.  Then just as suddenly, he withdrew, stood up and undressed completely.  “Remember that?” He asked with obvious, dark pleasure. 

I just moaned, very softly, in response.  My insides squirmed with desperate craving.

“You’re a bad girl Kristin – you know that don’t you?”  He didn’t wait for my reply before he continued, “How bad can you be?  Do you want to be very, very naughty?  Do you want me take control?  Force you to be a total slut?” 

My belly writhed even more at his words.  My vagina was throbbing and my breasts felt exquisitely tender and full. I would have agreed to anything.  “Yes,” I said, in low whisper. 

He landed me a sharp slap on my protruding butt then savagely kissed the curve of my neck, where it joined my shoulder. 

Later, I discovered a large bruise there – an obvious love-bite. 

“Remember that Kristin, remember you said yes.” 

I shivered at the ominous tone in his voice - it was measured and deliberate. 

He disappeared for a few minutes. 

Later, I gathered, he was making some calls.  When he returned, he untied my bindings and placed a soft, butterfly kiss on my mouth. He asked me to freshen up in the bathroom, re-do my make-up and put on one of the lacy black and red corsets in the closet.  He picked it out for me and helped me with the fastenings. 

It forced my waist in and gave me even more of an hourglass shape.  My breasts spilled out over the brief under-wired and padded bra cups – giving me a tantalisingly full cleavage.  

To that, Steve added a matching G-string, black seamed stockings and patent black stilettos.  Then, like an artist completing his picture, he affixed a delicate diamond and gold necklace around my throat and matching jewellery to my ears.  Throughout all this, his penis was stiffly erect and he brushed it against me frequently.  He was in total control. 

I could feel my heart tapping out a rapid drumbeat.  My breathing was shallow and fast.  My palms were sticky.  I didn’t know what was coming next – I just understood the hot, oozing, vulgar need inside me had to be satisfied.  An outlandish whore seemed to possess me.

“I’m going to tie you up again now,” he said calmly. 

My wrists were bound together above my head and attached by a length of rope to a pulley hanging from the ceiling.  The end of the rope was secured to a metal ring attached to the floor.  I was very nearly, but not quite, on tiptoes. 

Steve began to kiss me again, forcing his tongue into mouth.  His hand slipped behind the fabric of my G-string.  He fingered me almost aggressively.  All the while, he was rubbing his solid cock into my soft flesh.  “You’re very wet,” he whispered, “That’s good.”

I heard the door to the room click open and I started in surprise.  Three men entered.  I took a sharp intake of breath and my stomach flipped over several times in rapid succession. I struggled to make out their faces through the gloom.  My whole body was trembling and I noticed I was panting in fear – though, I detected, it was fear tinged with pleasure.  My body was asserting itself as a crude, earthy tool of gratification.

“It’s OK Kristin.” I heard Steve’s reassuringly liquid tone as he placed his mouth next to my ear.  His hands were now appreciatively squeezing my butt. 

The three men drew closer.  All of them were strangers to me.  One of them was somewhat shorter than Steve, but very well built in a solid, muscular sort of way. 

He grinned in my direction, “Beautiful,” he said, to no one in particular. 

Another guy was about as tall as Steve, but slightly more burly than him. 

The third was of average height with a trim, strong physique. 

All of them would have been touching on forty, possibly a little older.  Though they were all casually dressed, the trappings of money were evident – a Rolex watch, expensive leather sandals, a heavy gold chain, a classy gold ring.  Those details caught my attention, as did the smell of some luxurious after-shave.  I gulped in shame at my exposed state. 

Steve turned to greet his visitors, a large smile on his face. “We’re in for a long night,” he said with huge pleasure.  He turned back to me and lightly tipped my chin with a finger, “They want you Kristin – they all want you and I want to watch.  Be a good girl for me.” 

I shuddered at his words.  Pain, pleasure, fear, desire – all boundaries were rapidly dissolving.

The shorter, thickset guy was already undressed. The others were in the process of stripping. 

Steve moved aside and I felt the stranger’s powerful arms encircle me. 

His lips were on mine.  His cock was already rigid.  Then the embrace gave way to avid exploration, as his hands wandered over every part of my body – savouring and squeezing my breasts and my butt. 

My head was whirling from the new sensations and assessing the possibilities at lightening speed.  No point in struggling, no one knew I was here.  I calculated that quickly, but to my bewilderment, my body was responding to his masculine excitement.  I could hardly believe how turned on he was. 

It felt like I was in another world, another time, another space.  The spicy incense and low lighting added to the air of unreality. 

Suddenly, my feet were lifted from the thick carpet.  The rope that attached my bound hands to the pulley hanging from the ceiling became taut.  I was being slowly hoisted.  I was hanging about a foot in the air when the naked stranger pulled me towards him, his palms spreading out over the cheeks of my ass.  He ran his hands down the back of my thighs, lifting my legs and curling them around his solid waist as he did so. 

I was being irrevocably drawn into a whirlpool of lust and heat.

The head of his penis was thick and bulbous.  It pushed urgently passed the narrow band of my G-string and slid easily inside me.  I felt his fingers digging hard into my butt and his mouth was buried in the curve of my neck. 

A deep, reverberating “Aaaahhh!!!” Echoed all the way from his belly.  He was frantically pulling me towards his groin as his cock rubbed in and out of my swollen pussy. 

I discovered I wanted these feelings, these sensations, to go on forever – but, suddenly, all his muscles hardened and with what seemed like an enormous act of will, he stopped – groaning loudly as he did so.  

“Well done mate.”

I heard Steve’s soft voice.

“You didn’t come – you didn’t spoil things too soon.” 

The thickset guy then placed a hand either side of my face, making me meet his gaze.

“We’re not finished yet my beauty, we’re not finished.” His words were hoarse. 

It was an ardent promise I knew he’d be keeping.

Then the guy of more average height with the trim, strong physique was eye to eye with me.  I glanced away for a second to notice my first lover from the three was now sitting on the carpet, leaning against one of the large leather armchairs.  His legs were spread apart and his knees bent, as he slowly and soothingly caressed the still swollen head of his penis.  He was gazing at me in total absorption.

This second man was stiffly excited.  His cock brushed lightly against the inside of my thigh and I felt an unmistakeable stickiness on my skin as a small amount of fluid exuded from the tip. 

My pussy was pulsing and tingling. 

This man didn’t bother with words. 

Again, my legs were wrapped around a stranger’s waist, whilst my bound wrists and arms dangled above. 

The air was thick with male sexuality, it was almost tribal.  I felt the man’s hardness slither past the outer lips of my vagina. 

He penetrated me deeply.  His cock was long and searching.  His arms enfolded me in a vice like hold as he jerked my body in a hard, demanding rhythm.  His breath felt hot and sticky on my neck and the faint aroma of his male sweat was unmistakeable.  His eyes were closed and his mouth hung open - his head tipped back a little.  A film of moisture covered his face.  He was intently bringing himself off inside me. 

I felt a slight pain as I was impaled deeper and deeper still by his very hard cock. 

Animal like, he was obviously luxuriating in the delicious eroticism of my helplessness.  The situation clearly overwhelmed him.  I felt his muscles tense just before his groin spasmed in a jolting orgasm.  He pulled me towards him in an even tighter grip as his cock pulsed out its sticky load inside me.

“Sorry babe, sorry.  I couldn’t help myself.” His words slipped out softly in moist, breathy syllables that rolled over my skin.  His mouth was now nestling in the pillowy flesh of my breasts.  His penis was still half-erect inside me. 

I winced when he pulled it out in one sharp movement.  My pussy was soaked and a thick, warm rivulet of fluid oozed from it’s swollen entrance.   

He collapsed, spread eagled on one of the mattresses that littered the room, still breathing in deep gasps. His taut belly moved in and out in an exhausted tempo.

My arms were aching now and my belly throbbed. 

The third man was eyeing me expectantly.  He was the tall, burly one.  “Are you ready for me now sweetheart?” He said in an amused tone, “I’ll make sure you don’t forget me.” He was true to his word. 

To my relief, my hands were lowered from the pulley above, though my wrists remained tied together.  I was still trembling – unable to control my own body.

He made me kneel down on the thick, soft carpet - then knelt behind me.  I felt a large hand kneading and rubbing my shoulder at the point where it joined with my neck.  His other hand was enthusiastically squeezing one of my breasts.  Again, I detected a faint - though definite – musky male aroma. 

Suddenly, I felt his mouth replace the hand that rested on my shoulder.  He was hungrily biting into my flesh and I experienced a tingle of pain.  His arousal was palpable and – I knew – unstoppable.  Abruptly, I was pushed forward until my whole body was lying face down in the carpet.  My wrists remained bound above my head. 

The weight of his body was quickly on top of me, heavy and insistent. 

I couldn’t move a muscle. 

The large, rigid outline of his cock was nestling in the crack of my ass.  He was squirming in delight as he pressed it harder, then harder still, into my flesh.  Next thing I was aware of, he’d slipped a hand between us and was guiding the head of his penis into my anus. 

I started in fear. 

“It’s OK, it’s OK,” he whispered in my ear, “I won’t hurt you.” 

To my relief, he didn’t plunge himself into me.  He inserted just the fat tip of his erection and wriggled it backwards and forwards in lewd delight.  I could hear and feel his breathing coming more quickly.  His sweat was creating a slippery pool between us.  With each wriggle of his groin, he almost imperceptibly pushed himself further inside me.  It was a gentle but unrelenting process. 

I felt my knees turn to water and a deep, throbbing pleasure radiated throughout my abdomen.  Almost involuntarily, I pressed my ass tightly towards him and we rocked as one to a darkly stimulating beat.  Suddenly, I was experiencing a kind of enjoyment – and a kind of pain – I’d never known before. 

He was driving himself into me with animal like intensity as his cock pulsed repeatedly.  He joyfully expelled spurt after spurt of hot, sticky ejaculate.  Each contraction he experienced was accompanied by a heavy, sharp groan of satisfaction that echoed up and down my backbone.

We lay there; locked together like that for a moment or two, before – in one swift movement - he disengaged himself. 

I just remained where I was placed, my belly and pussy throbbing. 

Next thing I knew, Steve was removing the binding from my wrists and pulling me up to my knees. 

I looked into his eyes with hate – but before I had a chance to say anything, he softly placed a finger over my lips.

“Kristin, remember – I asked you first,” his voice trailed off.  He was enjoying himself too much for apologies.

The first guy that had fucked me - the guy that had stopped himself from coming straight away – was beside me again. He looked down at my kneeling form with a transfixed stare.  Swiftly, he grabbed a forearm and pulled me to my feet. 

I caught the brief, knowing glance he exchanged with Steve, as he dragged me towards one of the large leather armchairs. 

Steve followed him then settled himself on the luxuriously stuffed cushion, nestled snugly between the heavily padded arms of the chair. 

I was forced on to my knees again, between Steve’s legs. 

He was stroking a large erection.  Wordlessly, he firmly grasped the hair on the back of my head, guiding my mouth over the swollen, purple head of his cock.  It was dry, warm and salty.  The animal smell that drifted up from his groin was intense.  He squirmed in enjoyment as my tongue gently traced a sticky trail all around the bulbous tip.  “Suck it Kristin, suck it,” his words slipped out softly, in between deep sighs of pleasure. 

I increased the pressure of my mouth.  I was caught in an unreal situation. I dealt with it by succumbing to the overwhelming eroticism and the insistent pulsing between my thighs. 

It was no surprise when I felt a thick, bulging penis enter me from behind – accompanied by the sensation of two strong hands separating the cheeks of my butt as widely as they could.  That movement assisted a deep, painful penetration.  This time, I knew the stranger wouldn’t stop until he’d satisfied himself.  One of those strong hands snaked it’s way underneath my belly and continued downwards, until it found my - by now - very sticky and protuberant clitoris. 

“I’m going to make you come sweetheart – you’re going to come with me inside you.” His words were tender – but they were more than just tinged with certainty – they had the air of a command. 

I wriggled in vulgar delight as sparks of arousal shot through me. 

His fingers gently grasped the slippery, distended pink bud and he manipulated it an unrelenting tempo.

This caused Steve to shudder in ecstasy as, virtually against my will, my mouth squeezed his straining cock.  I sucked even harder on the pulsing tip, as it slipped tightly in and out of my very moist lips. 

The guy who was fucking me from behind just kept pushing – harder, faster, deeper.  His lust had taken on a life of it’s own. 

My vagina was pulsing towards an irresistible orgasm that, when it came, caused me to bear downwards in great waves – in contraction after contraction of pleasure. 

“Oh my God! Oh my God – she’s there! She’s there!” His words echoed in almost delirious delight from the depths of his belly.  With a few more frantic thrusts, his heavily distended cock spewed forth spurt after spurt of hot, glutinous fluid deep inside me. 

Steve orgasmed a few seconds later. 

I almost retched as I felt a forceful burst of his warm cum hit the back of my throat. It was quickly followed by several more sharp, powerful surges.  Soon, the salty, thick liquid was dribbling from the corner of my mouth.  Almost immediately, I spat out his cock and wiped away the gluey mess with the back of my hand.

I lay there for a moment, my head resting on Steve’s soft, warm abdomen. 

The guy behind me pulled out his still slightly stiff penis. 

My vagina was throbbing and tender.  Its outer lips felt very swollen.  Profuse amounts of hot, tacky fluid meandered down my inner thigh.

Steve looked down at me, tipping my chin in his direction as he did so.  A smile played on his lips, “I can take you places you’ve never been Kristin – give you pleasures won’t be able to put down.” His words were satisfied, gloating. 

Just then, I felt a hand on my shoulder.  I looked round, only to gaze into the face of the guy that had collapsed on to mattress in exhaustion, after the first time he fucked me.  He’d been my second lover – the one, once he’d wrapped my dangling legs around his waist and pushed his erection inside me, that had been powerlessly overwhelmed by his own orgasm.

“Kristin, Kristin,” he gently repeated my name with pleasure. 

He was still naked and - I noticed - his penis was again stiff and ready for action.  Obviously, he’d been watching everything – observing each coarse sexual act with fascination and building arousal.  He pulled me to my feet and turned me round to face him. 

In a dreamlike state, I acquiesced.  In that dark, soundproof space amidst four powerfully built men, I had already calculated my options were limited.

He started to strip me – undoing the hooks that fastened my corset one by one.  He slipped my G-string off, rolling it over my hips then he slid off my stocking. 

I stood naked in front of him.  I felt four pairs of male eyes boring into me, hypnotised by my bare curves and the sex that - they knew - was about to ensue. 

My undresser then smoothly – but firmly - pushed me down on one of the mattresses.  He positioned his body heavily on top of me as I lay on my back.  Moving his head down towards my breasts, he took great delight in kneading them, before pushing one into a high mound and forcing a teat into his mouth.  He suckled on it forcefully, hungrily.  Meanwhile, he positioned one knee into between mine – then the other, enabling him to spread my legs apart in one easy move. 

My tender pussy smarted as his large, hugely aroused cock forced its way inside me again.   His groin began moving in a sinuous, persistent cadence.  His hands and mouth slipped from my breast. 

I felt his fingers digging deeply into my butt, attempting to pull me closer and closer still towards that greedy, demanding cock. 

His mouth now rested in the curve of my neck and I felt the gathering moisture of his hot breath.

“Aaahhh! Aaahhh! Aaahhh! Aaahhh! . . . . . . . . . . . .” The sound from his throat came in rapid, animal like rasps.  He was coming again – hard and fast.  He couldn’t stop as he convulsively jerked himself off inside me.  After he’d orgasmed once more, his body relaxed on top of me for a few seconds. He then wordlessly rolled off and spread himself in a satiated sprawl beside me. 

My pussy now stung even more and I could feel the pain of my swollen vaginal lips as they throbbed with an unrelentingly soreness.  However, my ordeal wasn’t over yet.  The scenes of rampant sexuality he’d witnessed had again aroused the big burly guy -the one that had fucked my tight little ass. 

In a second, he was on top of me.  It seemed like the hot, swollen state of my pussy had turned him on with some sort of crazy passion.   He let out a deep moan as he relished the sensation of his cock sliding into my soaked entrance.  His arms firmly encircled me as he determinedly pumped in excitement.  Then he was there – throbbing out his seed in hard spurts – deep, deep inside me.  After he’d finished - like his predecessor - he rolled off my body without a word. 

Gathering myself, I slowly sat up. 

Here and there now, the men lounged contentedly. 

As I looked around, I met Steve’s gaze. 

He was smiling and lazily stroking his chin.  Then, unhurriedly, he got up and moved towards me – stretching out an arm of assistance.  “Here Kristin – come with me.” 

I offered no resistance as he led me towards the shower room.  I couldn’t, my knees almost collapsed beneath me when I stood up. 

Once there, Steve turned on the hot water and guided me under its blissfully refreshing spray.  He handed me a cake of soap as he did so. 

Automatically, I spread a film of lather over my body, wincing as I washed the space between my legs.  I allowed the warm water to rinse away the suds.  I stood there for some time as the comforting rivulets splashed over my skin.  Eventually, Steve turned off the tap, handed me a large, soft bath towel and helped as I patted myself dry.  He assisted me as I dressed.

He put on a towelling dressing gown then guided me out into the lounge room of the main house. He poured me a stiff drink – whisky, soda and ice.  “I’ll be back in a moment Kristin,” he said, with quiet authority. 

I sat there, sipping on the welcome refreshment – though my hands still trembled and my knees were still weak.  I was, even now, in something of a dreamlike state.  Eventually, after about 20 minutes, Steve appeared again.  He smelled clean and was dressed in freshly laundered clothes. 

“Let’s get you home now – Paul will be wondering where you are.” Steve’s words yanked me back to the present.  He ushered me into his car with little conversation and even less emotion. 

We were quickly speeding towards my home, where - I knew - Paul would be curled up in bed and the kids peacefully sleeping.  I looked at my watch.  2am.  It had been an evening that would leave an indelible memory – an evening during which I’d been relentlessly fucked by four men.

The car came to a halt at my front door.  I noticed a light still glowing in the living room.  I looked briefly in Steve’s direction before opening the door to get out, “Don’t think you’ve won Steve – you’ll live to regret this, I promise.” I don’t think he took my words seriously, he should have. 

I put my key in the front door of our home, to be greeted by a rather irate Paul.  He caught sight of the tail end of Steve’s car as it sped off into the night.  “Well,” he said, “There’s no mystery about where you’ve been tonight is there!” 

“Get fucked Paul!” I snapped, in no mood to be conciliatory.  “You’re the one who started playing games – if you think you can force me to play them by your rules you’re going to have to think again!” 

He glowered with barely contained anger – but what could he say?  What I’d said was true. 

“Slut!” He spat in my direction. 

“Yes Paul, dead right,” I replied – beyond caring. 

He stormed away from me. 

I heard our bedroom door open, then snap shut again. 

I poured myself another shot of whisky and slowly sipped on it, as I lazily curled in my large, over-stuffed armchair.  I kicked my shoes into the corner.  Finishing my first drink, I dispensed myself a second one.  That finished, I woozily stumbled into the marital bed.  Sleep quickly overtook me.

My dreams were bizarre and vivid.  Streams of men were fucking me again and again.  They had huge, swollen red penises that were never satisfied and me – strumpet that I was – welcomed each one in lewd anticipation.  Eventually, I was woken by a thread of light that had found its way through a chink in our thick, velvet curtains.  It was Saturday morning – no work, no school, no rush.  “Thank God for that,” I thought.  My head – and pussy – were throbbing. 

I was just about to get out of bed, just about to make myself a much-needed cup of coffee – when I felt Paul’s arms around my waist.  He was dragging me towards him.  I knew my husband – knew how he loved that early morning fuck.  I struggled, but he understood what he wanted and was determined to get it. 

In one movement he was on top of me.  He wanted quick relief – and that’s what he got.  His penis slid easily inside my still puffy, slippery vagina.  He thrust himself inside me with a sharp, demanding momentum.  His groin rocked as his ass jerked backwards and forwards.  He came very suddenly, with a series of deep grunts.  His body relaxed on top of mine for a short while, before he indolently rolled off.   He had an air of deep satisfaction.  “Did you enjoy fucking Steve last night?” He eventually asked, “Was he good Kristin?  Did you like the feel of his cock inside you?” 

I didn’t reply.  Despite his resentment of last night, those questions were obviously a turn on for him.

Without another word, I got out of bed to make that longed for cup of coffee.  Wrapped in my short black satin housecoat I retreated to the privacy of our veranda, a dark aromatic brew in hand.  A few minutes later, Paul joined me. 

He sat opposite, nursing his own cup and looking at me in fascination.  “There are things you don’t know about Steve,” he said, “Things that would frighten you – things that would take you into places you haven’t been before.  I’m going to give him a call.  If you want to live dangerously I can arrange it.” 

My belly tightened as he spoke.  I was beginning to understand.  Paul was also addicted to that dark, treacherous sexuality.  I wasn’t sure I wanted to go where it would lead me – but neither was I sure I was capable of walking away.



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