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The First Time

by Tkm Tkm

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© Copyright 2012 - Tkm Tkm - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; FM; fantasy; club; toilet; oral; sex; mast; climax; cons; X

Chapter 1

The day was dragging for Elenya and she could not keep her mind on her work. The computer screen in front of her could have been written in Swahili for all the attention she paid to it. Callers to the building were dispatched with unusually curt answers not the usual flirtatious banter she normally provided for the clients.

The reason for her being so distracted was the forthcoming visit of her secret male friend. She could not call him lover, well not just yet. At twenty three she was still a virgin, something very uncommon in today’s sex and promiscuous world of young girls, but she was waiting for the right time, the right place and more importantly the right person. She thought he was the one. Last night her ‘about to be’ lover had taken her so close to the point where she would give herself to him, but he had kept her so close to an orgasm by skilfully using just his hands on her…..

Elenya was brought back to the moment by Carly digging her in the ribs. Her friend Carly who shared duties on the Reception desk of the office block was only nineteen, but had described in great detail stories of her sexual exploits with many boys and laterly with older men. There was another story to be told and Elenya listened as Carly went into the intimate details of her rough and ready sex exploits last night. Elenya resolved that she unlike Carly wanted her first time to be special and was sure about whom it would be to enter her and take her virginity.

But, she also loved to hear about the intimate details, Carly shared with her, although she never let Carly know how much she was aroused by the stories. Outwardly she played it cool inwardly it gave her a thrill to hear the intimate, sometimes explicit details.

Carly’s latest episode last night, was with a guy she barely knew. She had seen him around the bars and clubs in town but he was always with his mates, usually acting all macho and not appearing to take an interest in Carly. This night was different, he was she learned later, out with his best mate from his time in the Army. He was called Doug and told her he was now a Boot Camp instructor having left the Army last year. His hard lean body was exactly Carly’s type of guy and she’d said to herself she was going to have him that night. Her friend also took a fancy to the other guy so Carly thought there was a good night to be had by all.

Doug had bought her a few drinks and told her all about his job in the Army and then later as he was leaning close to her so she could feel his toned muscles, Carly had run her hand down his Abs and ‘accidently’ brushed it over his tight fitting jeans. He was rock hard, both his Ab and his manhood. He’d leaned over and kissed her passionately on the mouth forcing his tongue into her. Carly had responded and they had stayed locked for what seemed like ages.

Carly told Elenya she did not wear any knickers when she went out - she loved to titillate the guys when her skirt rode up showing off her shaved mount of Venus. Doug had reached under her skirt and found her bare skin and followed up by stroking her. She was already wet at the thought of him, so grabbing his hand and rubbing herself with it, she looking him straight in the eyes and then stood up so her body was close to his face. She pulled him up and led him through to the back of the night club.

They got to the toilets and Doug had opened the disabled toilet. Carly pushed him inside against the wall. She leaned close to his body pressing her breasts against his chest leaning him against the wall. She reached down between them and felt his rock hard erection, then undoing his belt and pulled both his jeans and thong down to his ankles. Sliding down on him, she’d then taken his hard member in her mouth and with her hand wrapped round the shaft, and started to suck the tip whilst she move up and down the shaft. Doug was almost ready to explode but she kept him on the edge of coming. He had both hands on her head and was pushing her mouth further onto his manhood. His eyes were closed with concentration, enjoying the experience not wanting to finish just yet.

Elenya was listening and all the time she was getting wetter at the thought of her ever doing such a thing. Could she? Her mind fantasised about how a man would taste… her attention returned to Carly as she continued with her story how she had bent over the toilet and guided Doug’s engorged manhood into her from behind.

He had pulled her onto his manhood, all the way inside thrusting into Carly. She had almost orgasmed straight away, but leaned back onto him, taking his hands and putting them on her breasts. Her squeezed her erect nipples pinching them so much she moaned at the pain but covered his hands with hers squeezing them even more. Seconds later he could not control himself any more and his seed exploded inside Carly. She almost fainted from the pleasure, coming herself a second later. You don’t know how it felt Elenya, Carly had said, it was like we were rutting stags. He was a great screw.

Elenya asked her if she was going to see him again, Carly thought he was ok but was not too bothered as there were plenty of fish in the sea and she wanted too try different things - like the bondage she had read about in a book recently. Elenya was shocked at the thought but said to Carly about what she was doing without protection and what about catching something, what about getting pregnant? How could you trust some one to do bondage if you don’t even know them?

Carly laughed a deep throaty laugh. You don’t want a condom Elenya it spoils the fun, anyway I am on the pill and if I catch something I will just go to the clinic and get some pills to cure it. I’m really looking forward to trying bondage and I can look after myself. It’s a great buzz and I know what I am doing, everything will be just sweet.

Elenya excused herself and went around the corner to the ladies toilet. Locking herself in the cubicle she leaned against the door pulling up her dress and put her fingers into her panties. She was very wet and aroused and as she touched herself she almost came there and then. Just as she was imagining the same things Carly described happening to her when someone entered the toilet and with a start Elenya pulled her fingers out embarrassed at what she was doing and quickly flushed the toilet.

As she walked back on to reception she was sure her face was bright red but hoped no one would notice.

She resolved there and then to have her lover take her the next time they were to meet.

* * * *

Tom’s day had been a bitch. He’d been in the London office when his biggest but hardest to please clients telephoned to say their order had not been delivered as promised and they would be cancelling it and getting it elsewhere.
It had taken all of his efforts of persuasion to let him find out what had happened and not do anything rash like cancelling the order. An order which would net him a hundred thousand pounds.

The next hour he had spent chasing the courier to find out what had happened to the delivery? The Goods were in the country but were on route he was told by the owner of the courier company. Knowing that his life would not be worth living if he did not come up with an answer damn quick the menace in Tom’s voice was a threat the courier owner took seriously. He knew Tom was a charming successful guy, but had once witnessed his dark side and what he saw he did not want to happen to him.

Using the hidden tracker system in his truck he found it was stationary about half an hour from the delivery point. He went on to Google map and identified the address as a garage and put a call into them. The mechanic put his driver on the line and he started his apology before being cut short by the owner of the couriers. He was shaking with worry as he came off the phone and got straight back to the mechanic from the garage pleading with him to get the repair finished. 15 minutes later he was on his way to make the delivery albeit 2 hours late. He was not looking forward to going back to the depot his boss was bouncing.

The courier owner was sweating as he phoned Tom back with the explanation. The quiet reply from Tom that this mistake will cost him, made his spine tingle, but he knew there was nothing he could say then, he would hopefully get the chance to better explain at a later time.

Tom’s client grudgingly accepted the explanation but demanded a ten grand ‘discount’ or he would go elsewhere. Of course the client would have the ten thousand pounds, in cash Tom volunteered and the relationship was repaired.

* * * *

Tom lifted the telephone and dialled a mobile number. The voice on the other end spoke in a familiar deep, sexy, faintly Mediterranean accent.

"Hello Elenya speaking? "

"Tonight I am going to be in town, would you like me to come to you?" he said.

Her voice trembled as she said replied, "Yes, I will make you dinner".

"See you around 7pm."

The phone went dead. Elenya was so light headed with excitement. Her lover was coming again tonight she was going to have him take her, make love to her for the first time and maybe later he would get a surprise about her newly found knowledge from Carly and put it into practice on him.

She arrived home and walked into the bedroom taking off her work clothes as she went. Her preparation for the evening just starting.

to be continued...

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