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First Time Cuckoldress

by Captain Lance

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© Copyright 2010 - Captain Lance - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; M/f; club; cuckold; oral; sex; anal; cons; X


Tina and I had been friends since college, more years than I cared to count. She had gone through marriage, two children, a burgeoning business, and finally divorce. Unfortunately, her Ex had run afoul of some guys that don’t play nice. One night they came to their door with baseball bats looking for her husband. That was enough for her. Since divorce she had a few relationships, but nothing worth remembering the week after.

The local papers had been full of ads for weeks announcing the Grand opening of a brand new “exclusive” nightclub, aimed at the 30plus crowd. No kids, no baggy jeans or baseball caps on backwards. Gentlemen were expected to wear a suit, or at the least a sports jacket. Ladies were told in the ads to ”dress to impress, naughty or nice”. The opening was on a hot, steamy July Saturday night. Living on Long Island, that meant at least 85* and humidity over 60%.  Just right for ladies to wear those “naughty” things. Since the club was very close to where we live, Lynn and I had invited Tina to come to our home for dinner first, she would then have plenty of time to get to the club as it didn’t open until 10PM. Right on time, the doorbell rang at 7PM. Tina was always punctual to a fault. Opening the door, I was happily surprised to see her wearing a very sexy black vinyl one shoulder strap dress with a flare bottom. The dress barely covered her behind, and thigh high red vinyl boots and a black choker and wristbands adorned with steel studs finished the outfit.

“Wow” was all I could say. My mental picture of her certainly wasn’t that, but it was totally sexy, to be sure. Lynn was Summer-Comfortable, a jeans skirt and a cut off tee shirt top, me: shorts and a tee shirt, just something to beat the heat. Lynn and I took long looks at Tina; we complimented her on her fantastic looks and new demeanor. Her hair was done to perfection, as was her makeup. Quite a picture. She was 5'6" and 115 pounds of tight bodied, long curly haired beauty.

We sat down to dinner and the small talk began. Most of it centered on Tina,

Lynn asked her about her outfit, “Can you sit down in that?” she asked.

“Only if I want to show the world my pussy,” she laughed.

It was so short that even standing, only about half of her behind was covered. Dinner went smoothly, small talk; remember whos, and the like. As we sat and enjoyed desert and coffee, talk diverted to the night out. Was she scared of going out like that, what if guys got the wrong idea and started to annoy her and molest her, etc. Tina brazenly spoke up, “ Hey, I have not had a man for three months. I am horny enough to fuck a mule at this point, so, if this doesn’t catch me a hottie, I give up” she finished. Tina was never shy about her speech.  “I just want to find a guy, take him outside to my car and fuck him stupid”. Lynn looked at her with disbelief. Tina then mused, “ The only thing I hate about going out to a club is being there alone, with no one to talk to. I hate standing around waiting to hook up”

Then Tina looked at Lynn and asked, “Why don’t you come with me, we can hang out, have a drink and make fun of the other girls”.

Lynn said that she couldn’t, she was married and that club was promoted as a pickup club.

Tina again begged her, “Come on, you need some fun too, you don’t have to pick up a guy, just come and enjoy”.

“You are really going there just to find a strange guy and fuck him?” Lynn asked again.

“Yes, you bet.” was Tina’s answer.” Why do you think I am wearing this dress, and no panties?” she added. 

Lynn looked across the table at me and asked with her inquisitive facial expression if I thought it was OK. I nodded back affirmatively. Then, Lynn shocked me. “What if we go there, and I see a real hot guy that wants me to dance. You know what dancing at a pickup club is, it’s making out on your legs”. She said.

My cock grew hard as my lovely sexy wife was asking me for permission to make out with a strange man!

She then looked back at me and added, ”And, what if he is really hot, and gets me excited... so I want to reciprocate. You know how I get when I am aroused ” Lynn finished.

My cock was now near the bursting point, in just seconds it went from flaccid to rock hard. Without thinking, I blurted out ”Hey, you are a big girl, you can do what ever you feel like, it’s your night out with Tina, so have fun”.

“You really mean that?” Lynn asked again.

“Yes, “ I replied without hesitation.

Lynn thought for a second, then said, “OK give me 20 minutes to change, I’ll be right back”.

As she left the dining room, she looked back at Tina and I and said  “While I am changing, why don’t you put Tina in the mood for tonight, you two have been looking at each other all night like sex starved teenagers”. 

We were both shocked, but the sexual tension was so thick it could be cut with a spoon. As Lynn disappeared up the stairs, Tina and I looked at each other, speechless.

“Did I hear right?” Tina asked me.

“I think so...” I replied.

With that, we simultaneously got up, took each other by the hand and went into the den. Without saying another word, I motioned to Tina to sit on the large futon in the center of the room. I kneeled in front of her, and reaching out to her, spread her legs far apart. She had been right, the dress fully exposed her beautiful pussy when she sat down.  Drawing my face close to her glistening wet pussy, I pressed my lips against her and inserted my tongue into her love tunnel. She moaned at once, she was hotter than a firecracker and ready to go off like one, too. She grabbed my hair and pulled me into her so close that I could barely breath. I licked and sucked at her clit, her engorged pussy lips and sucked her juices. Tina came over and over, until Lynn reappeared at the entrance of the room.

Lynn was wearing a bright crimson red vinyl tube dress, two buckled shoulder straps accented the dress, and a choker of the same material with one matching wrist cuff finished it off. Her white lace up ankle boots made her look so sexy that I was near exploding myself. It had been one of my favorite things that she wore; it was so short that it reached about 2 inches below her pussy. Like Tina, sitting down was not possible without providing an “adult” show.

“What do you think?” she asked. “Do you think anyone will notice me?” she laughed.

Tina looked at her and asked ”Bra and panties?” 

Lynn laughed, “NO way in this getup!”

“I want to drive a few guys crazy, that’s all” she added. I told her that I was positive that she would, and more. She then sat down next to Tina and told me ”Now it’s my turn boy, do your duty!” I obeyed at once, and ministered to my lovely wife’s pussy until she had her first orgasm. She pushed me away after she climaxed. “I don’t want to get too worn out, the night hasn’t started yet”. She laughed. The girls got up holding each other’s hand. Lynn asked me once more, “you said to have fun tonight, exactly how much fan am I allowed to have?”

“You are a big girl, you can set your own limits, my love,” I answered.

With that, Lynn took Tina in her arms and gave her a deep soul kiss. “Now, that’s how to start a night out” she said. I had never seen her interested in another girl before, this was new and great, especially as Tina didn’t seem to mind at all.

With that, the girls gathered up their bags and started for Tina’s car. She drove a bright silver Corvette, a part of the divorce, and something designed to make her ex very jealous, which it did.

Roaring off into the night, Lynn looked back and blew me a kiss. Then, they disappeared from view.

It was after 12:30 when the phone rang, jolting me awake. I had dozed off watching the TV as usual.

“Hi, love, It’s me” Lynn said over the background noise of the club. I asked if she was having fun, she said a rousing “YES!” She said that Tina hooked up with a great looking guy about an hour earlier, and had disappeared with him. I asked Lynn how she was doing. A minute of silence followed. She asked me ” When you told me to have fun, and set my own limits, did you really mean it?” she queried.

“Sure” I replied. “I met this really sexy young guy, we danced for so long he got me very excited rubbing his body against mine as we danced” she said.

“Yes, and then what?” I asked, as I could hear in her voice that only part of the story was forthcoming.

“Well, then he and I started to make out really heavily... he put his hand under my dress and started to finger fuck me as we danced!” she reported with excitement. “I was hanging on to him panting like a school girl on her first date” she added. Without more prompting she blurted forth” Then he took me by the hand and lead me outside to his car, it’s a beautiful Mercedes convertible, and then he kissed me so deeply I nearly fainted. He picked me up by my waist, sat me on the hood of the car, my dress rode up to my waist exposing me completely. He dropped his pants, and stuck his cock into my pussy and fucked me to climax. He never asked, he just raped me!” she finished.

I think she expected me to be very angry, but I wasn’t. I “ Now, my pussy is dripping his cum down my legs, he didn’t use a rubber!” she added. “I am very sorry, my love, I didn’t mean for anything like this to happen, are you very upset with me?” she almost cried.

“No, I told her. “I told you to set your own limits, and you did, there is nothing wrong with what you did. Actually, I am proud of you, stepping out like that “. 

“Are you totally sure?” she asked.

“Yes,” I said without hesitation.

“Then, you won’t be mad if I tell you that I asked him to take me home... and to go swimming with me in the pool”.

“What?” I asked...

“Swimming, you know, skinny-dipping,” she said. “ I want to have sex with him again, at our house!” she exclaimed.

I said nothing for a few seconds. “Well, OK, “ I added. “ If you want to, it’s OK with me!”

“You are a peach!” she exclaimed so happily. ”Then you won’t mind putting a bottle of white wine into an ice bucket, some nice chilled glasses, turning the pool lights on, and setting a few towels out for us” she added. “And, I almost forgot, I told him I was single and lived with my brother, I didn’t want to scare him away telling him I was married”.

Now my cock was rock hard again, my wife was bringing her lover home, to fuck on our patio and in the pool, as I stayed inside out of sight. And, I was the facilitator, providing wine, towels, and what ever she wanted.


About a half hour later, I heard the Mercedes pull into our driveway. As the motor was turned off, I heard doors close, and laughter. Lots of laughter. They were having a famous time together. Peaking out a window, I could see that Lynn had gotten out of the car wearing only her boots! She had stripped naked in the car for the ride home. I could only imagine what had transpired on the 5-minute drive that took a half hour to complete...

Closing the gate behind them as they walked into the rear yard, I saw them hold each other and kiss passionately, and long. Lynn then stripped his clothes from his body and poured them both glasses of wine. I watched them lay on the chaise built for two that we had just purchased, they were making out heavily, and very passionately. I saw Lynn slide down his body and take his cock deep into her mouth, sucking on it like it was a lollipop. My own wife was giving a stranger a blowjob right in front of me. I could see her look up towards the second floor bedroom where I was standing. I am sure she saw me as I could see her nod her head while looking up. She knew that I was watching, and was performing for me!

An hour passed, they had been in the pool, out of the pool and back again. There as no lack of passion as they hugged and kissed in the water. Then, about 3AM I heard the glass doors open in the rear or the house. Muffled voices were not intelligible, but it was sure that he was in our house. I heard steps coming upstairs, two sets of steps! The door to the spare guest bedroom opened, right next to our bedroom. I could hear them laughing in low tones and the sounds of love. The creaking of the bed, the moans and groans were obvious. My wife was fucking him right next to me, in our guest room!

A while later, it seemed like hours, and I heard them go down stairs, the front door opened and I hard her bid him ” Goodnight, lover, see you real soon”.

Pretending to be asleep, I heard her come back up to the second floor and open our bedroom door. “Did you like the show, Dear?” she asked.

I nodded Yes, and forgot about pretending to be asleep. “It was so hot seeing you like that” I said.

“Great, you’ll be seeing lots more of it too... He is SO sexy, he drives me insane”.

“Now, open your legs, you have work to do”.

With that, I spread my legs apart, and Lynn lowered her cum soaked pussy onto my cock. The feel of the hot sticky cum of my wife’s lover flowing over my cock was unbelievable; my own wife was mounting me, as her fuck buddy now that her lover had left. We made insane love for hours; we fucked ourselves sore, and didn’t stop until we could no longer keep it up.

We fell asleep until 2PM the next day when the telephone awoke us. Lynn answered it, it was her lover!

She spoke to him in very explicit terms, as I lay there listening. She exclaimed how hot he was, how much she enjoyed his cock jamming into her wet pussy, her ass and her mouth! She went on the tell him how wonderful it was that he was able to climax four times in her.. Something I could never do! I was so hot and hard that my cock was bursting again. Lynn saw that, and covering the phone with her hand whispered to me, “ Fuck me in my ass while I am on the phone”.

She rolled over onto her front, and I mounted her at once. I pounded away, and came, as she was nearly ready to hang up. Her breathy speech must have given her away, I thought. I was so excited, I had never before had anal sex with her that she liked. It was always grudgingly done at best, now she was asking me for it. Wonderful, I thought. “He never asked me for sex, he just pulled my hair very hard, pressed me down and took me as he wanted me” she said. “I think that is exactly what I need, my love, I need to be raped, not made love to” she finished.

We got up and made breakfast, we were so excited by each other, that we made love two more times before we got dressed for what little was left of the day. I asked her if she intended to see him again, or if it was a one-night fling. “Is it OK with you?” she asked.

“Yes,” I said, “you’re the boss now!”

“How right you are, my love”

“Now we need to discuss some rules and such. I told him last night that I would be available to him whenever, and wherever he wants me. I intend to keep him hot, happy, and fully sexually satisfied”.

“YOU , on the other hand have begged me for so long to become a Cuckold, now your wish is about to come true!  You will become my second lover, when and if I want you. I don’t want to be sticky, wet, or used before I see my real lover. I fully intend to give him his own virgin pussy to fuck and fill with his wonderful, hot cum.  If you and I have sex, it will be at my invitation only, and only after my lover has been fully satisfied. The best you can hope for it sloppy seconds because I told him that I do not want him to use a rubber. I want to feel his cum fill my pussy and ass without impediment. I may also decide that I am completely satisfied by him and don’t need your cock near me, if I let you have me at all!.” She finished.

I put my head down, respectfully and said” Yes, Lynn, I am your Cuckold now and forever”

“That’s great, now give me your credit card, I need to go shopping for some really sexy outfits to please him when he picks me up for our next date. And, I intend to introduce you to him as my brother. That way he won’t feel shy about coming into our house and fucking me while you are at home”

Life was going to get interesting, I thought to myself. Very interesting indeed.

End of part #1


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