The Friday Night Card Club

by The Technician

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non-consensual, reluctant, female-female, humiliation, self-abuse, spanking, electro punishment, rug munching, and mechanical bull riding

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The first rule of Card Club is: NOBODY talks about Card Club.

This story starts slow because it takes a bit of setting up. After the slow start, however, it becomes an intense session of semi-non consensual female-female, self-abuse, spanking, electro-punishment, rug munching, and mechanical bull riding.

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The Friday Night Card Club has been a staple of life at the Westhill Country Club for over seventy years. The criteria for membership are simple. You have to be a member of the country club. You have to be invited to join. You have to be a woman. And, most importantly, you have to be willing to abide by all of the rules of the Card Club.

The first rule of Card Club is: NOBODY talks about Card Club.

The Friday Night Card Club meets at the old club house located at what is now the back of the golf course. Before the interstate came through and cut off Country Club Road, that was the main entrance to the Westhill. Now there isn’t even a frontage road on that side of the property and all traffic comes in from the county highway on the north side. The highway department would have torn the clubhouse down, but it was far enough away from the road and close enough to the river that it ended up almost under the approaches to the new bridge but out of the way– and even out of sight– of the highway. That section of the river is no good for fishing, so nobody goes back there anymore. The oldest portion of the old building has been torn down, but the newer hall, which had been added to the old building, still remains and is sometimes rented out for special occasions... except on Friday nights.

The second rule of Card Club is: NOTHING is more important than Card Club.

Some of the women in the Card Club are very young– in their early twenties; some are older– thirty-nine and holding; but all of them are rich... very rich... old money rich. And their Friday night sessions are more than cards. This is the regular meeting of “The Westhill Good Ol’ Girls Club.” Plans are made and deals are completed. Careers are made or destroyed. This innocuous little club is the center of power for Westhill... and for the state... and beyond. So, the meeting of the Westhill Friday Night Card Club is sacrosanct. It takes a very good excuse to miss a Card Club night.

The third rule of Card Club is: ALL debts are settled before the night is over.

When you are rich... very rich... old money rich... money is literally no object. Multimillion dollar deals are sealed with a handshake. What then is a few hundred or even a few thousand that might be won or lost on a game of cards? Over time, other things more precious than money– like pain or dignity– came to take the place of cash in the game.

Two wheels are spun each Friday night. One at the beginning of the night and one at the end– well, at the end of the card game itself. The first wheel determines the game. The second determines the forfeit. Like life itself, it only matters if you win or lose. Coming in second gains you nothing and almost losing means only that you didn’t win. The forfeit is from the loser to the winner– or at least controlled by the winner– and is witnessed by the entire club.

At one time there was an actual wooden wheel with six numbers on it which was spun by the chairwoman of the club. Now there are virtual wheels on the same computer that calculates the final scoring. The game wheel has six choices: bridge, euchre, pinochle, rummy, canasta, and poker. Those are old card games, but the Card Club has been playing cards for well over half a century. The forfeit wheel also has six choices: money, self-abuse, spanking, electro-punishment, rug munching, and riding the bull. Some of those choices are obviously much newer.

The severity of each forfeit is determined by how badly you lose. There is a formula in the scoring program that adds together how far behind the winner the seven losers finished. An average is determined and the loser’s score is converted to a loss ratio relative to the average. If you lose by less than twice the average, your score is one. If you lose less than three times the average, but more than twice the average, your score is two. And so on. After the wheel has determined the forfeit, a small table appears on the computer screen with the severity of your forfeit highlighted in bold.

The losers always hope for cash being the forfeit. In this club, even if you lose badly, the cash amount is trivial. Remember, when you are rich... very rich... old money rich... ten thousand dollars– the maximum cash loss– is just a pleasant night out. Thus the money spot on the wheel is effectively a pass on the forfeit. The one in six chance is much better than the chances in real life, but the cash spot on the wheel reflects the reality of life that sometimes– even when you lose badly– cash can help you can find a way out of your problems. If money comes up, the amount goes into the club treasury to help with the sundry expenses of the club, including the upkeep on the old building.

The fourth rule of Card Club is: EIGHT is the perfect number.

Eight women started the Friday Night Card Club. The number has always been eight, never more, never less. Only if someone moves away or dies or becomes enfeebled does an opening come up in the club. Then new members are proposed by the current members of the club. After much discussion and several votes, a new member is chosen. None of the charter members are still alive. None of the second generation of members are still active. Only one of the third generation is still an active member. But the club remains at eight members.

Harriet Buchanan is a great-granddaughter of one of the charter members. Her mother was never invited to join, but she was. At age twenty-two, she was one of the youngest members ever invited, and she has been a member for twelve years. That makes her... twenty nine... or at least that’s the age she always gives if asked.

Harriet has one very irritating habit. She is always late. By the time she arrives, everything is set up, drinks are poured, and the other seven are waiting for the first spin to tell them which card game they are playing for the evening.

She says that her lateness on Friday night balances out her having to be an hour early for the Wednesday Afternoon Bridge Club. That club was started by her mother when it became obvious that she was never going to be invited to Friday nights. It is strictly for playing bridge. They even use the American Contract Bridge League system for keeping score and the members can earn something called “Masters Points.” Each table has a small input pad that is connected to a scoring program that is kept on the same computer as is used on Friday night. Harriet has to come an hour early on Wednesdays to make sure the tables are all set up and the bidding and scoring cards are all properly in place.

Tonight, she was running her customary five to ten minutes late. “Oh,” she said in a surprised voice as she stepped through the door. “Do we have a meeting of some sort tonight?”

What caused her surprise was the fact that all the women were sitting around a single, oversized circular table. It was one of those intended for conferences where four narrow, curved tables push together to form a circle, leaving a big hole in the center. Only three of the tables were set up, so it formed a giant C with the seven women sitting around the outside and a single empty chair sitting in the opening facing the seven.

“Sit down,” Margaretta Collins said cooly.

“In the chair of honor,” Dolores Roberts added, pointing to the single chair in the opening of the ‘C’.

“Is there a problem?” Harriet asked calmly. “Have I done something wrong?”

“That’s what this meeting is going to determine,” Judy Johnson said flatly. She then opened the laptop that held the wheel and scoring software.

“If this is about the screen getting damaged,” Harriet said defensively, “I said I would pay for that repair. It was my fault. I accidentally closed the screen with my keys sitting on the keyboard.”

She pointed at Loni Davidson and said, “You even said that your husband could repair it so we wouldn’t have to remove all the software before taking it out to a repair shop.”

“Oh,” Loni replied softly, “my husband did repair it. Then he checked if everything worked. He knows about our little club but doesn’t ask questions. After he repaired things, he checked that our programs ran correctly. Then he checked that your bridge programs ran correctly. And being the thorough man that he is, he rechecked our programs before shutting down the computer.”

She nodded and Judy pressed the key that would spin the forfeit wheel. It came up with the cash forfeit.

“He found something very funny,” Loni continued. She once more nodded to Judy and Judy again spun the wheel. Again it came up Cash.

“It seems,” Loni said very firmly, “that as long as one of the little scoring tablets is turned on, the wheel will always come up with a cash forfeit.”

“In the past four years,” Mandy Williams said harshly, “you have lost nine times.”

“You really aren’t that good a card player,” Margaretta said, shaking her head. “I wonder if you had some help with that, too.”

“We know you didn’t cheat at cards,” Loni said firmly, looking over at Margaretta. “ But each time you have lost, the forfeit was cash.”

“Don’t you find that odd?” Dolores asked.

“Not quite as odd,” Judy said, reaching for and opening Harriet’s purse, “as having an extra key fob on your key ring that emits the same rf signal as the little pads.”

Judy turned off the scoring tablet and held down the button on the key fob while she again spun the forfeit wheel. It displayed a cash forfeit. She spun it three more times and each time it came up cash.

“We believe that you have been cheating the forfeit wheel for at least the past four years,” Judy said harshly as she tossed the keyring back to Harriet. “What do you have to say for yourself?”

“It was sort of an accident... at first,” Harriet said softly. “We had a string of four or five weeks in a row where the forfeit was cash. During that same time, I discovered that every week one of the tablets had a dead battery because it wasn’t shutting off properly. I took the battery out to make sure the defective one was off and the next forfeit was a spanking.”

She looked around the room and continued in a very strained voice. “I didn’t hack anything. I didn’t corrupt the program. It just does that... and I made the connection.” She remained very quiet for an almost uncomfortably long time and then said in a very fast voice. “Then I bought a universal key fob and trained it to imitate the scoring tablet.”

Lois Brookman, the chairwoman of the club who was sitting in the first chair, started laughing. It was a deep, slow laugh. Everyone turned to look at her as she sighed deeply and looked directly at Harriet. “Well done,” she said. “You saw a weakness in the system and exploited it to your advantage.”

She took a loud, deep breath in through her nostrils and then continued. “If it were a business dealing, we would applaud you.” Then her voice became deeper and more firm, “But it was against us. It was against our club! So I’m afraid that, for the first time in our history, we may have to vote on possible expulsion.”

“No, NO!” Harriet almost screamed. “I’ll never do it again.”

“But you already did it,” Judy said harshly. “... for four years.”

“Then I’ll make up for what I did,” Harriet replied.

Turning to Lois she said frantically, “Isn’t there some way I can pay a fine or something?”

“Money can’t buy your way out of this,” Lois said slowly, “but if you were to redo those forfeits and then pay a penalty... we might reconsider.”

Harriet looked around the table. “But there are nine forfeits,” she stammered out. “You can’t expect me to do nine forfeits tonight?!” Her voice almost squeaked as she added, “... Can you?”

“And then there is the penalty.” Judy said firmly. “For four years you played us as lowly fools. I think four years of being a lowly fool should make up for that.”

“What do you mean?” Harriet asked. There was a touch of fear in her voice.
“She means,” Lois said in that authoritative way she used when running the city council meetings downtown, “that you will be our naked slave for four years. Your clothing will come off when you arrive– at least a half hour early– and you will remain naked throughout the game. You will be the one to serve drinks and snacks to the other players during the game, and afterwards, you will clean up before putting your clothes back on to leave.”

“Naked?” Harriet asked, looking shocked.

“Nothing,” Judy replied, “not even your precious jewelry.”

“If I take off my smart watch,” Harriet said softly, “it will send out an alarm to my husband. He’ll think something happened to me or I had some sort of car accident.”

“Or more likely he would think you were in someone’s bed and it was on the nightstand,” Marcia Wordsworth said with a laugh. “Then you would have to make it up to him.” She tried to lower her eyebrows to stare sarcastically at Harriet, but her Botox prevented that much movement of her forehead. So she said as sarcastically as she could, “How many blow jobs would that require?”

“No,” Harriet replied hastily. “We both have them and they are set to alarm if I fall hard or get in an accident or...” She hung her head. “... take it off.”

“OK,” Lois said, “naked except for your smart watch... for four years. And tonight you do seven forfeits.”

Harriet looked confused. The faces of the other women at the table– except for Marcia– showed a mixture of confusion and anger.

Lois smiled around the table and said, “There are seven of us. Besides, since cash would have come up once in six times we should give her one... or two... cash forfeits. But we will disregard any cash forfeits that come up on the wheel tonight.” Her smile turned back to Harriet as she added, “... just in case she has some other way of rigging the wheel.”

Harriet sat looking at the floor for a long time. Finally she stood up and said, “OK.” Then she started taking off her clothes.

“I assume the naked fool routine starts tonight,” she said as she slowly folded her clothes and set them on the counter. Stepping out of her shoes and turning back to the women in the circle she asked flatly, “Can I get anyone something to drink?”

“I’ll have a Manhattan,” Lois said, “easy on the vermouth.” The other women added their requests and Harriet padded naked over to the bar to fill their orders.

Once everyone had a drink in front of them, Lois looked around the table and said, “For this first spin, I will be considered the winner.” She slowly waved her arm as she pointed around the table, “After that, it will move around the table.” She chuckled and said, “This is one night where everyone– except for poor Harriet– will be a winner.”

Her voice then became very firm as she pointed at the computer and said, “Press the button and spin the wheel, Harriet.”

Harriet stepped back into the middle of the circle and pressed the proper key. The screen flickered as the wheel spun. An artificial clicking sound came from the speakers as the different forfeits flashed past. Then with a loud “Ding!” it stopped and displayed Self Abuse in big white letters against a red background.

Harriet’s shoulders slumped. She hated all of the forfeits, but this one even moreso because it was so degrading.

“I think you might as well place the mat in the center of the circle,” Lois said flatly.

“Yes, ma’am,” Harriet answered as she went to retrieve the wide, thick, yoga mat reserved for this forfeit.

“Oooh,” Dolores said, looking at the computer screen. “She’s at level three. That means three orgasms.” She looked around the table and said, “The most I’ve ever had to do was two.” Dolores was not a good card player and often lost, especially if the game were poker. Her thin face showed all her thoughts. And right now, she was wishing that she was lying on the mat in the center of the circle.

“We are using her actual standings from the last seven times she spun the wheel,” Loni said brusquely. “My husband printed out the scores from those nights.”

Harriet bent slightly to roll out the extra wide yoga mat. As she was lowering herself to the floor, Dolores said loudly, “Remember, it’s level three.”

“Thanks,” Harriet replied weakly. “I’ll remember that.”

“And you should be facing the other way, honey,” Mandy said. “We want to be able to see your face AND your twat.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Harriet said as she turned on the mat so her legs were inside the open center of the ‘C’ while her upper body was outside. She knew that this meant that everything she did to herself would be very visible to all seven women.

“No time like the present,” she said softly to herself as she lay on her back with her legs bent and slightly spread. Understandably, she was totally dry.

“I see the collar and cuffs still match,” Mandy said dryly. “I owe Lois twenty bucks. She said you didn’t dye your hair and I said you did.”
Trying to ignore the comments from the table, Harriet reached up with her spread fingers and rhythmically bounced them against her nipples as if they were the spokes of a wheel. Her repeated pattern up and down soon had an effect and her nipples began to perk up and stiffen.

She cupped her hands so she was now running the top side of her fingers over her nipples. She hadn’t consciously intended it, but she could feel that her fingers were striking harder and harder against her now very sensitive nubs.

“I see moisture,” a voice said from above. That caused Harriet to break the rhythm of her hands. After a short pause and a deep breath, her hands returned to her nipples only this time they weren’t wheel rubbing. Instead her fingers were pinching and twisting and pulling.

A soft “aaaaaah” slipped from her lips as both hands crushed a nipple between a thumb and the side of the index finger. Her thumbs pressed and rubbed back and forth, causing the nipples to roll and twist.

As her moans became louder and her body began to undulate on the ground, her fingers turned once more to pinch and twist and pull her nipples as far from her body as they could stretch.

She could feel the almost electric feel of passion overwhelming her body. Her hands now seemed to be acting on their own. One slammed down to her crotch and the fingers that had been seeking her nipple now slid up and down on her slit. The other hand, meanwhile, was rapidly switching back and forth between her nipples, pinching as hard as it could before letting go.

The hand on her slit was now pushing in through her labia. Each thrust pushed her hand deeper and deeper into her cunt. The other hand now abandoned her nipples and slid down her abdomen to find a different nub, this one even more sensitive than her nipples.

One hand was now rhythmically fucking her cunt while the fingers of the other swirled around her throbbing clit. Her body undulations were causing her hips to come totally up off of the mat and her legs were starting to thrash so that her feet were slapping on the floor on either side of the mat.

It was obvious she was close. Both hands were now clamped tightly over her crotch as she twisted and thrashed on the mat. Judy’s voice rose over the noise Harriet was making and said loudly, “I always knew you were a slut at heart, Harriet.”

Judy was not one of Harriet’s favorite people, and that derisive remark should have created anger, but tonight it was the spark that took Harriet over the edge. She grunted deeply as she hugged herself and rolled back and forth on the mat.

“That’s one,” Loni said.

Harriet didn’t respond. She just lay back on the mat and started over... well not exactly over. Her nipples were still extremely sensitive and her clit remained swollen and throbbing. She decided to take care of her clit for orgasm number two.

This was a different kind of arousal. She was lying back very relaxed– almost as if she were in a marvelous afterglow– but she was gently circling her clit with the index finger of her right hand. There was no undulation of her abdomen. She didn’t thrash or flail about on the mat. Instead her muscles became tighter... and tighter... and tighter... until suddenly everything exploded in a blinding flash of light.

She didn’t realize that she had screamed until Dolores said with a chuckle, “I bet they heard that up at the club house.” Everyone– except Harriet– joined in her laughter.

When the laughter died out, Loni said, “That’s two.”

Harriet was a rather normal woman when it came to sex. Once a night was usually enough when she and her husband were both horny. But if Daryl was still randy and she wasn’t responding, he would often say, “Time to press the reset button.” Then he would begin playing with her ass.

She didn’t like anal, but for some reason, having Daryl play with her ass and even push fingers into her ass relit the fires when they were extinguished.

After taking a deep breath, Harriet turned onto her side with her left hand in front of her body and her right hand down on her ass. That caused her body to be oddly twisted, but it didn’t matter. She needed to take herself to orgasm one final time and this was the only way it was going to happen.

She could hear laughter above her. Someone said, “She must be a true slut to ass fuck herself.”

Again, that should have caused anger, but instead took Harriet higher and higher. She was getting close, but she couldn’t find the release she needed. She heard a voice... her voice... chanting, “Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me. Please, somebody fuck me.”

Dolores stood up and walked around the table. She looked down on Harriet and said, “Maybe this will put you out of your misery.”

With that she plunged a long, narrow, silver dildo into Harriet’s ass. Harriet screamed and then began pumping the dildo furiously in and out, in and out, in and out. In just a few moments she cried out once again.

Loni waited for Harriet to stop screaming and to lie quietly on the yoga pad before saying quietly, “That’s three.”

Lois also waited for Harriet to stop screaming, but what she said was, “My God, what a whore!” Then she said softly, “Go clean yourself up in the bathroom and return for your next forfeit.”

When Harriet returned, Lois motioned for her to stand in the center of the opening of the tables. “While you were gone,” she began, “we decided to follow your example and tinker with the spinning of the wheel. We’ve disabled the Self Abuse as well as the Cash options on the wheel and added a second Rug Munching option.” She paused and then said “I know that only adds up to six, but don’t worry, we’ve taken care of that. We will finish tonight with a special spanking forfeit.” She paused again and then said firmly, “Spin the wheel.”

The wheel flashed and clicked and finally dinged. The word Spanking was now displayed.

“Oh goody,” Judy said in an excited voice. “I’ve always wanted to be a winner when this came up.”

She got up hurriedly and walked over to the chair that Harriet had once been sitting on. As she walked, she glanced at the forfeit difficulty table. “Rats,” she said softly. “It will be just a hand spanking.” Then she brightened as she added, “But it is twenty swats.”

When Harriet walked up to her, she looked up and down Harriet’s body before saying, “I think you’d better get a towel. I don’t want you oozing all over my dress.”

Harriet quickly walked into the kitchen and returned with a large table cloth. “This isn’t a towel,” she said, “but it will cover better and folded up like this it will be as thick as a towel.”

In response, Judy just patted her lap and smiled. Harriet draped the cloth over Judy’s lap and then lay over her legs.

Judy slowly rubbed Harriet’s asscheeks with her right hand for a couple minutes then suddenly raised her hand and slammed it down right in the middle of the right cheek. The next strike hit dead center on the left cheek. The third was low, but directly between the cheeks so that the red mark which appeared was on the base of both cheeks and the top of her legs.

It was obvious that this wasn’t Judy’s first spanking. In fact, she looked very skilled at delivering a spanking. The heat growing in Harriet’s cheeks was matched by a heat growing between Judy’s legs. In response, her spanks grew harder and harder and Harriet responded by squirming and yelping with each intense swat.

By the time Judy reached the twentieth spank, Harriet’s ass was a bright red and appeared slightly swollen. When she stood up her hands went to her ass and she stood there slowly rubbing away the heat.

As Judy stood up, it was obvious that there was a wet spot on the front of her dress. “I must have knocked the piss out of you,” she said harshly. “And that cloth you found didn’t protect anything.”

Judy then moved back to her seat at the table. She stepped sideways as she moved to her place so no one would see that the wet spot was larger on the back of her dress. Harriet, who had seen the back of Judy’s dress, smiled and looked directly into Judy’s eyes. Judy looked down in shame as Lois said smartly to Harriet, “Spin the wheel.”

Harriet was hoping that spanking didn’t come up again, but as she watched the wheel she could see that there were only four options flashing past. The wheel stopped on Rug Munching.

Loni smiled and stood up. “And I’m winner this time,” she said with a smile. “I haven’t had a good cunnilingus session since I got remarried.”

She looked over at Harriet and said, “Lay out the mat, honey, I want everyone to see your tongue technique.”

She then pulled her blouse up over her head. Despite being well over forty, she didn’t need a bra thanks to multiple breast uplift surgeries. Her dress soon joined the blouse and then her panties were placed on the top of the pile.

If you didn’t know Loni’s true age, and didn’t see the fine lines in her face, you would think she was in her late twenties. There was no danger that the carpet wouldn’t match the drapes because there was no carpet. In fact, there was no hair on Loni’s trim body below her neck.

Loni lowered herself onto the mat in approximately the same place that Harriet had been. She didn’t seem hesitant at all. In fact, it looked like she wanted to display her body... which was true. Loni was an avid exhibitionist and her husband had been forced to clear up several close brushes Loni had with the law at the beach or while driving her Corvette convertible.

“I’m waiting,” she said with a smile.

Harriet lowered herself between Loni’s legs. Kneeling tightly so that her breasts were pressed against her knees, she lowered her head and made a tentative lap at Loni’s slit.

“No, honey,” Loni said sarcastically, “I want you buried in my twat. That means face down on the mat.”

Harriet raised herself up slightly and moved her legs out behind herself. Then she lowered her body down until she was flat on the mat with her head between Loni’s legs.

“That’s much better,” Loni said as she raised her legs up into the air, forcing Harriet to move her arms around them so that she was now pulling herself more tightly into Loni’s twat.

Harriet began lapping and Loni’s cunt responded immediately. Despite Loni’s age, there was no shortage of lubrication. Harriet’s face– and the mat beneath Loni’s cunt– were soon wet with Loni’s juices.

It took about ten minutes for Harriet to take Loni over the top. When she finally climaxed, she wrapped her legs tightly around Harriet’s head and held them tightly until Harriet began slapping at her thighs begging for breath.
When Loni finally released her, Harriet stood shakily to her feet. “You want to throw me that tablecloth,” Loni said from the mat. “I’d give you five stars,” she added brightly as she stood and began wiping her crotch with the folded tablecloth.

Lois waited for Loni to return to her seat before saying to Harriet. “Put the mat out of the way and spin the wheel.

This time there were only three choices flashing by, none of which were appealing to Harriet. After a long series of flashes and clicks, the screen displayed Electro-Pain. After another couple of dings and clicks the severity table appeared on the screen.

“Oooooh” said Margaretta, who would be the “winner” for this round and the one to push the buttons on the TENS machine, “that’s a level five. That’s going to hurt.”

She looked over at Harriet and smiled broadly before saying, “I’m glad I’m going to be on this end of the control panel.”

“You know what to do,” Lois said flatly, pointing to a storage cabinet. Harriet walked over to the cabinet and rolled out what looked like a strangely-shaped chair dolly for storing tables or chairs. Once she stood on it, however, its purpose became a little more clear.

Margaretta joined her at the dolly and began taking various items from a locked chest welded into the back half of the apparatus. “Why don’t you just sit on this while I get everything else set up?” she said pleasantly. She was patting the wide cross brace on the apparatus but at the same time handing Harriet a pre-greased anal probe with wires trailing from it.

Harriet dutifully placed the probe on a strange bulge in the middle of the brace and then leaned back against it. She gasped slightly as the plug entered her ass and her anal ring clenched back down on it. Meanwhile, Margaretta was singing softly to herself as she placed black electrodes strategically around Harriet’s body.

“I saved this for last,” she said brightly as she held up a dildo with several metal stripes around it. “And of course,” she added, “there’s the belt to hold everything in place.”

The belt and its tight crotch strap did more than just hold everything in place. There were two electrodes strategically placed on the belt itself. One, in the front, lined up with the clitoris. The other, in the back, lined up with the base of the spine. A simultaneous shock on both of those electrodes causes an unbelievable flash of pain through both the autonomic and somatic nervous systems. But at the same time, if there was any sexual arousal present, a tremendous burst of sexual pleasure often accompanies the pain. The result can be very interesting to watch.

Margaretta took her place at the control panel. Loni, who was still naked, walked over and verified that the master dial was set at 85%, the maximum indicated in the forfeit table still displayed on the computer screen.

“I am a master at this,” Margaretta said with a sly smile. “I have a couple of... friends... that drop by for the weekend and I practice on them.” She looked around the table and said, “Anyone want to bet me that I can’t make her cum from the pain?”

“She’s not a pain slut,” Mandy huffed. “She won’t cum from pain alone.”

“Willing to bet on it?” replied Margaretta.

“What stakes?” Mandy said quickly.

“The stakes are simple,” Margaretta said softly. “You join me and my... friends... next weekend. The winner controls the box. The loser... well there are only two choices, aren’t there?”

Mandy began laughing. “I’ve heard about your weekends, Margaretta,” she said between laughs. “And I’ve always been curious to perhaps attend, but you have always made it clear that there is only one Mistress for the weekend. This would be my chance to be that Mistress.” She paused and looked directly at Margaretta. “Am I interpreting the bet correctly?” she asked, raising her eyebrows.

“Or your chance to be a slave,” Margaretta replied. “Do we have a bet?”

“We have a bet,” Mandy said firmly.

“You all are witnesses,” Margaretta said softly as she turned to hunch over the control panel.

Harriet felt the tingling begin softly in her wrists and ankles. The control was evidently capable of an automatic cycle and Margaretta had it slowly moving from a slow to fast pulse while at the same time gaining amplitude. Harriet stiffened and grunted slightly as the pulse hit its maximum and then began the downward side of the cycle.

As those pulses went down, new pulses in her thighs and back began rising. The electrodes were placed so that her quads were tightening and vibrating with each pulse. So were her pecs. The result was that it felt like something was pulling on the sides of her breasts and also pulling at the opening between her legs.

Once again, Margaretta adjusted the dials. Now there were gentle pulses tingling each breast. The pulses were not synchronized and the right breast seemed to be on a faster cycle than the left. That meant that most of the time, the pulses peaked independently. But once in a while, both cycles reached maximum pleasure– or pain– at the same time.

Harriet was now hanging on tightly to the bars on either side of her. Her arms weren’t restrained, but the strangely-shaped belt and crotch strap went around the brace on which she was partially sitting, so she was, effectively, held in place by the butt plug which was now starting to quiver the muscles around her asshole.

“I’ve got 90 more seconds,” Margaretta said calmly. She then turned the dials that controlled the dildo electrodes. To Harriet, it suddenly felt like the largest man she had ever had was pounding her pussy while at the same time shocking her all the way through to her backbone. She threw her head back and screamed.

Neither she nor the women watching were sure whether it was a scream of pain or passion until Margaretta said forcefully, “Now, the pièce de résistance,” and slammed her hand down on the portion of the panel which held the buttons that controlled the pre-programmed routines.

All of the shocks stopped for just a second. Then they all returned, but they were timed so that it felt like huge waves of electricity were flowing in from Harriet’s hands and feet into the center of her body. The wave from the legs peaked in the ass electrode and the wave from the hands, which passed through the breasts, peaked in the cunt electrodes at exactly the same time.

On the fourth peak Harriet’s eyes opened extremely wide. Her mouth formed a perfect, round ‘O’ and a guttural moan filled the room as she writhed and twisted with the waves. On the fifth peak the moan became a shrill wailing cry that almost covered the sound of the timer on the control panel making a loud “Bing!”

All electricity was now off, but Harriet continued to writhe and wail as one of the strongest orgasms of her life continued to tear through her. When she finally stopped and stood hanging onto the bars panting and gasping for breath, she hoarsely called out to Margaretta, “How did you do that to me? Just when I thought I couldn’t stand the pain it became pleasure and then I thought I couldn’t stand the pleasure.”

“I am an expert with pain AND pleasure,” Margaretta said. “... as Mandy will find out this weekend.” She turned to face Mandy and said harshly, “Be at my servant’s entrance Saturday at eight a.m. sharp.” She gave a short laugh and said, “You can put your clothes in the milk box before you come in. They will still be there when you leave Monday morning.”

Lois coughed loudly to regain control and said, “Clean yourself up, Harriet. You have two more forfeits to fulfill before our special final forfeit.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Harriet said as she scurried to the bathroom to clean up.

When she returned the laptop was ready and waiting for her. It didn’t take long for the result to come up with Rug Munching.

Marcia, who was next in line to be in the winner’s chair gasped loudly. It wasn’t that she didn’t like being eaten, especially by an unwilling woman, but this would mean that everyone would see her ‘O’ face. She couldn’t have that.

“Could Dolores and I switch?” she asked. “We have that right on regular nights.”

Before Lois could give a ruling, Dolores stood and said, “No problem.” She was wearing a full skirt so rather than stripping completely she just slid her panties to the ground and walked over to stand in the opening of the tables.

“I like a little privacy,” she said with a smirk. “And it is so much more humiliating to have to crawl under a skirt and eat in the dark.”

She laughed lightly as Harriet dropped slowly to her knees and pulled the skirt over her head. Harriet’s actions were hidden, but Dolores’ responses were obvious. She stood swaying for many minutes, then suddenly reached down and pressed Harriet’s face hard into her crotch.

She shuddered for over a minute before relaxing and saying, “Well, that was nice.”

She turned and walked back to her place at the table, her skirt pulling up over Harriet’s head as Harriet remained kneeling on the floor.

“Well,” Lois said slowly, “there is only one forfeit left on the wheel so there is no use in spinning it.” She paused and then said, “Harriet, do you need help getting out the bull?”

“No,” Harriet said flatly. “It rolls pretty easy until you put the legs down.”

A few minutes later, she pushed out what looked like a smaller version of the mechanical bulls used in many bars and taverns. After putting it in the center of the tables, she pulled several levers that lowered two legs on each corner of the base. One extended the length of the base and the other extended the width. Both stuck out at an angle a foot or two from the base and stabilized things. As Harriet walked back to the closet to bring out an extension cord, Lois said, “Marcia, you and Dolores switched so you have the honor of belting her in place.”

When Harriet returned she plugged in the bull machine and then stepped up onto the platform.

“Ready?” asked Marcia.

“The forfeit table indicates two prongs for five minutes,” Loni said quietly as Harriet swung her leg over the barrel-like body of the bull and lowered herself down on two greased dildos. Marcia wrapped a belt around Harriet’s waist and attached two straps that went under the bull’s body in front of and behind Harriet’s legs. When they were tightened, she was held firmly in place on the bull. A third strap circled the bull and pulled her arms tightly down to her sides while a fourth held her legs together tight against the barrel.

Marcia bent over slightly and flipped a switch on the side of the bull. “Two-minute warm up, then a five-minute ride,” she said matter-of-factly.

The bull started humming loudly as a huge motorized vibrator came to life under Harriet. Her loud gasp and continued grunting indicated that it was definitely having its intended effect on her cunt and clit. She was just starting to throw her head from side to side and was beginning to moan loudly when the bull started circling, moving up and down, and tipping forward and back all at the same time. In most bars, a customer would have only been able to stay on for a few seconds of such gyrations, but Harriet was strapped– and stuck– in place and would stay in the saddle for the entire ride.

Judy yelled “Ride ‘em, cowboy,” as Harriet began wailing loudly. If you didn’t know that there were two dildos strongly vibrating in her cunt and her ass, you might think it was a wail of fear, but all of the women knew what the bull was doing to Harriet and were waiting for her to lose control.

Harriet lost control three times before the bull finally came to rest at the end of five minutes. She was limp and totally drained as Marcia loosened the straps and helped her from her saddle of shame.

“Take her into the bathroom and help her clean up,” Lois said to Marcia. “Mandy will put the bull away and bring out one of the lounge chairs for our last forfeit.”

When they came back out, there was a large, overstuffed chair sitting in the opening of the tables. Harriet stood uneasily next to it facing the seven seated women.

“You have one final forfeit,” Lois said firmly, “... a spanking.” She held up what looked like a fraternity or sorority paddle with the emblem of Westhill Country Club painted on one side of it. “You will accept,” she said, “five swats from each of us as we leave.” She motioned with the paddle and said, “Mandy will start. I will finish. After I leave you will put everything away and lock up. Next week you will be here early and ready to serve. Is that acceptable?”

“Yes, ma’am,” Harriet said as she lay herself over the back of the chair. Her ass was still tender from the earlier twenty hand spanks. She wasn’t sure she would be able to stand thirty-five more swats with a wooden paddle, but she had no choice. Besides, a level five spanking on a regular night would be thirty with the same paddle, and she had endured that twice since joining the club.

She could hear someone walking up behind her. Mandy didn’t say anything, but merely stopped for a moment behind her and then delivered five, slow, steady swats with the wooden paddle. After that she walked slowly out of the hall.

Lois must have given instructions while Harriet was out of the room because Dolores imitated Mandy exactly, pausing silently for a few moments behind Harriet and then swinging five times before silently leaving.

Dolores was a little faster– and harder– but otherwise identical to Mandy.

Marcia was the same as Dolores.

Margaretta used a broken rhythm as she spanked. That made it harder for Harriet to anticipate the next blow.

Loni paused longer between strokes than any of the others to that point, but then she swung with all her might. The loud “Thwack!” was matched by an equally loud yelp from Harriet on each stroke.

Judy reached up and ran her hand across Harriet’s bruised and swollen ass before stepping back and delivering her five swats in rapid succession.

Finally it was only Lois and Harriet in the building. Lois stood behind her silently for a few moments and then spoke. “At the end of the four years,” she said, “you will be returned to full equality in the club. I guarantee that.” She gave a low laugh, “And if I’m no longer around, I have left written instructions that WILL be followed.” She laughed again and said, “You made two mistakes my dear. You attempted to cheat your core power group, and... ... you got caught.”

She laughed lightly once again and began swinging the paddle. After the fifth swat, she dropped it on the table and walked silently out of the hall.

Harriet remained bent over the chair for a long time letting the fire in her ass die down slightly before she risked trying to stand up. When she was finally able to stand, she was surprised at how well she was able to move. She had no problem pushing the overstuffed chair back into the lounge area. Country club employees would put away the tables, but the drinks had to be cleared up and the computer safely locked away. She stood naked in the kitchen washing the few glasses and dishes and putting them away. She also pushed the soiled tablecloth deep down into a laundry bag propped up in the corner.

The last thing she did was put away the computer, but before she did that, she once again brought up the forfeit wheel program. She pressed a button on her smart watch and a number appeared in a small box. She swiped up and the 1 changed to a 2. She pressed another button on the watch and then pressed the spin button on the computer.

After a long series of flashes and dings, the wheel stopped at Self Abuse. She repeated the procedure with number 3 and the wheel stopped at Spanking. 4 stopped the wheel at Electro-Pain; 5 stopped at Rug Munching; and 6 stopped at Bull Riding. She smiled and swiped her watch to shut down the program. Then she shut down the computer and locked everything safely away.

As Harriet grabbed her clothes from the counter, she looked at her fitted white slacks, shook her head and reached back to feel her swollen ass. “Ain’t no way,” she said, taking a deep breath. Holding her clothing in her arms she walked toward the door. “That’s what tinted windows and attached garages are for,” she said as she dug her keys out of her purse.

When she reached her car, she raised her arm and used her smart watch to unlock the driver’s door. She stood looking at her watch for several minutes as she let the night breeze cool her ass. Then she brought up the signal program and set it to 4. “I won’t use it every time,” she said softly to herself, “but the next time I win and Margaretta loses, she is going to be on the other end of those damned wires.”
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