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Hotel Voyeur

by Hot Rox

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© Copyright 2009 - Hot Rox - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; MF; voy; mast; oral; sex; cons; X

It was my girlfriend Anne’s first time abroad; I had taken her to a hotel in Paris for the weekend. She’s a shy girl even though she’s in her mid twenties, she hides her figure under plain loose clothing even though she has an hourglass figure and big round sexy breasts.

It all started on the first evening when we had gotten back from a restaurant, she had had a few glasses of wine and was tipsy. I noticed a French waiter out on his balcony, only one over from ours; this was strange because he had been there before we had gone out as well. Even though it was dark I could see him from the bathroom window, I commented on it to Anne. I remember she said, “what’s he doing?” I watched for few minutes then noticed that he was looking at a lit window across from us. A woman walked past the large French doors at her balcony in her underwear, he pulled a camera from his pocket and took a couple of photos then put the camera back in his pocket quickly. I whispered into the bedroom to Anne that he was taking photos of girls in their rooms getting ready for bed. The French doors to each balcony were the full height of the rooms and six feet wide, lit by a bright light above them. It looked as if some of the guests simply forgot to close the curtains; the beds to the rooms were also placed in each of the small rooms in front of the doors with the foot of the bed barely four foot from the doors. I watched as the girl came back into view wearing a nightshirt and slipped into bed and turned out the light. The waiter got few more shots then lit a cigarette.

Anne had strolled in just as the girl had gotten into bed; she had seen the waiter get out his camera and gasped. She exclaimed, “the dirty sod!” She watched for a couple of minutes then said, “see what he does if I walk past the window.”

She turned off the bedroom light, opened the curtains, and then acted as if she had just arrived back to the room. I peeked through the bathroom window in the dark; I could see he had ducked down a bit when the bedroom light went on because he was only seven feet from the window. I peeked through into the bedroom and saw Anne brushing her hair in front of the window sitting on the bed, I whispered, “he’s watching you.” She looked at me with wide eyes, she nervously said, “see if he takes a picture.”

I watched him from the darkness of the bathroom then saw him take out his camera and take quick picture before putting it back in his pocket. I peeked in on Anne and saw to my surprise that she had taken off her dress, I whispered in shock “what are you doing?”

She looked at me and shrugged her shoulders and said, “I don’t know, I just did it.” She stood there at the foot of the bed still in her black high heels, white lacy panties and large white lacy bra. She suddenly realised what she had done and that he had photographed her and shut the curtains quickly. I was shocked. As we got into bed she was unusually quiet.

The next morning we got up and went down to breakfast, everything was as per normal between us until she saw the waiter serving breakfast. She became quiet again and blushed in embarrassment. He seemed not to notice us and we finished breakfast and went out on the town. All day Anne was quiet and reserved, in the evening as we finished eating in another restaurant I could see she was very nervous. I asked what was wrong, she replied said breathlessly, “I can’t get what happened last night out of my head, I know your probably be angry but I want to do it again…But go a little further.”

As we walked back to the hotel I was getting excited too and asked, “how much further do you want to go?”

She replied nervously, “I keep imagining myself stripping naked and laying on the bed and playing with myself as he takes photos of me. You know that sexy underwear you got me for my birthday, well I put it on before we left the hotel.”

I was shocked and uttered, “okay, but he might not be there tonight.”

We quickened our pace and arrived at the hotel, I could see Anne shaking with nerves as we went up in the lift. She kissed me passionately and deeply before we entered our room. We left the lights off and snuck over to the bathroom and peeked out of the window together. Anne squealed as on the same balcony stood two figures, the waiter had a friend along with him, I recognise the other man as another of the French waiters. They were watching the same window as before, the same girl got into bed and turned off her light, at the same time the waiter took pictures of her before the light went out.

Anne was breathing heavily as she snuck back into the bedroom, I watched as she opened the bedroom curtains and flipped on the light switch, the waiters ducked slightly, and then moved over to get a closer look. I peeked through at Anne and saw her starting to slowly unbutton her dress, I saw the waiter taking pictures now without restrain. Anne slipped the dress down and stood at the foot of the bed in a pair of white stockings and suspenders, a lacy white thong and a big lacy bra, which pushed her breasts up into two gorgeous mounds. She then turned away from them so they could see her reach around and start to unclip her bra; she slowly slipped it off and stood nervously before picking up her hairbrush. She them turned back to them and showed off her big juicy breasts.

I couldn’t believe my eyes; this usually shy girl was flaunting her breast at two men. She brushed her hair as they watched from barely ten feet away from her. I saw the waiter taking loads of photos as the other one reached into his trousers. I couldn’t believe it as he started to wank looking at my Anne. I whispered loudly to Anne, “ones taking loads of pictures and the other ones wanking.”

Anne gasped and looked at me with wide excited eyes. She put down the brush and I watched as she turned away from them and reached down to the sides of her thong and very slowly slid it down. She then stood straight with her brush in hand and let them see her pert bottom. She turned towards them and started to brush her hair, now with her well-trimmed mound on display for them. She was a really sexy sight standing in only her white stockings and suspenders, showing off her usually well-hidden body. I noticed how hard her nipples had gotten with all the excitement, I wished I could go and lick the large dark circles around her nipples and suck on her juicy red nipples. Her large round breasts bounced as she brushed her hair, hanging heavily asking to be groped.

She was getting more and more excited with each second, I peeked back at the waiters and noticed both of the were almost leaning over into the next balcony to get a closer look at Anne, both had their cocks out wanking, a one had his camera in his other hand clicking away. I could only imagine the photos they already had. I was shaking with excitement too and whispered to Anne, “Anne, Anne, their both wanking now, and that camera must be taking load of photos.”

She breathlessly whispered to me, “darling, I need to go further. Get your clothes off and come over here.”

I didn’t need telling twice. I whipped off my clothes and strode over to Anne; I could feel the waiters watching me as I reached Anne. She excitedly told me to lay on the bed; she wanted to give them a show. She positioned me with my legs dangling over the end of the bed so we were on the bed close to the window, I was wondering what she would do next. Then she stroked my cock and on all fours she placed herself over me intent on a sixty niner. She had her pussy above my face and her mouth above my hard cock. Then I felt her hand gently pull back my foreskin to reveal my head, her warm tongue slid down my cock, then her mouth slipped over my cock. She was letting them see her taking cock in her mouth. I felt her lips running around my cock sliding up and down slowly. I reached up and slid two fingers into her wet pussy and started to pump her rhythmically. She was soon gasping and groaning, I opened her pussy wide and stroked her clit before plunging more fingers into her hot wet hole.

She suddenly moved off of me and said, “go to the bathroom and see what they are doing, I want to get really dirty for them.”

I quickly snuck into the bathroom and peaked out to see them both wanking furiously and still taking photos of Anne. I saw Anne was on the bed with her hands running up and down over her body and tweaking her nipples. She told me to lay back on the bed like I was before, because she was going to give them a show to remember. I lay back with my legs over the end of the bed. She knelt above my cock, facing the window. Then she leant back and slid her pussy onto my cock, I felt my cock sink deep inside her before she rose up, then sank down onto it again, slowly sliding up and down it’s length. She started to bounce faster and faster, I could see from behind her that her breasts were bouncing in time.

I cruelly told her, “they’re out there watching you darling, cocks in hand. I bet their taking loads of photos of you being fucked.”

She groaned and bounced faster, getting wetter and wetter. She leant back slightly and rested her weight on one arm, then I felt her other hand spread her pussy lips wide open so they could see her pussy properly and my cock sliding in and out of her.

I tormented her again knowing it turned her on, “I bet they’re taking photos of your pussy now and wanking.”

She bounced faster spreading her pussy wider, then with a cry of ecstasy her pussy tightened and she orgasmed wildly. For about a minute she cried out and squealed, coming hard. I could almost see the two faces at the window trying to get a closer look; before finally I shot my hot come deep inside her. She slid off my cock and quickly trotted to the bathroom to see both men sorting themselves out having sent their load too.

Anne closed the curtains and collapsed in bed exhausted, then slept like a log.


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