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Housekeeper Wanted with Benefits

by Tony-B

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© Copyright 2010 - Tony-B - Used by permission

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It was an ad in the paper – in the Help Wanted column.

“Help Wanted, Housekeeper with Benefits.”  The ad went on to describe a Large House on secluded acreage in the country.  Single retired owner, including a private apartment for the housekeeper’s “off” hours.  Sounded ideal – just what I was looking for.  I had been laid off my previous position, a result of the recession, and serving jobs – in any capacity – were hard to come by.

So I called, made an appointment for an interview the next day.  I spent the rest of the day selecting my wardrobe, and polishing my resume.

At the appointed time, I drove out into the country, and followed directions to the house.
The doorbell was answered by a distinguished older gentleman, with slightly graying temples, and wearing a nice suit with an open collar shirt.  Altogether, a nice looking man.

He invited me in, and directed me into a nicely appointed living room.  I could see that the house was large enough that he really did need a housekeeper to keep it up.

“I know you’re probably anxious about the interview.  Would you like a glass of wine to make it easier?”

Against my better judgment, he was so charming, I accepted.

“Do you have red wine?”  I asked.

“Yes, of course.  Only the best for my new housekeeper.”

His demeanor allayed my trepidation.  He seemed so charming.  And I figured it would be easy working for him.  I took the goblet from his hand and raised it to my lips, and sipped.

That was a mistake!  Almost as soon as the wine hit my stomach, my head started swimming – almost as if I had already drank too much.

“Don’t be alarmed…  I’ve drugged you,” he said.  “It’s a fast-acting new drug called Penta-Penabutol.  It’s one of a class of psychosexual drugs.  You’ve probably never heard of it.  It’s used in clinics for the insane to control the inmates.  It’s five times more effective than any other drug, and quicker acting.  You’ll be under its control within a minute – you’re probably already feeling the effect.

My head was swimming, and it was if I couldn’t move my body.  Everything seemed as if time had slowed down, and I couldn’t move.  All I could do was listen to him, and try to understand what he was saying.

“Don’t be afraid, I’m not going to hurt you.  But you’re going to be my housekeeper, and I’m going to enjoy the benefits.

I suddenly realized I was going to be raped, and just as suddenly, the fear melted away.

“The effect of the drug will make you very susceptible to suggestion, and you’ll do whatever you’re told to do.   In effect, you will have no will of your own.  The effects of the drug will wear off in about three days, so in order to keep you compliant and submissive, you will receive a fresh dose every other day for as long as I want you.”

“Now stand up and remove your clothes.”

She strained to resist, but it was too much for her.  She found herself rising.  Hesitantly at first, her hands moved to the top button on her blouse, and slowly unbuttoned it.  It was as if she couldn’t resist.  She had been told to undress, and she felt that she had to do it.  She had to follow orders.  To resist was futile.  It seemed as if her hands had a mind of their own.

As he sat there watching her, he took a sip of his own drink and smiled.  He knew that she was his, and would be, for as long as he wished.  After all, she wasn’t the first, and she surely wouldn’t be the last.

As he watched, she slowly removed every stitch of clothing, and slipped out of her shoes, dropping it all on the floor at her feet.

If she could have felt anything, she would have felt embarrassed or humiliated, standing naked before this stranger.  But as it was, it was as if she felt nothing.  It seemed as if she wanted to do this.  It seemed as if she wanted to be naked before him.  And it seemed as if she wanted him to take her.  Her sexual feelings were totally sublimated, and she knew that he was going to take her. … To use her.  And that was fine by her.  The drug had done its work.  She had no will of her own; she only knew that she had to obey him, and do whatever he said.

“Come over here”, he commanded.  “Get on your knees if front of me, and open your mouth.”

This time there was little hesitation.  Because of the suggestion, she wanted to obey him.  She wanted to serve him – to satisfy every need; every want; every thought.

All the rest melted away, as she followed orders.  She crossed the room and stood in front of him.  She dropped to her knees, and opened her mouth.

“Unzip me”, he commanded.

Her fingers found the zipper on his pants, and slowly slid it open.

“Take it out, and be careful about it!” was the next command.

Her fingers parted the fabric of his boxer shorts, parting the fly of his underpants.

“Now fish it out, and lick the head.”

Her fingers spread the fabric, as she felt for the stiffening muscle within.  Once out and held in her fingers, she began licking as directed.

“Now take it into your mouth, and be careful not to bite!” was his next directive.

As she complied, she closed her eyes, and had a fleeting thought.  Maybe, just maybe, if she bit him, or didn’t satisfy him, maybe he’d let her go.

But that wasn’t to be.  The drug made her lose the thought as quickly as it came, to be replaced by mental images of her sucking on his penis over and over.  She realized this meant her mouth was his, whenever, and wherever he wanted, and resigned herself to her fate.

After a few minutes of sucking, she was told to rise.

He had not ejaculated in her mouth, for which she was grateful.

“Stand at attention, bitch”, he said.  “Military style.  Shoulders back, chest out, stomach in, and spread your legs.”

She obeyed, standing tall, and trying to press her breasts forward while holding her tummy in.  It caused her to arch her back, thrusting her well-formed breasts ahead of her.  It also caused her butt to stick out in back, in a well-rounded cushion behind her.  He could imagine the pleasures that were going to give him.

His fingers started at the nape of her neck, and slowly traced her spine down the length of her back, finally resting at the top of her ass crack, while he pondered whether to invade the space below, or save it for later.

She stood motionless at attention, and still felt the pressure of his fingers touching her – arousing her.

“Remember this: If you fail to please me, you will be punished.  You’re going to be kept here as long as I want you, and if I tire of you, you’ll be sold to some less accommodating fellows.”

“From now on, you will address me as ‘Master’”, he said.  “Is that understood?”

“Yes, Master”, she managed to mutter.

“At all other times, you will remain silent!  I don’t care if the house is burning down, you will not speak!  Is that clear?”

“Yes, Master”, she managed.

“Good!  Now pick up your clothes, fold them neatly, and put them in this box.”

With that, he pulled an empty box out from under a nearby table and handed it to her.

“You won’t be needing any clothes while you’re here”, he said.

Following orders, she took the box, picked up her clothes, folded them neatly and put them in the box.

He took the box from her, and locked it in a cupboard.  She now stood naked before him, and her clothes were locked away, unavailable to her.

“You will remain naked while you’re here.  It will remind you that you can’t escape, and you are my property.  I may have my name tattooed on your ass as proof of ownership, or maybe on the top of your breasts where it can be seen by anyone who has the privilege of using you.”  As an afterthought, he added, “Or anyone I allow to use you.”

“Or I may have you branded as a permanent mark.”

As he spoke, she had mental images of what he was saying.  A tattoo on her ass….. “Property of …..”  Or on her breasts.  The worst image was the last.  A hot branding iron being pressed into her flesh on her buttock, the way they do with cattle.

“Now stand at attention, again”, he commanded.

Her body, already conditioned to standing in military fashion, snapped into position..

“Put your hands behind you, and cross your wrists”, he commanded,

Once again, her body did what it was told to do.  With her hands behind her back, her breasts were forced even further forward.  She could feel the skin across her chest, and notably across her breasts, tighten.  She felt her nipples harden, and stick out even further.  She was suddenly very conscious of her breasts, of how they looked, and how attractive they were.  She had always known she had a nice set of knockers, and that men liked to play with them.  She had a fleeting image of her new master caressing and suckling them while she had orgasm after orgasm.

From somewhere, he produced a short piece of rope, and used it to criss-cross her wrists, tying her hands firmly behind her.

Another piece of rope was circled around her elbows and pulled tight until they almost touched, before it was tied off.

“That will hold you for a while, while I look you over in greater detail”, he said.

“Sit down on the floor and spread your legs”, he commanded.

With her hands tied behind her back, and her arms pinioned at the elbows, it was difficult to lower herself using only the power of her legs as she sank slowly into a spread-sitting position.  She had a fleeting image of a young girl sitting on the floor in this position, playing jacks between her legs.  But this image faded quickly, as she wondered what was coming next.  She was soon to find out.

“Lean back and lie down”, was his next command.

As she struggled to keep from falling backward, he said, “Spread your legs wide open – as far as you can!”

Once again, her body complied.  There was no question of control – he had it, and her body obeyed.  She had no will, and no way to stop him from doing whatever he wished.

He touched her in her most delicate place.

His finger parted her labia, and searched for the hidden opening between.

They pushed aside the genital hair between her legs, searching for the pleasure nub hidden there.  Finding it, his fingers circled it gently, then began slowly running it.  Around and around his fingers swept, as her body began its slow climb to the orgasm she knew would come if he continued long enough.

She wanted to shout “Yes! … Yes!” as her body accelerated it’s pace toward the female fulfillment she knew would come.  But she remained silent – except that a low moan escaped her throat.  She debated pleading for her Master to make her cum.  But she remained silent.  He had commanded her to remain silent, and she had to obey.

“You respond well”, he commented as he stopped caressing her love button.  “But I’m going to have to do something with all this hair.  I’ll shave you as soon as I get around to it.  I prefer a shaved pussy.  You’ve got to keep it clean and hairless at all times”.

“That’s okay by me”, she thought as the image of being shaved by her Master flitted through her mind, only to fade into a blank screen again.  She tried to remember what was okay with her, but alas, it was already gone, and she had no other thoughts.

“Now get up’, he commanded.  “It’s time for your first training session.”

She struggled to raise herself.  It was difficult.  As her Master observed her difficulty in rising, he grabbed her hair, and lifted her to a standing position by providing additional lift.

“From now on, you’ll style your hair in a ponytail”, he said.

“Yes, Master”, she replied.

He led her to the center of the room, released her and said, “Stay!”

He left the room for a moment, returning with a tall stool.  “Get up on the stool”, he said as he placed it in the center of the room.

It was a tall stool – more like a barstool.  When properly seated, your feet would be off the floor.  As there was no footrest, one would have to jump to get on the seat, or hold onto something nearby while getting seated.  Something like a bar.

Once again, he grasped her hair, and provided the additional leverage to help her up onto the stool.

Her arms were still tied and useless.  But what was to come next was designed to keep her on the stool for a while.  Her legs were spread apart, and her ankles tied to the stool legs on opposite sides, in effect spreading her legs wide apart.

“Open your mouth wide”, he said.

As she opened her mouth, he produced a black rubber ball-gag, and pressed it between her teeth, forcing it in as far as possible, and securing it in position with a leather strap around the head.

“Now sit there until I release you”, he said.

She had little choice.  With that, he switched off the lights in the room, and with another switch, turned on an overhead spotlight.  It was as if she was on display for anyone to see.

“One hour this time”, he said.  “One hour to get used to bondage.”

And with that, he left the room.



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