House Maid to Sex Doll

by Tastytress

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The refrigerator was cool against her back in stark contrast to his heat pressing in from in front of her. She struggled to catch her breath as his heat enveloped her. He touched no part of her but every piece of her tingled as if he were. Her breath caught as his finger rose to touch the top button of her white blouse. He toyed with the small plastic circle as he watched her. His look was hot and predatory, giving her no room to escape. With a mere flick of his finger the button released its hold and her shirt opened fractionally. Lazily his finger moved to the next small circle button and her breath hitched again. Once again, small flick, button released, slight opening of her shirt. 

He toyed with her enjoying each inch of skin that came into view, prolonging the anticipation, turning it into a game. If her breathing was any indication she was ready to combust. Slowly her ample cleavage came into view. The tops of her breasts pushed up in offering. The white lace bra was barely concealing the proud flesh, but it was enough to keep the mystery and anticipation alive. He smiled softly as she arched toward him. He shook his head silently admonishing her to stay still.

She whimpered almost silently and pressed back against the solid appliance. He gently slapped her cheek and waved disapproving finger at her. He was too close but not close enough. His heat was seeping into her bones causing them to melt. Soon she would not be able to stand.

As if he knew her dilemma, he slid his leg between hers and thrust his thigh against her weeping sex. She wanted to moan and instead tilted her head back. Her nails scratched at the appliance behind her in frustration. She ground down on his thigh relishing the friction against her enflamed nub.

He laughed as he loosened another button. She knew that he was laughing because she was so easy. He did not even have to speak to her and she was willing to throw open her legs for him. He knew and so he laughed. A tiny piece of her wanted to push him away and walk out so he would not win, so she could be the one with the power. That tiny piece was no match for the hunger that he unleashed in her though. She was beyond wanting, and very deep into needing him. He was her addiction that had not been fed in a long time; to be honest he had never fed the addiction. He just kept building the anticipation, then backing away. Each time he cornered her like this; it was as if he was testing his limits. How far would she let him get today?

It started with looks, he would watch her until she would make eye contact then he would look away, only to look back before she could look away. Then he would brush up against her, seemingly innocently. Then he started touching her, lingering over her hand or her arm. Then he got bold, he would rub her inappropriately, on the ass or her breast, acting as if it were an accident, that he was reach for her arm or just past her. Then when she did not back away from the touches he got bolder, slapping her ass lightly, grasping her breast softly.

When he was not called to account for this behavior he stepped it up even more, pinching her nipples and rubbing his hand over her panties. For months he kept at the game, raising the stakes every chance he got. He would trap her in small spaces and pinch her nipples brutally and lightly smack her face if she cried out, until he was twisting her nipples and she would not utter a sound. He was training her to take the abuse silently so he could play with her anytime, anywhere. 

Now here he was in the kitchen of his mother's home with her pressed against the fridge willing to let him do anything he wanted. If she were to get caught she would be fired on the spot, but that did not matter. She was his slave more than she was his mother's maid.

He slipped the last button from its hole and pulled the edges apart. It was the first time that he had disturbed her clothes. He normally played with her through the material, adding a layer of forbidden to the play. Today, however, he was not going to stop at playing. He was finalizing his dominance over her. She did not know that his mother was gone for 2 months on a cruise and he was staying at the house as a favor. She just assumed that he was visiting once again for the afternoon. The rest of the staff had been dismissed for the remainder of holiday on paid vacation, but he had insisted that he would need some help keeping up with the house in the form of the one maid. Now she was trapped in his web and she would not be escaping. 

What had started as a game with an attractive maid that he was forbidden to touch had turned into an obsession. Every time he came to visit he found a way to advance his seduction, silently and discreetly. Now with free reign he was enthralled with the power he had over her. He never spoke to her, he simply touched her. He touched her without permission and without repercussions. This was the kind of power he had only dreamed of before now.

She shivered and ground herself against his thigh. She was going to get herself off if he did not move his leg. He did so with a mixture of regret and elation. She bit her lip and whimpered barely audibly. He stepped back and watched her as she struggled to control the writhing of her body. In the open white shirt and knee length black skirt she looked desperate. He hooked a finger in the front of her bra and pulled her along. He led her to the study that his father had used while he was alive and closed them in; locking the door behind them to give her the illusion that he was preventing them from being interrupted even though he knew there was no one else around. He wanted her to think that they could be caught so she would stay quiet. For some reason that was the hottest part to him, her struggle against her natural instinct to make sounds.

He released his hold on her bra and moved behind her. He grabbed the shirt she wore by the collar and pulled it off of her. He then loosened the skirt and pushed it down her legs. She stood there silently, wearing white lace bra and bikini panties and lace topped black thigh high stockings. He admired the rounded cheeks of her ass encased in lace before touring around to face her again.

He watched her eyes drift shut as he reached for the front clasp of her bra. She inhaled sharply as his fingers brushed against her skin. He pulled the fabric back to reveal her large breasts with nipple so stiff it looked almost painful. He pulled the bra from her body and dropped it on top of the forgotten skirt. Using his knuckles, he caressed the distended nipples and watched as goose bumps popped out over her creamy skin. Without warning he pinched her right nipple viciously, she cried out without thinking.

"Ah, sweetheart you know better than that." He grinned excited that she had played so well into his hands. He grabbed her hand and led her over to the desk. He positioned her so both hands were resting on the edge of the desk and she was bent at the waist with her legs straight. He moved to the other side of the desk where she could watch him as he opened drawers looking for something. When he pulled a flexible plastic ruler from the drawer, she inhaled sharply but did not move. He moved around behind her, leaning in close to her ear he whispered quietly. "3."

She shivered from the caress of his breath against the sensitive skin of her ear and waited for the promised punishment. The first impact of the ruler against her lace cover bottom caused her to flinch but she did not cry out, knowing that if she did there would be more. The second landed viciously, and still she remained quiet, breathing through her nose as she bit her lip. The third smack landed and a tiny peep of noise escaped her. He laughed knowing that she knew there would be consequences.

"Later, I will collect on that. For now though..."

He stepped behind her and pulled the lace from her bottom and pushed it down her legs to pool around her ankles. Still wearing the stockings, she looked incredible with her ass striped with faint red marks. He brushed is hand over her heated skin then ran his fingers down the cleft of her ass until he was touching the outside of her pussy lips. The moisture of her cunt had seeped out and coated her so he could feel her wetness from there. 

"You liked that didn't you, slut?"

She nodded silently answering his question. He smiled and shoved 2 fingers brutally into her sopping hole. She offered no resistance and in fact pushed herself deeper onto his fingers. He finger fucked her hard and she struggled not to cry out with the bliss. It took only three hard thrusts of his fingers before she orgasmed.

"Oh fuck. That is right you dirty little whore, come on my fingers. Come for your master." He continued to manipulate her cunt as he talked, giving her another climax that was too much for her to keep silent. She moaned and ground herself against his hand. "You know that I want you to be quiet and you keeping making noise. Is that because you want me to punish you?"

Once again she nodded silently in answer. He grinned and pulled his hand from her. "Lick my hand clean so I can use it to spank you." He said holding his fingers against her lips. She licked sensuously against his fingers tasting her desire and his skin. Ravenously she sucked his fingers into her mouth, lapping and softly biting his hand. He growled as the pleasure became too much for him. He pulled his hand away and moved so he was once again standing next to her. He leaned close and whispered. "5."

He ran his hand against the skin of her ass, softly. Then, he pulled back and slapped her hard. She flinched but remained silent. Again he caressed and slapped, silently she endured counting them in her head. On the fourth her breath hissed out but still she did not vocalize her pain. On the fifth one he was hoping she would break so he would have an excuse to keep going, but she remained quiet. He smiled, knowing that at some point she would make noise, so he would have another chance. He stared as her cherry red bottom as he undid his pants. He rolled on a condom and moved in behind her. Before she had a chance to understand what he was doing he drove into her full force. She screamed at the delicious invasion and he moaned reveling not only in the feel of her sopping slit but also in the knowledge that she was due for more punishment. "That is 10." 

She pushed back against him silently accepting and delighting in the thought of more punishment. He acknowledged her by grabbing her hair and holding her still for his thrusts. She rose up on her toes to better accommodate the height difference between them. He continued to pound away at her. She was on the edge of another climax but would not let go. He growled and used his free hand to slap her hard on her hip. She shuddered and almost came. He twisted her hair brutally and slapped her hard again. "Come for me, you dirty slut, come for me."

She moaned and convulsed around him, her orgasm rocking through her. He growled and pulled out of her grasping channel before he lost himself to the siren call of her cunt. He pulled her up by her hair and pulled her across the room to the couch. He sat her on the very edge and pushed her back until her head touched the back of the couch. He knelt between her thighs and watched her eyes as he sank into her pussy. 

"You are a very bad girl." He said as she bit her lip trying not to make a sound. "You know that you have to be quiet, don't you?" 

She nodded and looked at him through her lashes. 

"You know that when you moan, someone might hear you, don't you."

Again she nodded. He began to fuck her. Curled up against the couch as she was he was perfectly position to hit her g-spot with every thrust. She tried not to but she could not prevent the soft cry that escaped her. He grinned evilly and slapped her hard across the breast. She gasped in surprise and he slapped the other one, she cried out and he slapped her again. That was all it took. She came hard, squirting him with her ejaculation. 

"Jesus, you are a fucking dirty whore. You will come for me again."

"I can't." She moaned trying to twist away from the friction of his body against hers. 

"You can and you will. Did I tell you to speak?" He asked pinching her nipple hard.

She shook her head and bit her lip falling into the pleasure/pain again as another orgasm shook her. 

"God you are so responsive. Have you had a dom before?"

She looked at him puzzled. 

"Have you ever been spanked before?" He asked still thrusting into her.

She shook her head. He smiled evilly and began to rub her clit. He had plans for this tasty slut and he could not wait. She struggled not to come, knowing that it was going to be too intense for her to control her moans, but in the end his will won out over hers and she screamed as she came hard. He was so far gone on her that as soon as her tremors started he was coming in great gushing spurts. 

"What is your name?" He asked pulling out of her, dealing with the condom.

"Marie." She whispered.

"Do you have a boyfriend?"


"Do you live with anyone?"

"No, I have an apartment in Shadow Woods."

"Where are your parents?"

"In Maine."

"Do you have friends that you see regularly?"

"I have friends, but we see each other when we can."

"Good. What is your address?"


"I need to have your apartment packed and moved."

"Where to?"

"Storage most likely."


"You won't need them."

"Why? Are you planning to kill me or something?"

"No sweetheart, I will give you clothes that I will allow you to wear and you will be moving into my residence. So you will not need furnishings at all."

"So, you are just moving me into your house?"

"Yes. You are my submissive and you are going to be open and accessible to me 24/7."

"Should I agree to this first?"

"No. I do not need you to talk at all. As a matter of fact I prefer that."

"So a walking sex doll?"


"Ok then, as long as you have worked it out." The sarcasm dripped from her tone.

"I have."

"I guess sarcasm is..."

"Not allowed. If you try it again, you will be punished and not in the way that we both found so enjoyable."

"That was hot."

"How old are you?"


"That is fine. Do you have any allergies?"


"Any chronic illnesses?"


"Fine. When were you last tested for STD's?"

"My last exam was a month ago. I am clean."

"What kind of activity have you engaged in since the test?"

"None. I have been celibate for a year."

"That is how long you have worked here right."


"Why for so long?"

"I figured the man that was creating the fire should be the one putting it out."

"Who was creating the fire?"

"You were."

"Was I?"

"Yes sir."

"How did you make it a whole year?"

"I spent a lot of time touching myself."


"I used to hide in the linen closet upstairs and masturbate when you would leave."

"You should show me."


"Yes. Touch yourself."

She lay back on the sofa, letting her knees fall wide. Her hand slipped between her thighs, her fingers dancing over her smooth bald pussy. One finger dipped in collecting her honey. With a slow swirl she circled the hood of her clit dancing around but never touching the tightening nub. She tilted her head back and panted softly. Fingers dipped low sinking into the sweet hollow of her throbbing cunt. 

He sat back watching the movement of her dexterous hand as she played her pussy like an instrument of pleasure. She was deft at teasing herself, and all the time she remained conscious of where he was and the best view of her actions for him. She was in so many ways a perfect sub. His year of self-torture, he had spent teasing her was paying off way more than he ever dreamed. 

Her face smoothed out and her mouth fell open, her breathe hitched and she came gloriously and silently. He smiled. "Marie, you may get dressed and go back to work. Before you go write your address on this pad, then make sure I do not find you off in a corner touching yourself. You are never to touch yourself unless I give you permission. Is that understood?"

"Yes, sir." Marie said as she finished dressing. She wrote her address and quickly hurried out complete her duties.

Winston Jefferson Hayward III picked up the phone and set about altering the course of Marie Elizabeth Smith's life. It was great how money and power gave him the ability to buy and sell little lives like hers without even any effort. 

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