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Hunting the Red Head

by Jackie Rabbit

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© Copyright 2011 - Jackie Rabbit - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-M; Sbf; M/f; cuffs; bfold; outdoors; sex; climax; cons; X


The man was dressed in his camouflage clothing and waiting in the woods near the parks parking area, even though hunting season wouldn't open for weeks. This hunter had no weapons of the traditional kind with him, the game he was after today didn't require it. The man was patient and had watched this area before, and his patience were about to be rewarded. She drove up in her muddy Jeep, and all five foot two inches of her jumped out of the lifted truck. The first thing he noticed was her long red hair, he couldn't see her eyes from where he was hidden, but he knew they were a piercing green, the kind of eyes that could look right through him. She was pale and freckled, and blessed with a perfectly athletic body, and he had lusted for her from the first moment he saw her!

All she had on was cut off denim shorts, and a white crop top, and well worn hiking boots. She locked her Jeep and started through the woods carrying nothing more than a twenty ounce disposable Styrofoam coffee cup, and a bandanna in her taunt back pocket. She looked like she could hike all day long, and he hoped he could keep up without being caught.

She walked through the woods on no trail that he could see, but it was apparent she knew where she was going. She came to a stream crossing, the man watching covertly from the cover of a large oak tree, and she stripped off her hiking boots and thick socks. He was surprised to see her leave them behind on his side of the stream, and cross with her pretty little feet in the cool water. She continued on, leaving little barefoot tracks in the dirt for him to follow...

He lost sight of her for a moment, but he saw her little crop top hanging on a tree limb where she left it. When he got to it he found it smelled exactly like he expected she would smell. He knew he had to close the gap between them to see what she was or wasn't wearing under that top. When he caught sight of her again, all he could see was her freckled back, but without a bra strap to spoil the view. He could only see a glimpse of her small breasts and pink nipples as she walked through the dense undergrowth, but that was enough to keep him interested.

She walked on some more and stopped to lean on a tree, and he saw her peel off her tight shorts leaving her wearing only a skimpy white pair of panties. The panties wanted to follow the shorts, but she wouldn't let them. She removed the bandanna from the rear pocket of the shorts before she hung them on another branch, and the man was curious to hear a metallic sound from what was wrapped in the bandanna. The man could hardly walk his arousal was so intense, but he fought the urge to deal with that himself, and followed her deeper into the woods. She was now wearing almost nothing, but still holding the coffee cup, and now the bandanna in her free hand.

She walked to a clearing, apparently her intended destination, and stripped off the last stitch of clothing she had on her magnificent body. Her neatly trimmed red bush was almost enough to make the man climax at the sight of it. Her breasts were a perfect b cup, by his expert eye, and she was facing him with them when she hung her panties on the branch nearest her. She walked into the clearing, and out of his sight, and he waited for her to come out.

When the sexy red head didn't emerge from the clearing, he crept closer until he saw her. She was laying on her back on some moss with her hands handcuffed over her head, and around a three inch maple tree. The bandanna was wrapped across her eyes as a blindfold, and must have contained the cuffs until moments ago. Her legs were free and crossed, and rubbing together as if she was trying to get herself off. The man couldn't hold back any longer. What man could?

He walked up to her silently and she flinched when he first ran his rough hand from her sexy foot up. No protest escaped her lips, only a sharp intake of breath. She allowed him to grab her by the knees and and spread her sexy pale legs, he only took the time to kick his pants off before he plunged into her. His first ride was over too quick for her, but he found the energy for an instant second go, and that one left her pulling at the handcuffs as she noisily orgasmed, all while he had her erect nipple between his gentle teeth.

The man was spent and rolled off of the red head, and she arched her back invitingly. He wished he could go again, but he had already done well for a "once and done man".

She spoke first and told him she didn't know how they could possibly top that one.

He agreed, and jokingly suggested maybe next time one of his buddies could hunt her instead. He asked her where the key to the cuffs was, and she told him it was frozen in the coffee cup by her hands.

The man said he would see her at home, and left his young wife to get out of her cuffs on her own, after the cup full of ice melted.

He knew the moment she got out she would have her fingers in her sloppy box, finishing the job he started.



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