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Indecent Proposal

by Jackie Rabbit

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© Copyright 2016 - Jackie Rabbit - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF; MMF; M/f; agreement; loan; plot; cuckold; bond; sex; climax; cons/reluct; X

Not the terrible movie, but inspired by the terrible movie...

Indecent Proposal: A Second Honeymoon For The Rental Wife

"So let me get this straight, you guys have talked and you have consented, that is your willing to give your permission for your friend to borrow me for a little trip he has to take."

"It sounds so bad when you say it like that" my husband Mike pleaded. "He is after all 'our' friend and not 'my' friend, to be semantically correct."

"Does Jack need to borrow your weedeater as well at the same time, or are you still not lending THAT to him these days?" I asked, the irritation clear as it could be in my voice, semantics be dammed...

"He lent me the money for your ring" Mike confessed, "and was my best man at our wedding" Mike explained, as if I didn't know the latter part already. "As far as the weed eater, he kept my last one all summer and then returned it all worn out."

I was shocked to silence as I rolled the massive ring on my finger subconsciously, it was a fantastic ring and it had to be obscenely expensive, and I had assumed at the time well out of reach of my husband to be. Jack was a good guy and doing quite well for himself, so the loan made sense from a certain point of view, but it still irritated me that it took until now to find out about it. The man who initially paid for my fantastic ring was not the same one I was sharing a bed with, not that the ring was the key that opened my proverbial lock box, but at the time it did convey a certain seriousness of commitment. Jack had been Mike's best friend long before I had came into the picture, but if I had met him first who knows how things might have turned out.

Jack's success also came with a price, at least so far, as he had nobody to share it with as of yet. I knew that would change one day as Jack was quite the catch, even though he claimed to be useless in the kitchen. Somehow I don't think he was quite as bad as he pretended, his perceived limitations allowing the excuse for us to spend more time together than what might appear normal for a recently married couple and our single best friend.

For rather selfish reasons, (having two hansom men paying attention to your every move can be very empowering), I flirted with both of them subtly whether at our place or his, or even when serving drinks by Jack's pool in a rather modest one piece as we were nearly neighbors. Nothing obscene, but one knows by instinct how to move in such a way as to gain attention, I putting on a show for my two men while serving them...

I suspected Jack not asking me directly to help him must have had something to do with some guy code thing, but I still didn't trust both men's motivations, my intuition telling me I wasn't getting the whole story.

"What trip, and why me?" I asked in my "no nonsense" tone.

Mike squirmed, his "I can't say" not cutting it with me at all.

I stared him down with my hands on my hips in defiance until he melted, his explanation shocking me to silence for several more seconds.

"I never paid Jack back for your ring, I owe him big time..."

"It sounds as if Jack is renting, and not borrowing me..."

"You could put it like that" Mike confessed rather sheepishly, he not even realizing I had by implication agreed to become a part of what would turn out to be a very provocative conspiracy...

Still one of my girlfriends could possibly take this little trip, wherever it was, and I made up my mind to find out why it "had" to be me.

"You still didn't answer my original questions 'dear', you know I will find out eventually don't you?"

The "why me" might be possible to keep from me for a time, but unless Jack intended to blindfold me on the way I would know the where easily enough. I was no stranger to such things, but those were private games between a husband and wife, and just the thought of Jack blindfolding me instead of Mike caused a tingling in my belly. There were other things that usually went along with being blindfolded in our games, else I would have simply reached up and removed it when I tired of not being able to see. Those games always ended rather well for me, but I was left to fantasize if Jack was privy to such secrets.

"I promised not to tell another living soul, and I can't violate that. You will just have to ask Jack yourself, he's coming for dinner."


Over dinner I was brutally direct with Jack while still smiling to soften the sting, he not himself and definitely off his game, and I knew whatever this thing was that he needed me for was serious. "Where is it you wish to take me, and why does it have to be me Jack 'dear'?" I asked while staring into his eyes and sitting in intimate closeness. The nuance of using the exact same term of endearment with both men not lost on my listening husband.

I had to fight back the mental image of a smiling Jack blindfolding me and binding my arms behind my back with his belt before taking me away somewhere to do who knows what, all while my obligated husband passively watched me lead away, as if I were to be held for ransom by Jack until Mike paid his debt. It was a "Perils of Pauline" kind of day dream, and incredibly erotic.

My whole body was set to tingling with such thoughts, possibly the most provocative day dream I had ever had involving another man! Until this trip had been suggested Jack had never entered my dreams, now he was there regularly, sometimes as a friend, sometimes as an aggressively passionate lover that came excitingly close to my "taken against my will" fantasies.

"It's a vacation of sorts, to the islands, and my company is paying the whole tab" he explained as cheerfully as possible, as if that made any sense.

...Jack was ordinarily rather confident in just about everything, and I was taking a rather perverse pleasure in seeing him squirm while trying to answer me without giving up the little secret of the massive ring of commitment on my finger while Mike looked on. I at the same time was trying to keep a secret of my own, and thought I was doing a rather good job of it, although feeling just a little flushed...

"Well, lets for the sake of argument assume that made any sense at all. Why me? Your a good looking guy and I can think of several of my friends that would just love to go with you, especially if I vouched for your character, which I would do in a heartbeat."

Jack smiled and blushed rather deeply with my compliment, and I thought it was cute, he rather hansom (and desirable) to my eye at that moment despite my husband sitting close by. He was a hansom man by any objective eye, not just my own, and even though he had never said a thing out of place to me, (even after the combination of my playful flirting and adult beverages), a woman can ordinarily tell by the way a man looks at her what he is thinking about. In Jack's case I thought his eyes were telling me he was happy for his friend, and maybe just slightly envious, and I took that as a huge compliment.

"Do you remember when we danced at 'the' wedding, (not 'your 'wedding curiously enough), and when the photographer came over and took our picture? Well that picture is presently sitting on my desk at work, and I may have told my employer that it was I that got married that day, to you, for the purpose of getting a promotion. I bought a matching band to Mike's as well, and I wear it at work to perpetuate the lie, but I think they are on to me as I have never had my 'wife' at any company functions yet. I have explained this away so far by telling them you are very busy in your own career, but to call my bluff my office manager put 'us' in for this little vacation bonus drawing because I work so hard, which she obviously made sure 'we' won."

I stared in shocked silence for several seconds into Jack's eyes, not a sound could be heard in our dinning room except for the three of us breathing. Not a clink of silverware, nothing...

"Your joking right, this is all some sort of elaborate prank that you boys thought up to give me a fit right?"

Jack shook his head ever so slightly with that same smile as before, like a kid caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

"And you Mike dear were in on all of it, weren't you?" I asked without breaking my stare at Jack, his matching band obviously bought prior to the deception and at the same jewelers, and that made this whole sorted affair a premeditated conspiracy between the both of them.

"So this is to be a second honeymoon... with my other husband?" I asked after Mike refused to answer me.

"I think that was my office managers intention, ostensibly at any rate." Jack answered for his mute friend...


That night in bed we agreed not to discuss the subject by silent mutual consent, but there really wasn't much to discuss, Mike was obligated to Jack, and therefore so was I. I suspected this trip would be even more awkward for myself than it would be for the boys despite my false bravado, and under the best of circumstances it could strain a wonderful friendship, but under the worst it could both destroy a career and a marriage as well.


"Yes dear", and I could hear the trepidation in his voice.

"It may not be a terribly liberated view, but you know that I am yours to do with what you want, don't you? And by that I mean right now in this bed, as well as later. I thought at the time that your desire to use old fashion wedding vows was cute, but the 'love, honor, and obey' commitment I made was a serious one for me." I then crossed my arms and intertwined them in the bars of the headboard as I closed my eyes, although neither was necessary as Mike can be rather perceptive in such maters.

A scarf for a blindfold and a bathrobe sash to tie my wrists in place sealed the deal, and even though Jack might be borrowing me soon for his own nefarious purposes, I was Mike's to do with as he pleased that night. His hands shook as he bound me, but he still managed to place the knot to my improvised blindfold near my ear instead of directly behind my head where it had a habit of digging in and causing me a headache.

My matching baby doll and panties were in the way however, my bound arms making a full removal of one of my old favorites impossible. It was old and slightly threadbare, but still one of my favorite cotton things to wear to bed. Instead of Mike being tender and sweet though, he went full barbarian on me, tearing it from my body his haste to sate his lust was so great. I was happy to feel he was as turned on by all this as I was, neither of us however voicing such feelings, some things better left unsaid. I struggled through several magnificent big O's that night, my hands sore from my struggles, I wondering playfully if we should purchase some thick leather cuffs that wouldn't leave such marks...

Upon reflection the following day (without the distraction of this unnatural lust it brewing in my body) it was as if Mike expected that Jack and I would actually be sharing a bed on our honeymoon. I had fantasized about such several times since this little adventure had been suggested, but I wisely kept those to myself. I also realized that so far Jack had gotten off pretty lightly for his part in this conspiracy, other that writing one big check to the jewelers. Still he had to know that I held his career in my hands, especially since his office manager had decided to take a little vacation herself at the same place and time so as to meet me. Such was no doubt to force him to confess his deception to the company, she obviously expecting there would be no wife matching his desktop photo with him on his prize won trip.

I had little to wear on such a trip anyway, and I made Mike take me shopping for something appropriate to wear while "honeymooning" without him. He seemed better than just OK with me taking such a trip with Jack, and he picked out some things for me to model that were downright sexy. Short dresses and heels, lacy underthings, and a bikini that I would never have had the courage to wear on any public beach. Still another bikini, (one needs more than one as the other needs to dry between wearings), was modeled and bought, it being of the tan through variety and the tags on it warned of the plain white materials transparency when wet.

Vacations were different from back home though, one could go on one and do things that one just couldn't do where she was known. Dress up and pretend was a game we had played when we were children, and this was starting to feel like an adult version of that. I was about to dress up in a manner I wouldn't ordinarily and pretend to be married to Jack, and this game I realized could turn out to be a lot of fun if played properly.

A close girlfriend of mine whom I had confided in told me that I should look up the term "cuckolding", she suggesting it may be an explanation for Mike's lack of jealousy. I suspected from her wisdom on the subject that she had more than a casual interest in such things, but I left that subject alone for another day.

I thought 'lack of jealousy' was a gentle way to put it, I suspecting Mike was almost eager for me to go away with Jack, but I wondered why. Did my willingness to take this trip with Jack mean once it was over the debt between both men would be settled? Was I therefore nothing more than the coin that settled a debt, or in this case a great many coins? For that matter, what could I possibly do for two weeks with Jack that would be the equivalent of my massive engagement ring while on a free vacation in the islands with a bunch of new clothes to parade around in?

Nothing was the obvious answer no matter how inflated my ego had become. I looked good in my new dresses and heels, acceptable in either of the bikinis (although pale), and I was a lover more than willing to experiment. Jack would get to see two of those qualities over and over again on our little vacation, but that ring had to cost what a car did. That meant that I was missing something, that there was some form of motivation, and/or compensation that was about to take place that was beyond my knowing. I thought I was being rather clever about all this, but perhaps the guys had conspired between themselves to trick me somehow. Did they have some kind of gentleman's agreement about their expectations for this trip, and did lending me to Jack to pretend to be his wife for two weeks mean either, or perhaps both men expected me to play that part the whole way?

Every married woman I know who will admit it has thought about what it would be like to spend a night with another man at least once, and here I was potentially being given that opportunity with my husband's blessing, a "hall pass" I had heard it called once. He even buying me provocative things to wear for my second honeymoon with our best friend, who was a hansom man himself. No one could call this cheating, and fantasy thoughts that were once taboo for my married self became something else, acceptable.

Still I had to look up this cuckolding thing, and when I did I discovered that it isn't all that unusual for a man to want to share his wife after some time together. The stories I read on the subject excited me in a raw kind of way bearing in mind my upcoming vacation, but usually the husband/cuckold in them was a poor lover, or not all that well endowed. Mike was none of those things, nor did he have any submissive tendencies that I had ever noticed. In just a few of the cuckolding stories I had read though the cuckold got off on the concept of showing off his wife's charms, and my husband Mike could actually be one of those, most especially with his best friend Jack.

It seemed to me in concept like a man getting a new sports car and wanting to show it off to his friends, first washing and waxing it in the driveway himself as he became intimately familiar with every curve, eventually even letting an especially close friend borrow it for a spin around the block after endlessly boasting of it's capabilities once it wasn't brand new any more. This was no proverbial spin around the block though, but a short term rental paid for well in advance, the contract already signed and unbreakable.

My mind was in turmoil, but I kept coming back to being the coin that settled a debt between friends...


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