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Indecent Proposal

by Jackie Rabbit

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© Copyright 2018 - Jackie Rabbit - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF; FFMM; wife-swap; deception; cuckold; flight; hotel; bikini; tease; boss; drink; kiss; arousal; sex; climax; cons; X

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Part Four

"You guys talk about all kinds of things, don't you?" I asked, the conclusion a sudden, if not unexpected revelation, the leather gifts from Jack's fellow employees suggesting a great many things about the depth of his purported kink, and by extension my own.

Jack's answer, delivered in the form of a knowing mischievous smile, should have caused me to blush. I also took notice that little Jack had not deflated yet, (likely for several obvious reasons) and when Jack caught me looking he just shrugged his shoulders as if to ask what I intended to do about doing this to him.

I realized that if my two men had in fact talked about our apparent shared kink at length, and my affinity for restraint in general, and obviously what that did to me at a very base sexual level, such would suggest that my flippant wager with Jack might have been something deeper. I don't claim to have had those thoughts consciously beforehand, but something, (some invisible force), made me blurt out that outrageous offer to Jack before opening up our kinky second honeymoon gifts.

 In other words, if my Mike had in fact given those "keys" (to my proverbial lock box) to his best friend Jack, I could come to no other conclusion but that Mike expected Jack to use them. There was no ambiguity in this for me, and all Jack had to do to claim his proverbial prize (and free me from any guilt associated with playing the part of his slutty faux wife completely while on OUR honeymoon), was to man up and lock those cuffs on me and take what was offered...

"What do you need?" I asked Jack in open ended fashion while directing my eyes toward his inconveniently erect manhood. 

"I need something I shouldn't want." Jack answered cryptically.

"Oh, that'll just make us all hot and sweaty husband of mine, and on our second honeymoon too, who would expect such a thing?" I asked jokingly, but with obviously serious overtones, just as I had when I had offered up my leg for Jack's tactile inspection in his little sports car before our dinner date.

"The thought occurred to me, it would be like Tammy to 'accidentally' meet up with us down there to look for something out of place in our happy marriage. I just need some time... that little bikini isn't helping though" Jack added in extreme complimentary fashion.

"I'll bet your wife could have you deflated in five minutes Jack, with or without this little bikini in the way." I then tugging at the little string at my right hip as if I were pulling the little knot out while smiling broadly at him, wondering at what had gotten into me. 

"Why tease and taunt Jack like this?" I asked myself, something darkly unique going on in my mind that was hard for me to put to words. It was not only cruel, but foolish of me as well, unless I deep down wanted Jack to loose his cool and go all barbarian on me just to prove to myself that I could do this to another man. 

"Probably more like thirty seconds, but that sounds like the something else I shouldn't want." Jack replied with a self deprecating chuckle, all while staring intently at my fingers that were toying with the knot holding my bikini bottoms on. His words were by implication telling me no, but he at the same time licked his lips ever so slightly as I watched him watch me, I doubting he even knew he had done so.

"Depends of course on how exactly we did it, but your the boss here, remember?" My randy faux wife inner self apparently trying it's level best to goad Jack into some manly "take charge" ism.

"You're making this very HARD for me you know."

"Now THAT was funny Jack... Do you want to take a cold shower, or something like that?" I asked reasonably...


The sound of the surf on the beach sounded quite nice from a distance.  I had to begrudgingly admit that Jack had a good idea about going there, (after his cold shower), but we ran into Tammy and Pete on the way who were both still dressed in their travel clothes and sitting under a sun umbrella (we obligated to detour and sit with them instead out of good manners).  I was the most underdressed of the four of us and definitely felt "on display", but I had a part to play with Jack and didn't wish to disappoint either.

Should I be confident in my bikini body, or for that matter myself, or should I be demure and defer to Jack? I wondered just a little too late, wishing I had thought about these things sooner. I had feinted confidence at Jack's house (which was thought to be mine as well though), but there was something about being nearly naked in the fully clothed presence of Jack's employer and her curious husband that upset that calculation for me.

 Tammy projected confidence, her clothing, her physique, her manner, the way she even looked at me, all these things placed her in a position over my own as if she were an apex predator and I her prey. Her words were nice and polite, but that felt as phony as the performance I were giving, or perhaps attempting to give. This place as well had a "home field" advantage for her, her company was paying the entire bill, Jack was her subordinate, and it was even obvious that both she and Pete had been here before.

This notion of mine was reinforced when Pete and Tammy ordered drinks for each other from Jeffery our charming waiter, by name, he having no name tag that I could see, but what I did see was his genuine smile as he asked for my own order. He was a large powerfully built gym rat of a man who looked to be a local of this island nation, and I'm sure he had seen his fair share of hardly dressed female guests making me one of many, but still his gentlemanly smile was good for my ego. 

In keeping with the precedent Tammy and Pete had set I ordered a gin and ginger for Jack, I even specifying his favorite gin, but when it came time for Jack to reciprocate he stumbled rather noticeably as I had fixed him far more drinks than he ever had for me in either of our homes. Tammy was right there ostensibly to bail Jack out though, she telling him to order me one of her fruity island favorites when I had told Jack that I had wanted to try something new and different here on vacation (so as to cover for his lack of knowledge in regards to my drinking preferences).

My Mamajuana came out with our table's other drinks, and the first strong sip reminded me that I hadn't eaten much so far that day with traveling and such, but it still went down smoothly despite the obvious presence of several different base liquors. I followed the odd drink all the way from my throat to my belly by feel, I not knowing at the time that one sip of the potent concoction was all it usually took to reap the drink's alleged effects, or benefits if one thought about it that way.. 

 I found myself getting hot and thirsty despite the ice and slushy fruit in my drink, (and being almost entirely naked except for an ounce or so of bikini and scant wrap) no doubt because of all the alcohol I were drinking on basically an empty stomach. I also felt pretty hot there as well, my Mamajuana, Tammy conspicuously only offered after I had started drinking it, also being also known as "The Baby Maker".

I had a serious buzz on while we talked with barely half my drink consumed, alcohol loosening my tongue in general, this particular drink even more so as I far preferred wine. My second drink arrived as if by magic without my asking, I not wanting to be rude to Tammy our host, nor Jeffery our charming server by refusing it, but the more I sipped at it, the thirstier I got. 

 I was more than just buzzed though, I slowly coming to the conclusion that I wanted to tell Tammy and Pete who I really was, and all about our charade as if it would be the punch line to a well received joke. I knew logically that such would ruin everything, our vacation, Jack's career, and possibly even ruin our friendship, but the desire for total candor with everybody was nearly overwhelming for me.

It also was getting dark by then, and with the sun going down behind the hotel it got chilly, I telling Jack as much even though my face and neither regions felt hot and flushed at the same time as the rest of my displayed body felt cold. We four were somewhat alone on the patio by then, and Tammy told Jack that she and him should go back to our room to get me a bathrobe, which they left to do with Jack having little polite choice in the matter. That left me alone and more than half drunk with Pete, but no good way for Jack to object without making a major social blunder with his boss, it occurring to neither of us to just excuse ourselves and go to our room...


At the time it seemed as if no time at all had passed between Jack's leaving and his return, (although by then the patio lights had turned on) Tammy's rather sweet suggestion of a warm bathrobe just what I needed, and the tension between Tammy and I feeling as if it had magically melted away somehow in her absence. I also felt rather wonderful in general about everything, perhaps this second honeymoon just what Jack and I needed after all. I also concluded that I had been bitchy and petty back at our home, and I felt the need to apologize personally to Tammy in my husband's presence for my earlier rudeness. After doing so I offered the grand tour of our home when we all returned from vacation, Jack looking my way as I did, but not saying a word. 

We shortly thereafter broke up to go up to our rooms, I in a way sensing that Tammy had achieved what she had desired, and with that task now complete only then was I socially dismissed from her presence. One would think such social surrender to Jack's generous boss would bother me, and it did the following day, but at that time I had only one thought on my randy mind.

Jack walked me back to our room with his arm possessively around my midriff to steady my steps as I was pretty drunk for only having two drinks, but my stomach had been empty, and the drinks stronger than I was used to. Once the door closed he asked me if I was alright, which I took to mean not too drunk.

"I feel wonderful" I replied with total candor.

"Wonderfully naughty" I clarified a second later as I kissed Jack on the lips, I lingering just a little longer than a simple peck. The only thought on my brain was how badly I wanted Jack, how badly my body needed to feel him intimately, how necessary to my very core it was for me to submit to his every whim and desire. 

"Wonderfully naughty and drunk" Jack corrected.

 "Why did you invite Tammy to my house to see for herself that you don't in fact live there?" Jack then asked reasonably.

"Pete asked me to" I replied, again with total sincerity, wondering how Jack couldn't know this.


"Your impossibly handsome when your angry" I told Jack, I running my fingers up his muscular chest before kissing him again much more passionately. He might have been angry with me, although at the time I wasn't even sure as to why as we seemed to be having a disconnect in our words, and this whole adventure like nothing more than a wonderful dream. This time Jack kissed me back just as passionately though, my hands roaming and exploring his muscular flanks, and his reciprocating on the outside of my bikini bottoms, I reminded of his stated affinity for my spankable little ass.

"I've wanted you from the first moment I met you" Jack confessed, "I couldn't possibly be angry with you."


The time for spoken words had passed, Jack's hands on my butt and effortlessly lifting me, and I wrapping my arms around his neck and legs around his body cooperatively, my overheated womanhood pressed firmly against his belly and tingling. My bathrobe and beach wrap had been cast aside somehow in the move, and Jack walked us toward our bed with our leather anniversary gifts temporarily forgotten on the end table as we made out like oversexed teenagers sans trusted chaperone.

Neither of us were wearing all that much, but what we were flew off unceremoniously as I was in a full blown "I must have you right now!" frame of mind, and Jack as well was boiling with lust. It was extremely passionate, my body on fire and over sensitized wherever his lips touched me, he kissing his way down my naked body as if exploring new foreign territory.

My breasts just love rough treatment if the passion is high enough, and here Jack didn't disappoint either as he manhandled my body, I quite vocal in my approving responses to his roughness. I also arched my back clear off the bed, my arms holding the wrought iron bars of the massive headboard, I being helplessly bound to it possibly the only thing that could make this passionate event even better. I loved to struggle, I especially loved to struggle while being taken roughly, and my husband well knew this.

There was no time to get me all cuffed up and helpless though, this time, but here Jack improvised. Jack was on top of me with my legs cooperatively splayed when he roughly pushed into me, I gushing and more than ready for his intimate intrusion, and as a result I popped off before he even made it all the way in. I can be very noisy in bed, and this time I made no effort to silence myself either as I gasped out in an anguished orgasmic exhale that sounded over loud in our silent room. 

Jack then grabbed each of my ankles and bent them toward the headboard where my arms were still hanging on for dear life, I quite flexible for such things in general, but not ever before in this particular position specifically. My lover then exchanged his rough hold on my ankles for one on each of my wrists, he pinning them wide and to the noisy mattress roughly as my legs were helplessly trapped over his shoulders.

 Jack was able to go deeper that way, and he established a frantic rhythm where I received a slap from his swinging man hardware at the conclusion of every deep thrust, the bed creaking in time as well and thumping the wall, possibly even disturbing our room's neighbors as we vicariously provided our erotic show.

It sadly didn't even last a full minute though, Jack stiffening up and holding himself deep as he erupted inside of me in wave after wave of very overheated mess, my bodies muscles drawing Jack's seed in for it's own biological purposes by both instinct, and design. I felt him soften inside of me, I wondering then if there would be any more as I was nowhere near sated, but not wishing to point such out either...

"That was 'fuckin' awesome Jack" I observed in breathless crude fashion (after it appeared to me that the show was obviously over for the night), I choosing that particular curse word that I'm quite certain my husband had never heard leave my lips before still another strange mystery of that lust fueled night.

 Jack was staring back down at my eyes in stunned silence, (with my naked ankles still trapped over his shoulders comically), his "what the hell did I just do?" look on his face almost child like bearing in mind our bodies relative positions. This was obviously not the response Jack was expecting from me, nor I from him, and I remember wondering as to why before I drifted off to sleep with a copious amount of his seed firmly planted in my fertile womb...

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