Indecent Proposal, Two For One

by Jackie Rabbit

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© Copyright 2022 - Jackie Rabbit - Used by permission

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Part Six

...With both motivation from who knows where, and no real good other choices that preserved my "husband's" confidence, I felt myself doing as he commanded. I playfully stripped off my towel and tossed it at him. It almost felt as if I were in a trance, but there was a familiar comfort in being ordered about like this, and I had of course asked him to man up a little. This little show of mine was powerful, and empowering, I felt like the entire room could burst into flames at that very second and Jack wouldn't even blink, nor look away from me. It was of course one thing to tease him, like I had flauntingly done in my bikini the day before, but quite another to actually strip naked for him in broad daylight.

...This was no drunken folly in a night darkened bedroom, nor even something just a little more deliberate within the privacy of the bed sheets though. The window shades were all open, and this was in broad daylight, the view to the pristine sands of the beach, and the ocean beyond, a magnificent backdrop to my naked passive aggression. Had anybody been looking from out there they couldn't necessarily see into our top floor room, but I still felt as if I were giving this show for more than one, with the massive openness of the windows and large size of the sun lit room itself. It was a sixth sense, a feeling that refused to go away...

Jack's expression was one of open mouthed shock, but why? Did he NOT think I was serious, about the immediate and positive consequences of his manning up, or was there something else going on here? This wasn't really my husband, but I had been offered up, by that man with whom I had made a solemn vow, to this open-mouthed man before me. A man who happened to be his best friend, a man in dire need of what I could uniquely offer. I happened to like Jack as well, but I wondered in the back of my mind if I would still have gone along with all this insanity if Jack had instead been a scoundrel...

Then a far more likely conclusion occured to me; Jack thought I had something on under the towel I had just tossed to him, perhaps a bra and panty set. Had he a girlfriend that did it like this, taking such things into the bathroom with her, and only finishing dressing in front of him out of some small sense of modesty, or even self doubt of her own?

If that were the case, Jack recovered quickly, and at his insistence I put on my white sandal heels, after I had held up several pairs of shoes that I had brought with me, modeling them nude for him, while walking back and forth with exaggerated steps like a runway model. I had even pirouetted for him after he had silently twirled his finger in the air, both of us getting into the absurdity of the moment. It was amusing, we both laughed together, but Jack most certainly was not laughing AT me.

I felt a little like a new doll, being dressed by her owner for the very first time, but when had Jack had such an opportunity? Never with me, and likely not in quite some time with anybody else, knowing him as well as I did. That was a perpetual mystery to me, why Jack was single. He was actually quite the catch, in my humble opinion, although his lovemaking was just a little subpar, out of practice. But this was in comparison with the man I was actually married to, and that one knew my body like no other, and I his. Jack was almost the whole package, except for that one little thing, but learning a new lover's quirks was all the fun, and good fun too, for two people honestly communicating with one another.

Gone now was my own little voice of self doubt, the one that had whispered in my ear when I had first tossed my towel to him, the one that foolishly suggested that Jack DIDN'T like what he was looking at, once we had crossed that threshold and he "had" me that very first time.

...Guys could be cruel like that, but logic and common sense, and even my own observations, contradicted this. Jack just wasn't like that, he was one of the good guys, which is why I was here to begin with. But a small part of me liked a little bit of a scoundrel every now and then too, and if Jack could learn to wear that kind of mask for me while we played dress up and pretend down here in the islands together, I could really, really let go with him...

I still felt like a new doll for Jack's amusement, this point driven home by his building of my approved outfit in reverse order. Who starts with their shoes? I asked myself, logically. Shoes are an accessory. Though if a man were building a house, he would start at the bottom, the foundation, and go up from there, so perhaps this was a guy's way of thinking.

No matter the reason for this upside down way of dressing me, this was still the version of Jack that I needed, to make this charade work for me. At the same time this would build his already lofty confidence exponentially. The same confidence that I had almost inadvertently crushed myself earlier; I vowed to myself not to go back there, no matter what.

"I stink! How about you stay just like that while I take a quick shower?" Jack surprised me by asking, "and then maybe when I come out you can model the rest for me?" I could see his hungry look, inflating my own ego and reminding me that my earlier brief thoughts were just foolish. I wondered if this shower too would be a cold one. There was no need for such now, but how to make this even more clear without coming right out and asking?

What if I joined him in there, or came in and did his back? I thought, no ambiguity there.

Jack was a good man, perhaps even too good. He just needed a little nudge in a certain direction - in my humble opinion - to be a truly great one. Had I been capable of deeper thoughts at that moment, I might have realized my true folly; here I was, building up a second custom-fit man for myself, where I really only needed the one waiting for me at home...

Not five minutes later - almost as if on cue after I heard the shower start - there was a sharp knuckle rap at the door. It sounded to me like hurried hotel staff, knocking in formality before using their pass key to barge in and clean the room, which obviously gave me a brief panic attack as I was standing there in just a pair of heels. I assumed it was the hotel staff wanting to clean the room, but how did I know for sure? I called out in reflex, saying "I'm in here!" so that whoever it was and I didn't end up face to face once they came through that door with, I presumed, their keys.

This was followed by a second sharp knuckle rap. I intended to answer the door by only opening it a crack, while hiding behind it and telling whomever it was - I still assumed someone from the hotel - that we were still here. Instead, I found myself standing face to face with Tammy. She looked back at me with a sarcastic smirk on her own, and asked if she could come in.

Her company was paying for this entire trip, including this awesome room of ours, so under any other circumstances her request would have been completely reasonable. But I was completely naked, except for the pair of heels Jack had chosen, and my posture, hiding behind the door, should have hinted at this...

"I'm not wearing very much," I replied, by way of a greeting, hoping she wouldn't push the issue. At the same time, I knew in the back of my brain, that if this intimidating woman told me to do something, I would almost certainly jump to do it. I felt the commanding power she had over me; it was unnerving, but at the same time a real tangible thing. I couldn't deny this woman anything once actually in her presence and looking her in the eye.

"Don't be silly, and open the damned door, I don't have time for this nonsense right now!" Tammy barked, her sharp tone adding urgency to her command. Tammy was like an elemental force of nature, and as such she likely wasn't accustomed to closed doors, only open ones. Not lost on me either was that the moderating force of Jack's presence wasn't there to protect me from this woman, and I sensed that she knew this. There was blood in the proverbial water, and Tammy the shark was circling.

I felt my body respond, foolishly opening the door widely and inviting Tammy the predator in. The entire scene felt surreal, as if I were watching the actions of another. She didn't comment on my state of dress, as if she either expected as much, or perhaps that for her to do so now would only draw attention to the fact that I had done exactly what she had wanted, at perhaps even some amusing personal ‘cost’ to myself. She didn't look me up and down like a man might either, at least at first, this being in my skin and before her feeling almost natural, and between us girls... except that it wasn't.

"Your husband is surely a lucky and generous man," Tammy opined, greeting me with a second compliment, roughly akin to the first she had given as we met that first time at Jack's place. I couldn't help but to notice it was "your husband" and not "Jack." Tammy, in my mind, was already telling me she knew my entire life story, or at least enough of it to make her case... should she want to.

"I have your itinerary here," Tammy told me, much more softly; obviously pleased with her most recent poke, and pleased as well that I had done as she wished. She held the pages turned mostly towards her and close to her body, pointing out some things on them, forcing me to stand in intimate closeness next to her so I could see. My naked boob and hip were nearly in direct contact with her clothed body, just as she also apparently wished. The entire ordeal felt... erotic, to me, although I don't think that's the best word to describe what I was feeling. It was as if having me submissively naked in her clothed presence was her true goal, something I should perhaps get used to. Her itinerary could have been delivered at almost any time that morning, or even slid under the door, and yet she used it as an excuse to make this happen.

"There's some TBA stuff in here too, but don't get all 'hung up' on any of that," Tammy told me, off-handedly with a smirk. I just knew that this woman was like a cat, playing with the helpless mouse it had caught with disappointing ease. Escape was impossible; both the proverbial cat, and even the naked helpless mouse knew it. It was just a matter of time as to when ‘IT’ happened... Unless of course I was totally mistaken; but I thought that was at best a false hope.

The mouse had its own part to play as well. It had to go through the proverbial ‘motions,’ sometimes just for the sadistic ‘fun’ of the cat, or even as its practice for more serious game. Such things are hardwired into a predator, and Tammy WAS a predator; I was therefore her prey, and almost certain that she was playing with me for her own sadistic amusement...

"Turn around for me once," Tammy commanded. I pirouetted for her just as I had for Jack, once I had stepped back from her. The irony was not lost on me, it was just that I couldn't not do it for her.

"You look great, the guys are going to go absolutely wild over you," she said, to no one in particular. "Oh, you'll need a no-tan-lines tan before that, so your scheduled beach time should be at the clothing-optional one on the south side," she added off-handedly. She then handed me an envelope, sealed and with Jack's full name printed on its face, telling me it was for Jack's eyes only. She had made her exit before Jack even knew she was there, but both were still in my shaking hands when Jack came out of the shower.

"What's that?" Jack asked. I reiterated most of what Tammy had said, but not that she had come in and visited with me ‘in the flesh’. He likely assumed that our conversation had been briefly through the door's gap as I had wished, but some hidden force prevented me from correcting this misconception. I was still trying to get my head wrapped around Tammy’s strange visit - and her apparent ability to prevent me from speaking about certain details with Jack - when he interrupted my thoughts with a second command of his own...

"Model that sundress for me, I'm starving," Jack commanded, once again like a brute, but to be fair I had asked for such treatment. I welcomed the distraction, and obeyed him like it was my job. Not to do so seemed unfathomable, at least for one half of my mind. Jack seemed to be getting comfortable with my nudity, as if this was the default way I belonged in the presence of certain select ‘betters’. It just felt so ‘right’, being ‘made’ to do this, and other than Tammy’s strange visit, everything was going in a more comfortable direction for me now.

We settled on the first sundress, of the kind intended to be worn over a swimsuit, but Jack especially liked the way it looked without a thing on under it. I could have protested, but I had asked for more of this from him, and really nobody but us two would know what I had on under it anyway. It would be our risque little secret, the dress designed to hide what's under it, as opposed to tauntingly displaying it instead. What would he say when I asked him about the nude beach? I wondered. And, what are Tammy's plans for my 'no-tan-lines tan' anyway?

If Jack only knew about my visit with Tammy 'in the flesh' not five minutes earlier... I thought to myself. He examined Tammy's itinerary for us in detail while I dressed, apparently ignoring the envelope entirely. He didn't like the fact that there was an itenary of any kind; these two take-charge individuals were destined to butt heads at some point, vacation or not.

I wondered how these two actually worked together. That was in a structured office, during working hours, where Tammy was the boss. On vacation, and within our ad-hoc fabricated marriage, the lines were less clear, these two conflicting concepts were sure to cause friction. Tammy had to know this though; she might have been a brute in her own right, but she wasn't unintelligent. I also realized I could freely ponder all this when NOT in her actual presence, just as I had all manner of reasonable thoughts when not in Jack's.

Breakfast was wonderful, Jack just as charming as he could be, and I forgot my marriage vows still again while on this improvised second "date" with this fantastic catch of a man, although while scandalously wearing a thin floral print dress and nothing else. We even made small talk with lots of eye contact and smiles as we ate, like two lovers might, but I had to remind myself that we technically were lovers now. I was on my second mimosa with breakfast, so this apparently helped loosen me up. I never usually drank before five, and almost never anything harder than wine. No matter the reason, I had to admit that I as well preferred this supportive, smiling, and happy ‘me’, as opposed to the bitchy one that seemed hell bent on crushing Jack earlier.

"Soooo, what's on our itinerary... lover?" I asked while smiling broadly at Jack. He nearly spat out his coffee before replying. I saw the paper he was intently studying as an intrusion on our time, an odd reaction from me all things considered, and I wanted to distract him away from it.

...I felt sexy as hell, the feeling building all morning, this dress I was exclusively wearing in a public setting adding to the effect for me. I had felt its coarse material rake my tender nipples as I walked hand in hand with Jack to the little corner restaurant, inflaming them, which I'm sure Jack had noticed. Other men had noticed too; not only this, but the unrestrained flow of my breasts as I walked hand in hand with my ‘husband’. This as well excited me, I even caught one’s eye and smiled back at him. It took courage for that man to look me in the eye, but some of the more bold ones had it...

At the table I kicked off my sandal on a whim, and rubbed my bare foot up between Jack's legs under the table. My sexy alter ego was aggressively coming into her own on this vacation, at least for Jack. I wanted him to make love to me at that instant. In my mind there was a distinction too, I didn't want to get fucked, I wanted to be made love to, even though I had told him, what felt like a lifetime ago, that he couldn't ever do that to me again! I was going insane, and what was worse was that I was going to drive him insane at the same time, unless we somehow worked this out.

My brazen move caught him off guard, but it also had the desired effect. He dropped the list and instead grabbed my ankle playfully. He pulled me into him under the small table, forcing me to scootch down on my own chair, hiking my little dress. As his left hand held my ankle in his iron grip, his right ran up my calf to maybe mid thigh, and then back down again. "I told you once before, it's a very nice leg," he said, smiling while doing so, my own ego soaring. I rocked my foot near his crotch, feeling what I expected, Jack maybe just as excited as I was, although in his case he would have to sit for a bit so as not to embarrass himself with a great big stiffy as he left the restaurant.

"Beach, a show or two, some of it even looks like fun to be honest," Jack eventually answered my earlier question, likely to distract little Jack and allow him some time to deflate. "The TBA stuff is classic Tammy though, 'organized spontaneity' we call it at the office." He laughed, it was a small laugh, but quite far from earlier in the morning when he seemed half convinced that I was about to scream rape and have him thrown from the room, or even arrested by the locals.

"You know, if you didn't want to do any of the things on that list you could always claim I didn't give it to you. Throw me under the bus, she can't fire me, and she can't fire you for what I did, or didn't do either."

Jack was fixated on that list, and it suddenly occurred to me that Jack didn't like being told what to do, most especially by Tammy, which is probably why she delivered that list into my hands instead of his. That meant she knew of his ‘fatal flaw’ and still he was here, suggesting to me that she had bigger plans for him than merely catching him in an outlandish lie to crush his career. Such might have also implied that she couldn't can him otherwise, that she didn't have the power to, but I didn't get this feeling at all. Still, I didn't know their exact office structure either.

I challenged him on this latest revelation, and he actually admitted it to me. "Nobody likes being told what to do," he told me, with authority, "but I also don't like telling people to do things either. I far prefer to give them a task, and let them do it, and only train, or help if necessary. Tammy on the other hand loves to tell people what to do."

"Some would call that command, somebody has to be in charge," I offered. There were leaders and followers, neither is right or wrong, just different sides of the same coin, at least in my opinion. Leaders are generally the ones rewarded though, but without the followers there would be nothing to lead. It was a problem for some, but not me. Jack had however built himself up to be this dominant beast with his fictitious wife, and he wasn't acting like that at the moment, although his performance with my towel and limited clothes was a serious step in the right direction.

"I hate telling people what to do, I way don't get off on it like some people do."

"I bet you wouldn't mind, under the right circumstances," I offered, a sexy undertone to my voice. "Mike might disagree too, you had no problem telling him what to do, when there wasn't any time for a discussion." I had watched that exchange, it profound to me as Mike was ordinarily a very direct kind of guy, and I loved that about him. But I had to wonder if he had grown more that way since we were married, although it's hard to look back on such things without bias.

"That was different."

"So you say. How about we play a little game? And you can remind me of this conversation if this game doesn't work out like I think it might. I also still know the place you want to go one day, but I obviously don't want to say it's name for obvious reasons too... Anyway, I want you to act like the guy you've told your workmates you are, the whole deal. I'm truthfully excited to see what this looks like, on you, so to speak. It'll be our little secret, a secret that doesn't leave the island by the way. I have to also tell you just as clearly as I can that your doing so would excite me like you can't imagine. And I'll tell you another little secret too, I want an all over tan at one of the nude beaches. I'll either go alone, or with you, but I'm going!"

"You're serious?" Jack asked; his smile says this is a good thing though. "You know you can't tan up in like a single visit, it'll take some time, and lots of spf5 so you still tan, but don't burn. Who'll put that on you if I don't go?" he asked playfully.

"I'm sure I could find some lucky guy that would help, maybe he'd even invite me to share his beach blanket?" I ask with feigned innocence. I wondered abstractly if I could make Jack jealous with another man, such would imply that he had possession, and that another man therefore threatened that possession, as in husbandly possession. Possession, they say, is nine tenths of the law anyway, and I WAS here with Jack. This could backfire on me too, Jack wasn't my real husband after all, but the distant implication was that I wanted to get laid down here on vacation, be it with Jack, or some other lucky stud. I wasn't really that promiscuous, and Jack knew this, but both my mind and carnal desires were dragged in this direction anyway.

"You're not going alone!" Jack stated with finality. My husband had spoken!

The nude beach ended up being a taxi ride away - after we asked our charming waitress about it - and a clothing optional one to boot. The driver was nice enough and chatted with us the whole way, keeping eye contact with me in his rear view mirror while doing so, and I'm sure imagining what I might look like about ten minutes after I left his taxi. I was complimented by his interest, but I don't know that Jack was. Apparently jealousy was a powerful motivating factor for Jack, now that I had inadvertently stumbled upon it.

We rented an umbrella right there, and bought some sunblock for both of us, and even a beach blanket to share. It seemed that Jack thought he was calling my bluff, but I can't blame him as this was so far out of my at home persona as to seem foreign. One has to bear in mind as well that I was doing this not out of any real desire to tan up nude in public - which I couldn't imagine doing if my life depended on it only a week earlier - but because Tammy had told me that I must. Her words became my desires, but deeply placed in my mind in such a way that I didn't realize it until the end.

I had this vision of tropical nude beaches in my mind though, of stunningly attractive and tanned up men, and women too, frolicking and laying out in the sand, maybe even playing beach volleyball together. The reality was quite different though, the beach relatively empty at that hour, except for some rather overweight and middle aged men, who were unfortunately however nude too. There were some others though, but in the distance, the beach was huge and it was easy for us to find a relatively private place for us to stake our claim.

Mirrored sunglasses seemed to be the uniform of choice here, but even with them I could feel the eyes upon me as I walked with Jack to our spot, this show about to start for them. I then thought back to my brief college desire to be a stripper, just one time, just for the thrill of it. Maybe I was lacking in self-confidence then, seeking to boost such by making just as out-of-shape middle-aged men desire me as I stripped down to a g-string for them on stage, and likely some very good looking married guys as well. I could have used the money back then too, I knew girls that had made a fortune in tips in a single night doing such. I just didn't have the courage to go through with it though, back then, and that was only to a g string too...

And here I was doing it for free, completely nude and clean shaven, oh the irony.

Jack had the blanket laid out, the umbrella set into the sand but as yet unfurled, and he too seemed to be waiting for the show to start. I saw the distant reflections of the sunglasses facing my direction, but at this distance their eyesight would have to be quite good to see anything in great detail, my quasi anonymity almost certain. I could have instead sat down on our blanket and stripped, the slight rolling dunes then offering some limited cover, but where's the fun in that? I instead brazenly stood as straight and tall as I could and peeled my sundress over my head, arms high in the air as if waving my flag of public nudity for the first, but not last time.

The sun felt magnificent on the entirety of my naked skin for the first time too, warming me despite the slight breeze, Jack sitting on our blanket and almost in shock. This wasn't even our fine hotel room, but outside and under the direct sun, there even boats off-shore that potentially could as well see this show of mine. To prolong the show I then banded up my long hair, arms held high, and my naked and pale breasts facing the ocean, and a majority of my covert spectators. I even took notice that despite the likely warm ocean, nobody was actually swimming in it. That seemed a shame to me, but one would have to run the proverbial gauntlet from way back here, to there, and back, really, really upping the ante on this game I was playing. That would bring my exposure much closer to the watching men, both clothed, and otherwise, but also require exponentially more courage on my part.

"Your turn, stud-muffin," I told Jack. He elected to strip down while sitting, but was less than erect, telling me he wasn't as into this exposure as I was. We both lathered up our fronts with the sunblock, Jack watching with keen interest as it felt like I was playing with myself for his benefit. He likely thought the same as I watched him, but we both had parts of our pale anatomy that were as yet unkissed by the sun. This was supposed to be our second honeymoon, and it just wouldn't do to painfully sunburn something that honeymooner's might be expected to want to use.

I laid out cooking in the sun right next to him, but stretched out spread eagled and immodestly, daydreaming about being kidnapped by some rough characters. In this fantasy of mine I had been captured and held for ransom, staked out nude in the desert until my ransom had been paid, or until I cooked to death and became a meal for the local vultures. My abductors had their way with me first, repeatedly, or so went my fantasy. I had these kinds of dreams now, ever since this crazy trip had been first discussed between us.

I was awoken by Jack's phone, not working down here any better than mine, the cost for activation with our carriers obscene, and we three realized a horrible temptation to call home, and inadvertently expose this charade of ours. Jack had set an alarm though, bless his heart, in case either or both of us nodded off, which I at least had apparently done. My fantasy before falling to sleep turning into a for-real dream, as they sometimes did.

It was only a half an hour, but there were more people here now too, but it wasn't exactly crowded either.

"You were dreaming," Jack told me sweetly, “but it sounded like a good one.”

"It was. Do you want to hear about it?" I asked. This was a horribly intimate detail to share with another, but I ordinarily shared my dreams with Mike; although not the recent crazy and kinky ones, as they included Jack.


"I was abducted and held for ransom, but Mike was having trouble coming up with the money, so my kidnappers took me out to the desert and staked me out on the sand, spread-eagled, and then took turns with me all afternoon long as I struggled against the stakes they had pounded deep into the sand, the ones I was bound to with my own torn up clothing turned into rags. I suppose this was to have ransom pictures to send to him as further motivation, but in my dream I didn't see them taking any. I knew I wouldn't be wearing those clothes home again anyway, nor ever going home, but they had gagged me with still more of my own clothing, so I wouldn't be complaining about it either. When they were finally done with me, and seeing how Mike had yet to come up with the money, they left me there, as a freshly cooked sacrifice for the circling vultures."

"That's the kinkiest darkest thing I've ever heard, but you have to know that I'd never leave you to the vultures," Jack told me with a smile. He likes being privy to such things with me, this as well a radical departure from our past relationship, the one in which we hadn't been lovers.

The parallels between my dream and this strange reality here in the islands with Jack are stunning though, Mike does have a ransom to be paid, and apparently hasn't to date either, but instead for my magnificent rings, and it's Jack who is holding me for it. Jack IS my abductor, in a way, so when he tells me that he would never leave me to my dream vultures, it means something. It also means that he knows his part in my dream, and that I'm thinking about this debt between both men, even in my sleep.

We mutually agreed to do each other's back sides so we could sun the flip side of our bodies. I was already associating the smell of coconut oil with nudity and the beach, and with a naked Jack laying next to me. Jack did my body last, and didn't miss a spot either, his suntan lotion application turning into a full on massage, which I moaningly approved of. I once again spread my arms and legs, trying to allow the sun access to my most intimate parts, Jack taking full advantage. Then once again setting his phone's timer, lest I fall asleep and cook for real.

I wanted to get back to my dream, but it just wouldn’t come to me, so I instead started talking with Jack with my eyes closed, asking him about the ring, and the debt, all as he massaged me into blissful relaxation. I could get used to this, I tell myself, both the nudity on the beach, and Jack's slavish attention. His hands roamed everywhere, but not intrusively so, his motions smooth and welcome. He could have even ventured "there" and I would have let him, but he only ventured close.

"So, what's the deal with my rings between you two?" I asked in a dreamy kind of way. "I'm already here, and I've already done just about everything a good wife can do, at least once," I remind him. There are of course several things that this good wife had yet to do for Jack, specifically as it relates to his kinky office gifts, fun things from my point of view.

"Do I have to say?" he asked me, but his tone is soft and intimate, mimicking my own.

"That's where you have this all wrong sweetheart, I HAVE to do whatever you say, but you don't have to do anything I say. Still dislike being in charge?"

"I could grow to like it... with you," he offered under his breath. This was getting more serious than I had wanted, but we had brought this on ourselves too. "I'll promise you this, I'll tell you the whole story, about the rings and the deal we struck, before we get back home."

"Deal," I conclude. "Now, why don't you let me see if I can get back to those evil men in the desert? I'm excited to see what they come up for me to do next, seeing as how the ransom hasn't been paid yet." My double meaning was, I hoped, obvious...

"I'll be here watching out over you," Jack told me sweetly, which I obviously realized...

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