Indecent Proposal, Two For One

by Jackie Rabbit

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© Copyright 2023 - Jackie Rabbit - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; cuckold; wife-swap; bond; sex; spank; cuffs; impregnate; gag; belt; bedtie; cons; X

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…Not having to be told twice, Jack plunges back into my squishy self, sinking deep as we stare just as deeply into each other's eyes, that savoring "I can't actually believe you're letting me do this" look clear in his expression. I can't explain this rationally, but this is the one, I just somehow know it; this is the specific time that Jack's seeds will take root. His face reads pure ecstasy as he lets go, and I don't think this is just a physical thing alone. He maybe knows it too, knows that we're just about to start our own little unique family unit together, and his expression tells me he's fine with this, long term consequences and all.

Making a little life together is a very big deal, a huge commitment, and I want this very badly. I'm not a horned up teenager looking for physical gratification, looking to get off; I'm a married woman looking for a baby, something to perpetuate the bloodline. I was even willing to fall in love and get married first, just so that I could check that box first and have this bit of normalcy in my abnormal life. But here we are down this anything but normal twisted adulterous path to that same goal instead, with Jack somehow taking Mike's rightful place, mounting up, and planting my hopefully fertile field…

Mike had months and months of actual marriage to do this for me though, and Jack has almost certainly scored on his second attempt. One of the two might be slightly better equipped as far as manly guy parts, but the other has likely just done for me what only a man can, he's planted his seeds to propagate our combined bloodlines. Half him and half myself, and zero percent Mike; what to do about that last part though?

…There are far reaching implications to sending me back home with a little Jack-made bun in my oven, although were I to jump Mike's bones the moment we were alone again the timeline could still almost work on all this. What to do if this little human has Jack's eyes though, or some other part of him that clearly identifies his or her parentage? His or her birthday will be exactly nine months after our first anniversary, and therefore exactly nine months after Jack and I had our company-paid second honeymoon vacation together, and the three of us will surely know whose it is, despite any subterfuge I might like to attempt. Nope, I can't lie my way out of this one, and truth be told lying bothers me deep down. Others will know too, it's just too hard of a secret to keep…

It would have been far better timeline-wise - if coming home knocked up was my plan - to have let the passion between us simmer, up almost all the way to the end, then letting Jack do the deed almost right before we got back on the plane, assuming I was in my most fertile window. Could I live with that kind of hidden truth though? I wondered, or would it be better to just fess up and let the chips fall where they may?

My note to my lover and faux vacation husband was simple; "Take what you want and don't say a word." And I meant that as both "in the moment," and for all eternity. Mike had lied to me more than once, and that was a deal breaker for me. I could therefore never trust him again, everything he told me going forward would therefore have to be independently verified, and I just didn't want to live my life like that. I had a work friend that had that kind of relationship once, it ended badly for her. Nope, if this is where fate and lies have taken us, just rip the bandaid off and deal with the short term sting; it's way better than a lingering long-term pain, harsh words and all of that nonsense.

Jack's words had even alluded to there being a secret something between both men, or even a secret that Jack knew about, but one he was trying hard not to betray; dual loyalties difficult to maintain under the best of situations, let alone when high passions are involved. His conscience had to be clear in this, for his own good. I had therefore chosen, saving him the necessity of having to do so himself. I may want an alpha man for myself, but I don't necessarily fit into any one box like that myself. I'm hard to define, hard to handle, harder to hold onto apparently too.

I offer no excuse in this, except I both wanted, and needed a baby. I had people in my life that weren't all that healthy, and I wanted them to have the opportunity to hold my little one while there was still time. So on top of everything else, I had a time crunch on this adding pressure and stress, neither biologically good for making babies. Such things can even potentially shut down a woman's baby making factory…

Did Jack understand all this when I bid him to plant his seeds? Possibly, as Jack is no dummy, but I doubt he knows my long term plans, because I don't know them for one hundred percent certainty myself. Unfortunately I've also had to learn a bit about fertility windows and all of that not so exciting stuff that many couples don't even consider, but nature kind of helps that along for me, because I find myself especially needy when I suspect I'm in my window. Not to be too technical here, but my body has a way or two of telling me when it's ready, or thinks it's ready.

This is still kind of theoretical here for me though, because while I've read articles and had health class in high school just like a lot of other girls, I've also known one or two that thought they just couldn't possibly get knocked up if outside their window, because they had just learned such in school. Two I can think of were mommies even before they were high school graduates; so much for using the calendar as a form of birth control.

Anyway, I felt everything in exquisite detail, but I could still be wrong, as I had thought that first time had been "the time" too. I need an EPT from the drugstore to be sure, more than one really. I had bought several while back at home with Mike, and those first several negative tests had been truly heartbreaking for me. There are obviously doctors that can sort such things out, but for a man to make that kind of appointment takes a certain kind of courage, and such things can get quite expensive too, or so I'd been told by a coworker. Better to do it naturally if one can, or so I'd also been told, the collateral damage to a man's manliness not something easy to get over either, it's very humbling for them.

This of course begs the next question, what to do about Mike, without crushing him going forward. Yes, he lied to me, but he's also my husband, and a good guy overall, good enough for a first husband even; a starter husband I could even cynically say. I can't believe I've just thought that though, but I can't live with the lies, I WON'T live with the lies, although I won't crush him either; emasculate him with what Jack was able to do for me, and he couldn't. Unfortunately, what had been so easy to ponder in a more theoretical way is suddenly very real for me…

"Thank you Jack" I say, although he seems put off by this.

"No, no, no, THANK YOU!" he corrects."That was better than I imagined it, and trust me when I tell you that I've imagined quite a bit with you."

"Really, do share" I command with a smile. He's just told me that he's thought about this and more with me, lusting for me, and I of course wonder for how long exactly. He's loose and sated right now, and a man is very free with his words in the rich afterglow anyway, so this is a perfect opportunity to maybe learn something.

"I've wanted you from the first minute we met, but I didn't meet you first. It's just fate, the luck of being in the right place at the right time I suppose."

You've already told me that, on our first night here" I remind him. I want more from Jack, the father of my likely baby, and I know my truthful candid time is limited with him.

"I really liked showing you off on the beach, I might know the true score, but I'll bet I was the envy of every other guy there. I didn't tell you because I didn't want to make you self conscious, but just about every guy there was stealing glances at you, some of the ladies too."

"Thanks. What else have you dreamed about? We're in a position to make some of those come true, you know." I'm trying to get away from the baby making aspect of all this, it's done, time to move on to relationship things, as this will likely be our real challenge going forward.

"Remember what I said in the restaurant?"

"A chef in the kitchen?"

"Not that part, but that's nice too, I already know you can cook though."

"Do you want to paddle my bottom Jack?" I ask with a big grin, my smile ear to ear. My tone might as well have said "please do" but he wasn't taking the bait just yet.

"I shouldn't."

"No, I suppose you shouldn't, after all, I haven't been the least bit naughty today" I offered in my best come hither voice, conveniently forgetting my very naughty adultery. But, as if out of sync with my words I then rolled myself over, crossing my bound arms and making a space awkwardly for my face between them, chest flat on the bed and ass raised. I even wiggled my ass for Jack, like dangling a worm in front of a hungry fish… then getting up on my knees to make the prize even more tempting. I could really, really use just a bit more attention here, I thought to myself, let's see how into this spanking me this new man of mine really is.

Jack starts by making out with my ass, tender kisses followed by more aggressive ones, and while not quite what I thought might happen, it was still very nice. I need him to take charge and be a brute with me though, and this is pretty far from that. Maybe he's just working himself up for something he's thought about often, but then he kind of senses that it's time, and his loving lips are exchanged for that first playful swat on my naked ass. It's gentle, just a tap, but he's exploring, seeing if this is something I'm really okay with too, other than just something that's exciting to talk about. I wiggle my behind for him some more, a little muffled "Ahhhh!" escaping my lips and into the pillow my face is now buried in, telling him without words to press on.

Sensing that it was pretty good for me Jack takes another playful swat, and I groan into the pillow again, okay, this is actually pretty good for me I must admit. I don't know if a stinging full on spanking would have ruined the mood for me or not, but this isn't that, it's much more like gentle foreplay. If this is Jack's idea of a playful spanking to motivate me along, sign me up, early and often. Things you just don't know about a new lover though; is he a once and done kind of guy like the first time we drunkenly did it, or is he a little more like the energizer bunny, he keeps going, and going, and going? Is he doing all this to work himself up for round two, or is he doing this to work me up for round two? I wonder.

I don't need it at all, but if we do this too long I'm going to lose the mood anyway, even though I'm liking it. All the elements are there though, I'm cuffed to the headboard, I'm naked with my ass in the air, I've even just been playfully spanked; I just haven't been properly dominated yet! The position is even just a bit impersonal, with my face in the pillow Jack could be almost anybody, and when my mind goes there things really start to happen for me. Okay the first one was for making babies, this ones for fun I reconciled in my mind…

This is the thing that we try to keep locked in the proverbial lockbox, I think to myself. Restraint, against my will fantasies, and struggling against a firm anchor point, all of it starts bouncing around inside my head. Jack's a great guy and all that, but if he weren't and I suddenly decided that I didn't want to do this; we may well be doing it anyway. Sexy situations, even a desirable and fit sexy new partner, all of that is just wonderful, but what starts in the crazy mind of a woman like myself trumps all of that. Jack can do anything he might like, I've just gifted myself to him, and the buttons he's pushing in my brain are even more extraordinary than the bodily ones he's hitting; literally hitting with his open palm.

In a flash Jack has my hips firmly in his hands, and he's going deep with every stroke from behind, and while not exactly exploring any new territory, it still feels extraordinary. At least half of this is likely what's happening in my own brain, but fully involved in the moment like I am it's a bit hard to analyze exactly why it feels so damn good; sometimes it just does. This is a long distance run with Jack, not some fifteen second sprint, noisy sloppy seconds and all. I tense up and pop off hard, straining against the cuffs and forgetting to breathe, it feels just magnificent to be dominated and used like this, although I hate to say one of the ten best ever, because that sounds cliche.

Jack altered his pace slightly during my toe curling big O, but he didn't ever stop, he kind of just rode me through the event. I've also been making little muffled yelpy noises with my face buried as it is, and I'm perspiring like mad too. This is just epic, and it only promises to get better from here, as we learn each other's habits and likes going forward. Truth be told, Jack could be a bit rougher than this, but some of that depends on my specific mood too. We're making obscene sounds together too, Jack and I, not only the bed creaking with our efforts, but the wet squishy sounds we're making too.

"ROUGHER!" I tell him through the pillow I'm salivating and sweating all over. It's a gamble to give "stage" commands in a situation like this, and only later on did I realize that this might be how I ruined Mike. Did I push Mike to be ever rougher and more dominant with me, to the point that he wasn't into it any longer and sex became a chore for him? And was that the real reason that I was here with his best friend?

Jack answers the challenge though, every forward thrust now racking my body with concussion after concussion, and bouncing my head off of the bars of the headboard. it's not quite like he's trying to hurt me, but almost. He also doesn't last but a few more seconds before he holds himself deep and blasts me from the inside, breathing heavily with his exertions and nearly collapsing off and out of me to land beside me on the bed.

"Too rough?" he asks, after he gets his breathing back under control.

By way of an answer I lean over as far as my cuffed wrists will allow and kiss him, my hair a mess and my face dripping with our combined exertions.

"That was pretty awesome Jack. Are you going to let me go so I don't leak all over the bed?"

"What would happen if I just slipped your gag back in and left you here?" he asked playfully.

"I suppose you'd get the shower first," I answered. And in my mind I wondered, is Jack doing this to ensure his little swimmers have the time to reach the prize, before I maybe shower them away, or is he just manning up by asserting dominant control? 

Jack then gets up on his knees while still on the mattress, and when he flips me over on my back I still don't know exactly what he intends. My arms are uncrossed now though, but when he grabs my ankles and stretches them towards the ceiling I must admit that I'm a bit bewildered.

"You'd tell me if you wanted to go someplace, like another country, wouldn't you?" he asks.

"I don't want to go anywhere," I tell him, realizing that he was fishing for my safe word out of this. Apparently satisfied with this he tells me to keep my legs up, and he bounces off the bed with fresh energy and returns with his belt. I half expect that he's going to smack me with it to save his hand, and while not really into that at that particular moment I still don't resist. He instead bends me in half like on the first night we were together, but this time he's flaccid and way not ready to perform.

This time though he pushes my ankles through the headboard, so the same bar that bisects my bound wrists now bisects my ankles as well. A few wraps of his belt and and I'm way not going anywhere, and his plan starts to become apparent. Gravity is a wonderful thing, and that in combination with leaving his two presents deep inside me with only one direction to go dramatically increases the chances that we'll be successful here. It's hard to see much all bunched up like this, but Jack makes the effort to make eye contact with me, as if to ask if I'm okay with this too.

"Comfortable?" he asks.


"Do you want out?"

"Nope, I like it right here."

"See you in a little bit then" he tells me as he gets off the bed.



"You forgot the gag."


To be continued...

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