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Jen Fesses Up

by Jennifer Peele

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© Copyright 2012 - Jennifer Peele - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; massage; therapy; naked; oil; tease; guilt; emb; mast; oral; climax; cons; X

Hi, my name is Jen. My friend Christine and I work together as massage therapists in a small holistic health center in northern New Jersey. I just turned 28 and Chrissy is 30. She’s the beautiful blonde bombshell and me, well, I am more the Plain Jane. Chrissy always tells me I should work at the book store. Anyway, we love our work and have always taken helping people very seriously. We have worked with elderly patients, young patients and sports injury patients. I confess that sometimes I let my emotions and my heart take over my brain. Here is one good example.

One day a few months ago, a lady called. Her name was Kate and she wanted to buy a month of sessions for her husband for their anniversary. Kate and I talked for a half hour as she explained that her husband worked in heavy construction. He was having frequent leg cramping, muscle soreness and trouble sleeping. As I hung up the phone, I thought what a cool thing Kate was doing. I could tell she loved her husband just by the way she talked about him and how hard he worked. I was jazzed to set up three sessions a week for a whole month for her husband Tommy.

The following Monday, Tommy came into the studio a little early and met Chrissy at the front desk. I was still finishing up with another new client, Mrs. Lewis a woman with constant back spasms. I came up front and met Tommy for the first time. He was a tall muscular guy in his mid-thirties with faded jeans and a flannel shirt. After a brief introduction I sent him to our “Oasis” room to relax while I went over his paperwork. Chrissy came over and whispered in my ear.

“Hey! Is that anniversary guy?” she teased.

I smiled. “Yes, that’s him”, I said.

“He’s so friggin’ cute… and tall”, Chrissy giggled.

I nodded and waiver her off. Tommy was kind of shy and nervous during that first visit. He told me that he carried concrete blocks or something heavy that day. His hamstrings were burning and very tight. I worked through a couple of different modalities that first session but I really wasn’t able to work on the deep tissue in Tommy’s painful areas. When he left that first time he was so relaxed and smiling. That made my day. Chrissy watched Tommy leave and gave me a big smile.

“How come you get the cute ones?” she moaned.

“Shut up Chrissy” I laughed, “you’re supposed to be getting married next May… and besides… he’s married!” I said sternly.

We both laughed.

Over the next three weeks, I worked with Tommy and started to get to know a little more about him. Kate and Tommy didn’t have children and she used to be a schoolteacher. Tommy said she stopped teaching about two years ago because she got sick. I didn’t want to ask what was wrong with her. Tommy would tell me about how they met and all the places they went on vacation. I would always ask what their big plans were for the weekend and Tommy would say something like he was just gonna look after Kate.

At the end of the second week I went to Chrissy’s house to do her nails. “Chris, I have to ask you something”, I said hesitantly.

“Ok this doesn’t sound good already” she joked.

“No”, I said, “….It’s just that you know… you know when we work with guys, how sometimes the guy will get… you know…”, I trailed off sounding stupid.

“Yeah Jen, they all get turned on, so what?” she mocked.

“I know, I know but do you ever think about it?”

Chrissy squinted in silence as I finished up her nails. “Think about what?” she said with wrinkles in her forehead.

“Well I mean, ok .… do you ever notice?” I said.

Chrissy sat back and rolled her eyes. I felt embarrassed. “Of course Jen, how could I not see that? You just do what you are taught to do. You have the sheet on the client and it stays over him, all the time”, Chris said imitating an instructor.

“I know, ok, I do that”, I replied. “I go get the towel and fold it across his lap, put it on top of the sheet. I know what to do, that’s not it”, I said. “It’s just that.…. well a guy was pretty embarrassed the first time I had to do that and sometimes I just feel bad, that’s all Chris”.

She looked at me with wider eyes. “Wait…. wait a minute…. who are we talking about here? What guy?” she said.

“Oh, no particular guy.” I lied.

“Jen, come on. I know you by now. What guy?”

I took a deep breath. “It’s Tommy, the anniversary guy”, I said quickly.

“Oh my God Jen don’t even tell me, what did you do peek at his tool or something?” Chrissy started laughing.

“Stop! No, I’m serious. I mean the first time or two I just figured it was the normal thing but it’s still that way every single time. And when I finish deep tissue on the quads he is just lying there with these great big puppy dog eyes.”

Chrissy was silent for a long time tapping her new nails on the table. “Jen” she said. “I have no idea where this conversation is going. We are therapists. Professional, licensed, therapists.”

“I know.” My head dropped down.

“Jen, how long did it take you to get your license? How long?”

“Two and a half years Chris”, I shot back. “Because I took that break in the middle, remember?”

“Yeah Jen, I remember. Over two years, so don’t even talk this way…. this is all because you broke up with your boyfriend a year ago and now you’re not getting any!”

“No, Chrissy, that has nothing to do with it”, I said in my best pissed off voice. “All I am saying is this guy is different. I feel this unbelievable ache for him. I don’t even put the towel over it anymore. Tommy just lays there and I can’t explain it, I just feel so bad for him.”

“Jen…. Oh my God, Jen. Holy Fuck! If you want to do that kind of stuff go get a job at the spa downtown!” she said abruptly. “You’ll lose your license in a friggin’ heartbeat.”

I nodded in agreement. “That’s not even what I’m saying Chris, it’s just that I feel so bad I don’t think I can have Tommy as a client anymore.”

Chrissy made a smartass smile and said, “So, he’s got a monster or what? You gotta tell me?”

“You shit”, I said with disgust.

“Sorry, sorry, just kidding. Jen, ok, here’s what you do. Call his wife and tell her Tommy is doing better and really doesn’t need the rest of the month. Offer her a refund for the rest of the sessions.”

I knew she was right. “Yeah …. I need to call her”, I said quietly. “I will.”

The next day I called Kate. When she answered the phone she sounded so tired. When I told her who I was she perked up. She told me how much better Tommy was doing. Kate said that Tommy rarely ever complained of leg pains now, but he still wasn’t sleeping well. “Jen”, she said, “I am so thankful that you are working with Tommy. I knew from the minute that I first talked to you that you were the right person.”

I took a breath. “Well Kate, that’s what I wanted to call you about. I think Tommy is doing so well he really is. I think at this point he really doesn’t need more work” I said with a slight studder.

Kate interrupted, “Jen, I don’t understand. Listen you are really helping Tommy, I need you to keep up the good work. He is so happy and the big thing is he’s not in pain now.”

“I just don’t think I should continue…” I pleaded.

Kate jumped in “Jen, has Tommy told you I’m sick?”

“No …. Well, yes he did say you didn’t feel well but I never asked about that.” Kate started to whisper.

“Jen, I am sick. I have MS. Do you know what that is Jen?” I was speechless. “Who gets MS at age 30, Jen? Me! That’s who. Full blown MS. In the beginning it was a lot of being tired and run down. Then it was trouble walking. I got used to those motor carts in the grocery store. Now, I’m 37 now and in the 15 years we’ve been married, half of that was me getting sick. It’s to the point where I can’t even hold my head up sometimes. Tommy is so good about it. He does everything for me. Everything. So this massage gift is the least little thing I can do for him. You see?”

I had tears welling in my eyes. “I’m so sorry”, I said softly. “Oh God I had no idea.”

“It’s ok Jen, I am happy Jen. In pain but happy”, Kate said with a chuckle.

I swallowed hard. “Kate, now I really feel bad because I just can’t work on Tommy anymore.”

The line was quiet. “Why Jen, just tell me why?” Kate asked. She sounded hurt.

I started slowly, “Look, Kate, Tommy is such a great guy and I really like talking with him and working on him. It’s just that… well.… I don’t know….” I was struggling.

My heart was racing and I had a lump in the back of my throat.

“Jen, what is it, you can tell me”, Kate said coaxing me.

“Ok well the massage therapy is intense. I use a lot of deep pressure techniques during the session and well Tommy is very good about it, never mentions it, but I think it’s not fair.”

“What’s not fair Jen? Jen are trying to say he got turned on?” she asked with a chuckle.

“Yes Kate, he does every time. And I just feel bad. In the beginning I thought well he’s married and he probably goes home to love his wife. Now I feel even worse!”

Kate said carefully, “Jen, I want you to keep working with Tommy, I like you and he feels better when he comes home after therapy. Please don’t quit on me.”

“Kate, I just can’t. It’s really intense. I just hate leaving him like that.”

“Then don’t” she said flatly. My heart stopped.

“Don’t what? I don’t know what….. you mean.”

Kate interrupted again, “Then don’t leave him that way. Don’t you think I would rather have Tommy work with you than be in some bar or screwing some girl at work? Jen, if you don’t want to work with Tommy that’s fine, it’s ok but I would pay you double for you to continue.”

It was my turn to interrupt. “No, I feel bad for taking anything as it is, now.”

“Jen, just work with Tommy, please. If he has a “happy ending” sometimes, so what. It’s fine, don’t you get it?” I blinked wildly. Happy ending? How does she even know what that is? Is she kidding me??? No one ever gives out “happy endings” at the Oasis. Ever.

“No, I…. I don’t…. we don’t… um oh God, ….”

“Look. Think about it Jen. Stick with it, ok? For me? For Tommy? I have to go hun, bye.” Click.

I stood with the phone in my hand. I was sobbing uncontrollably. I couldn’t believe the conversation we just had. All I knew was that in two days, Tommy had another appointment and I was still in shock over the whole thing. I had to cancel it. I thought about telling Chrissy about the phone call but just couldn’t. I tried to not think about it over the weekend. I never did cancel Tommy’s appointment. When Monday night came around, Tommy showed up for his appointment and I began to tense up. As I kneaded his back muscles Tommy started the conversation.

“Kate said you called the other day.”

“Yeah, I did”, I said nervously.

“She said you just went over my progress and stuff and she said she’s so happy we found you.”

I smiled. It sounded like Kate didn’t go into detail. Good. Later in the session I worked Tommy’s thighs. Once again Tommy was fully aroused and laying back like a puppy. My heart raced unbelievably. I thought about this man, how good he was to his wife and how hard it must be to not be able to make love with her. I shifted the sheet. I was so close to touching him there but I panicked at the last moment. I carefully laid a towel on Tommy and turned away blushing a deep red. As he left, Tommy smiled a big smile and thanked me for my work. I smiled back.

Oh my God, I felt so bad. At home later that night I cried as I thought of the day. I thought of leaving the Oasis permanently. Just not show up. I thought about Kate and Tommy and how much they loved each other. How could this be right? I fell asleep thinking about Tommy’s big brown eyes. They were silently talking to me. I thought about how good he was and how he would never, ever, ever, ask for more than the massage I was giving his sore muscles. I remember tossing and turning as I slept that night.

On Wednesday night I was running behind and Tommy was my final client for the day. It was a long day and I was tired. As soon as I saw Tommy, I felt a rush of energy. I smiled and we talked about our day as I worked his back and glutes. Afterwards, Tommy turned over and I worked his pecs and quads. There was soft new age music playing in the background as I worked out every fiber of his upper thighs. I looked at Tommy. He had his eyes closed and was deeply relaxed. I took a big, long deep, breath. Slowly I slipped my hand lower and lower across his abdomen and below the sheet. He tensed. Just as my hand touched his manhood, his hand grabbed mine.

“Jen!” He sat up on his elbows. “What are you doing?”

I stared into his eyes as I gripped him. He let go of my hand. I leaned close to his ear and whispered softly.

“Tommy, it’s ok. I had the longest talk with Kate and I think she wants me to help you and for you to be happy.”

“You talked to my wife about this?” he said with a whisper.

“Yes. I told her I couldn’t have you as a client because I couldn’t stand to see you this way”. As I spoke, I continued to gently caress Tommy beneath the sheet. “I told Kate that I wanted to quit because my heart breaks for you Tommy. But she wouldn’t let me quit. She even offered me extra money to continue but I wouldn’t take any.”

Tommy tilted his head toward me. His eyes were wide and I saw his chest rising quickly.

“Oh my God Jen, I don’t want you to do this. I don’t want you to get in trouble!”

I put my finger on his lips. “Shhhhh,” I said. “The door is locked tonight. I have all night but I am not leaving you like this again. No matter what, you can never ever tell anyone. Do you understand?”

Tommy nodded quickly.

“I could lose my job and my license.”

My heart was exploding now. I slowly pulled the sheet off Tommy and looked at his manhood. His cock was beautiful. It was massive, hard and rippled with deep purple veins. As I began to stroke him gently Tommy crossed his arms over his forehead covering his eyes.

“I don’t believe this is happening”, he said. “I never ever thought…oh my God that feels so good.”

I looked at Tommy closely. He was trembling. I whispered, “Just relax. Here, Tommy, here try this. Slide your butt closer to the end of the table and bend your knees for me”.

He looked at me with those soft puppy eyes again. I walked around to the end of the table and gripped his cock in my hand again. It was so hot and so hard. I was about to pour hot oil on him and give him a nice welcomed release. Suddenly I began to breath harder, my heart raced. What was I thinking? I looked at Tommy and I looked at his massive cock in my hands. This wave of sexual emotion came over me and I was overwhelmed. I slowly leaned forward and gently kissed it. Tommy’s head shot forward off the table.

“No!....”, he said in a louder whisper. “Don’t do that Jen… you don’t have to… I mean you’re just…. gonna massage me... right?” He trailed off as I kissed him again and again.

Slowly I ran my tongue up the front of his cock and he trembled. “Just stay quiet. This is something I need nneeeedd need to do”, I said. I could feel the pressure building in Tommy’s body.

He whispered again, “Listen Jen, I haven’t had real sex for 5 years and absolutely nothing for the last two.” His head lay back again. I put my mouth around his throbbing cock and gently lowered it.

“Oh God….. oh God…. That’s sooooo good….” Tommy said as his back arched.

He eased out this long slow breath of air. I slowly raised my head sliding my tongue back and forth as I did. Tommy sat up on his elbows. I looked at his face and tears were streaming down his cheeks. I started sucking harder, a little faster than before. Tommy was shaking and quietly gasping for air. I kissed the sides of his cock slowly and tenderly again. He sat all the way up and ran his fingers into my hair. I could hear him almost panting as he held my head in his hands. I put my lips around the top of him and ran my tongue around in a circle. Tommy eased my head down onto his thick cock. I could only take about half of him.

He closed his eyes and pulled my head up and down while I relaxed, letting him set the pace. My mouth went down quickly then up….. very, very slowly. Tommy winced, his whole body flexed. Quickly Tommy pulled me now hard again and again. Suddenly I felt a rush of hot cum explode in the back of my throat. I gulped quickly. Tommy lay back again and quivered as I pumped a second and third giant load into my mouth. With both hands wrapped tightly around the base of his cock I thrust down again and again, swallowing hard each time. Tommy’s whole body surged and shuddered with each explosion. Warm thick cum overflowed running down over my fingers.

Finally, the giant pulses faded as I gently nursed out the last few drops. All the tension drained from Tommy’s muscles, as he quivered a few times. His heavy cock bobbed softly to my last few tender kisses. I climbed onto the table and lay on top of him, fully clothed. He held me tightly and buried his face in my hair. I could feel him softly crying. “Oh my God, Jen…. oh my God….. I can’t believe you just did that…. Oh my God” he whispered.

I smiled and kissed him on the cheek. “Tommy, remember. You tell no one… ever. This was a one-time thing Tommy, ok?”

“Oh, I know that. Are you kidding me? That will keep me going for at least 5 years!”

We laughed as I helped Tommy get dressed. The whole time he never touched me or made any advances. What a gentleman. I found out the next day that Chrissy knew exactly what I did for Tommy. Chrissy was supposed to be up front on the other end of the studio that night filing forms and doing data entry for new clients. Little did I know that she spent the entire session with her ear on the Oasis door! I was stunned to find this out. She said at one point someone came in and she ran up front and told them we were closed. When she came back she heard every single thing including the conversation about Kate.

Chrissy said by the moans and a few quiet slurps she knew exactly what I was doing to Tommy and that she was standing there, mouth open, holding her breath the whole time. Chrissy said she was so upset she left early before I came out with Tommy. I think she actually got turned on because later she told me she went home and gave her boyfriend the most unbelievable head that same night. Twice!!!

Tommy came in for one more session the next week and we just sat and talked. It was kind of strange. He said that he would keep in touch. I asked him if Kate said anything when he got home that night. Tommy said that she did ask if he felt better and she hoped he had a happy ending. “Jen, I was honest and told her I did have a happy ending and she smiled. I never told her how happy the ending really was though.”

We laughed and hugged. Tommy called about 6 months after that and said Kate had a sort of remission and they were going on a second honeymoon. He put Kate on the line. “Hi Jen, listen I just want to thank you for everything. I have no idea how you did it but Tommy’s a new man. He sleeps through the night now and man he’s got passion again. Anyway, thanks and we’ll send a postcard.”

To this day I never told a soul until now I decided to change all the names and write this story. I hope you understand and don’t judge me.

For me, given the situation, I would do it all again in a heartbeat. Jen


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