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by Kim Normundie

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© Copyright 2007 - Kim Normundie - Used by permission

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Let me start with some background. I live and grew up in a small town just outside of Nashville. The town I lived in as well as Nashville was and is a very religious part of the country. I was raised by a very strict father who would whip you for the smallest infraction. All through my teenage years I would do things my father warned me against just to get a whipping. You see I discovered that while my father warmed my ass the heat would always travel to my pussy. The one thing these whippings did do however was to teach me what was bad and I would after a couple of whippings be so scared to do them that I never would do them again. The list was pretty long by the time I was grown. After college I moved to Nashville and got a loft apartment and started wondering if I dared to do some of the things that I had been taught were wrong. But no matter how much I wanted to I could not bring myself to do it.

Now I take great pride in my appearance, my measurements is 37D-24-37, I stand 5’7” tall; I have blonde hair and green eyes.  The only problem with my appearance is that thanks to my father I always wear clothes to cover up my whole body. I have never showed any skin or wear anything that would reveal what was under my clothes. The job I had, I loved dearly but due to my choice of clothes I was having trouble keeping up with the other girls in the office who would wear revealing clothes.

After 2 years of frustration I got called into my boss’s office and was told point blank that I was in danger of being passed over for her job as she was getting promoted herself.  She was given the job of replacing herself and I wanted the job so bad, but she said that the choice of clothes that I wore could and probably would undermine my position as boss because I was the butt of way too many office jokes. I found out from her that I had been given the nickname of “The Nun”. This I couldn’t deny, you see at this point I was still a virgin at the age of 28 and I wore clothes that covered up everything.  Needless to say I was shocked and sat there in disbelief. My boss gave me a week to change or she would give the job to Candy.

'Damn that girl is a slut,' I thought to myself. I mean after all she wore skirts that barely covered her ass and tops that barely kept her tits in. I went home and on the way I vowed I would change but how.

When I got home I plopped down in front of my computer and did a search for ways to change your way of thinking. I ran across this one web site that seemed to be just for me, it started out by asking a group of questions all about how you dressed and what you thought and if the two were really fitting together. It turned out that I found that I was not dressing or acting the way I thought, but the way my father thought a woman should. It went on to ask about what I would change and I gave it a big list. I put down that I wanted to dress to show off what I had been given, I wanted to have the nerve to try out some of my fantasies. I went on to list what they were. The web site flickered and then a message came on that asked if I truly wanted what I had said I wanted was really what I wanted, I answered yes. Then I got a message that said that I needed to prepare myself. I was instructed to either drink 4 beers, 4 glasses of wine, or 4 shots of whiskey as this would help me relax. Then I needed to take a shower and come back to proceed. I did as it said and after the shower I felt really relaxed and hit the button to proceed. The next thing I knew it was morning and I was still sitting at my computer looking at a now flickering screen. I did not feel any different and thought that I was stupid for trying.

As I was getting ready for work I noticed that no matter which of my outfits I picked out I could not find any that I liked. I called my boss and told her that I was not feeling well and took a personal day. I did manage to find this one denim skirt that I took a scissor to and cut it so that it would come down to just a couple of inches below my ass cheeks. I found this one blouse I had that had a mesh v-cut and I took out the mesh. So now I rummaged through my bra and panties and did not like any of them, so I went without them. Before last night I never would have went anywhere without a bra or panties but now I just thought that it would be fine. I grabbed the only pair of heels I had and put them on and went shopping.

My first stop at the mall was Victoria’s Secret. I went up to a sales girl and asked for some help and getting a bra that fitted right. She led me to the back and asked me to remove my top and when she saw that I had no bra on got a little red in the face. I explained that I did not like any of my current bras or panties and had thrown them all out. She looked a little puzzled and asked if I had panties on and I said no. She asked me to step into a changing room and she would be right back. She returned a little bit later with an armful of bras and panties. She had thongs, bikinis, high rise, hipsters, and boy shorts. She also had a few bras to try on.

When she opened the curtain and saw me totally naked she dropped the whole pile and just gasped. I asked if there was anything wrong and she said she had never seen a body like mine and I asked what she meant. She said that even though my tits were d-cups they were firm, and that while my complexion was very light, I never lay out in the sun; she said that is was flawless. I thanked her and asked her what she had in the pile. She started with the bras. There where see through, lace, and pushups. I tried each one on and she helped me adjust the straps and showed me how to make sure the cups fit.

Then it was time for the panties, she noticed that I was wet and grabbed a few tissues and without asking dried me off. I fell against the wall when she touched me, you see this was the first time anyone but me had ever touched my pussy. She looked up and grinned and picked up the first pair and held them for me while I stepped into them. I tried each on and modeled them for her and said I like them all and wanted to leave on the see through bra and thong I had on and she said ok. We went back out front and she helped me get dozens upon dozens of items. I got: bras, panties, corsets, bustiers, baby dolls, garter belts, and all others sorts of thing. When finished I had spent $4000 in the store. She asked if I needed help getting to my car and I said yes and so she helped me. In fact she took the rest of the day off to help me shop.

The next store I went to was a store that sold upscale ladies suits. I went in and there were 2 people working a man and a lady. Normally I would have chosen the lady but without even thinking about it I walked up the guy and told him I need some suits. He asked what I had in mind and I told him. He told me that what I wanted would have to be altered and I replied fine. So he showed me the range of suits and I picked out a dozen suits all of which had skirts. The only thing wrong with the skirts was the length. You see they all came down to my knees and I wanted them to be 2 inches below my ass.

I put one of the suits on and he got down on his knees and started moving the hem up, up, up, up, up and then I said stop. I asked him where my ass cheeks stopped and he said about there, I said put your hand right where they stopped, he put it close without touching, I got frustrated and said, "Put your hand on my ass where the cheeks stop!" and he finally did. I said that the hem needed to be 2 inched below there and so he raised the hem. I thanked him and said I needed them by 5 and it was now 2, he said that he couldn’t get it to me by then and I said. "Oh well I guess I can’t buy them then." He asked me to wait and went and talked to the boss and came back and said done. I paid and left.

My little helper who’s name was Brandy said that he had quite a bulge in his pants when we left and I just giggled.  I then headed for the shoe store across the mall. I went up to this cute little Asian girl working there and said I need to buy some heels. She led me over to ladies department and I sat. She got down on her knees and measured my feet and while she was doing this, I was sitting there with my legs as open as the skirt would let them be. She got down and looked a little red in the face from seeing up my skirt. She asked what I had in mind and I said that I wanted at least 5 inch heels and that I wanted a variety. She left and came back with 6 boxes and I tried them one at a time and loved them all and asked for more. She left and this time came back with a stack of 10 that she could not even see over. I tried them all on and bought them all. I asked her if she could help us out to my car and she said, "Yes, of course."

On the way out of there I had her and Brandy walk in front of me and when she asked me why, I said I was enjoying the view. She turned to face me and was totally red in the face. At this point I asked her what her name is and she said Jasmin. I asked her what time she got off and she said I was her last customer so I invited her along to help me at the last store.

The last store was one where I could get casual and evening wear. As I entered the store I asked Jasmin to find the miniskirts for me and pick out the shortest ones and I asked Brandy to find the blouses and pick out some made she said she knew what I wanted. I went in search of evening wear. I found a sales girl and asked her to help me find some short, tight figure hugging dresses. She did as I asked and I then spent the next hour trying on different outfits and asked Jasmin, Brandy, and the new girl Rose what they thought. With approving nods all around on the choice of clothes I paid and had them help me to my car. I thanked them for their help and then invited them over for some fun this weekend. I drove home not thinking anything about the ten thousand dollars I just spent and could only think about getting back home and throwing out all of my old clothes and putting away my new ones.

When I had all of my clothes put away I sat back down in front of my computer and logged back on to the web site. When it came up I logged back in and it asked me if I had done all that I was instructed and I replied yes. I sat there thinking that I had not remembered any instructions but that I must have been because I just answered yes, I just giggled and waited. After 30 minutes of staring at the screen a question came up do you want option A sexy girl or option B sexy slutty bimbory girl. Without a moment’s hesitation I chose B and as soon as I hit the button, I thought did I just do that and the next thing I remember is it being 7 in the morning and my alarm was going off.

I got up from my computer and stretched and headed for the shower. As I got in I grabbed the bottle of hair remover I use on my legs and spread it all over my body with a liberal amount on my pussy and ass. I waited longer than recommended time and then washed all of my body hair down the drain leaving only the hair on my head and my eyebrows. I felt like this was a natural thing it that all women should do this. I got out dried off, applied some lotion and started my makeup. I applied rouge to my areolas making them a shade darker. Next I put dark eyeliner on. I also put a deep red wet looking lipstick on, which had the effect of making my lips look very inviting. The next item I put on was my garter belt and seamed stockings, then a matching bra and thong, then my red suit, and finally a pair of black 5 inch heels. This all being done I headed for work.

When I got to work I went straight into my boss’s office and found her talking to Candy about my job. I said good morning and you could have heard a pin drop. Their jaws dropped open and they were speechless. My boss said, "Wow what did you do?" Candy just stared. I replied that I only took her advice and got a makeover. She only said, "Boy did you ever."

At this point she looked at Candy and said, "Sorry looks like JennyLee gets the promotion." I looked at her with sorrow in my eyes and said, "Pep up I am going to promote you to my assistant."

She informed me that that was not a promotion and I replied that the way I am going to do it, it was a promotion. My boss said that since she has made her decision she was taking the rest of the day off to start packing. Candy was still just staring and had yet to say anything else. I waited for the boss to leave and said, "Candy get up and close and lock the door." She did it without anything being said. I then asked her to sit down behind the desk and look at the screen. On the screen was a button that said push to start, Candy asked what it was and I just said it was a video that would explain everything. She just sat there staring at the screen as the program did its thing. When it was over Candy thanked me for the promotion and asked if she could leave to get clothes more fitting that of an assistant so I let her off.

One by one I asked the other girls in the office to come in and one by one they were shown the video. When the last one had seen it I set about changing some things about the layout of the office. You see we are a branch office and as such I am the highest ranking person here so what I say goes and as long as we produce we will be left alone. I had a plan on how our production was about to go up. You see we do two things here, we sell ads on websites and we set up and maintain online sites and catalogs. Now our staff here is aged between 25 and 35 years old. We have 2 Asians, 3 Blacks, 3 Latinos, and 8 Whites. The tallest is 5’7” and the shortest is 5’0”. We all have long hair but the biggest problem is that not all of the girls have d cup breasts.

The next day they all showed up dressed like sluts, whores, strippers, or porn stars depending on your outlook. I thanked them for all being in dress code and said that we were going to be putting a new face on this office and as such the girls who did not have d cup breasts have appointments to have this fixed. So 14 girls got up and went to get this fixed the rest of us set about planning out the new floor layout. I had talked the home office into a makeover for the office by sending them some doctored photos of how the office looked and they said to keep in to a minimum.

We had a whole floor in an office tower and I planned on removing all of the internal walls and replacing them so that I had 8 larger rooms around the outside and still look like an office when you stepped off the elevator. Each room had web cameras, beds, places to attach things to the wall and ceiling, and each room had a different look to it such as a dungeon, bedroom, and so on. While this was taking place I had all of the girls sign up at the health club that was on floor 1 of our building and told them that they were required to exercise an hour in the morning, an hour at lunch, and 2 hours after work. By the time the new rooms were done we were all whipped into shape and we all had watched every video that was on the web site that started it.

When it was time for our grand opening I announced the new work shift, I let them know that there were 16 of us and we would all work 12 hour shifts half in the daytime and half at night. For those who had kids they would work 6am to 6pm, for those who did not we would work 6pm to 6am. I told the girls that I had requested that my old boss Diane relocate her office to our new abode. I did not even think about the changes, all I was thinking about was that someone needed to run the office and since I would be busy we needed her back. She said she would come back with some extra help. Turns out the extra help was a group of mistresses to keep us in line. It also turns out that she was the person behind the website that had changed us all and she could not have been happier.

Well that’s all been 2 years ago now and I am Diane’s personal slave along with Brandy and Jasmin. The home office turned out to be an international group of men who exploited women and who could not have been more thrilled with the changes we made. Maybe I’ll fill you in on some of the exploits of the office some time.



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