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The Guest

by Jo

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© Copyright 2013 - Jo - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/fff; D/s; strip; naked; tease; piercings; bdsm; spank; whip; torment; mast; denial; cons; X

The knock came at 7:20. The date was for 7:00, but this was Provence after all. Margo left the couch to answer the door.

"Bon jour! Bon Jour! Ca va?"

The women did the cheek bump, air kiss thing.

"Bien. Bien. Et vous?"

"Bien, merci."

Margo noticed the guest's car glistened with rain, sheltered under the portico. She led the guest through the house.

The small villa, normally bright and airy with its many windows and white plaster walls, was plunged into darkness. There was no moon that night and the storm clouds made it all the more black. It was a gentle rain, though. A warm, steady, summer rain. The sound of it pattering on the tin roof over the patio echoed in the living room.

The room was large, a combination dining and living room. The lights were dimmed and there were candles on every flat surface. Flames crackled in the fireplace.

The man, Margo's husband rose, took the guest's hand, drew her in for a kiss - a kiss that belied a certain familiarity. Margo's sister, Audra, was sitting on one of the couches. She said hello.

The three women were dressed similarly in simple black dresses that clung to their breasts and flowed down to their knees. It was evident that none wore a bra. They were physically similar, slim with full hips and smallish breasts. Breasts that jiggled rather than bounced when the women moved.

The guest was the youngest at 25, the others in their early 30s. She was also the prettier of the three with delicate features on a smooth, pale-skinned face. The others, twins actually, were plainer with slightly darker skin, the result of the tans they'd achieved on holiday. They looked more mature than the guest, but it could just be the make-up and lighting. All three women had straw-colored blonde hair done up on their heads.

Margo poured the guest a glass of wine from a carafe on the low table. She settled back on the couch with her sister, her own wine glass in hand.

They made small talk, how was your day, about this weather, that sort of thing. But it didn't last long. The guest was there for a reason. It was her sixth visit and she was nervous with anticipation.

"Stand by the fireplace."

The guest set her glass down, stood, and walked over.

"Remove your panties."

She reached up under her dress and pulled her panties down, over her knees. She stepped out of them and set them aside.

"Finger yourself.

She reached up under her dress again, slid her fingers between her nether lips.

"Raise the dress so we can see."

She pulled the hem of the dress up to her waist exposing her sex.

"Place a foot on the ottoman and turn a bit so we can all see."

She did as she was told, raised her leg, slid her fingers between the lips, closed her eyes.

"Look at me."

He was a handsome man. His hair dark as the storm clouds above. He wore it long, over his ears, over his collar. He had a beard, full, but neatly trimmed. His eyebrows were heavy and shaded his eyes a bit. But she could see his eyes. His expression was one of warmth, gentleness, maybe a touch of amusement. He was well-muscled which made him look stocky under his clothes, but she knew from experience that was not the case. She stood caressing herself for several minutes, holding his gaze, not even glancing at the others.

"Does it feel good?"

"Yes. Yes it does."

"Fondle her breasts."

Margo set her glass down and stepped over to the girl. She raised her hand and cupped the girl's breasts, squeezed them gently, pinched and teased the nipples. The girl made a little, breathy sound.

"Her ass."

Margo stepped behind the girl and stroked and squeezed her cheeks.

"Remove her dress."

Margo took the hem of the dress and lifted. The girl's hand left her pussy. Margo tugged the dress over the girl's head. She stood, naked, bathed in firelight.

"Finger yourself."

The girl's hand went back between her legs.

"Take her hair down."

Margo unpinned her hair, ran her fingers through it. It had a slightly wild, disheveled look.

"Hit her."

Margo drew her hand back. She slapped the girl's ass - hard. The sound echoed. She drew back again and delivered another blow to the girl's other cheek.

"Finger yourself faster."

The girl nodded.


The girl closed her eyes, a grimace settled on her brow. Whether from the sensations between her legs or the blows to her ass, it was hard to tell.

And then his hand was in her hair. He pulled and twisted her head.

"Kiss me."

She did.

"Keep fingering yourself."

He kissed her. She moaned into his mouth.

"Do you like it?"

"Yes," she whispered.

"Say it."

"I like it."

"Like what?"

"I like kissing you while I touch myself."

"I'm going to spank you with my belt, then I'm going to whip you."

The girl swallowed and nodded.

"You know you can stop whenever you want."

Margo nodded.

"I know."

But she would never tell him to stop. She didn't, not from the first. She wanted to go all the way, knew it the first time he'd struck her. She tried to explain to her friend, how she derived pleasure from the pain, but her friend just shook her head. In confusion? Disgust? She couldn't tell.

"Eat her while I hit her."

Margo dropped to her knees, spread the girl's pussy lips, fixed her mouth to the girl.

He slipped the belt from his pants, palmed the buckle, wrapped the leather around his fist a time or two, hauled back and swung.

The girl gasped. She lunged forward a half step, gripped Margo's shoulder.

"Hurt her."

Margo nipped the girl's clit. She shrieked.

"Not too much. Keep pleasuring her, but again, not too much."

Margo worked her mouth between the girl's legs, alternately licking, sucking, and nipping her in the most delicate places.

He raised the belt again and proceeded to strap the girl's ass and thighs. The girl gripped Margo's shoulders, thrust her hips forward to more securely meet her mouth.

He struck her several times, then changed hands, changed position, struck her again until her ass was a uniform red.

The girl grunted at every blow, breathed noisy, grunting, gasping breaths through clenched teeth.

He stopped.

The girl opened her eyes, blinked away the tears. He was returning the belt to his pants, removing his shirt.

"That's enough."

Margo rocked back on her heels and returned to the couch.

"No. Both of you. Come here."

The twins stood and approached him. He turned to the girl.

"Finger yourself. Put your fingers into yourself and rub your clit with your thumb."

The girl slid two fingers deep into her pussy. He turned to the others.


They tugged their dresses over their heads, stepped out of their panties. They let their hair down. Both women had pierced nipples and the chrome beads sparkled in the firelight. They also had something shiny, gem stones, buried in their pubic hair that also caught the light.

"Here," he pointed.

He turned them to face each other.

"Open your mouths. Stick out your tongues."

Their tongues were likewise pierced and he took Margo's tongue in his fingers and unscrewed the upper bead, drew the shaft through. He dropped it into his pants pocket.

He removed Audra's piercing as well. When he drew his hand from his pocket her had another barbell, a slightly longer one.

He gripped Margo's tongue, found the hole beneath and pushed the shaft up and through. He twisted Audra's tongue, found the hole, and pushed the shaft up and through her tongue as well. He pinched both their tongues until the threaded tip of the shaft poked through. He screwed on the chrome metal bead.

Instinctively the women withdrew their tongues which brought their lips into an open-mouth kiss.

He reached for Audra's left nipple, removed the shaft. He did the same with Margo's right nipple. From his pocket he drew another barbell. He unscrewed the ball, tugged Audra's nipple, and pressed it through. He aligned the shaft with Margo's nipple and squeezed and pushed until the tip emerged. He screwed on the end piece. He repeated the process with their other nipples.

He squatted down, nudged the women's legs apart. Both women had thick, but neatly trimmed bushes. Both women had hood piercings. Working by feel he removed first Margo's, then Audra's jewelry. The pieces were similar with large, metal beads, nearly pea-size, and a bright, cut stone on the other end. There were as large as the bead. Margo's an emerald, Audra's a ruby.

He dipped his hand into his pocket once more and, working totally by feel now, worked the shaft up and through Margo's clit hood and down and through Audra's. It was a stretch, literally, as he screwed the metal bead to the end of the shaft.

Looking at the women you would think they were merely sharing an embrace if you didn't know they were connected at tongue, nipple, and sex.

He went around the room, killing lights, blowing out candles, until the only light came from the fireplace and a grouping of candles on the low table by the couch.

He stepped past the girl who was now just on the edge of shadow. He removed the coiled whip from a hook on the wall. He placed his hand on hers, squeezed her fingers deeper into her pussy..

"Keep fingering yourself. If you want to come, that's okay. They will come as I whip them. It is a dance they do. As each lash lands they will move. As they move, connected as they are, their bodies will respond." He shrugged, "There is no help for it."

"You watch. You will see I speak the truth."

He drew back the whip and lashed Audra's back. She writhed under the blow. Margo writhed in kind.

"You see. A dance. No? And when their dance is done I shall whip you and you will do a different dance."

The guest stood, fingers buried in her pussy, thumb rubbing her clit. Her ass burned from the strapping. Her clit throbbed, felt like it would burst, but she knew she would find no release. She never had when they were together. It was part of the torment. But later, later on, after a bath, after the pain ebbed, warm beneath cool sheets ...

Outside there was the soft rumble of distant thunder. Inside there was the echo of rain on tin and the sound of a thin strip of leather slicing the air.



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