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The Lady Late For the Train

by Mikel

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© Copyright 2014 - Mikel - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-M; Solo-F; train; dress; hobble; heels; fantasy; corset; tight-clothing; public; cons; X

(This is a true story, I was inspired by Lady Jane’s short story to write this brief story about a woman I spotted and the day dreaming occurring because of her, thanks to both of them for inspiring me and giving me hope)

I ride what most would call an elevated train to work each day, the forty minute ride is mostly mind numbing but I enjoy people watching and looking out the windows as the buildings pass by. On one trip the train stopped just outside a station and the recorded voice said, “There will be a short delay” so now we were sitting twenty or more feet in the air with no idea how long the “short” delay would actually be and I sat looking down at the people and cars moving around below us.

I noticed a thin woman walking quickly towards the street that ran parallel to the tracks and as she got closer to the cross street I could see the dress she was wearing went to her ankles and seemed to be pretty tight around them for a dress someone would wear at seven in the morning. I continued to watch her walk faster now being able to see she was also wearing what appeared to be, at least on her, tall high heels.

As she turned to cross the street I was fascinated by the tight dress and heels and began to wonder if the dress had the slit in the back like most do, that always ruins the fantasy when I see the opening even though I know it makes wearing the long snug skirts more comfortable to walk in, but I always like the illusion of a woman’s legs being held close together all the way to her ankles especially when the lady can actually walk in the hobbling attire and not look silly.

The woman was close enough now for me to see her young body which, as I had stated, was thin with wonderfully perfectly sized breasts and a narrow waist both augmented by the thin tight material covering it, as she continued to pick up the pace in her tight dress and heels I began wondering if she was trying to make it to the station in time to board the train that was currently waiting just outside of the station, mine.

I watched fascinated by her struggles to hurry, each step pulling the snug skirt tightly across her thighs and ankles showing how hard she was trying to take bigger steps and the desire to hurry making her move her feet twice as fast as she normally would have had to. Nearing the cross street she stopped on the corner and I could see her chest heaving under the clingy material as she tried to catch her breath, I was now twisted around in my seat to keep her in view when she turned around on her high heels, apparently impatient for the traffic light to change, and I could clearly see the taunt material stretching from ankle to ankle and the was no back slit.

Wow! I thought her feet couldn’t be more than five or six inches apart as she stood there, the heels were at least four inches high and had multiple straps keeping them on her feet. I was finally able to pull my eyes away from her ankles and could see her firm ass outlined beautifully under the thin material and realized that it was not a skirt and blouse but a one piece long sleeved dress and immediately my mind went to the place where I dream of having a woman that would wear something this restrictive to work being totally unable to change her mind once she left the house and would have to fight the tight confines and restrictions of her choice all day.

The woman started to dash across the street and I watched the dress pull very tight as she stepped off the curb making her have to place her leading foot right at the base of the curb before she could bring her other along behind it and take the next step. It was amazingly erotic for me to watch this beautiful creature move without missing a step in the tight dress and high heels, as she “ran” across the street her feet moving so fast I could hardly see them, but her speed limited by her clothing choices making her barely able to pass the other people who were just strolling across.

Reaching the other side in one motion she leapt up on the curb and turned, the material was stretched to its limit and she never lost a step, I was still mesmerized by her fluid movements and how well she was handling the restrictions she had placed on herself. As I continued to watch her struggle quickly down the sidewalk I began to wonder if she had chosen the clothes, obviously she had worn this type of clothing enough to get good at moving in them, or had someone else placed her in them so she would have to struggle with them all day, was she into the same things I enjoy or was this all a mistake by her and once she got home she would never wear this type of clothing out again.

As my mind raced with ideas about her under clothes and hoping there was some kind of corset under the dress, which I can almost guarantee there wasn’t, the material was so thin and stretched so tight around her body that even at this distance I think I could have seen the outlines of any corset under it but hey, I was day dreaming so she was wearing a tight corset under the dress and the heels were locked on by tiny padlocks and the bracelets she wore were actually fashionable cuffs locked around her wrists and all the keys were at home on her night stand.

As she strode out of my sight I watched her ass wiggle and the dress pull even tighter as she tried to pick up the pace again and sat staring long after I could no longer see her dreaming of stepping out of the train when we reached the station and seeing her on the platform panting, her heaving chest moving inside the tight dress and walking up and asking if I could help her with her large bag draped over her thin shoulder and she would smile and breathlessly thank me and we would sit and talk on the train, enjoying each other’s company until I finally had the courage to ask about the dress and watch her blush as she slowly admits it was her choice and how much she loved the feelings it gave her to wear dresses with long hems that made her have to struggle to walk.

After that admission the flood gates would open and we both told the other of our fantasies mostly by talking about movies and things we had “seen” others do both realizing we shared the same passions and both missing our stops not wanting the discussions to end as we opened up more and more to each other.

The jerking of the train as it lurched forward brought me out of my dream state, I turned away from the window and stared at the doors as they opened knowing full well there was no way I could get out and look for her and get back on in the thirty or so seconds the train was going to stop and hoping, at least in the back of my mind she would come through the open doors even though again I would not have gotten up and spoke to her mostly due to the amount of people that would be around us, but I would have offered her my seat if she needed it and could have gotten a good look at her wonderful body and seen her face.

I stare at the intersection I spotted her at every morning and carefully watch every woman who comes through the door in front of me at that station wishing she would enter the car I’m in but after four weeks of looking I have never been able to spot her again, but each time I stare at the intersection I drift off thinking about the one woman I have seen that might actually share my passions, thanking her for keeping my dream of finding someone to share them with alive and think about the lady late for the train every day.

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