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The Lake

by Marley

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© Copyright 2011 - Marley - Used by permission

Storycodes: FM; outdoors; water; naked; voy; kiss; fondle; sex; climax; cons; X


I was bathing in the local lake, late summers evening, calm water, sun reflecting off the surface of the peaceful liquid. All of a sudden I heard a rustle in the nearby trees, I swooped my wet hair in quickened motion to look behind, there he stood, that tall handsome stranger, he was awesome, tall dark handsome majestic, I didn't even try to hide my nakedness from his eyes.....

Do my eyes deceive me, was the beauty I gazed upon real, surely not, but a mere illusion brought on by the midday heat. But as I approach the waters edge this vision of perfection does not fade, but turns her head towards me and smiles shamelessly in all her naked glory. I attempt to speak but no words will spill from my lips.

"Well are you just going to stand there or are you going to join me?"

With a deep subtle sexy tone, his words drift on air in my direction, his body glides from the shade in a masculine grace, that makes my heart skip a beat, I start to shiver, as I realize his first, but firm spoken words. His hand reaches out to take me to the waters edge, he cloaks my body in a towel and stares in to my eyes, in hypnotic suggestion I sink into the pools that are his, oh my god he is the most beautiful man I have ever seen, do my eyes trick me, who is this creature, and what is he doing here?.....

Piercing my soul as she stares into my eyes, her beauty beyond description, dare I utter the words for fear of her laughter at my proposition for how could any painting by my hand do justice to such an angel sent from the gods.

"What is it you wish of me?" as she takes my hand in hers stroking it gently, "please say what's on your mind and not keep me in suspense any longer I beg of you"

Eventually I get the courage to speak, "My name is Antonia I am a painter from Florence and would be honored if you agreed to model for me."

Did I hear him right? He could not have said what I think he just has, I repeat the words, "'You' want 'me' to model for you'? Oh my, I mean, I do not know what to say, I mean I'm sure there are prettier models than I, I've never done that before, I mean". My groin and my cheeks now burning, wanting him to just take me there and then, my skin melting at his touch, Antonia, I would never forget his name, not ever, locked in my mind, burned, etched in my soul from this moment forward, "Oh you jest surely, I'm just a simple peasant girl, you really want me to model for a man of your stature".

"A simple peasant girl, you are so much more than a simple peasant girl you are a gift that the gods have sent down from heaven and placed in my path of destiny, I will take you back to Florence with me and paint your beauty so the whole world my gaze upon you". Looking more ravishing in her excitement and joy at my words which I thought was not possible, I cannot resist, placing my hands lightly on her rose'y cheeks I gently steal a kiss from her lips.

His lips cover mine, so softly so gently the ripple that breezes through my insides so intense, his hand cupping my face, as I begin to fall backwards his other large hand placed in the small of my back keeps me from slipping, my eyes open as he pulls away slightly, my towel still intact.

"Oh my...... Darling where have you been, I have been waiting an eternity for you to arrive, you are the missing piece of me, you complete me, I would love to follow you wherever you wish to take me, however you wish to take me," I say as I reach for the warmth of his lips for the second kiss, knowing it will render me helpless, my towel falls to the ground, my breasts pressed against the cotton fabric of his shirt.

He pulls me in tight, his hands running over the lines and crevasse's of my body, wanting him to consume every inch of my skin, breathless pants float between us like mist, pulling away briefly, he removes his coat and lays it on ground, laying me beneath him, I'm shivering as he lays his body down over mine, chest to chest, face to face, his fingers search me frantically, mine clawing at his back reaching for his buttocks, pulling him closer feeling his hardness, against my groin, sweating and panting in tune, with each arch of my back wanting him inside me with an urgency I've never before felt.....

Working my hands slowly down the pale flesh of this wild beautiful creature that lies beneath me as she claws at my skin like a wild animal that has just captured its prey, lightly biting on my lips as if to taste me before consuming my body and soul. Such arousal I have never experienced, I want her more than anything I have ever wished for, gently I press against the inside of her thigh with my hand pushing her legs apart as I very slowly place my erection inside her as she lightly wiggles and moans beneath me.

Oh feeling him enter my warm flesh, my primal instinct makes my nails sink deep in to his skin, wanting him deeper, more all, now, oh, his teeth picking up my skin in his mouth, rivers bursting their banks inside my body, his heat extending through me, my mouth searching for his lips, his hands squeezing my nipples with tender strength, magnificent presence, at this union. And finally we meet in the moment, eyes locked, he spills his seed inside me, my body accepts it with equal satisfaction, breathless we lay there merged as one, beneath the shade of the large tree....

Combing my fingers lightly through her hair as a light cooling breeze blows from the lake, "I can't wait to show you the beauty of Florence, I think you will like it there"

She looks at me through sad eyes, "Antonio I can't go with you to Florence not now or ever, if you still wish to paint me it will have to be here by the lakeside,"

"But I don't understand why not, I won't return to Florence without you, I want to spend my life and share my dreams with you, without you I do not want to live!"

She places her finger upon my lips, "Sshh you don't mean that, you're just upset"

"Yes I do, if we can't be together I do not wish to live this cruel life alone".

Rising to her feet taking my hand in hers she leads me to the waters edge, she says "and what if there was a way for us to spend eternity together what price would you pay?" staring at me now as if she could see my very soul.

I wave my hand towards the water, a look of misunderstanding of my question, shows upon his face, I cannot ask this of him, he deserves to travel the world, meet many beautiful faces and capture there image on canvas, this is his destiny I cannot ask him to spend an eternity with me, here, in this place.

"No you must go Antonia without me, I am something not of this world do you not understand".

His refusal to comprehend my offer tells me all I need to know, "Not of this world?" he asks.

"Yes, I dwell here, many years ago I was bathing here, I drowned and now I am forever locked to this place, I can never leave, not ever".

"But you are not a ghost, I can feel you touch you, I just have, to say you are not living is madness!!!"

"I am stuck between this world and the next, in limbo so to speak, if you want to stay here with me, you must take my hand and enter the water with me".

He takes my hand and we walk to the waters edge, we slowly submerge our bodies, I look into his eyes, he into mine, I lower him down, into the water, guilt at my selfish wants to have him drift into my mind, as we go beneath, our eyes open I watch him slowly drown, he spasms and kicks, as the life leaves him and the fluid enters his lungs, he reaches for the surface but I keep him under. My Antonia, my handsome soul, here you will stay with me for an eternity, we will make love under the tree and you will paint my portrait over and over and over again........

Regards Marley



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