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A Letter to Stacy

by Tony-B

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Bondage Ranch
Reno, Nevada

My dearest Stacy,

I am so happy that you have decided to visit my ranch again on your annual holiday.  This is a gorgeous time of the year for a holiday, and I’m sure you will appreciate the color changes in the mountains as you run naked during your morning exercise period.  I will be very happy to see you, and use you again.

You have done very well to keep your body fit and trim with your frequent runs, and while you’re here, we will continue that regimen with daily runs around my outdoor pony-girl track.  If you fail to run as ordered, I will attach you to the Hot-Walker, which will literally pull you around the track at a speed which I feel is appropriate.

You have such perfect little tits, my dear, and I love to watch them bounce as you jog around the track with your hands tied behind your back.  I’m so glad they aren’t ponderous and flop around as you run.   One day I shall take great pleasure training you to be a pony-girl, and to pull my little cart around the property as a pony-girl should.  I love to see a naked woman pulling my cart, with her hands strapped between her shoulder blades behind her, with her butt-plug tail blowing in the wind, and brushing against her bare legs., while I  snap her butt cheeks with my riding crop to urge her forward, or to run faster.  I can almost cum just from that, and you know that while you are at Bondage Ranch, your duty is to make me cum as often as I wish.  And sooner or later, you must be trained to pull the cart with me in it, watching you run from behind.  But not this holiday, I’m afraid, there are too many other things you must learn to accept first in your training.

Per agreement, once you are here and under my control, I will again use semi-permanent tattoo ink to inscribe your number on your arm, and will refer to you by your number, sixteen.  I do this to remind you that once here, you are property to be used and abused as I wish.  As before, because I will not actually tattoo your arm until you are ready for a permanent marking, the ink will fade and disappear after several weeks, and you can use a Band-Aid to cover it in the meantime after you return home.  But one day the number will be tattooed permanently on your skin when you are ready, to indicate that you are my property.

As we agreed on your previous visit to Bondage Ranch, I am not allowed to let anyone else use your body, and I am not to leave any visible marks on your body after your holiday, except those which may be covered by your normal clothing.  Other than that, I am free to use you and your body as I wish.

Accordingly, I have sent you, via Air Courier, your plane reservations, and several bondage toys in which you are to arrive.  The box should arrive day after tomorrow.  I will meet you at the airport, and escort you to the ranch.  As usual, you will leave Heathrow Airport on British Airlines, change planes to USA Air in Chicago, which will bring you directly to Northern Nevada International Airport.

It will not be necessary for you to bring any clothing.  I will provide you with everything you’ll need to wear while you’re here.  You may bring only small personal items you may need, and any medications you take on a regular basis.  Be sure to bring your birth control pills.  You remember, I don’t use condoms here, preferring that you remember the feeling of accepting that my sperm will be splashing about in your vagina while you are here.  It’s very important that a woman understands and accepts her biological purpose.  A regular carry-on bag should do it, and your purse, of course.

In the box I have sent you I have included a new Dental Gag, which was made from the wax impression we took of your mouth and teeth the last time you were here.  It was carefully made of Thermo-Plastic so it will pass through airport security without detection, and should fit perfectly.  It is designed to wear painlessly for long periods of time.  You simply place it in your mouth, and clamp down on it with your teeth.  You turn the small key exiting between your lips on the left side, which causes the device to clamp onto your teeth, and lowers a bar, which will hold down your tongue to prevent you from articulating words.  It may seem uncomfortable at first, but the discomfort will quickly go away as your mouth becomes accustomed to wearing it.  Shouldn’t take more than a half-hour.  The Dental Gag will keep you quiet while you travel.

Remove the key and place it in a safe location.  You won’t need the key while you’re travelling, and I will remove the gag after you arrive.  You will also be gagged as you fly home, which is why you have to take good care of the key.

You may drink freely – I would suggest water or milk – and manage to ingest thin or creamy soups.  Of course, with your teeth locked together, you will not be able to eat anything that requires chewing.

I want you to put a pad of paper and a pen in your purse.  You may use it to communicate with people while you are gagged.  On the first page, in large letters, write, “Broken Jaw – Surgery – Can’t Talk.” Show it to anyone who tries to talk to you.  You may write messages if necessary.  You may even part your lips to show them the Dental Gag, which holds your jaw together.  If they don’t know it’s a gag, they won’t find it disturbing.  And very few people would ever know it’s a gag.  Mainly, only kinky dentists.

Also in the box are two breast rings.  They look like ordinary bracelets.  Be careful with them.  They are open now, like handcuffs, but when snapped closed, they cannot be removed except with a special tool, which I'm not sending to you for obvious reasons.  They are also made of Thermo-Plastic and are undetectable by airport security.  On the morning of your flight, you are to strip completely, grasp your breasts one at a time, as far back as you can manage, and pull the fatty tissue forward.  Snap a ring around each breast as far back as possible, as close to the ribcage as you can manage.  Be careful, you can only do this once.

This will push the breasts forward, making them more attractive.  The down side is that it may be uncomfortable, especially as the nipples are pressed forward, engorge with blood, and rub against the fabric of your dress.  This will keep your nipples excited and erect during your trip.  I hope that I have selected the right size for your breasts.  If not, I will change them after you arrive.  Once snapped closed, you will not be able to remove them.

The temperature here, this time of year, is pleasant.  So select a light cotton dress to travel in, and low-heel shoes.  You are to wear nothing under the dress.  No slip, no camisole, no bra, panties, or stockings.

Should a gust of air cause your dress to fly up, you will not make any effort to press the dress back down into place, and will let the people surrounding you see your bare skin.

As you enter the plane, you will select a seat as close to the rear of the plane as possible.  You will sit in an aisle seat, and strap yourself in tightly.  You will then separate your knees, allowing a view of your hairless pussy to anyone who manages to look.  But you will not allow anyone to pick you up or take any liberties.  Remember where you’re going, and what we are going to be doing.

I know it will be a long flight, eleven hours or so, and without wearing panties, you may soil the inside of your skirt, and may need to go to the bathroom frequently to wash your genitals.  You may get out of your seat to go to the bathroom, or walk around if, and when permitted by the flight crew.  Keep it clean, honey.  I’m going to have my tongue in it when you get here, and expect it to be sanitary for me.

Now, here’s your schedule:

When you arrive, I will meet you at the gate.  I want you to smile and embrace me as if we have been long time lovers.  I will kiss you, and press my tongue between your lips to make sure you are wearing your gag as instructed.

I will take your bag, and you will take my arm as I lead you to my car, unlock it and help you enter.  Once inside the car, you will turn your back to me, and cross your wrists behind your back.  I will strap your wrists together, and buckle you tightly into the seat.  Of course you will remain silent as we drive to the ranch.  I will run my fingers between your legs to determine if you are dry or wet with anticipation, and whether you need to be wiped before we reach the ranch.  If you feel wet down there, and need some attention, spread your legs widely as a signal that I need to wipe you.  No tricks – I will not allow you to have an orgasm yet.  I will give you plenty by the end of the week, but not until I am ready to make you cum for me.

As usual, you are not allowed to flinch or withdraw from my touch.  For the next week, I own you, and will touch your body when and where I choose.  It is your duty to accept what will happen to you without complaint.

You will close your eyes, and keep them closed while we drive to the ranch.  You may lower your head and close your eyes as if you were asleep, if you wish.

The first thing I will do after we arrive at the ranch is to undress you and inspect every inch of your body for signs of recent bondage or punishment by others.  If I find any, I will add to them with my riding crop.  So I’d suggest you abstain from any sexual, bondage, or punishment games for at least ten days before your flight.

I will inspect your breast rings to make sure they are the right size.  This will involve repeated slapping and tugging on the rings and breast tissue to make sure the rings can’t fall off during your stay.  If they don’t fit, or slip off, they will be replaced with a smaller size.

If your body is free of marks, then I will strap you to the bondage wall, and only paddle you gently to warm you up for what’s to come.  You know that I believe every woman should be spanked regularly, both as a form of discipline, and submission.  Your spankings will be no worse than you received last time, although they will be combined with some bondage this time.  A bound and gagged woman is hot, and erotic, and I will videotape you this way, to add your video to my library which I will show to other clients as a sample of what can be done.

Be aware, this WILL happen to you, and you must submit, or be subject to harsher treatment.  So make up your mind now, that this is going to happen to you.

After your spanking, I will remove your gag and allow you to eat and refresh yourself.  We will bathe together, and I will take particular pleasure in washing your genitals in preparation for what’s to come on your first evening.

After dinner, I will replace your dental gag, and you will remain gagged the rest of the night.

We shall retire to the bedroom, and my bondage bed, and I shall tie you spread-eagled to the headboard and foot of the bed with your legs spread wide apart.

At that point, the games will begin, and you will be fucked several times, and forced to orgasm for me.  I want to hear you panting, and see your breasts heaving as I give you the gift of repeated orgasms. When I have taken my pleasure from you, I shall blindfold you, and may mummify you for the night by wrapping the bondage tape completely around your face and head.  Later in the week, I shall be more severe, and you will be mummified for many hours, while forced to cum over and over for my pleasure.

On day two of your schedule, first you will take your morning exercise on the stationary running machine.  It’s a good thing that you run often to keep your body fit, as a one-hour run at top speed will be quite tiring.  It’s like running a marathon – you have to keep running and running, no matter what else happens.  I may urge you on with a riding crop once or twice.  You must keep up with the machine, since you will be handcuffed to the hand bar, and should you fall, you may injure yourself severely.  Of course I will be nearby, but if you fall, you may be damaged before I can get to you to stop the machine.

After your run, I will bathe you again while your hands are secured to the ceiling in the shower as I wash your body.  You will spend at least two hours in stationary bondage before lunch, which is when I will remove your overnight gag, and allow you to eat.  Starting with the second day, you will only be fed once a day, and it will be the bad tasting gruel that you hate.  As usual, if you don’t eat it willingly, I will force a tube down your throat, and force the gruel directly into your stomach.  I’ll remind you that the gruel is a completely balanced food source, including vitamins, minerals, calories, and everything else your body might need during your stay.  You may get hungry from not having as much food as you normally eat, but that will be part of your discipline, and you may even lose a few pounds.

Of course, at any time you are thirsty, you may use our “safe” signal to alert me, and I will allow you to drink as much as you need to quench your thirst.  We don’t want you to become dehydrated because of your ordeal.  And it will be an ordeal for you, my dear.

Once again, in the evening, it will be my turn to play with you, and make you cum.  And sometime during the day, you will be spanked again, so get used to the idea.


On the third day, after you’ve had your morning run, bath, bondage and lunch, I will introduce you to the new bondage table.  I have taken your suggestions from last year, and improved the table accordingly.  You will now be strapped to the top surface of the table with your head pulled back, stretching your throat into a straight line, in preparation for deep throat penetration.  The new leather head harness will hold your head firmly, and you will be unable to avoid taking my penis into your mouth when I am ready.

You will be strapped firmly to the table, which will allow little motion, especially across your chest and breasts, restricting your ability to breathe.  So when I tell you to take a breath and hold it, you’d better do it or you’ll be struggling to breathe, very shortly.

Once you are firmly strapped to the bench – and this is the part you suggested – I can flip the top over, suspending you under the top, holding you there only by the straps holding you to the thick table top.

Next year, I will pierce your nipples and install permanent silver rings, where I can attach weights to your nipples, pulling them down toward the floor and causing you pain.  But for this year, your breasts will hang free.  An occasional slap, or pendulum motion will keep you aware of them, as women should always be aware of their breasts, and as you will be when you snap the breast bracelets onto them.

After your afternoon hanging under the bondage table, will be the start of your internal cleansing.

You will be removed from the bondage table, and brought to the bondage wall for your first experience with the new Enema-Matic Colon Flusher machine.  With this new and improved technique, as water is constantly fed into your colon, and purged at the same time, you will constantly be aware of the water travelling through your colon.  It will create sensations in your intestines that you have not felt before, and will increase your internal sensitivities.  Interestingly, if you combine this new sensitivity with your Kegal exercises, it will quicken your ability to climax dramatically.  You’ll be able to feel the water flowing through you.  It will feel almost like a squirming baby inside your belly.  You’ll like it – or you’ll LEARN to like it!

You will be hard-strapped to the wall, facing it, with a five-inch penis strapped into your mouth.  It will be a thick one, designed to hold your mouth wide open, as if you were giving a blowjob, yet not extending into your throat causing you to gag.  You will be able to breathe freely while you stand against the wall, with your feet held apart by a spreader bar, while the Enema-Matic does it’s job in your colon.

As you recall, the Enema-Matic is designed to give you a complete enema, completely automatically.  The enema tube will be pressed into your colon through the anus, and will be held in place by a leather harness so you can’t push it out through muscle contraction.  Once in place, it will remain there until I remove it.

Meanwhile, as water flows into your colon continuously, it exits through the second, internal tube, cleaning out any fecal matter in your entire intestine, as long as it takes until the water run clear.  It usually takes about three hours to completely cleanse the bowel.  Meanwhile, you will be held against the wall, gagged, and unable to escape the flushing machine.  I promise, it won’t be painful, just a continuous feeling of pressure and movement inside your belly as the water creeps through the intestines, flushing you out.  If you like the feeling, I can adjust the pressure enough to help you orgasm repeatedly.

Once your colon is clean, I will use it, and you will provide me with anal sex until I am satisfied.  Your asshole will become your second vagina, and you will be required to use it accordingly. You will then return to the bondage bed, and spend the night gagged and spread-eagled while a vibrating love egg whirrs away inside your vagina all night.  You may have little sleep that night, but may have as many orgasms as you can manage.


On your fourth day at Bondage Ranch, you will have a forced run in the morning, followed by being bathed, then two hours of bondage before lunch.  After lunch, I will introduce you to my newest toy, the Stretcher Rack.

It is similar to the bondage table from last year, the one where the top didn’t tip over.  Your wrists will be tied together over your head, and your ankles will be tied together.  You will be nude, of course.  The traction ropes will be attached to your wrists and ankles, and your body will be stretched tight.  The traction mechanism can stretch your body by as much as six inches, but we will start at only three inches.  Tight enough to stretch you painfully, but not tight enough to do any damage.  You will be gagged of course – I’ll use a tight fitting ball gag for this treatment, with a strap buckled behind your head so it can’t fall out.  You may scream or cry as much as you like. 

Stretching can be quite painful, which is why you will be gagged.  Next year, after your nipples are pierced, I will pull your breasts up toward the ceiling, providing you with additional pain in your breasts, and may actually lift your upper body clear of the table after you are properly conditioned.

After three hours on the stretcher rack, it will be time for bed and my playtime again.  Your body will be in some amount of pain from the traction, so I will be gentle with you, and only flog your breasts until you spread your legs and submit your pussy to me.  Your feet will be attached to ankle chains, pulling your legs open and pointing your feet toward the ceiling. 

I remember how clean, nice, and good tasting your shaven pussy is, and can hardly wait to dip my tongue into your slit.  I shall eat my fill of your pussy, and you may achieve whatever pleasure you can from having my face and tongue in your most private place.  An occasional swat across the breasts from my flogger will remind you of the pain you have already suffered, and the more that will come before you leave the ranch.


Your fifth day during your stay, after your morning routine, lunch and an hour in bondage with the Enema-Matic Flusher, you will be chained to the bondage post, outside in my yard.  You will be nude and gagged, and fully exposed to the weather, whatever it might be.  Additionally, it will be wash day, and your body will be washed thoroughly with cold water from a high-pressure hose.  The hosing will prickle your skin painfully, although it will cause no visible damage.  But it will sting from the pressure of the water, combined with its temperature.

In the late afternoon, you will be reintroduced to the storage box, where you will be strapped, gagged and isolated for the night.  As usual, the internal temperature of the box will be raised to near sauna levels, to help you sweat off a few pounds and increase your discomfort.  There will be no need to blindfold you, as once the lid is closed and locked it will be dark, and almost as terrifying as if you were lying in a coffin.  If you’ve been a good girl, I won’t turn the box over which would cause you additional pain from the straps holding you in place.  This will also be the only night I don’t use you for my pleasure, while concentrating on teaching you to orgasm on command.  I know that will be a hard lesson for you, but some new techniques may help you release your reservations and float freely into continuous orgasms.  I know you want to go there, and will do my best to train your body accordingly.

I will keep you in your storage box overnight, and in the morning, I will have a new surprise for you.  In a manner of speaking, I am going to bury you alive.  Not really, of course, but closely enough that you will pray to be released.

I have prepared a new box for you – one that is harsher than your overnight storage box.

Because of its tighter dimensions, your bondage will be a bit more severe.  Your wrists will be strapped together behind your back, and your hands will be pulled up between your shoulder blades, and held there by straps going over your shoulders.  They will be useless to you, and you will be laying on them while you are in the sandbox.

Yes, “sandbox”.  Once you are prepared and strapped down in the box I will be filling it with sand, burying you alive.

I’m going to wrap your head and face in clear cling-wrap plastic, and use a hair dryer to shrink the plastic until it is tight to your skin.  I will provide you with breathing tubes inserted to your nostrils, of course.  I wouldn’t want you to stop breathing.  (smile)   I’m going to insert a pleasure vibrator into your vagina, to help you orgasm as much as you can manage while in the box.  I’ll also attach monitor electrodes to your body, and a computer to monitor your progress.  As long as you remain calm you will receive pleasurable vibrations in your snatch; but if you panic, and struggle to escape, the vibrations will become electric punishment shocks, which can be very painful since the shocks grow more severe, the harder you struggle.  You couldn’t get out of the box anyway, since the top will be locked.  So I’d advise you to remain calm, and enjoy your confinement.

The reason I will be using clear plastic to mummify you is to increase your apprehension as I fill the box with sand, covering you completely.  Your face will be last, and I want you to watch as I pour sand over your face, burying you until I decide when to release you.  I want to see the fear in your eyes as you realize that you are completely under my control, and your life is in my hands.  I may decide never to release you, and that’s a chance that you have to worry about.  But do try to stay calm.  I want you to enjoy this experience, too.  To heighten your apprehension and fear, I may force a feeding tube down your throat to feed and water you at my convenience.

I will have catheterized you, of course, and with your empty and cleansed colon, there will be no pressure or the need for a bathroom break.  Once inside the box and covered with sand, you will be totally trapped, and reliant on me to release you when I wish.  You will be kept in the sandbox overnight, and under the best circumstances, wondering when morning will come.

The sandbox is an ideal confinement device for holding a woman in fear for an extended period of time, and the sixth day would be a good time to do it to you. 


On your seventh morning, your last day here, I will release you from the sandbox, untie you and allow you to take a shower, to remove all the sand that will be sticking to your body.  I will unwrap the mummification tape, but you will remain gagged until breakfast.

That’s right, breakfast.  Since you will be going home that day, you will be allowed to start eating normally again – both breakfast and lunch.

After breakfast, I will secure you to the whipping post, and use the flogger to whip the front of your body while I record you screaming for my collection of screaming women.  The louder and more energetically you scream, the sooner it will be over.  Unfortunately, that will leave some red marks on the front of your body, which should go away in a few days.  Good thing you’ll have another week of your holiday when you get home, in order to recover before you have to return to work.

After lunch, we’ll get you ready for your trip back home.  I will replace your dental gag, and secure it to your teeth.  You’ll still be wearing your breast bracelets, of course, as you’ve been wearing them all week.  I will place the tool to remove them into a rubber vagina plug, and secure it into your body with a steel chastity belt with a combination lock.  When you get home, you can remove the dental gag, call me, and I’ll give you the combination to get the chastity belt off, and remove the tool from your Vagina.

When you remove the breast bracelets, you will find two red bruises, circling your breasts, from wearing them so long.  Don’t worry, the bruising will go away in a week or so, and I don’t think you’ll be flashing your breasts at anyone in a while anyway, so no one will see your bruises.  It will help the bruises disappear if you massage your breasts several times a day with a good moisturizing cream.

And that will do it for your bondage holiday at Bondage Ranch for this year.  I’ll look forward to seeing you again next year.  You have the freedom not to come, of course, and if you do, next year will be more severe than this, as you know you’ll be having your nipples pierced, and your training will be more rigorous.  If you’re up to it, I can also pierce your labia, and apply a lock, which will prevent you from masturbating.  It’s up to you.  As always, it will be a pleasure to see you.

And I also need more time to give you some additional training in developing your continuous orgasm technique.  If you extend yourself, and learn quickly, I may be able to train you with a minimum of discomfort.

And, of course, you can always come back at your mid-year holiday if you feel you need more training.

Come again, y’all!  I will be waiting. …….



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