Lindsey Stirling And The Mistress Of Tides

by LatexSuperGirl

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Storycodes: Solo-F; outdoors; swimsuit; elemental; caress; arousal; strip; naked; public; voy; tease; climax; enslave; cons; X

Lindsey Stirling had woken up that morning in a lovely little beach cabin she had rented. From the bedroom window she could see the wonderful waters of the Mediterranean Sea. As she gazed at the waves from the soft plush bed she was laying in she suddenly felt the inspiration to go and play a song of hers on her violin. She quickly hopped out of bed slipping into a simple black one piece swimsuit that was modest and showed very little skin. What it lacked in the showing skin department it made up for by enhancing and glorifying her every curve.

After slipping her swimsuit on she grabbed her violin and raced outside to the warm wet sand on the beach. As she reached the edge of the water she dug the tips of her toes into the warm water and slowly begins to play her violin choosing to play Master Of Tides. She thought it was fitting since she was on the beach and figured people would flock to watch her play. Before long she came to the realization that she hadn’t managed to attract a single person but despite this she continued playing till the song was completely over.

As Lindsey finished playing her song she watched with amazement as the water in front of her rose up into a vaguely human shape. As she gazed at the elemental taking shape in front of her eyes she noticed that it towered over her standing at a statuesque 6 feet tall. Little details that marked it as distinctly female also were rapidly forming, wide plump hips, a narrow waist that was still wider than she was, and a set of large breasts formed completing the image. As she stared at the water elemental she began to feel things awaken in her that she had never felt before. She had sexual feelings for the obviously female elemental. She slowly lowered her violin placing it ever so gently on the ground behind her.

Once she had laid her violin down the water elemental slowly began to embrace her. As the elemental gently pulled her in, it gently caressed her firm and muscular legs letting them feel the cooling and restorative powers of its water. As the water elemental distracted her by caressing her legs it sent lightning fast tendrils out which quickly shredded the entirety of her one piece swimsuit. After destroying her swimsuit it raced up her legs almost as if it was purposely searching for her sex.

Her eyes shot open as she felt her sex bulge suddenly and become stretched to its very limits almost instantly as it tried to find her clit. Once it found her clit she felt the bulging sensation subside to a gentle touch ever so lightly feathering her clit. Lindsey giggles as she feels the water rise slowly to her belly button ever so gently tickling it. 

The elemental slowly continues to suck her in. As it reaches her small but firm tits she moans loudly as she feels it flick the very tips of her nipples both arousing and confusing her. As her head is sucked in she feels her hair begin to float around her almost like a bright blonde halo. The elemental then slowly pushes its way past Lindsey’s lips filling her mouth and lungs with its magical water allowing her to get oxygen from the water. 

As it finishes submerging Lindsey she lets out one final moan that comes out as little more than a gasp as the magical water finishes filling her lungs with its life sustaining properties. Once she was fully submerged in its watery depths Lindsey snapped back to her senses and realized that somehow she was able to breath despite being fully submerged .  As she came to this realization she had another one. The water elemental without her noticing had already destroyed her one piece swimsuit leaving her completely nude and and with her most private regions on display for any passerby to see.  

Lindsey was practically furious by this development but her rage didn’t last long as she feels the water elemental slowly probing her pussy once more this time wrapping a tendril around her clit. As the tendril finishes wrapping around her clit the elemental beings to move it back and forth over it in rapid fashion. The rapid movements happening within her pussy cause Lindsey to let out a moan that to her surprise comes out as a large bubble. Lindsey closed her eyes as the conflicting emotions of the pleasure from her aroused sex and the current state of embarrassment she was feeling from being so completely exposed while on the beach quickly overwhelmed her.

Almost as if the elemental can sense her emotional state she quickly notices that the flicking of her nipples has stopped and instead her breast are now gently being messaged as it slowly yanks on the areolas. As the sensations from her pussy and breasts begin to increase she quickly becomes lost in the erotic bliss the water elemental is providing her.

As she begins to buck and undulate within the clear watery depths of the elemental a crowd of people who up to this point ignored her begins to form. As they start to crowd around the elemental someone in the crowd notices that the person inside is none other than Lindsey Stirling. Once this fact becomes known everyone starts taking pictures of what they had thought was a very religious woman who was obviously enjoying the pleasures of the flesh despite all that she had preached at her concerts. 

As Lindsey writhes in pleasure from all the various sensations she is feeling she finally orgasams. As she climaxes she feels the elemental begin to move backwards. She begins to panic and tries to break free. She instinctively knows somehow that if it drags her out to sea she will forever be its play thing. Despite all her struggles the elemental continues to slowly retreat into the sea showing Lindsey who the true Mistress of Tides is.

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