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Mind Fuck

by The Technician

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© Copyright 2017 - The Technician - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-M; F/M; scifi; bar; brothel; alien; F/m; tease; telepathy; m/c; mind bridge; sex; climax; punish; brig; denial; asylum; stuck; cons; X

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A short story about what really goes on upstairs at Jack's Place.

Be careful going upstairs at Jack’s Place.
You may not be able to handle “the real stuff.”
And no one will believe you afterwards.

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I guess I should begin at the beginning. It all started with Fred at Jack’s Place.

I had been stopping in at Jack’s Place for a couple of years whenever I was on planet. I liked it because it was close to the spaceport and relatively clean. And more importantly, it was quiet. There were no shows or games or whatever intended to suck money out of the tourists’ pockets.

There wasn’t room. The whole building was only, at most, eight meters wide. You might miss it if you were flicking past on a flitter. The thin old building had such a narrow front that there was barely room for the words “Jack’s Place” on the sign across the front.

Inside, there was a bar which stretched from just short of the front door to just short of the back wall. In front, there was a small area for people to stand as they stepped in from the street. In back, there was a dingy-looking stairway which descended into what was apparently a basement storage area.

It was a very long bar. In fact, the bar was so long that there were four large vidscreens behind the bar for customers to watch. They were spaced evenly all the way to the back. The one at the back was always tuned to a news channel that included a once an hour review of recent– and not so recent– news. I liked to sit there in the back and catch up on what had been happening on Terra while I was gone.

It was always basically the same. Somebody– or some nation– was killing somebody somewhere and the politicians were screaming about whose fault it was and how they– and they alone– could fix it if the people would only give them more power.

Another thing I liked about sitting in the back was that Fred was always there. I don’t know if Fred was really his name or not. The first time I came into the bar, he said “You can call me Fred. There’s nobody else here named that.”

See, he didn’t exactly say that Fred was his name. Nor did he ever say anything about himself. He looked to be somewhere north of seventy or eighty, but with some of the new rejuvenation serums, who knows?

Fred was the perfect companion at the bar. Most of the time he was silent and sullen. Usually he just sat quietly nursing a quasi-beer of some sort. He never asked about my work or anything like that. He once asked if I followed sports, but when I told him I was off planet too much to keep track of things like that, he just nodded and said, “Ummm.”

The only time that Fred would brighten up was when he would ask, “What are the women like on the last planet you visited?”

He always phrased it like that. He never asked which planet or how far away. He just wanted to know what the women were like wherever it was I had been.

He didn’t ask the question until we had been sitting there together for quite a while. He always let me finish at least one dark quasi-ale before he even nodded his head to say hello. But once we started talking about women, he was almost a chatterbox.

“How tall were they?” he would ask. “Do they have full-time boobs like earth women? If so, how many?”

That question sounds strange... unless you’ve been in space. The first time I ran into a humanoid female with no breasts it was a real shock. I sort of expected that all humanoids would have tits. It turns out that on a lot of planets, the teats only swell up when the mother needs milk for her offspring.

I got over it pretty fast because the other thing I discovered about the flat-chested females was that they really preferred it from behind– either hole. They thought front-to-front sex was weird. You had to pay extra for that.

I never did get used to the four-breasted females on Runella Nine. They absolutely demanded missionary position only, and those extra tits rubbing against my lower abdomen just creeped me out. I almost couldn’t “perform.” Fred thought that was really funny.

Last time I was on Terra for planet leave, Fred actually bought me a round. It was the good stuff, evidently kept out of sight behind the bar. I don’t know where they got it, but it wasn’t quasi. It was real.

I hadn’t tasted real ale since we stopped off on Kluxord Seven. A couple of my shipmates and I slipped over to an off-limits bar in a really scummy area of Kluxord Prime. I know the alcohol is bad for you and a little too much can leave you with a real headache, but it slides down so smooth and the taste is nothing like that artificial stuff.

After I had taken a few sips, Fred leaned in real close and said, “Nothing like the real thing, is there?”

He took a sip of his own drink and then added, “Same with women.”

That got my attention. I looked over at him with my tankard half-way to my mouth. “What do you mean?” I asked.

“I know some women who can give you the perfect sexual experience,” he answered. He paused and looked around a little before continuing. “These are alien women,” he says. “They look just like Terrans– full tits up front and everything– but once you’ve had one of them, you will never be satisfied with anyone else ever again.”

I looked around a bit myself to make sure no one was listening in and asked, “What makes them so special? Can they pump you dry better than the women on Bumax Three?”

“It’s not exactly physical,” he says. “They’re a telepathic race. They form a mind bridge during sex.” He laughed slightly and said, “It’s sort of a mind fuck.”

“How come I’ve never met anyone from this planet?” I asked him.

“You wouldn’t know if you had,” he answered. “They look just like Terrans. They can even pass the DNA scans at the entry ports. The only way you can tell them from Terrans is that their eyes don’t always work together. They can look in both directions like a lizard if they want to.”

He then rolled one eye around and stared at me. I almost dropped my drink.

“How much?” I asked.

“For you,” he replied, “free.”

“Why?” I asked, starting to worry that I was being played in some way.

“We,” he began to explain, “are only able to perform sexually for the first three or four hundred years of our lifespan.” He grinned. “But we can maintain a telepathic link until the day that we die. As you have been describing the women you have met to me, I could see them in your mind. I could read your memories. I could experience what you experienced.”

“And...” I said warily.

“I’ve built up enough of a mind bridge with you,” he continued, “that I can read your memories in real time as you...”

He let that thought trail off as he took a big sip of his beer.

“Where are these women?” I asked.

He laughed softly. “This is my place,” he answered. “And it is much more than just a bar. Our space crews have needs... just like you do. As you know, it gets very lonely in space. I provide a necessary service... for a fee, of course.”

“So this is a whorehouse?” I asked rather incredulously, looking around as I spoke.

“You’ve never been upstairs,” he answered with a very sly smile.

He then took a small control out of his pocket and pressed a couple of buttons. The ceiling above us seemed to shimmer slightly and an opening appeared. A staircase slowly descended until it stopped with a slight “thunk” right at my feet.

I looked up the bar at the rest of the patrons. They looked slightly fuzzy... like a force barrier of some sort had formed between us and them.

“They can’t see us,” Fred said. “They can’t hear us either.”

He then smiled at me and said, “Shall we go upstairs?”

As I went up the steps, I kept thinking that Jack’s Place didn’t look like it had a second story from out front. That should have tipped me off, but I was already starting to think below the belt like any spacer on leave.

The second floor was totally modern. There was some kind of glow lighting in the walls and ceiling. And as I walked, it almost sounded like I was walking on metal decks– like on a military ship.

I was just starting to think that maybe this wasn’t such a good idea when an absolutely gorgeous babe stepped out of one of the doorways and says to me, “Hello, spacer. New in town?”

She was just a little shorter than me and probably in a lot better shape. At least there was no fat on her body. She had curves– a lot of curves– but they were all muscle with just enough fat to smooth everything out.

She was a natural redhead. I could tell because she was totally naked and the well-trimmed triangle between her legs was as fiery red as the hair on her head. Her nipples also had that pinkish hue that you often find in pure redheads.

Fred just said, “Enjoy,” as she pulled me into her room.

She was good. God, was she good. Her kisses were like lightning bolts lighting me up all the way through. And her tongue... oh, her tongue. She pulled me down on the bed and slid that tongue across my chest and down my front all the way to my prick. I don’t know how I kept from blasting off early when she flicked the tip of her tongue right across the top of my glans.

Then she pushed herself against me and pulled me over on top of her. I don’t know if she guided me in or I just made a lucky jab, but all of a sudden I was inside her.

I’d had women who could clamp down on me like that before. And I’ve had women who could move their muscles to milk me before. But this was the first time I’ve ever had a woman hold me that firm and pump me that hard.

And we weren’t even moving. She was doing it all with her internal muscles.

I started moving inside of her. I’d only made one or two thrusts when all of a sudden it was like a lightening storm started inside my head. I was looking up at my own face while at the same time I was looking at her. I could feel her nipples against my chest while at the same time I knew what it felt like for those nipples to slide against my skin. I was feeling myself inside of her while at the same time I was feeling her pumping me like a milking machine.

In the midst of all of that, I could feel myself moving rapidly to blast off. But something was different. At the same time, I could also feel a volcano welling up inside of me. I gave it one last thrust and everything exploded. I blasted off. The volcano erupted. Everything turned white inside of me... and then everything went black.

I woke up sitting back in the bar next to Fred.

“You OK?” he was asking me.

“What did you do to me?” I asked.

“Nothin’” he replied. “I guess you can’t handle the real stuff.”

I loudly said, “What?!” and then realized that he was pointing at my glass.

“Oh,” I said. “I thought you were talking about the women on the second floor.”

“What second floor?” he says looking really surprised. “Jack’s doesn’t have a second floor. Walk outside and look if you don’t believe me.”

He leaned in close and put his hand on my shoulder. Then he asked, like he was really concerned, “Are you sure you’re OK? Maybe that stuff is contaminated or something.”

I left the rest of the drink on the bar and started back to the ship. I didn’t stop anywhere else, but it was almost past report time by the time I got back on board. I couldn’t account for the lost time, but I felt OK, so I didn’t say anything to anybody about what had occurred during my visit to Jack’s.

We were four days into space when it started happening. I’ve never been late for a duty station ever before, but I missed my watch twice. The second time they searched the entire ship for me. They finally found me below decks more or less comatose.

I tried to explain that I was being mind fucked. Whatever this alien race is, their spacers are women... and they’re lonely... very lonely. And once they form a mind bridge with you, they can reach across space to wherever you are, whenever they need you.

No one believed me. They put me in the brig for dereliction of duty. But when I continued to go comatose ever other day or so, they transferred me to a medical ship.

That ship brought me here to Asylum Planet... but I’m not nuts. I don’t really belong here. I keep trying to tell the doc that is really what happened and what is continuing to happen.

Every day I retell my story and then I nearly scream at him, “You believe me, don’t you, doc?”

He never answers me. He just rolls one eye over to stare at me and says, “Do you really expect anyone to believe that story? As long as you keep telling that story, I think we are going to have to keep you here for a long, long time.”

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