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My Odyssey - Part 1: Meeting Jai As narrated

by Anne-Marie to Tony B

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© Copyright 2008 - Anne-Marie to Tony B - Used by permission

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My Odyssey

As narrated by Anne-Marie Killamajiian,
Wife of Ahmed, of the House of Mustaffa, the Diamond Merchant

Warning: This story involves bondage, consensual sex, domination, coercion, sex changes, sexual slavery, rape, and other jiggery-pokery. It is entirely fictional, and is intended as entertainment for adults only. Any resemblance to any person, living or dead, or to any location or activity is purely coincidental. Names have been changed to protect the innocent. (As if anybody ever is!)

Note: If you would like to contact the authoress to make a comment, you may contact Anne through Tony-B who originally published it as “My Story”. She hopes you enjoy reading her story. Tony would also appreciate your comments. We will endeavor to answer all emails.

Part 1: Meeting Jai

As I look back on it now, it was, without doubt, the stupidest thing I have ever done.

As I stood there in a wedding dress, in front of a full-length mirror, the memories swirled through my head . . . I may not be able to remember all the exact details, and there may be some gaps in my story that I can’t explain, but I’ll tell you what I do remember, as accurately as I remember it. But I’m already getting ahead of my story here. --- The real story lies in the answers to the question, “How did I get here?” I’m not a professional writer, so you’ll have to pardon me if I don’t dot all the i’s and cross all the t’s just exactly right. But I want to tell you my story, the best way that I can.

It started about three years ago. I was a man then … born male, but now a female in every respect but one – and maybe even that one! But more about that, later.

I was in my first year of college then, taking a liberal arts course. My major was fashion photography. I had dreams of being one of the big names whose photos appear in the influential fashion magazines. “Photos by … “, well, me. You’ve probably never heard of me – although I did have a few photos published. My name was Jim Irwin. I was pretty good with a camera, of course, my favorite being an old Nikon F3, given to me one Christmas by my father. I turned out some magical images with that camera. Or so I thought.

It was then that I met Jai Oulu. (In English, the first part is pronounced “Hi”, as in “Hi there”, and the last sounds like “Oo-Loo”.)

She was 5’2”, just a bit shorter than I am at 5’6”. When she wore 3 or 4-inch heels, we were face-to-face, where I discovered the most sensual lips I had ever seen. Way better than Angelina Jolie on her best days. I made up for my lack of height in the manhood department with my eight-inch dick, which, when fully erect, was straight as an arrow. I was proud of that chunk of manhood, almost five inches around at the circumcised head. And I knew what to do with it to make a woman happy. I was built like a stallion. Narrow hips, small waist, large chest and shoulders, and a pleasant, if boyish, face. The dates that I had, and the pants I had gotten into, all seemed to really enjoy the experience. I loved sucking on warm, fleshy nipples, and a lot of cuddling after sex. The one thing I couldn’t deal with, though, was going down on them. It was mostly the smell, and the taste of an unwashed cunt that turned me off. Oh, I loved sticking my dick into them, and everything else, but eating pussy was not something I wanted any part of. It resulted in the loss of several really good girlfriends, some of which I would have been happy to wed, and bed, for a much longer period of time. Perhaps Karma has caught up with me, and I’m being punished now, for what happened then. I don’t know. But hear my story, then you decide.

Jai believed her purpose on earth was to give pleasure to men, in whatever way possible. Her mother was Japanese – I’m not sure of Jai’s exact lineage, but she had those beautiful, slanted, almond-shaped eyes, that immediately signify she was of a Eurasian extraction. Her father was obviously a westerner, while her mother was Asian. Her skin was soft and unblemished – a real joy to behold, from the magnificent swelling of her fully rounded breasts to the curves of her hips and ass. Her long, straight black hair fell half-way down her back, and her genital area was completely smooth and devoid of hair. She waxed regularly, keeping her entire body, except for that magnificent head of hair, totally hair-free. She told me that the waxing was a weekly ritual, and painful, but she did it because it pleased men to see her that way. Her mother had brought her up to believe that it was her destiny, and indeed, her duty, to please men. She earnestly believed that, and in her destiny. Karma is a wonderful thing … sometimes.

She reminded me of France Nuyen in the old musical ‘South Pacific’ when she first met Lieutenant Cable about an hour into the film.

She did Tai Chi every morning for an hour, before showering and dressing. Her wardrobe was incredible, showing off every nuance of her femininity. Frequently she went without underwear, to better show off her assets in their natural state. But I’m getting ahead of myself again.

She was a photo model, and worked as a nude subject in one of my photography classes. She was never self-conscious about being naked in front of our classes. The photos were taken and developed, and she then reviewed them at the next week’s class. It was there that I really got to know her. She loved my photos, and my technique. Her perfume was intoxicating. She seemed to really appreciate the large bulge in my jeans, looking, and nodding knowingly. Little did I know that she was fantasizing as much about me, as I was about her.

After three weeks of this, she suggested a private session – just her and me, whenever and wherever I suggested. Well, I wasted no time there, buddy. I was ready with suggestions. A day and time was suggested, at my house, which I had clobbered up into a studio setting, of sorts.
She eagerly accepted, saying she was looking forward to it.

The day arrived, and I was set up, all ready for her, or so I thought. She was to prove me wrong, of course. She arrived with a small overnight bag – cosmetics, costumes and props, she volunteered. I accepted this readily, knowing how beautiful she was, and excited at the hope that I might get a piece of ass that night from this beautiful woman. Her makeup was flawless, and her shiny black hair hung perfectly down her back. I suggested she might want to step into the bedroom to remove her clothes, but she said ‘no need’, as she slipped out of her clinging dress right in front of me. Wow! She was stark naked! And more beautiful than any of the Playboy Playmates I had ever studied in that famous magazine. Her tits stuck straight out, high and proud, and her pubic mound had the most perfect cleft I have ever seen.

As I looked at her, up and down, she smiled and asked if I liked what I saw. I replied, “Absolutely – you’re magnificent!” She smiled and asked where she should pose first. I motioned to the couch, and she sat down, spreading her legs so I could see she was totally devoid of hair in the genital area. As she turned slightly, I noted a large tattoo on her lower back. Strange that I had not noticed it before. It was about four inches across, a red rose, with green leaves, on the lower part of her back, just above her butt crack. This woman was getting to me, big time!

I was fascinated by that rose tattoo, and asked her about it. She told me that it was something out of her past, and that maybe, someday, she would tell me about it. It was obvious she didn’t want to talk about it, so I let the subject drop.

After about 45 minutes, I had burned up four 36-exposure rolls of film, and half my mind, at just how much this woman was willing to pose and expose for me. I got some great shots, including close-ups of her pussy and ass for my private collection. It was time to take a break, and I suggested coffee. She demurred, suggesting tea instead. Not wanting to put her off, I said sure, why not. I thought she would want a robe to wrap around herself as we had some tea, and again, she said, “No need!” Totally naked, she went to her overnight bag, and opened it, pulling out a small bottle of tealeaves. “You’ll enjoy this”, she said. Closing the case, but not before I spied some of the things she had brought, including some rope, handcuffs, and a rubber mouth gag. Wow! She was into a bit of bondage! At least in the photo department, I said to myself.

She boiled some water, and proceeded to make the tea. It was a bit of a ceremony, I thought. A tea ceremony. Of course! … It was an oriental tea ceremony - a ritual with oriental people. Surely her mother must have taught her to do this. She sat opposite me at the kitchen table, totally naked, without a shred of self-consciousness at being naked in front of me, and out of her photo-model persona. She was obviously not ashamed of her body – or probably anything else about herself. We just talked. With me staring at her obvious attributes. We rambled through her modeling career, my hopes and aspirations in photography, and anything else I could think of that would keep the session going. She talked about herself, mostly, about how she was raised in oriental traditions, her background, her training and such. I thought about how much I’d like to train her on a few things of my own!

The tea was delicious … it had a faint almond flavor. After about three cups, I thought I’d had about all I could hold, so went to the bathroom to relieve myself. She was next, and left the door slightly ajar. I could hear her strong stream of piss as it cascaded down into the bowl. I could hear her wash her hands, or so I thought. It took a long time for just her hands. I found out later that she had taken the opportunity to wash her pussy as well as her hands, as she was trained to do by her mother. Thank God for oriental mothers! Jai was well trained! I didn’t know how well, until later in our relationship.

Back to the living room-slash-studio for more photos. I had the idea of posing her on the coffee table in front of an oriental-looking screen I had. She was agreeable, but went to her bag and rummaged around in it a bit.

“Would you like to tie me up?” she asked, holding out a couple pieces of rope. “I do some of my best work while tied up.”

“I’ll bet you do”, I thought to myself! “Sure”, I said, “I’ll be careful not to hurt you.”

“No need,” she replied, “You can hurt me if you like.”

“Oh boy”, I thought, “I’d like to hurt you with my DICK!” She smiled. She knew, and I knew, this was going to be a fabulous night! I WAS going to score. Maybe more than once.

I took the two pieces of rope she offered, and gripping her shoulders, turned her around so her back was to me. I pulled her hands back, crossing her wrists in the classic bondage position, and looped the rope around both wrists. First in one direction, then the other, and pulled the rope tight with the first part of a granny knot. “A little tighter, please” she said. I complied with her request, pulling both ends tight, the rope cutting into her flesh. Strange, I had never noticed any bondage marks on her when she was modeling in the classroom. I asked about that, and she told me the right makeup can hide almost any blemishes, including her large tattoo, which I had grown to like over the course of the nearly two hours we’d been together so far.

It was obvious she was comfortable in bondage. She liked and expected it, as I later learned, as part of her destiny. Karma, again.

I turned her around again, so she was facing me. Her eyes were half closed and she tilted her head up towards mine, and I knew she wanted to be kissed. I pulled her to me, pressing her breasts into my chest, and lowered my lips to meet hers. It was a kiss of the ages! It nearly blew the top of my head off. She was totally responsive, just waiting to be told what to do. She was mine! I held her close. I don’t know how long we stood like this, my lips on hers, her breasts pushed into my chest, but it was heaven! I had never experienced this feeling before. Sure, I had kissed a lot of women, and tied up a few, but never on this scale. On a scale of one to ten, this was a FIFTY! I wanted this woman. Now and forever, she would be mine, and I would be hers, forever and ever. It was destiny. It was Karma!

“Okay,” I said, releasing her. “Sit down on the coffee table and I’ll get a few shots.”

“Forget the shots,” she said, “Take me into the bedroom and fuck me!”

We were of a like mind there. I wanted to fuck her. I wanted to fuck her forever! I wanted to fuck her until the end of time! She was not only desirable, she was willing! And she was going to be mine! “Oh God, give me the strength to satisfy her every need.” I said to myself.

I picked her up. Her hands were still tied behind her back. She must have weighed less than a hundred pounds, sopping wet. I knew this was going to be a wonderful night. I carried her into the bedroom and gently lowered her onto the bed. "Anything you want to do first?” I asked.

“Please let me suck your cock”, she said. The “suck your cock” I got. But the “Please”, was something new. It turned out she was trained to be totally submissive to men. I didn’t know, or care, how many men had been there before, I could only think about how good it was going to be when I got my dick into her.

“You got it, Jai”, I said. I raised her to a sitting position, and pulled my jeans down, then off. My shorts came next, allowing my manhood to pop up straight and true, at just about face level for her. I put my hand on the back of her head and urged it forward.

“You don’t have to guide me, I know what to do”, she said. I released her head and let my hand slide down her neck to her shoulder.

She leaned forward and opened her lovely mouth, slipping my engorged head between her parted lips. Her tongue slipped around the head of my manhood several times, then suddenly she pushed forward, and let it slip between those luscious lips. She was sucking it in like it was meant to be there. Oh, God she was good! She really did know what she was doing. And she knew what she was doing to me! As her head bobbed up and down I could feel my muscles tightening up, and knew I was about to cum, big time. Just a few more strokes, and I’d be there. “Don’t stop now, don’t stop now”, I thought. “I’m going to cum”, I whispered. She nodded her head, and made a couple of muffled sounds, prevented from talking as she was, by my tool which was deep in her mouth.

Spurt, spurt, spurt. There it was. I was coming into her beautiful mouth … the mouth I had been kissing just a few moments before. It was such a turn on to see this woman taking almost the entire length of my dick in her face, sitting before me, hands tied behind her back, and totally naked, just giving me pleasure, with no thought of her own.

I was done. I was spent. It seemed like it would be hours before I could get it up again. I started to pull out. As I slipped out, she made a muffled cry and shook her head, no. I stopped withdrawing and waited for her further instruction. It was obvious she enjoyed having my dick in her mouth and didn’t want me to withdraw. She continued to roll her tongue around the head of my dick, as if to wash it completely, to lick all the cum and saliva from it, She didn’t want to lose a drop. And as long as I knew her, it was always like this. A simple blow-job became a wondrous experience that lasted at least a half-hour, and frequently a couple of great orgasms that would completely blow my mind.

It was finally over, and she released me. She let my dick fall out of her glorious mouth. I didn’t know whether I had her in bondage, or she had me, but whatever it was, it was well worth whatever the cost might be.

I asked if she would like to be untied. “Not for now”, she said, “there’s more to come”.

I knew there would be. And I hoped that there would be many more surprises.

I pushed her back on the bed and rolled her over on her stomach. What a magnificent ass she had. I wondered how it would be to push my dick into it. But that’s for later. Right now, I wanted to immobilize her a bit more. I went to her overnight case and flipped it open. There was a black, filmy negligee, a few bondage items, and not much else. I picked out the red ball gag, and looked around for the other piece of rope she had given me, and found it on the floor where she had stood in total submission while I tied her hands. I picked it up and went back into the bedroom. She lay there waiting, exactly as I placed her a minute before. Not a sound escaped her lips. Not a groan, not a protest, nothing. She just totally accepted that I was going to tie her up some more, and that more sex was coming. She turned her head to one side, the better to watch me, and what I was doing. I peeled off my shirt, and slipped off my shoes and socks, standing totally naked in front of her for the first time. I asked if she wanted me to use a condom, and she said no, that she liked men to cum in her, and had permanent birth control. I let that slip past me, making a mental note to ask about it at a later time. I was just as happy she didn’t want me to use a condom as I don’t like them, and preferred to shoot my load of cum into a hot pussy.

I straightened her legs a bit and slipped the piece of rope around her ankles. Pulling them together, I tied the rope tightly in a hard knot. She made not a sound. I then raised her head a little and slipped one strap of the ball gag around her head. I held the red ball in front of her mouth where she could see it, and said, “Open wide!” Immediately she opened her mouth as wide as she could, and didn’t protest. I pressed the ball into her mouth, and behind her teeth. I secured the strap in the small buckle at the back of her head, and she was totally gagged, and would not be able to utter a sound. Not in pleasure, not in pain, nor in protest. I had her exactly were I wanted her, and she was a willing victim. She was MY willing victim. I could do whatever I pleased with her, She knew it, and I knew it. It seemed as if we had merged our consciousness, and both were on the same page. I wanted it, and she wanted it. My dick was making a fast recovery, and was sticking straight out, ready for action. She closed her eyes, waiting for the inevitable. She knew I was going to fuck her. What she didn’t know, is that when I was in the bathroom after that great blowjob, I swallowed half of a little blue pill called Viagra. When it took effect, my dick would be a ramrod for two or three hours, and hard enough to poke holes through the sheetrock walls.

She opened her eyes to see what I was doing. I started to stroke my dick, gently and slowly in front of her face so she got the full effect of it’s growing size. She’d had it in her mouth, now she was going to have it in her pretty little pussy, and she knew it. I rolled her onto her side, and pulled her knees up to meet her chest, leaving her in a fetal position, fully exposing her waiting cunt and ass. I lay down beside her, in a spoon-like configuration, and started rubbing her cunt lips with the head of my dick. I was ready, and I knew that she was ready too. I heard a soft moan as I slipped it into her. Slowly, at first, a little at a time. I was determined to make her take it all, if at all possible, considering her small size. I was hoping to get most of it into her, at least, before she couldn’t take any more.

In a little, and pull back a bit. In a little more, and back a bit. I was gradually pushing it into her, slowly, so she could experience the feel of it’s enormity, and get as much pleasure as she could from being fucked like this. A soft moan came from her gagged mouth, deep in her throat as it was the only possible way. I was only partially in. Her eyes were closed, and it was obvious that she was enjoying it now. More and more I slid it into her. Four inches. … Five inches. … Six inches now, and damn it, I thought, she might be able to take it all in this position! Another moan of pleasure escaped from behind her gag. She liked it, and wanted more. I knew this was going to be a great night!

The time had come to ram it into her, to find out how much she could take. It would either give her a lot of pleasure, or give her a lot of pain. Either way, she was going to have to take it. I grabbed her hips and pushed hard. This was the moment. It slipped easily into her, all the way. My stomach muscles slapped against her cunt lips with a satisfying feeling that she had taken it all, without protest, and willingly, while she was totally tied and gagged.

She moaned again as I slowly withdrew almost the entire length of my rod, and pushed it home again. She moaned again, obviously enjoying what was being done to her. Truth be told, I was enjoying it, too. Her pussy was tight around my cock, and I had no idea of the fantastic pleasures she would give me soon. I reached down the front of her body and pushed my hand between her legs, seeking out her sex button, to give her even more pleasure. I found it easily, stiff and erect, just waiting for her pleasure to come. I continued to slide my dick in and out of her, varying the speed – slow and fast, as I neared my own orgasm. I wanted to hold off as long as possible, to give her as much pleasure as possible, knowing that I could finish her off by hand if necessary, after I had released a load of my sperm into her for the first time that night. I also knew that this would only be the first of several loads of cum she would take this night.

But surprise! She was ready before I expected it. Her body stiffened, and she moaned in pleasure as my finger whipped around her love button, and my dick pounded into her, over and over again. Her body shuddered, and she moaned over and over as waves of pleasure racked her tight body. I knew she was blowing her mind with the Big O … maybe the best Orgasm she’d ever had. Her body squirmed and stiffened,, but she never left the fetal position, which was also giving me much pleasure. Her squirming was driving me up the wall, as I exploded my load into her hot pussy. Again and again, as it spewed forth from my dick into her tight pussy. It seemed as if her pussy had a mind of it’s own, and was sucking the sperm out of my body with every thrust. Finally, exhausted, we both seemed to collapse in a moment of ecstasy. It was time for a rest … or at least a short break, knowing that I was going to give it to her several more times that night.

We just lay there, experiencing the moment, with my finger still caressing the little nub of her clit. She continued to moan a little, but never struggled to get free. Accepting, as it were, her position in the world as a pleasure object for men. I reached up and undid the buckle that held the gag in her mouth, letting the red ball fall out from between her puffy lips.

“Thank you”, she said, “That was great – you’re really good! I’d like some more, but first, please let me wash up.” Silently, I slid my dick out of her, and rolled away, letting her straighten out her legs. I undid the knot at her ankles so she could walk, and helped her up off the bed and guided her towards the bathroom. “My hands,” she said, “… please”. As I untied her hands, I could see the red marks where the ropes had cut into her flesh. Not enough to really hurt her, but enough to leave telltale marks for anyone to see. I knew she would bear those marks for a couple of days, at least.

Into the bathroom she went, leaving the door fully open so I could see her, and whatever she was doing. I knew she was aware of that, so I just stood there and watched her. Remember, she was totally naked. First she sat on the toilet and took a piss. A long stream tinkled into the bowl as I watched. She spread her legs wide, and took a few sheets of toilet paper and wiped herself, finally flushing the paper away. She rose and went to the lavatory. Carefully she raised one leg and placed her foot on the bowl, fully exposing her genital area, and washed it with warm water. She went to her overnight bag and took out a rubber enema bag which I hadn’t noticed before, and filled it with warm water. Sitting on the toilet again, she stuck the tip of the rubber hose into her snatch, and let the water flow into her tight pussy to wash it out, and make it fresh again. She took the whole bag of water before getting up, and toweling off her genital area, using a hand towel that was near the wash basin. She walked over to me, and turned her back. Placing her wrists in the bondage position, she said, “Okay, I’m ready. You can tie me up again.” God, this was the woman I had been looking for my whole life! Not only did she accept bondage, she was ready and willing for my pleasure. My dick was getting hard again.

“No“, I said. “I think I’d like to explore some of the other toys you brought with you.”

Without a word, she turned and went to her overnight case. She took out a wide belt with straps attached about a foot apart, explaining to me that it was to immobilize the hands for long periods of time, without harm to the wearer. The belt went around the waist, and buckled in back. The straps were affixed to the sides, and when the wrists were secured in the straps, the hands and arms were immobilized at the waist. She put the belt on, and slid the buckle around to the back. It fit her perfectly – there was only one notch in the belt.

“It was made for me”, she explained. I secured her wrists in the side straps, and she was my sex prisoner again. “Look in the bag for a short belt”, she said.

I found it, and it looked more like a dog collar, than anything else. She turned her back to me, and told me to use the belt to pull her elbows together as tightly as I could, and buckle it. I did that. She turned around again, facing me, and I noticed that her already magnificent breasts were pulled apart, and up, making them stick out, or stand at attention, most agreeably.

“That’s the way they should be,” she said. “Now gag me, and do whatever you want with me.”

My dick stood at attention, too. At the ready, just waiting to do battle once more. I pulled another gag out of her overnight case. This one was in the shape of a penis, about six inches long, with straps to hold it firmly in her mouth. A penis? Yes, a B-I-G penis. It was at least as big as my own cock, just a little shorter. I figured she could take it all, since she had most of my dick in her mouth earlier in the evening.

“Open your mouth”, I said. As she obeyed my will, I slipped the head of this gag into her mouth, just past the lips, and waited a moment for her to get used to it being there. Holding her head still, with my hand behind her head, gripping her by the hair, I slowly pushed the fake penis deep into her mouth. She took it all the way without protest or any movement to try to turn her head away, or get any relief from this huge intrusion into her face and mouth. This woman was a champ! I took her into the kitchen and bent her over the kitchen table, spreading her legs as wide as possible. I took the two short pieces of rope and tied her ankles to the legs of the table. She was now bent over the table, still naked, and widely exposing her ass and cunt to my will.

In this position, the weight of her upper body pressed her breasts flat against the table, and I’d be willing to bet that was causing her some pain. No complaints, though. She was a real trouper when it came to sexual submission.

I knew her ass would be a tight fit for my eight inches, so I would have to lubricate her up quite a bit. As I looked at that tight little hole, it didn’t look like anyone had ever stretched it before. I hoped I could stretch it enough to take me, without hurting her too much. I’d hate to lose her over a tight sphincter. I knew it was going to hurt her, and wondered how much she could take before I had to pull out. Or how much more she would be willing to take if I did hurt her. It was obvious she kept her entire genital area clean and wholesome. The pretty pink hole was so tiny, I didn’t think I’d be able to get into her at all. But I was going to try, and she was going to take it – for a little while, anyway.

I went to the bathroom and got the tube of K-Y Jelly I kept for just such an occasion. I squeezed a good dollop into my left hand, and spread her cheeks as wide as possible with my right. It took just a moment to smear her little asshole, using an upward motion. There was a slight, involuntary stiffening of her body as the cold jelly touched her warm butt hole. A slight little “mmmf” escaped from behind her gag. I put my hand in the middle of her back and pressed down, mashing her tits onto the surface of the table again. She didn’t squirm or make any sound of protest, so I went back to servicing her butt hole.

Using my left hand, and continuing to hold her down with my right, I slowly touched her butt again, and began moving my fingers around her rectum, trying to relax her, and let her loosen up the sphincter for easier penetration. She knew now that I was going to fuck her in the ass. And that it would probably hurt. I can only imagine what was going through her mind. “Will he hurt me?” “How much of him can I take back there?” “How much do I have to take, and will he stop if it really hurts me?” “Will he split my rectum and make me bleed?” I didn’t want to hurt her too much, but I did want to hurt her a little. I wanted to hurt her out of jealousy. The fact that she could take all this, and more. The fact that she was “trained” to take this lifestyle, and eagerly accepted it. The fact that she was the epitome of a sexual slave, ready and willing to do anything to give pleasure to her partner. I’d never experienced this before in any woman. It was not only new to me, it was a revelation in the way I thought things should be between men and women.

It was as if my dick had a mind of it’s own. It was throbbing at the ready. Viagra does that. I knew that if I got it into her, I’d pop my nut quickly. And would be out of her just as quickly, not doing any damage to her, internally. But I still wanted to hurt her, at least a little. Not enough to do any damage, but enough so that she’d remember being fucked back there.

I slipped a finger into her butt. Surprisingly, it slid in easily. She was ready for more. I worked my finger in and out a few times, then pulled it out completely, Next came the thumb. Only a bit bigger, but large enough to get her used to taking a larger and larger probe into her tight asshole. No sign of protest. She was taking it well, and, I thought, she would probably be able to take my dick, at least for a while. Next, a two-finger salute as my index and middle fingers slipped into her tight little bung hole. I worked them back and forth a few times, then around and around, loosening up that tight sphincter muscle. Finally it was time for three fingers at once. I slipped them in, and I swear, her asshole opened up to take them, as if it had been trained to do so. I took my dick in my left hand, smearing it with the rest of the jelly that had not gotten into her butt. The head was well coated by the time I raised it into position and pressed it against her waiting butt hole. I was still holding her down, pressed against the surface of the table, and slowly, but slowly, applied a little pressure to her ass with my dick, which, by now, was more than ready to plunge into her.

A little more pressure and in it slipped. The five-inch head of my dick was inside her ass, and still there was no protest, no trying to escape. No cries of pain, no movement of her ass trying to break away from what she knew was coming. Apparently, she totally accepted that I was going to fuck her in the ass, and would keep my dick in there until I was finished.

I slowly slid my dick into her. Further and further, trying to stuff it all into that tiny, pink hole. I didn’t slip it in and pull back as I did the first time I fucked her, I just kept up a constant pressure so that it slowly slid in, further and further, filling her colon with my manhood. I wanted to make her cry a bit. I wanted her to acknowledge that I was hurting her, that it was painful, and that I needed to stop. But her silence belied that. She took it, more and more, until I was all in – in one long, slow thrust. She was magnificent. No other woman I had ever been with, was able to take me like this woman did.

I began a slow thrusting motion. In and out, a few inches only … maybe three, at most. I wanted to keep my dick inside her forever, if that were possible. That moan of satisfaction escaped her throat again, signifying that she was getting off on being fucked like this. Those soft moans sharpened my own pleasure, just knowing that even in her asshole, she was enjoying my dick. I knew she wanted more of it, and I was planning on giving it to her. I would keep her here, somehow. Keep her as my love slave, even if I had to marry her to get that way. Or maybe I could keep her as a bondage slave. Just how far could she go as a permanent bondage slave, I wondered? Could I really keep her in bondage forever? Could I make her beg for my dick every night? She certainly seemed up to the task … and more. Maybe she was more woman than I had ever met. Her moans increased in frequency as my orgasm approached. I was gonna blow my wad again, and she was going to take it. Suddenly, Bam! There it is, a body wrenching orgasm as my sperm shot into her innards, time and time again. I swear, it seemed as if I came a dozen times before I was spent and ready to roll off her and let her up to go to the bathroom and clean up before the next round.

As I rolled off her, I made her stand up straight, legs still wide apart, and slapped her on the ass a couple of times. They were playful slaps, but I was gauging how she reacted to being spanked. The surprise of being slapped made her fart. It was a long, slow fart, and I knew my sperm was running out of her ass, and down her legs. But again, she didn’t protest or try to struggle free. She just stood there and took it. Whatever I wanted to do was okay with her. I made a mental note of that, that she was willing to be spanked. Perhaps painfully.

“Okay,” I said, “it’s time to clean up again.” I untied her ankles and released the dog collar holding her elbows together, expanding her chest the way I liked to see her, and undid one hand from the bondage belt. I took her arm and escorted her to the bathroom. She farted again as she sat down on the toilet seat, expelling some of my sperm into the bowl, She sat there with only that one hand free. She was still gagged, and still had one hand secured to her waist by the belt. I watched as she tried to get some toilet paper off the roll and wipe the sperm off the inside of her thighs and wipe her ass. She made a couple of “mmmff” sounds, so I removed the penis gag from her mouth to see what she wanted to say.

“May I please have my enema bag? And fill it with warm water, please.”, was all she said. I liked the sound of her saying please. It showed respect. It showed she knew who was the sexual alpha male around here, and it showed she was willing to accept her role as a pleasure giver to me, her Master and Lover.

“Before you get to clean yourself up, you’ve got to clean my dick off”, I said. It was dirty because of where it had been, and I figured she dirtied it, she had to clean it. One handed, if necessary.

“Yes, Master”, she said.

She got up off the toilet, and retrieved a wash cloth from the basin, wringing it out in warm water. Carefully she wrapped it around my dick, and gently wiped it off. I didn’t tell her, but it felt wonderful. Almost as if she were jacking me off with the warm wash-rag. Up and down the shaft it went. It was almost enough to get me hard again. After a few strokes she was done, and I was satisfied she did as good a job as she could, using only one hand. I thought about making her wash it with her tongue, but thought that might be too much for her to deal with, so skipped that point.

I said, “Okay, you can finish cleaning yourself up, now.”, as I released her bound hand and removed the bondage belt from her waist. “When you’ve finished, put your dress on, and fix your makeup, because we’re going out to dinner.”

She had been here about four hours now, and I figured it was easier to go out and buy dinner, than to try to fix something here. Hopefully I could keep her here the rest of the night. Nodding her assent, she sat on the toilet to finish cleaning up. She had made no effort to leave, and no mention of wanting our time together to end, so I felt fairly sure she wouldn’t try anything just going out to eat. I left the bathroom and got dressed.

In a few minutes, she came out, wearing that same clingy dress she had arrived in, and said, “I hope this is alright. I didn’t bring a complete change of clothes.”

“Stand still,” I commanded. I pulled up the front of her dress to see that she wasn’t wearing any panties, and squeezed her left breast to make sure she wasn’t wearing a bra. Her makeup was impeccable again, and I appreciated the fact that she was all woman, in every respect. A wondrous woman, in fact. Almost too good to be true. Her mother must have been a marvelous woman herself, to have trained her so well. I wondered where she was, and where Jai’s father was. It didn’t look to me like Jai was more than 20 or so, hardly old enough to be away from home, and so ready to be my sex slave.

* * * *

Next week, read about what happens as Jim and Jai go out for dinner, and he makes his proposition …..


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