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My Odyssey - Part 3: The Games People Play As narrated

by Anne-Marie to Tony B

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© Copyright 2008 - Anne-Marie to Tony B - Used by permission

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My Odyssey

As narrated by Anne-Marie Killamajiian,
Wife of Ahmed, of the House of Mustaffa, the Diamond Merchant

Warning: This story involves bondage, consensual sex, domination, coercion, sex changes, sexual slavery, rape, and other jiggery-pokery. It is entirely fictional, and is intended as entertainment for adults only. Any resemblance to any person, living or dead, or to any location or activity is purely coincidental. Names have been changed to protect the innocent. (As if anybody ever is!)

Note: If you would like to contact the authoress to make a comment, you may contact Anne through Tony-B who originally published it as “My Story”. She hopes you enjoy reading her story. Tony would also appreciate your comments. We will endeavor to answer all emails.

RECAP: In Part 2, Jai demonstrated her submission to Jim’s will, and accepted his proposal that she become his permanent love slave. She moved into his house, and experienced Jim’s version of a Japanese bath, as Jai got hosed!

Part 3: The Games People Play

It turned out that Jai had a lot of hidden talents… She was also a great cook. It surprised me how she could make such a great meal out of such a meager stock of canned goods. She frequently took time to prepare tasty meals for us, while she wasn’t in bondage, of course. She always appreciated the break in her bondage routine, and used her time to prepare my meals. They became a high point in my day, and I even gained a couple of pounds until she put me on a strict diet, allowing me to only eat smaller portions of each item. She was fond of telling me that American’s ate too much food – and too large portions of what we did eat.

She took salt out of my diet, substituting a seasoning called ‘Lemon-Pepper’. I grew to like it’s taste, more than salt – except on popcorn. I was a purist, there. Had to have butter and salt on my popcorn! Sugar was also a thing of the past as she substituted a new sweetener called ‘Splenda’. It was made from sugar, so it tasted like sugar, but had the callories removed somehow.

She always served me a plate of properly-sized portions. At first, it seemed they wouldn’t be large enough, but my weight stabilized at around 160 pounds, and stayed there. I particularly liked it when she prepared what she called ‘finger foods’, and fed them to me, bite by bite, out of hand. I loved her serving me this way.

She could sing in both English and Japanese. She had a beautiful voice, and I enjoyed many an evening just listening to her sing. She also could play the piano, she told me. Of course I didn’t have a piano, but planned to buy her an electronic keyboard as soon as I could raise the money. I occasionally caught her ‘playing’ on the kitchen table, as if it were a piano keyboard, and mentally imagining the notes as her fingers flew over the non-existant keys. She would sing as she ‘played’.

She always followed her instructions, to the letter, no atter how complicated I tried to make them. For example, I instructed her that I wished her to respond immediatelt to the single-word command, “Eyes!”, to drop her eyes to the floor, and when it seemed appropriate, to also bow her head in submission.

I expected her to get the Pointe …

Maybe it wouldn’t be very elegant, but she’ll get the Pointe. I chuckled to myself, because of the pun. …

The idea had come to me the night before, as we were sitting on the couch watching TV. Christmas was coming up, and they were showing an old film of the Nutcracker Suite on the PBS Channel. Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker Suite. I don’t remember the name of the famous Russian dancer who led the troupe as I had tuned in late and missed the opening credits.

As usual, Jai was dutifully sitting at my side, tied and gagged in what I figured was a painful, but relatively harmless position. I had pulled her hands up between her shoulder blades, and tied them there, looping the length of rope over her shoulders and back down around her wrists. I had tugged until her hands would go no higher, and tied them off in my favorite, a hard granny knot. It was just as good as any other knot, I thought, and a lot easier to get her out of when the time came to release her. I could have strapped her elbows tightly to her back, but I was lenient with her because this was relaxation time, and she had been a good little fuck, earlier in the day. Still, even in our relaxation time, she needed to be tied and gagged. That was MY decision, and she had agreed to it, both tacitly and literally.

I had her braid her hair, entwining a piece of rope into the braid. The rope fell down her back, nearly to the floor. Pulling on the rope, I could make her head tilt back to where she would be forced to look at the ceiling for the whole time. The best she could do to watch TV, would be to look down her nose, or lean forward as far as possible from her sitting position, so she could see the screen.

I had circled the free end of the rope around her body, just below her breasts, and pulled it tight, making her head tilt back to exactly the angle I wanted. I tied the knot, holding it in place. She was naked, of course, as she was most of the time since I had taken her into my home on a permanent basis. She was only allowed clothes when we had guests or when we left the house for any reason. Otherwise, I kept her naked and tied up most of the time. Of course, she did her morning exercises totally nude, too. … I enjoyed watching her do her daily Tai Chi exercises!

That evening, I had also wrapped a thicker piece of rope - the kind that mountain climbers use - around her head twice, passing it’s coils between her lips, and pulling her cheeks back, causing some more pain. I had stuffed that rubber hockey puck between her lips, and had gotten her to hold the puck in her mouth a lot, lately. It was an effective gag, and made her a party to her own bondage, since she had to hold it in her mouth until I told her to spit it out. This time, the rope was holding it in her mouth, and she couldn’t spit it out.

My idea, was to get a pair of those ballet slippers that would make her stand on her toes, and take pictures of her after a couple of hours, when she was sweating from the strain of holding that position. The idea fleshed out as we watched the ballet, and I fantasized about what I was going to do to her while she helplessly stood “en Pointe”. That’s French, I chuckled to myself in my best imitation of John Astin as Gomez Addams in the old TV’ show, ‘The Addams Family.’

As we reached an appropriate scene with a girl standing on her toes, I reached over and rubbed her back a little, whispering “I’m going to make you do that.” I wanted to build her anticipation, and apprehension of this new game. I wanted to make her think about it, building up a fear of having to stand on her toes, for God knows how long. She knew my taste by now, and knew that I would be making her take it until she reached the very limit of her endurance.

She moaned her acceptance. I hadn’t yet found anything she wasn’t willing to do, or have done to her! Even that hard spanking I gave her that first night after we got back from the restaurant and she had committed to becoming my love slave. She took it silently, without protest. I spanked her with my bare hand until my hand hurt so much I needed to stop. As I looked into her eyes, I could see that she had been quietly crying. Wow! That almost blew my head away! To think this woman could accept pain and not complain was one thing, but to take the pain and not make a sound was something else, again. One of these days soon, I’ll have to get a paddle that I can use to work her over now and then, I thought.

I had been taking Viagra on a regular basis, almost every night, for a while now, and she was getting used to being fucked for three or four hours at a time. I don’t mean fucking her several times over a three or four-hour period, I mean a straight three or four-hours of my dick pounding into her hot pussy! No complaints! She enjoyed every minute of it, as much as I did. Whatever else happened during a day, she could count on a good, long, hard fuck every night. By the time I had finished with her every night, we had no problem falling into a deep and restful sleep.

Watching TV …

Although watching TV was a recreational activity for me, for Jai, it was just another bondage session. I also had a chance to use that Chastity Belt on her frequently. I figured it would also keep her access holes stretched and relaxed, and reaffirm my ownership of her.

I always chose the programs we would watch, and she neither suggested, nor declined to watch something with me. For us, TV was a mutual event.

I particularly enjoyed watching “Dancing with the Stars” – a frequent Ballroom Dance competition on network TV - because of the wonderful costumes the women wore, and how they had been quickly trained each week to use their bodies in new dance routines. I could only fanaticize about any other training they might be receiving!!!

I always tied Jai up in some way before we slept, so that every morning, she would awake into a world whose principle pleasure was in being tied up and under my control. Last night, I had used the red silk sash from her Japanese robe to tie her up. First, tying her hands in front of her at tummy level, then passing the sash between her legs, up between her cheeks, and back around her waist, securing the knot behind her body, right over her rose tattoo. When tied properly, it looked like the bow on a Christmas package. There was no escape. If she tried to move her hands up or away from her body, the sash would cut into her most tender areas, becoming more painful the more she struggled. In effect, she would have to cooperate in her own bondage, in order to avoid the pain. I liked that concept! I found it exciting to watch her wince and hurt herself as she fidgeted around, trying to relieve some of the pressure of the sash pressing against her joy button.

Shopping for new toys …

One day I took Jai shopping with me at an Adult Book Store that occasionally sold some of her bondage photos for me. I wanted to get her a new pair of leather wrist restraints, since I didn’t like her to wear steel handcuffs, and a hard rubber paddle to spank her with. The clerk immediately recognized her from her photographs, and his face lit up with a broad smile as he greeted her. “So this is the famous Jai, your bondage model”, he said.

“Eyes!”, I said, and Jai immediately dropped her eyes in submission, allowing me to answer for her.

“Yes”, I said… “this is she.”

“She’s more beautiful in person than in her photographs”, he said.

“I agree with you”, I said, “… but today, we’re just shopping.

As I picked out an appropriate pair of leather cuffs, I tried them on her wrists, and she modeled them without protest for the clerk, and the few customers in the store to see. She was not ashamed, and I was proud of her, and that she was mine! One of the customers asked if he could take her picture with his cellphone camera, to which I agreed. I posed her in front of a Video display, and raised her hands so they were between her breasts, where the new restraints could clearly be seen. I had her drop her eyes in submission. “Eyes!”, I said, and she dropped her eyes obediently. At the last minute, just before he took the picture, I unbuttoned her blouse so her breasts were exposed, and pulled it free from her skirt, to make it look like she had just been ravished.. She looked every bit like the bondage slave she was. Only a gag would have improved the picture!

The customer thanked me profusely, adding that she had really made his day! She smiled for him, and nodded – nothing more. I believe she was happy exposing herself as a model again, and she had behaved exactly as I wanted her to. I would reward her later in the evening!

Back to shopping, she seemed particularly interested in a ten-inch long rubber penis that had life-like veins and rubber balls molded into it. I could tell she wanted it, without her having to say so. “Do you think you can take it?”, I asked. “Ten inches is pretty long!”

“I can try”, she said. “And if you put some leather straps on it, I’ll have to!”

She was thinking of it as a gag – a really big gag! I knew from past experience with her mouth, that it would force her to deep-throat it any time I pushed it into her mouth – especially if I strapped it in tightly. But she wanted it, and the clerk dropped it into the sack, and said, “This is my gift to you!”

Jai thanked him appropriately, and smiled at him. I knew that just her smile had made his day! Perhaps one day I’ll share her with him…..

I left the wrist restraints on her for the rest of the day, as we left the store to return home. We got one quizzical stare from a new customer who had just arrived as we were leaving. He was surprised to see a bound woman with her blouse in disarray, openly on the streets!

The Games People Play …

We were playing around one day – well, I was playing around with her – when I touched a buzzing vibrator to her breast. “Oh, you’ve curdled me!”, she cried in mock surprise. She smiled at her joke. ….. A beautiful smile! Jai had a marvelous sense of humor – she wasn’t all seriousness, and she was a joy just to be around – or just to be “hanging around”!

I usually tied her up when I had to go out without her, and I knew I’d always find her waiting exactly as I left her, when I returned. One day, I had her bound and gagged, with her hands tied up to the ceiling hook in the bathroom, with her standing in the tub. It took longer that I had planned to get away from the afternoon class and back home, and when I found her, she had peed all down her legs, and was standing in a pool of piss at her feet. I sure hoped she didn’t get athlete’s foot, or something like that. I decided never to leave her alone like that again, and to always give her a way out of the bondage if I was delayed. We had never discussed the use of a ‘safe word’, but that wouldn’t have done any good if I wasn’t even there Still, I always found her exactly as I left her – she had never tried to escape her bondage while I was away. I liked that! I imagine that it comforted her to know that she could eventually escape if something ever happened to me while she was bound.

I built a bondage post for her in what used to be a bedroom closet, and which I had converted into an isolation cell for her. The post was made of a four-by-four piece of pine, and had a ten-inch long “penis” bolted to it exactly 37 inches up from the floor. The measurement placed the penis exactly at her mouth level, when she was kneeling. You remember her ten-inch penis, don’t you? The clerk at the Adult Book Store gave it to her the day I took her there to buy some leather wrist restraints.

She would have to kneel in front of the post, and take as much of the “penis” into her mouth as she could. Two straps passed around her head, holding her to the post in a blowjob position. When her hands were secured behind her back, and her ankles were crossed and tied, she was forced to maintain this position with her knees spread apart, for as long as I wanted her to. To add to her torment, I made her wear her double-plug chastity belt most of the time she was attached to the post. The isolation of being in the closet, after I had turned out the light, and closed the door, left her in darkness – a sort of poor-man’s isolation chamber, if you will. Without any outside clues, she never knew how much time had passed, or how long I was going to keep her there. She was always glad when I released her, but never complained about being held there – sometimes for hours! The only way she could gauge the passage of time, was by how badly she needed to pee before I eventually released her. She had about a three-hour limit between pit stops. As far as I know, she never did pee herself again! Of course, wearing the chastity belt, it would have been difficult anyway.

The Phone Call that changed our life …

It was an advertising agency in New York City. Somehow they had seen some of my photographs, and had called to ask if I would be interested in doing a photo spread in Southeast Asia, using a European model in a tropical setting. The offer was just too good to resist. I told them I had the ideal model, that she was Eurasian, not European, but she would definitely enhance any project. I faxed them a print that I thought would cinch the deal. An hour later, they called back and accepted my suggestion. In a few days, I received a letter in the mail which contained two airline tickets, an American Express credit card to cover expenses, and a check as an advance payment on the agreed upon fee. We would fly to Paradise at the end of the week. …

Find out what happens next week, as Jim is betrayed, and Jai is left sitting with a bad imitation from the movie ‘The Treasure of the Sierra Madre’. …..


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