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My Birthday Epiphany

by Jackie Rabbit

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© Copyright 2011 - Jackie Rabbit - Used by permission

Storycodes: F+/f; FF; bond; gag; bdsm; spank; tease; cake; video; oral; climax; X

An erotic story continued from My Only Horror Movie:

Levi, the director, and I had remained friends, but his wife had found out about my offer to him, right before he paddled me while hanging in the iron frame. She was colder to me the few times I talked with her since my movie, but I got the feeling Levi was entertained by the tension between her and I. Levi told me the scene where the red head, Tabatha, paddled my ass raw as I hung in the iron frame was a favorite of a special owner of the exclusive movie, and he had a request for a special scene. Levi explained this particular man knew the true story behind the movie and wanted to see me get a birthday spanking, in other words he wanted a film of me getting my ass spanked, this time in color.

Levi told me how much the incredibly short film would pay, and I couldn't believe he was serious. It was a lot of money for two hours worth of "work", but if I had realized who was going to be giving me the spanking, I would have demanded more. It wasn't all about the money though, I enjoyed the paddling I got from Levi during the movie, even though that part wasn't filmed. I thought it would be kinky fun, and in the end I think that's why I wanted to do it.

I agreed to meet Levi at his castle, with Tony providing the ride from the airport like usual. When his wife let me in she seemed downright cordial to me, making me think I misread her earlier tone when we talked. We talked like the old friends we were, and I discovered the shoot would take place in Levi's impressive dinning room. He was to run one of the cameras, and I would be spanked on top of his large walnut table without any limits on what my friends could do to me. Levi wanted this to look real because the man who requested it would know the difference. I expected to get humiliated, but the level of my treatment was a shock to even me.

I was wearing the short white dress and high heels I was given, and Levi's wife had me bend over the long table and reach out with my arms as far as I could go. She looped a thick nylon strap around each wrist, with each buckle forming a slip knot. The loose end of those were knotted and dropped between the open half's of the table top, where an extra leaf would go to make the massive table even longer. With her standing right behind me, and Levi pushing on the other end of the table, they closed the table up in the center trapping my wrist straps in the table, with my arms spread wide. My pelvis was up against the rounded edge of the table and Levi's wife looped a strap around each of my ankles and to the table legs, holding my knees locked and legs spread.

So far this was what I expected, and I liked the classic position I was held in. It seemed like Levi's wife was calling the shots on this one, and I was glad she had no apparent animosity toward me, at least until then. Levi got behind his camera at that point, and I didn't see his face again all night.

Levi's wife surprised me with a flesh colored bit gag, and she had the thing in my mouth, and buckled in place before I could object. I wouldn't see the thing until later, but it had a pair of smiling lips painted on it, and to the casual observer it looked like I was having the time of my life. There was a large air hole in the center of the thing, and I voiced my displeasure through it as best as I could, at least until she fitted a child's birthday noise maker into the hole. When I tried to talk, or even breathe out through the hole, a kazoo type noise came out and a paper tube that said "happy birthday" on it rolled out comically.

Next Levi's wife got my pointy child's birthday hat in position on my head and let the modified thick rubber strap snap firmly on my chin. I yelped into my noise maker, and the noise and the paper tube rolling out slightly were all designed to humiliate me, and make any complaint I tried to voice seem like a celebration! When Levi's wife had snapped my hat into place I became aware we weren't alone anymore. I heard giggles from directly behind me, but in my position I couldn't see who made them.

There were several women there around Levi's wife's age, and one younger woman who I was unhappy to see. Tabatha, the red headed bitch from the movie, was there smiling down on me with the kind of look a cat reserves for the pathetic mouse it is toying with, right before it eats it! I blew my noise maker in dispair and Tabatha told me that wasn't very nice seeing how I brought you your only gift today. I noticed she was carrying what could only be a paddle, wrapped as it was, and I temporarily forgot I was there to get paddled.

If I thought about it, it only made sense for her to be the one to get me if I was doing a scene inspired by the movie. Now I couldn't even be angry at anybody there but myself for this mess I was in! She whispered in my ear that this was going to be a lot of fun, and as she did so she had her arm wrapped around my shoulder in a manner that could only be considered friendly. I tingled at her gentle touch even though I never had all that much interest in other women. I also took notice how she was dressed, a short pleated dress and who knows what else on that magnificent body of her's? If I thought I misunderstood her arm over my shoulder, she made it even more clear by blowing in my ear gently before she stood back up.

The ladies decided I still wasn't properly dressed for my birthday party, and I expected them to lift the little bottom of my dress for my spanking. I decided not to wear any panties with the short dress even though some had been laid out for me. Tabatha handed Levi's wife a pair of menacing looking shears, and she started cutting at my hem and worked her way up to my neck, and I flinched every time the cold shears contacted my bare skin. I would find out later they were kept in the freezer until Tabatha retrieved them moments before use! I made little noises into my noise maker when the shears touched me, much to the girls amusement. The, until moments before, beautiful dress was ruined and opened up to reveal my naked back side from my neck to my ass, but still under me like I was a desert to be served off of a white tablecloth.

"Birthday suit for the birthday girl" Tabatha told me as she slapped my now bare ass with her little hand.

The other ladies carried out a small ice cream sheet cake with "Happy Birthday" written on it, and thirty candles all alight as they carried the thing out while singing "Happy Birthday"!

They put the thing down in front of my prone self, and told me if I blew out all the candles I would get my wish, but if I didn't they would get theirs! I tried with several noisy breaths through the noise maker, and only succeeded in giving the girls a laughing fit. My wish would have been to switch places with Tabatha, and have some fun with her naked ass. I'm sure the girls had their own wishes, and I was about to see where I fit into them.

The girls blew out the candles and Levi's wife picked up the cake and placed it right on the small of my bare back. I yelped and bucked and made a lot of noise into my noisemaker, but all she did was reach over and smack my naked ass hard with the cake serving spatula. I was now working at keeping calm less my ass get covered with triangle shaped welts before my real spanking even starts!

I was cut the traditional first piece of cake, and it was put right in front of me where I couldn't touch it yet. The girls all sat down around the table and used my helpless body as a serving tray for the cake, and made casual conversation around and over me like I wasn't even there. When they were good and done they removed what was left of the melting cake from my back, but left the sticky residue on me.

This had already taken longer than I thought it would, and we were only getting to the opening presents part. I only had one, and Tabatha opened it for me because I obviously couldn't, and I wasn't surprised to see it was a spanking paddle. It was some kind of flexible plastic, and the words "Happy Birthday" were carved right through the center of it. The first shot she gave me with the paddle wasn't all that bad, and neither was the second. I wasn't counting for them so they "had" to start again from zero, and those were hard enough that I yelled into the noise maker, making it roll out. That was the response they were looking for, and my ass was reddened where the paddle contacted my soft flesh, and the words printed on it were transferred to my ass as white letters on a red background.

The girls all laughed at my suffering and took turns spanking me until I got to fifteen. They decided they needed a break, and I was left in position as they got drinks and sat at the table ignoring me. I was having trouble ignoring the pressure of the table on my pussy, and despite the punishment I was receiving, or more likely because of it, I was getting wet.

The second fifteen smacks were all delivered by Tabatha, and as I would see later on film, the words "Happy Birthday" were getting darker and staying longer. Other than the stinging on my ass, I was comfortable in my position and wished I was still getting fucked by Ken, so he could do me like this. Whoever had wanted this film, I was certain he was getting his monies worth. The older ladies had left, but not before Levi's wife had whispered in my ear that if I ever wanted to do something for her husband again, I should ask her first. And that all was forgiven between us. I made a mistake offering myself to Levi in the heat of the moment, and I wouldn't do that again, as I had a painful lesson to remind me not to. It was kind of the same thing with Tabatha, except I did more than "offer" her husband, even though he had his hands all over and inside me before I did.

The camera was still rolling as Tabatha jumped up on the table lightly, almost cat like, and I was reminded of her look from earlier. She sat on the table right in front of me with one sexy leg stretched out over top of my right arm and the other bent under her first, bunching the front of her pleated dress up in front of her. I could feel the heat radiating out from under her skirt, and I smelled her arousal. She told me sweetly she didn't think it was fair that I didn't get any of my own cake, and if I promised to behave she would remove my gag and feed me some. I bobbed my head like a good girl, and she removed the gag, but left the stupid hat on me for now.

She was sitting very close to me and spooned up the half melted cake, and fed it to me in one of the most erotic moments of my life. No man, not even hubby, was ever that sweet to me. It was such a dichotomy, here this girl was being so tender to me, and moments before she was paddling my ass hard for the entertainment of others. In one painfully honest self assessment, I realized it wasn't all that different from me getting off the first time Don whipped me, or my arousal at what most people would call torture. In a moment of epiphany I realized she enjoyed my spanking as much as I did. And I further realized if I had found a girl like her before hubby, or even Ken, my life would likely have been much different!

The ice cream cake was all gone, and the camera and Levi all but forgotten. It was just Tabatha and I alone on that table, and for the one of the only times in my life I wanted a woman, this woman right in front of me. No words were spoken or necessary, I looked up into her eyes and she slid closer to me on the table, and she lifted the front of her dress and my face was inches from her panties. I reached out as far as I could and nuzzled her pussy through her panties, and she grabbed my head and held me there...

Tabatha took a break and literally threw off her panties, and told me she was sorry for the way she treated me in the movie, especially when she saw what her husband did to me first. I told her I was fine with it as she slid her pussy right up to my face, and I dove into her like I was starving. I learned that oral sex is oral sex no matter what sex your partner is. I like to think I give good head and the same skills apparently work on a woman as well. Find the sensitive spots, and tease the hell out of them! I had an advantage in actually owning one of the things I was now playing with, and Tabatha's first orgasm was intense.

She let me go from the table and walked me out onto the deck, and laid me down on one of the chase lounge chairs. She was fully clothed except for her panties, and I was fully naked except for my high heels. She got on top of me in a classic sixty nine position and started eating me out like I love hubby to do. I ripped off my stupid birthday hat and Tabatha's dress covered my head as I was between her open legs, returning the favor she was doing me. I was nearly suffocating down there with the dress not letting in much fresh air, but I kept at it. Tabatha was roughly playing with my tits at the same time, probably because they were so much larger than her own, and she ate me to countless orgasms.

I lost track of time and must have fell asleep, because I woke in the early morning, still on the deck in the chair, but covered with a blanket instead of Tabatha.



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