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Never Been Touched

by WiccedWoman

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© Copyright 2009 - WiccedWoman - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; rom; firsttime; sex; mast; cons; X

Liz's pussy was sore, but each throb recalled the pleasure.  Pictures, sensation, smell, taste.  She pulled the covers over her head to block out the voices of her parents downstairs.  She was alone in her bedroom, just her in the dark.  Just her with her wickedness.  Her mind wandered over the events of the day.

She'd first met Mick at a friend's place.  She was sitting at the kitchen table when he wandered in, covered in grease.  He'd been working on the old wreck in the garage, just helping out.  He plonked himself down and swung his feet up on a chair, before giving her a meaningful glance.

"Hullo love, who are you?"

He was smiling.  Liz blushed.

"I'm Anne's friend, Liz."

"Pleased to meet you Liz, I'm Mick, the mechanic and general dog's body round here."

Liz smiled back.  Her stomach flipped.  She couldn't imagine him being anyone's dog's body; he had an air of ownership - himself, and everyone else.  She felt the way he focused on her.  She was slightly uncomfortable.

"Hey Anne, has that husband of yours been keeping secrets? Does he keep the pretty ones to himself!"

Liz caught his grin, but the under-tow was clear.  Was this how a mouse felt in a snake's gaze? What was it about him?  What was the chemistry?

Boys pursued her, but their youth left her cold.  She couldn't name what she wanted, but whatever it was, Mick had it.  He was at least 10 years older than her 18, maybe more - and moved like he possessed the World.  No shyness, no uncertainty.  She felt him undress her with his eyes, and she thought maybe that's what he wanted.  Maybe he could read her mind.

They chatted for a while, though later she forgot what they were talking about. 

When Mick finally said he had to go, he briefly touched her hand, looking straight at her.  He knew she wouldn't say no.

"Liz, are you doing anything tonight? Can I pick you up for a drink?"

"Yeah, um - yeah.  I'm not doing anything."

"Good, see you at 6. Pick you up from here?"

"Yeah, I'll see you then."  She meant to be more sophisticated, harder to get - but all the smart comments dried in her throat.  She watched the door shut behind him, mesmerised.

Anne's voice cut through her dreams.  "Careful Liz, he's a bastard.  He's 32 next week, divorced twice and more girlfriends than I can remember.  Don't get me wrong, I love him - but from a safe distance."

She snapped back to reality.  "Don't worry, it's only a drink.  That's all.  Nothing else."

"Yeah right.  We'll see."  Anne's doubts were clear.

Back home, Liz spent forever in the bathroom getting ready for her big date.

"How much longer are you going to be?"  Her Dad's voice boomed up the stairs.

"Not long, I'll be finished soon - promise."  She put the final smear of strawberry gloss on her lips, and then she was out - her heart skipping in anticipation.

"Home by 11, remember I want to see you back here on time."

"Yes Dad, I promise."  And with that she was through the front door and on her way to her fate.

The pub was small and cosy, typical English village.  Mick had whisked her into the Kent countryside in his spruced-up Jag.  An old model, but flawless in his skilled hands.

She felt like the only woman on earth.  Nothing was too much trouble for him, his fascination was obvious.  And when he softly ran a finger down her neck, she felt the sparks to her toes.

"Liz, come back to my place for coffee? We can be alone for a bit."

It was a foregone conclusion.

The door to his basement flat swung open.  He flicked on the hall light then grabbed her hand and led her to the lounge.

"Have another drink Liz; I've got some good wine here."

She accepted, even though she knew she'd had enough already.  She didn't get to finish it though.  His lips sent her spinning, and his wandering hands soon found their way inside her bra.

"Take your top off Liz, please.  I want to kiss your breasts.  They're beautiful."

He nuzzled and sucked - and Liz just kept falling deeper into his spell.  She arched towards his hand when it crept inside her knickers.

"Oh baby, you're wet - so wet.  Have you ever been fucked? I think you need to be fucked."

"No Mick, I can't - I mustn't.  I've not done it before.  I can't do it here, not now."

"OK babe, that's fine - just let's play for a while.  I'll make you feel good."  He slipped off her skirt and panties.  She didn't stop him.

His kisses went from her breasts, down over her belly, until his tongue explored the space between her thighs.  No boy, no man, had done that to her before - it was a wicked sensation.  She didn't want him to stop.  Didn't care anymore.

Mick must have sensed she was ready when he kissed her again and stroked her hair.

Liz felt his erection press between her legs.

"It's OK babe, it's OK - I'll be careful."  With that, he rummaged through the pocket of the trousers he'd carelessly thrown on the floor.  Finding the right packet, he ripped it open before putting on a condom.

The play became wordless. At first, he just stroked the tip of his penis against her moist slit - but pressing a little more each time. 

She clung on - her fingers digging into his butt. 

He let out a loud sigh when he finally pushed the whole length inside her.

It stung, but there was no going back - no changing her mind.  He fucked her like a demon - hard, wrapped in his own pleasure.  She liked it; no - she loved it.  The sound he made when he came echoed down to her bones.

And so here she was, back in her own bed - replaying each move, touching herself.  Bringing herself off to the memory of his instinctive insistence.  There'd be more though, this man wasn't finished with her - yet. 



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