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Nobodies Watching

by Dionette

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© Copyright 2011 - Dionette - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; M/f; shop; book; dvd; tease; voy; mast; oral; sex; climax; cons; X

Susan was in town….

She was walking past the stores, looking in, she saw an adult shop… stopping for a moment, she looked into the window… The dolls were dressed in beautiful lingerie, her mind running back to what her ex had just said….

"You are nothing but a fucking cold fish, just for once, can you act like a whore… well then maybe I will fuck you properly… I’m tired of this hold, and close shit… fuck… you need to act like a whore…. They fuck better…." Danny was mad… as she didn’t want to do things with him….

Susan couldn’t understand why he so badly wanted to do some things… but she wasn’t brought up like that…….

But it wouldn’t hurt to just go in and peek…

Walking in the store, she first thought it would be smutty, but looking on to the rows of merchandise, she thought different. Looking around, she didn’t want to make it obvious she was new to this… so she went over to the lingerie that was in the aisle down below. Walking around she looked at the beautiful, satin slips, touching them….. It surprised her to see this wasn’t dirty at all…….

Browsing through the hangers, she heard a noise behind her, turning she looked at a man, with green eyes, dark black hair.

"May I help you?" His voice was husky, and that made Susan swallow hard.

"Hey, its cool… I have many ladies come in here, never been before, so this is weird…. For them… browse and if you wanna ask questions… just shout for me…" with that he walked away.

Susan was surprised, but she shook her head and continued to look through the slips, taking out the few she liked to try on.

She looked up; the young man caught her stare, nodded in the direction of changing room.

Susan was trying on the black satin slip, when the door opened behind her… jumping she squeaked.

"Take it easy… I wanna see you in the slip… and I must say, you look gorgeous… I saw you pick them. So I just needed to give you the best advice…." He smiled at her.

For some reason, Susan wasn’t scared…. She walked out into the open so he could see…. Smiling she turned to him

"I'm Susan….." she extended her hand to him…..

"I’m Blake" he answered…..

"Wow… you look great…." He whispered… and as Susan continued to try the others on… she liked the comments Blake gave her…..

"Now that you have your lingerie… its time for toys……" Blake said as he pushed her towards the toy aisle.

"Toys…. I’m too old for toys…. Blake…." Susan said puzzled… Blake smirked, as he took her hand and rounded the corner.

What Susan saw there was amazing… It wasn’t "toys" as she thought… but a wide range of sex toys….

Cuffs with fluff, loads of vibrators, funny and skimpy lingerie…. And some things a girl shouldn’t see…

Susan blushed….

"Hey, you can’t blush now……we gonna get you the right toys, so your boyfriend is going to love this…" Blake said, while he picked up the pink vibrator…., it felt real… this pink penis, he held in his hand…

Susan looked; she didn’t want to tell this man, she was single… not after the humiliation Danny put her through…

The words Blake, were saying, Susan didn’t hear, she just took the things he gave her….

She looked and was stunned, at all these "toys"… but she wanted to learn more… I mean she had walked in, so now finish…

"Blake…. So these toys are safe? do they have instructions?" Susan asked blushing…

"Yes they are safe…, ok I will get you the book on how to use all these, then I will get you the book the Kuma Sutra….you can read, and do it with him…" he turned to walk a few steps, then took a book off shelf.

Handing it to her, Susan wondered if this was ok, but too late to turn around now.

Paying for everything she left.

Feeling silly, as she entered the house, looking to see if anybody was home…. She knew she was alone, but this was something she never did.

It was hot, so a swim, and then read….

Taking the bag with the books, she went to the pool…, dropping the bag, the books spilled…. There it opened on the page…

The page showed a picture of a woman swimming naked……

Susan picked up book, and thinking she was alone, why not…….

Undoing the zip to her jeans, sliding them off, taking off the shirt and bra, dropping them to the floor, she went to the side of the pool. The cool water touching, caressing her body, the cool liquid between her legs, she could feel this churning deep inside, as the water and thoughts over took her. Taking her hand, she touched her breast, softly and lovingly, she explored her breast, closing her eyes, feeling and touching the curve, her finger going over the nipple as she moved and felt soft, and wild.

Laying back against the pool wall, on the steps, she lay there moving her hand down over her stomach, gently touching her belly button, there she trailed a light touch. The water slopping against her skin, Susan went further, her hand going down as she gently, pushed her fingers into her folds. Touching her clit, she felt this sense of excitement, there she pushed harder and deeper, she could feel in the very core of her, this was great, it felt good….

Though never having done this, this was good, slowly she started to push harder on her clit, rubbing it harder, the muscles in her thighs tightened, she felt this… this was going to happen...

Danny always just touched, fucked and walked away, never had he touched her like this... This was so good… while rubbing, she felt her whole body shudder, as she climaxed, she felt this warm sticky, sensation, mixed with the cool water of the pool. The noises around her, this was how a woman was supposed to be touched, she read about it…

Wanting to climb out, she felt her legs, they wouldn’t let her move, at first she was frightened, then she remembered a book where the woman, was fucked so well, her legs didn’t want to carry her… yippee for the squishy romance novels……

Once she regained her legs, she went to the chair, where the books were, opening up to read, she saw a DVD, and she knew she didn’t buy the DVD. Opening it….

"Susan…. Just a small gift, touch, feel, experiment, and enjoy….love Blake" the note said.

She knew the DVD player in the pool house worked, so jumping up she went in and played the disc. Laying on the couch, watching the disc, there were two woman making love, touching feeling each other. This made Susan’s legs tighten, her muscles wanted to feel those hands, the blonde, lay the brunette down on the bed, touching her breasts… feeling her body. Then she saw the blonde place her mouth over the brunette’s pussy… licking, and sucking it….

With an instant, Susan was wet… she could feel this coming from above….

The brunette, lay back and let the blonde tongue fuck her, the camera moves in to see, the brunettes fingers in her arse…

This makes Susan, want this, she takes her hands, and starts to play. She dips her fingers into her wet pussy… she feels the hot liquid…. She wants more….. She needs more…

Looking at the screen, she sees a man join the two women…. He grabs her… and enters her hard from behind…. She moans with pleasure… he leans over her, and fondles her breast, as he faces her…

The brunette, then looks up, to see another man, join… This time he stands over her, from behind… Placing his huge cock into her mouth, she eagerly moves to accept him… Both women are being fucked…

The blonde is licking and sucking, Susan could hear slurping noises coming from the brunette’s pussy…

Susan, could feel she wanted to cum again… Her fingers, moving in and out of herself… she saw the blonde taste the brunette’s cum, then she saw the man who had his penis in the brunettes mouth, she saw him cum… All over her… The brunette was lapping this up.

Susan took her fingers and tasted herself… She thought of strawberries, this was something that she never dreamed of could happen. Placing her fingers again inside, she continued to fuck herself, the tension was enormous, as she felt herself cum again….. This time it was a lot more intense and flowing cum…. she could smell the air, it smelt like sex with you… and it was great…

Hearing a noise at the door, she turned and looked…

There was … Blake ……the man from the shop… looking rather embarrassed… she wanted to hide… but he stopped her..

"Don’t Susan…. I’ve been watching you… you are naughty…. You see I knew who you were when you came in… why I live next door…." He said as he walked closer to where she was laying….

There he bent down between her legs, as he took her hips into his hands and placed gentle kisses on her stomach.

Susan was shocked and wanted to pull away, but her body betrayed her, she moaned and shivered as the kisses, were hot, as he gently blew air onto her as soon as he kissed, his hands move up her sides to her breasts, as they fondle, touch and hold… she moans… then she feels Blake move down… as he kisses her wet pussy, she hadn’t had a chance to clean, when he walked in…

But she feels his mouth close over her, as his teeth nibble her… her clit is throbbing… as his tongue delves deeper into her…

She feels the spasm’s as this intimate  feeling as he is tongue fucking her….

He pushes harder, as he moves her legs further apart to gain better access… there, Blake places his fingers into her arse, as he fucks her with his tongue…….

Susan can feel herself wanting to cum again, this shouldn’t be happening.. Three times.. No way..

Blake’s hands were everywhere… touching feeling, wanting more… His hands were marvelous against her skin, she could feel the need bursting inside of her, as he licked her. His tongue would dart in and out, lick the sides of the walls of her vagina. Then gently he would close his teeth over her clit… hold it in place, as his tongue played with it.. Rolling it, then just touching teasing, making it throb harder. Susan could move her body closer to him… she wanted him deeper, placing her hands in his hair, pushing him deeper…. Wanting him more…

Blake was more than willing to accept and go further….looking up from  the bottom of her, he could see her eyes were glazed, and he knew she was about to cum, pushing further, then he drove his fingers into her arse further… harder he went… As his tongue licked and delve in deeper, he could feel her arch her back, wanting to close her legs around his head. He placed both his hands on either side of her legs, holding her down while his tongue lapped up every drop she was giving out.

Susan could only move a little… as she tried to wither out his hold, but Blake was strong, he held her down…. Faster his tongue went…. As he knew it was a matter of minutes……..

Susan placed her hand on her breasts, touching her nipple. Gently squeezing, while her right hand joined Blake’s tongue, in her wet pussy…… playing with her clit, while Blake’s tongue was so deep inside…..

He made a noise deep inside, as he drove Susan to the brink, there she came all over his face and tongue. The juicy that filled him, was like strawberries…

Laying there, Susan couldn’t move, as Blake gently wiped her juices from his face, and moved closer to her as he bent to kiss her. Susan could taste herself on his tongue, as the kiss deepened, then she placed her hands on his chest pushing him away.

‘Blake, you did this for me… let me help you…." Susan said, as she moved away from him.

Never having this done, she just hoped the DVD helped.

Slowly she placed  her hand around his huge cock, which was still hard form him fucking her. She moved the skin, up and down, sometimes tightening her grip, as she could hear him sucking in air, slowly she went harder, and a little faster, then slowly went down, and took him in her mouth. As he was going in, she could feel his hips want to thrust up but like he did to her, she held him down, there she touched the tip of his cock, with her tongue, it jutted as the muscles moved and answered to her. She closed her lips, gently sucking, harder, and harder….

Her fingers closed tighter onto his cock, the trusting movements came up and down, as she sucked. She clamped her teeth gently around his head, as she used her tongue to lick and play with its head. She can taste the pre cum, lips, as she sucks harder. Moving closer, she holds tighter… up and down… up and down she moves with her hands, with in conjunction of her hands. Then, she finds the tip of her fingers, she finds his balls….

She hears him gulp, as she touches the one, and gently starts to kneed it, while her other hand is on his cock, and her mouth is over him. Harder she goes… pulling ,touching and caressing…

Blake finds his hands in her hair, taking his fingers he closed it on her hair holding her so tight, she might not breathe……

As she moves up, he pulls, then when she goes down, he pulls her hair up.

The thrill intense…

Blake can feel the cum rising…

"Yeah babe….. Make me cummmmm… take it all in.." he says.

Finally she squeezes with hand and mouth, there Blake cum’s, so fast he didn’t give it a thought. He squirts all over the place… The pulsing of the cum, makes him buck harder,  and still he cums’s. It was all over her face, mouth, and strands in her hair…..she looked beautiful.. So sex filled…

Looking up at him… she smiles….

" That was awesome….babes, you see I told you, you were hot…." With that he picked her up and takes her to the pool….

Willingly Susan goes with him.





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