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Not What He Expected

by Gag_Fan2

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© Copyright 2012 - Gag_Fan2 - Used by permission

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Part One

Jimmy was in his early twenties. Standing 5’11, he was lean and reasonably athletic, maintaining his physique by swimming and jogging when he had time to spare. He was a plain looking guy, not handsome but he had a strong jaw and a chin that people said looked like those of Kirk Douglas. He had blue eyes and sand-coloured hair. He studied literature at the university.

One Saturday evening in late November, Jimmy was sitting on the couch, with his laptop open on the table in front of him. He was absent-mindedly reading an on-line article he was suppose to write an essay on, occasionally checking his Facebook wall. Just yesterday Stacy, his girlfriend and a fellow lit student, had left to visit her parents in her hometown and wouldn’t be back for a week. All of Jimmy’s friends were busy studying as well. Just as he was thinking that this night was going to end up being boring, a sound signalling a chat message from a friend on Facebook snapped him out of his depressing thoughts. He saw that on the other end of the chat was... Sandy.

Jimmy felt himself cheering up slightly. Sandy had started studying at the university the same as Jimmy and Stacy. Jimmy hadn’t known either of them, but the two girls were casual acquaintances. Jimmy had briefly dated Sandy, only for three months, before they agreed that they really weren’t a good match for each other. They had split up peacefully and quietly and had come along fine since then. Through Sandy, Jimmy had eventually met Stacy. They had fallen in love with each other and they’d been together for a year and a half by now.

Jimmy was soon busy typing replies. Apparently, Sandy, too, was alone at her apartment down the street from Jimmy’s place and, like Jimmy, she was bored. Sandy explained that tomorrow she would leave the country for six months on student exchange. Jimmy remembered how they had crossed paths on the campus a couple of weeks ago and recalled Sandy telling about all this. Jimmy congratulated her on the occasion and then jokingly inquired when the send-off party would be. Sandy said that she’d had one just last weekend and how she would’ve preferred to have it this weekend but it hadn’t fit into her friends’ schedules. Always a gentleman, Jimmy asked if she’d like to come over to keep him company while he worked and have a beer or two. Sandy replied: ‘I’m on my way. 10 minutes’.

Ten minutes later, Jimmy heard a knock on the door.

‘Come in! It’s open!’ he called. He didn’t stand up as he was typing away on an e-mail he had forgotten to send earlier and which he would’ve have wanted to get out of the way before Sandy arrived. He could hear the door open and close and then Sandy walked into the room.

Sandy was tall and slim. She had legs for miles, tight little butt, curvy hips and small perky breasts. She had a flawless pale skin, long neck and the features of her pixie-like face were puppet-like in their delicacy. She had lovely pink lips and enormous brown eyes which her large thick-rimmed glasses made only bigger. She had a shoulder-length dark brown hair which she kept wrapped up in a loose stylish bun on the back of her head.

Before Jimmy could say anything else, Sandy opened her long thick duffel coat and let it fall on the floor. At first looking out of the corner of his eye, Jimmy would have found this a little strange but his heart skipped a couple of beats when he looked up and noticed that Sandy wasn’t wearing anything else than black pumps, red stay-up stockings and red satin thongs. Covering her upper body was only a white blouse which was unbuttoned apart from the two buttons over her breasts. She was not wearing a bra and she had knotted a white silk scarf around her neck.

As Jimmy stared at her, with his mouth hanging open and unable to speak, two thoughts collided in his overheated brain: ‘What the hell is she doing?!’ and ‘It’s a miracle she didn’t freeze to death walking here’. Sandy strutted towards him slowly, swinging her hips seductively and smiling mischievously. She was obviously relishing the way she had Jimmy under her spell. As Jimmy kept staring, Sandy stopped right in front of her and dropped on her knees before the couch. As her hands touched the belt on Jimmy’s jeans, he realized what she was about to do and he managed to utter an incomprehensible mutter but Sandy silenced his objections by softly placing one finger over his lips.

‘Listen, Jimmy’ said Sandy. ‘I know what you’re going to say but there’s no need to. I’m not trying to mess up your relationship with Stacy. I’m happy for both of you because you’re perfect for each other. I’m just looking to have a bit of fun before I leave tomorrow, plain and simple, and that’s all this ever needs to be, no strings attached. Besides’ she continued with a smile ‘we both know that nobody fucks you better than I do and nobody fucks me better than you.’

Those words hit their mark in Jimmy’s mind like a lightning bolt. True, the reason that their relationship hadn’t quite worked out was that they had such different personalities and therefore neither of them could’ve gained anything from a continued relationship. But the sex! The sex Jimmy and Sandy had had was nothing short of life-changing for both of them. Behind her shy and soft-spoken demeanour Sandy was a borderline nymphomaniac, an incredibly innovative, inspiring and daring lover with a ravenous appetite. As for Jimmy, she wasn’t half as inventive as Sandy when it came to sex, his hunger for sex wasn’t as great as Sandy’s but he had lots of stamina and endurance. This combination proved explosive. Although Jimmy didn’t like to admit to himself and tried to think of it as little as possible, the truth was that, as perfect a match as he and Stacy were in every other respect, their sex – good as it was – paled in comparison to what she had experienced with Sandy.

Sandy opened the buckle of his belt, unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans and pulled them down onto the floor along with Jimmy’s boxers. Jimmy realized, to his slight embarrassment, that he even unconsciously let himself slump on the couch so that he was half lying, half sitting at the very edge of the couch so that his pants slid off of his legs with greater ease, while propping his neck and shoulders against the back rest. The brief moral conflict that stormed through his mind would’ve made a chapter in a philosophy or a psychology book but, simply put, he decided to go with the flow.

Apparently Jimmy’s decision not to resist could be read from his face because, as soon as she had stripped Jimmy of his pants, Sandy’s smile grew wider and she moved to kneel between his spread legs. Jimmy had been so surprised and nervous so far that he hadn’t become aroused and, therefore, his cock was still limp. Sandy laid her hands on his thighs and, bowing her head, took   Jimmy’s cock in her mouth, all of it, right down to the hilt. She kept it in, letting her warm wet tongue squirm all over it while sucking on it, gently at first but gradually harder. Blood rushed to Jimmy’s loins and he could almost immediately feel his cock begin to swell up inside Sandy’s hot mouth. When his cock showed the first signs of stiffening, Sandy let it slide out from between her lips with a slurping smack of lips before diving right back down to take it in her mouth again. By the time her head came back up the second time, Jimmy’s cock was fully erect, its shaft glistening with Sandy’s saliva. No longer able to fit it all in her mouth, Sandy started rubbing and jerking the shaft with one hand and sucked on the crown between her lips, twiddling her tongue over the tip. She also started rubbing Jimmy’s perineum with her thumb, below his balls at first and then moving lower until slowly sliding the tip of her thumb inside Jimmy’s ass.

Jimmy was panting and his breathing was shallow and rapid. Beads of sweat were rising up on his hairline. With one hand he squeezed a pillow on the sofa and with the other he clutched the hairs on the back of Sandy’s head, keeping her head down. Sandy let go of Jimmy’s cock. She slipped her hand inside her thongs and started rubbing her clit. She started moving her head up and down as she sucked him off while still fingering his ass. Then she suddenly bowed her head way down and took Jimmy’s cock as deep in her mouth as she possibly could and sucked harder than ever, pushed her finger a bit deeper into his ass and with the other hand gave his balls a strong squeeze.

The combined sensation was so exquisite that for a fleeting tenth of a second Jimmy’s mind blacked out and at the same time he took a deep quivering breath as he felt his cock stiffen up rock hard. Then he moaned loudly when he felt as though a warm, almost an electric current surged through his entire body as his sperm rushed from his balls. He could feel his cum spew from the tip of his cock into Sandy’s mouth. She never stopped sucking and after a few seconds Jimmy could tell from the movements of her mouth around his cock that she’d swallowed every last drop.

With a combined slurp, smacking of lips and a small gasp Sandy let his cock out of her mouth, licked her lips before wiping them with the back of her hand and looked up. ‘That’s a start’ she said in a husky, out-of-breath voice, a mischievous grin on her face. ‘Now we can move on to the real thing’.


to be continued...


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