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Nurse Kat's Medical Examination

by Adam N. Eaves

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© Copyright 2012 - Adam N. Eaves - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; nurse; uniform; tease; stockings; mast; insert; oral; climax; cons; X


I had to attend a private hospital for a medical examination for insurance purposes. I arrived on time and was pleasantly surprised to see how nice it was. It looked more like a hotel. I went into reception and showed them my appointment letter. I sat down for a couple of minutes and a nurse came up to me. She introduced herself as Staff Nurse Stone and we shook hands. She asked me to follow her. We went into a small office and she shut the door. She said the examination would take about an hour. She would ask some personal questions and then do the examination. She stood up opened another door in the office and led me in. There was bed in there, an armchair and various pieces of medical equipment. She handed me a gown and asked me to undress. I took my clothes off and hung them on a rail and went back into the other office and sat down beside the desk. Making sure the gown I had on was covering my private bits.

Nurse Stone started off by asking me my personal details, address, date of birth etc. As she wrote it down I noticed how nice her make up was. I wouldn't have expected nurses to wear make up but she had nice eye shadow and a deep red lipstick on. I guess she was in her late thirties. I couldn't help but notice her ample breasts and gorgeous stockinged legs. I liked the thick black belt she wore. It pulled her waist in and pushed her chest out. Her blue uniform was barely held together with the Velcro fastenings. I looked at her name badge and saw her first name was Katherine.

As she asked me another question she would swing round in her chair and face me. I found it terribly hard to stop looking down at her thighs as her uniform had rode up and exposed more than she should have. I'm sure she saw me looking on a couple of occasions but didn't bother to adjust herself. This was getting embarrassing as I felt myself getting an erection. She soon finished the questioning and swung round in her chair and pulled it closer to me. She picked up an ophthalmoscope to check my eyes. She shone the bright light in my eyes and I felt her getting closer to my face as she looked into the optical instrument.

Immediately I smelt her perfume and breathed it in deeply. I could feel her breath on my face. Oh God, I was getting even harder. I pushed my legs tighter together. Nurse Stone told me to relax. The eye examination took quite a few minutes and I have to admit I liked having her face so close to mine. I opened my mouth slightly and let her breathe into it. Although she was so close to me I couldn't see her lipstick but I could remember what it was like. I longed to kiss her and put my tongue deep inside her mouth. I thought, this is stupid, I was getting a full hard on now. I needed to relax and let it subside, but it didn't work like that.

When she finished she led me into the other room and I lay on the bed, making sure my erection was tucked tightly between my legs. She took my blood pressure and commented that it shouldn't have been that high. I knew why it was. She listened to my chest and obviously she saw that my nipples had hardened. She felt my ankles and then said she had to check my testicles. I asked if it was really necessary and she said it was and not to feel awkward as she does this every day of the week and she is beyond embarrassment.

As she opened the gown she saw my erection and said, 'Now I realise why your blood pressure is raised.' She examined my testicles and I loved the feel of it. She said, 'They are fine but I wonder if I should take care of the other problem down there. I really shouldn't do it but it would then lower your blood pressure.' She looked up at me and I smiled and nodded my approval.

Nurse Stone reached behind her and put on a pair of surgical gloves and turned round to face me. My cock was standing fully to attention. I felt one of her hands on my cock start slowly rubbing it. I looked down at her fully covered breasts and longed to play with them. I thought that she would masturbate me quickly just to give me relief and get rid of my erection. But it didn't quite work out like that. She was very slow and deliberate and kept asking if she was doing it right and was I enjoying it. I got a suspicion that she too was enjoying it. I decided to be adventurous. I put my hand on her bottom and gently stroked it. Amazingly she didn't stop me. This was my cue to carry on. She was still masturbating me slowly and was clearly in no hurry to finish it off. I reached down lower and lifted the back of her uniform. She didn't object and I felt under it. She was wearing hold up stockings and I felt the bare flesh of the back of her thighs. I felt her push her bottom back to meet my hand.

She was beginning to enjoy this too. I rubbed her knickers and could feel they were getting wet as I eased my fingers inside them but couldn't quite reach her pussy lips. I felt her other hand start stroking my balls and liked the feel of the latex glove against my skin. I said, 'Why don't you take your uniform off.' She replied, 'Oh no, I shouldn't do that.' But then she suddenly stopped, moved over to the door, opened it and put the occupied sign up and shut the door and locked it. She undid her thick black belt, pulled apart the tunic, and hung it up. She stood there in her bra, knickers and hold up stockings. She turned round and reached down for my cock again and pulled my foreskin right back and lowered her head and plunged my cock deep into her mouth and I felt her tongue find its way into the hole at the top.

I reached up to her bra and lifted it over her tits. They were magnificent and I heard her sigh as I played with them and pinched her nipples. She had the most beautiful large brown areola and nipples to match.  After a few minutes she said, 'Play with my pussy, take my knickers down and finger fuck my pussy.' I reached down and pulled her knickers down her legs. My fingers found her very wet pussy. I eased two fingers inside and started to finger fuck her. Nurse Kat sucked me harder and continued to ease my fingers inside her velvety love folds. I knew I was going to cum soon. She stopped sucking for a moment and said, 'Rub my clitty with your thumb,' and then continued sucking my cock. I eased my thumb into position and stroked her bulbous clitty as my fingers delved deeper. She murmured softly. My orgasm approached and I called out that I was cumming. She withdrew my cock from her mouth, quickly stood over me and wanked me off so that I shot my cum over her ample tits.

I looked in amazement as she started rubbing my cum into her nipples which grew even larger and harder. Then she said, 'It's my turn to cum now.' She sat on the edge of the armchair with her legs draped over the arms and wide apart. I knelt in between her legs as she held her pussy lips open for me. I loved the smell and taste of her pussy as my tongue delved deep inside it. She moved closer to the edge of the armchair and said, 'Play with my nipples at the same time.' I gently squeezed her rock hard nipples between my finger and thumb as I licked and sucked her clit. Her sopping pussy opened as I pulled apart the lips to allow my tongue to delve deeper. Her pussy was getting wetter and wetter as her orgasm neared. I felt her begin to tighten against my fingers as ripples of pleasure ran through her body.

I looked up and watched as she took over the playing with her large tits. She had her eyes closed as she pinched and squeezed her nipples. Suddenly she called out, 'Oh, I'm cumming, suck my clit, put your tongue inside me, oh yes, suck harder, oh yes that's it.' I felt her hands behind my head as she pulled my face hard against her soaking wet pussy. I felt she was fucking herself with my face. Then she actually ejaculated her cum and I felt her cum actually shoot out of her all over my face. She continued to grind my face against her pussy as she bought herself off for a second time. After she recovered she lifted me up and kissed or rather licked her own cum off my face.

Then she said, 'Right lets check that blood pressure again.'



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