Nylon Enclosure

by Baubleheadz

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Storycodes: MF; nylons; sex; reluct; cons; X

She was usually such a “good girl.” But sometimes, she enjoyed a little naughty kink. And when she did, she was a really, really good girl…depending on how you looked at it.

When she was at her naughtiest, she enjoyed playing with her nylon collection. She had a lot of different nylon items, and a bunch of it was typical. Though she only had the highest quality nylons, and she wore these “normal” ones quite a lot in her “normal” life.

It was the alternative ones that set her collection apart from most women. These non-typical nylons were mostly that way due to their shape. One of them was a small nylon bag that was more like something you might put laundry in to protect it in the wash. But when this excellent piece of cloth stretched out, it was big enough for an adult, like her, to climb into. She could then pull it up over her head and be completely encased in nylon, whether standing, sitting, or lying down. She rather enjoyed getting naked and climbing into the bag, experiencing its cool, thin, yet firm, constricting embrace.

Today, she was feeling quite naughty and stood inside her favorite nylon sack, holding its single, elastic entrance above her head so she could see, while trying to walk around the hall landing at the top of the stairs. She loved absent-mindedly enjoying the sensation of the fabric on her skin while aimlessly wandering around. The sack hobbled her steps slightly, but she was able to move slowly through the master bedroom and out onto the landing. The master bedroom was carpeted, causing the nylon to shuffle across the rough texture, which felt nice on her feet. But it was easier to move around on the landing with its hardwood, the nylon almost gliding over the surface. Plus, in the bedroom, she had to be more careful to maintain her balance.

Scooting along the landing, she thought she heard the front door open and close. But that was ridiculous. No one was supposed to be home. Her mind loved to play tricks on her when she was encased in a “bubble” of nylon, the smallest sound seemingly amplified into something pressing or meaningful, even though it was more muffled when it reached her ears.

Not more than a second after deciding that the sound of the front door had been in her head, she heard someone running up the stairs at full tilt. A speed that only a healthy teen could manage. She had no idea who it could be. Her son was not even in the area today.

She started hobbling toward the master bedroom, not thinking to just open the top of the nylon, let it drop down around her ankles, and step out of it to scamper unimpeded to the protection of her bedroom. Usually, the nylon was a ‘safe place’ for her. But now…

She had not even moved halfway across the landing when one of her son’s friends stopped dead in his tracks at the top of the stairs, gawking at her. She now stood between the teenager and the door to her son’s room, apparently blocking his path to his intended goal. She turned to face him fully, one hand over her sex and her other arm covering her breasts inside her cocoon. Having let go of the nylon to move her arms so quickly to cover herself, the small elastic opening of the bag had slipped down over her head and constricted around her neck, holding the bag up over her shoulders. She truly must have been a sight to be seen, especially to a young man like this.

In her mind's eye, she could see herself from his perspective. A hot, healthy, still-young MILF standing basically naked out in the open on the skylight-lit landing encased in an alluring nylon bag with just her head sticking out and a shocked look on her face. She knew that her face, neck, and chest must be blushing and flush with her sexual excitement and her embarrassment. 

From previous experience looking at herself in the mirror so many times, she knew that the nylon sack only managed to enhance her tiny waist, large motherly hips, and full breasts. It also seemed to add shadows and contours, making all of her curves and crevices look that much more enticing. He would not be able to see it from his perspective, but she also knew that her ass looked fantastic covered in nylon. Of course, she was biased, having a love for the material in the first place.

Her son's friend didn’t move. She didn’t move. The air itself seemed to have stopped flowing. Maybe even time had slowed.

She looked him up and down while he seemed to take in every inch of her with a calm intensity about his eyes. She wondered if he was confused, intrigued, or if his teen mind was enjoying what he saw. She'd always thought of her son as young but seeing this ‘kid’ looking at her the way he was... They were not that young, after all. This ‘kid’ was, in fact, more a man than not. He was fully an adult, physically, legally, and sexually.

As she saw his pants start to bulge, she let her arms down to her sides inside of the nylon bag, standing there proud, letting him see it all. She was feeling a little defiant and rather liked her sexy little hairless pussy and small but full breasts. Why not let this gawking kid enjoy them, too? She was safe inside of her nylon enclosure, not naked. Not really.

Suddenly, he moved toward her.

What was his name? Steven, Phillip, Jacob…? She didn’t flinch when he reached out and put his hand on her stomach. Oddly enough, she felt like she was in control and the lust in his eyes gave her a burning confidence in herself.

He seemed to be petting her, as though she were an angry bull that he was trying to calm before it went on a rampage. What else was he supposed to think? Most people would expect a woman, caught out in her “shame,” to respond by running, yelling, or fighting. But she was just standing there, silent and proud. This all must have been double confusing for this young man.

She closed her eyes, enjoying the feeling of his touch. For the first time in what seemed like forever, another human’s hand was pressing nylon material to her skin. It was electrifying. He seemed to get bolder because he used both hands to caress her breasts.

She could not believe she was letting this happen, but he was quickly subduing any will she had to deny his small advances. Her greatest fantasy… Did she even know — really know — what that was? Regardless, this kid… boy… man was pressing her buttons in every right way.

He stopped touching her for a moment, and she heard his zipper. She didn’t dare look when she heard his clothes come off piece by piece. Because if she did peek, she would have to make a decision. Would she be the adult and end this game? Or would seeing his healthy teenage body ruin her last vestiges of self-will?

Suddenly, she could feel the heat of his chest on her back. Sure enough, it appears he was naked.

He reached around and touched her stomach and breasts a bit more. Then he moved his hands up to her neck where he grabbed the open neck of the nylon and slowly started pulling it down.

She felt safe in her nylon cocoon. And as long as some part of it covered her, she would continue the game. But she had to make a final decision. Once he had it off entirely, she would send him away. After all, she was not looking to just fuck some teen. Especially her son’s friend, no matter what her body was demanding of her!

After every inch that he exposed, he circled around her body, kissing and caressing the newly revealed flesh. He seemed to take particular care to play with her breasts while he kissed her back, then moved on.

She wondered if she would let him touch her sex, but he didn’t ignore it. The unveiling seemed to take forever, yet it all happened so fast. Too soon, she found the entire bag around her knees. If he stepped her out of the nylons, the game was over. If he made to bend her over to fuck her, the game was over.

Leaving the bag binding the bottom part of her legs, he stepped around to her and kissed his way up her front side. First over the nylon on her right leg up to her knee, then up her thigh to linger on that wonderfully sensitive skin right at the top where the skin folds when you sit. Still, he avoided getting too close to her sex. He kissed up to her stomach from the right to the center then kissed directly up through her cleavage on his way up to her neck.

She tilted her head up to give him access to her sensitive throat while trying to make it obvious that she didn’t want him to kiss lips.

What he did next threw her off of her game and set her mind spinning. It almost made her knees give out. Instead of doing any of the “game-ending activities” that she had set for herself, he did the unexpected. Something she had not created a “rule” for.

She still had her eyes closed, but she felt when he stepped one foot into the nylon bag between her feet. She instinctively spread her legs, curious while making room for him. His other foot joined them in the bag, both feet now shuffling around hers, possibly to gain his balance.

The moment he pulled up on the nylon, she realized that he was now in her space. No one had ever been IN nylons with her. Boyfriends had torn holes to fuck her through them, but this was new. Her sex-fogged mind didn’t know what to make of this…

Now when was the game supposed to end!?

As the nylon pulled over her ass, it drew their bodies together. This was the first time she felt the warmth of his cock. It touched her lightly on the top of her thigh, right in that spot where he had lingered to kiss earlier. She could feel that his cock was still somewhat soft, but she could already tell that it was throbbing and filling with blood and lust.

Distracted, she had not noticed his progress. The nylon sack was now over their shoulders, and he was kissing her neck again. Then it was over their heads entirely. His cock slipped from the front of her thigh to her inner thigh, and she could feel it bobbing inches from her sex! Was this too far? She hadn’t made a rule for any of THIS!

She didn’t usually like having her head inside of the nylon when someone else was in control of her kink. But when she found herself completely encased in the nylon sack with this man accompanying her, she opened her eyes in wonderment at how it felt. It was so warm; sharing this space with two bodies and the heat of two breaths. Yet the spaces between their bodies allowed fresh air to flow. It was wonderful.

A moment later, he had his mouth on her breast. He had squatted. But in this small space, he apparently could not hold himself up very long, so he dropped down to his knees.

She could feel his warm breath on her sex now. Would he just go for it?

No, he kissed that same sensitive spot at the top of her thigh again. But this time, he was paying attention to her left side. While he was doing this, his hands grabbed her ankles then worked their way slowly up. He was pressing slightly harder on the inside of her legs while he touched her, and she obliged by spreading her legs more and more until the nylon would not allow her to go any further.

His fingers worked their way up and soon he was ALMOST touching her sex… But he still avoided it.

Her knees started giving way. She felt her hips reach toward the pleasure his touch promised. Her body was offering her sex to his touch—to his mouth—and he didn’t seem to mind at all. A small part of her knew that this was the time to stop. But to be fair, she had just offered him her sex, and the majority of her was not unhappy that she had.

He suddenly reached two fingers inside of her sex and hooked, pulling forward.

She could feel pressure on her G-spot, and was amazed that this young man was so talented! Her hips moved forward, to the beckoning pressure of the fingers inside of her. Fingers that helped draw her to his face. She pressed her clit into his waiting mouth. How could she blame him now and end the game when she was the one willingly offering herself to him?

His other hand was madly moving all over her body now, as the hand in her sex fucked two fingers slowly into her, while masterfully hooking her G-spot. His tongue was doing precisely the right stuff, too, and soon she was coming.

She could see stars behind her tightly closed eyes and felt her body sink down onto his hand and face. She was still panting heavily when she noticed that her new position, sitting on the ground, holding onto this man for support while she came down from such a naughty high.

It was very tight quarters sharing the nylon with him—sitting down as they were—but now that the nylon bag was shorter, it could handle more width. She opened her eyes to see him looking at her with such evident hunger. How could she deny him now?

His lust and desire for her were so beautiful. He leaned forward, and she met his lips with hers. He flinched, pulling back, apparently surprised.

She had initially refused him a kiss. Now that she was giving part of herself to him, she was going to give everything to this man. She knew it was true. But it dawned on her that he had moved toward her not to kiss but to lay her backward. He would be on top of her!

She kissed him with a new passion. She would not end the game now. He could have anything he wanted of her inside this nylon "safe place," and she would give it to him happily. Her space was now his space, and everything in it was now his domain. She had not even noticed the actual moment she lost control of the situation, but she was not in control now. He was. For her, this was nothing short of pure bliss.

The hardwood floor was nice and cold on her overheated skin as she lay back. Her legs were already spread by his hips having slipped between her knees when he had moved her to recline. And now, he was lying on top of her.

He didn’t seem to have any more reservations. Maybe he knew that her body was his within this place. He plunged his cock into her with ease.

She hadn't even had a moment to think about how wet she had already been before there were so many other pleasures to distract her. The primary resistance to his thrusts was that she had not really “gotten any” in a long while, so she was very tight. And this young man, even for his age, was quite sizable. She could feel her pussy lips dragging along the sides of his cock while he fucked her. His strokes were evenly-timed, long, deep, full thrusts. He was taking himself all the way out and all the way back in in a measured rhythm. She could feel every inch of him when he was in and desired every inch of him when he was out.

He pressed his hips into her sex every time he filled her, rubbing his pubic bone harshly but wonderfully into her clit. Until now, her arms remained at her side.

He did something next that surprised her, he took each of her hands — one by one while he supported himself — and placed them on her own breasts. At first, she didn’t understand, had her arms been in the way? No… he wanted her to play with herself. She had never done this before with a lover; had never really even thought about it, she was not usually one to roleplay like that. She felt even more now that he was in control, so she didn't resist his ‘request,’ after all, she had no real reason to deny him anything.

When she started playing with her breasts for him. She had begun with the goal of putting on a show for him but was finding that it was very sexy and turned her on in a new, unique, and novel way. Her own hands didn’t feel nearly as nice as having someone else do it for her, but she did know how to pleasure herself and was surprised to see that she was rather enjoying her touch as much as she was enjoying putting on a show for him. This roleplaying was what she really needed to loosen up completely.

She squirmed below him, closing her eyes tight. Then she bit her lip, reached her neck up, and moaned in his ear. Through her roleplaying she became the lust filled wet dream she was sure he would appreciate. She was putting on the best show she knew how, a private show just for him, letting him know how much she enjoyed being inside of their nylon bubble of naughty loving and taboo lust. Inside this safe place, it was as if she were in a new world where her social morals didn't exist. A new world of pure, sexual desire, and unadulterated submission.

She leaned back to the floor and opened her eyes, wanting to see the look on his face when he came. She grappled her legs around his hips, silently telling him that she wanted him to come inside of her. She had to assume he would trust her to be on birth control, which she was. For her though, it added a whole new layer of powerful and incredible shame, knowing that she was letting him come in her unprotected.

She looked at him sexily, showing him her own pleasure. Touching herself. Enjoying herself. Moaning insistently, egging him on. And it was a beautiful thing. She could feel him building, knowing that soon he would come. This spurred her on. She could hear her own soft voice moaning, it was so loud inside of here — inside this nylon enclosure — yet somehow muffled also.

She could see his pleasure on his face, and she was happy to receive it. She was delighted for him to find release inside of her. To fill her and bring her a new kind of joy — a new sort of nylon pleasure. Sensations that she had never felt before and really had never known existed!

She pressed her hips to the sky, grappling his hips even harder with her legs. She fucked up into him, and he stopped his own motion. He held his own hips up high, letting her do the work now. His moans were implying he was enjoying her movements as she fucked her sex into him.

She could feel that all of this clenching was making her pussy so much tighter. She had a healthy body, and she was using it to milk his cock for all it was worth. She stared into his eyes with a calm determination that contrasted harshly with the lustful fucking of her body. Her eyes were daring him to come. Begging him to come. All while her body was forcing him to come, thrust after thrust.

Tears of joy streamed down her face, but she maintained her determined look until she saw his will crumble under the onslaught of her body slamming up into his. His eyes closed for what seemed to be the first time. His body clenched tight, and his thighs became rock hard as his cock surged with blood and swelled inside of her.

She felt every string of cum surge up through his cock into her womb. She felt the veins in his cock expand to their breaking point, this new rugged texture only added to her own pleasure. Something like an orgasm had been crashing through her body ever since her first few thrusts up into his body, but she had been distracted by her physical challenge. But now...

Now that he had found his release deep within her, she had time for her own pleasure. And she succumbed to it. She closed her eyes as well, pressing the remaining tears out and down into her ears. He fell down on top of her, body limp, unable to hold himself up. He was breathing heavily in her right ear, but his cock was still rock hard.

She was still able to pleasure herself by merely rotating her hips and grinding her clit against his pubic bone. Forcing his cock in and out of her just a tiny bit. It was not much movement, but it was all she needed to ride out the end of her pleasure while enjoying his muscular toned body compressing her down into the hard cool wooden floor below her.

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