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Oh Boy!

by Ann and oc

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© Copyright 2016 - Ann and oc - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF; public; meet; boots; tight jeans; M/f; hypnoplay; suggestion; arousal; command; emb; mast; climax; mpov; fpov; cons; X

Authors' notes:
oc: this is NOT fiction
Ann: >>I can vouch for that<<

>>Disclaimer: all swearwords are used in a loving way, and I am sure oc accepts them as a badge of honor<<

You may know me from the erotic hypnosis scene as ocntrl or as Kaos and I have been around for a little while now. As it goes, sometimes I have been more active creating content and being involved in the community. At other times the erotic hypnosis took a backseat. I started out as a subject, driven by a wish to be able to experience (self-) bondage and arousal/orgasm play through hypnosis. After a while I realized that I could not find the right tone and as a result the success I had was rather limited.

One evening, after a couple of beers I was challenged to switch sides. That night I approached hypnosis in a way that was opposite to everything that was tried on me and that turned out to be very effective. As a result I took a hard left turn and became an erotic hypnotist.

>>I am new to the party as a subject and am enjoying the ride so far.<<

Over the years I have put out a decent amount of audio files (on WMM) and videos (on YouTube) and had a number of wonderful contacts evolve into on-line friends. But that is not today's story and for those interested, I am sure you can find the stuff.

As things go, sometimes events take a different turn. And the different turn I took some weeks ago has evolved from strictly on-line encounters to an in person experience. Today's story is about Ann and the second time we met in person. But before I go there, first a bit of history.

Ann contacted me the first time on August 13th 2014.

12:45.29 Ann: I have found your channel on YouTube and find the topics... intriguing

I never answered it.

She contacted me again on September 8th 2015.

17:02:23 Ann:

17:02:24 Ann: Is that yours...? :$

>>It took all of my courage to write those few words, never knowing where they would lead to... but always hoping ;-)<<

This time we did connect and the story below is what transpired on December 11th 2015 in a nice little city, 13 weeks after the second first contact.

Helmuth von Moltke, a German military strategist, once said "No Battle Plan Survives Contact With the Enemy". Today was not an exception. I planned to arrive 10 minutes early to put myself in a strategic spot and observe Ann from a distance during her walk from the parking lot to the restaurant. The experiment I planned involved calling her during that walk and then start the hypnoplay right away.

>>Here goes nothing... what did I get myself into again? Planning the meeting was fun and safe, but now that I am actually here. Oh Boy!....Too late to back out, and I am not the person to run away from a challenge; I look out for them. They make life so much more interesting. OK. Time to get real.<<

The reality? A couple of text messages messed up the entire plan. She arrived shortly before I did and I had to improvise to meet somewhere in order not to lose track of her.

12:44:37 Ann: Car is parked

12:44:55 Ann: Getting on my winter gear

12:45:14 oc: LOL

12:45:33 oc: Wait a second at the Hilton entrance

12:48:46 Ann: Reception?

12:49:27 oc: Yep

We met in the lobby of the hotel above the parking structure and the only thought I had at that point was "My god, she looks amazing... again". Ann has that unique combination of good looks, a way to carry her body with ease and an amazing sense of what clothing works on her. Always classy, never cheap, and very hot. With her keen observation skills she probably read that thought as if it was written with a Sharpie on my forehead. And for those who know me in person, there's plenty of space, bald as I am.

>>He sneaked up on me from behind. I am excited and nervous at the same time. What does he have in mind to do to me? Too late to run back to the car, and I’m no chicken anyway- not yet ;-) And he was not the only one with a plan. Since I do not have the hypnotic power (yet) I had to work with other assets and distract him where possible. High boots, tight jeans, leather jacket - that sight should keep him busy for a while. Mission 1: accomplished, from the look on his face. Unfortunately, that’s the only weapon I have in my arsenal, except from my mind and laughter....Oh Boy!<<

So much for the first round of hypnoplay while observing her during her walk to the lunch place. One strike. Two more and I am out.

>>1:0 to me. Maybe the only victory of the day, who knows...?<<

We had a great chat with lots of laughter during an uneventful walk towards the sushi place I picked out. Once inside, we found out they didn’t serve lunch! How on earth can you find a lunch review on Google for a sushi place that doesn't do lunch? Second strike. This was becoming uncomfortable too quickly.

>>Hey, did you notice the heels on the boots I am wearing? Slow down a bit, they are not cobblestone friendly. Hope he feels sorry for me... and I can earn some credit for the rest of the afternoon, I have a feeling I might need it.<<

Fortunately a couple doors down was another sushi place that served lunch. Found a table in a corner by the window, settled down, placed the order and just continued the conversation.

>>Waiting for any kind of suggestions during lunch. FREEZE, increased arousal, climax, anything... but nothing. Is this actually going to be a "regular" meet up? Kind of disappointed... NOT that I don’t enjoy the conversation as well as the company, but then I was getting worked up about nothing... I let my guard down and we actually had a nice "regular" conversation.<<

One thing about Ann is the ease of having a conversation with her. We have a relationship that is strictly fun and it provides a very comfortable setting to talk about anything. Based on the first in-person encounter >>good memories<< she may have expected some play during lunch. >>indeed<<

Two reasons that did not happen. One, I wanted lunch to be just lunch because the rest of the afternoon would be full of play. Two, she kindly pointed out to me that my phone was ringing, albeit silently, reminding me that I had a quick work related conference call that I had to take.

>>Guys. What would they do without an external hard drive reminding them constantly regarding their agenda ;-)<<

That could, and maybe should have been, strike 3, but it wasn't. I just took the call between the soup and the sushi >>luckily sushi doesn’t mind getting "cold"<< without her making an issue out of it. Lunch continued with lots of laughter, excellent food and no hint at hypnoplay or hypnosis at all.

>>We have way too many things in common and our neural network seems to be wired similarly - freaky; but in a fun way<<

With lunch paid for, it was time to get the hypnoplay going. I had a destination in mind, so the first suggestion was launched. "Remember the time I had you experience arousal with every step you took? Well, that's exactly how it will be during our walk. Every step you take increases your arousal, without ever having an orgasm."

>>Of course I remembered, but very differently. The first time was on a busy work day reading the suggestion on a tiny little phone walking to my next meeting. Easy to control the effect. Now it’s a different story. First of all: He found his voice! With so many distractions around in the middle of the city, I normally would have easily ignored him, but there was a determination that somehow demanded a little more attention! Secondly, he’s right there, up in my face with no place to run. Oh Boy!<<

I started to be able to read Ann somewhat, although she tried her best to keep me as clueless as possible.

>>I still get lucky every now and then! And the tricks I use that don’t come up in the rest of the story will be my little secret - for as long as they will last.<<

The slowing down and smaller steps were the first indications showing the effect of the suggestion. And when she asked me, while waiting to cross the street after the first 500 yards, "How far do you plan to walk?" I knew she was doing well.

>>Definitely an increase in arousal and if I know how far we will go I can control it. No problem!<<

Continuing on I kept her busy with small talk and the occasional reinforcement counteracting the resistance she put up. A is very creative in finding ways to keep her mind off the suggestions but once you recognize that strategy, it's just a matter of turning that back on her. In the NLP and hypnosis world that's called utilization and she gave me ample opportunity to apply it.


Approximately 500 yards further it was time for a first test. You may think that 500 yards is nothing but you have to realize she was walking in 5 inch stilettos and was horny as hell. Did I mention that after the first little break, waiting to cross the street, I gave her the option to either feel a finger touching or a tongue licking her clit every time one of her heels hit the street? I have no idea which she picked, but you can trust me on this, 500 yards was a good distance to check in again. Especially since she started to try to gain some sympathy rambling about nothing and finding empty excuses.

>>You gotta be kidding me! You have no idea what I am dealing with right now. But that must be it, no more increase, no more arousal! We are - after all - in a public place. People are looking at us already. Apparently it’s not appropriate to be walking around with a big goofy smile on your face. If they would feel the way I’m feeling right now, the entire city would be all smiles. It sure does feel wonderful, but I have a feeling he’s not going to stop here. I better start to put on some breaks. Little complaints should do it for now, see how he reacts.<<

So I threw a freeze command at her and she stopped dead in her track with the words "Oh no!" and a look stronger than any swearing could be. Me? I continued on walking another 5 yards to take me out of the firing zone and looked back at her there completely stuck in place.

>>You bastard! Didn’t you listen to me just a second ago? Arrgghhh. Nothing I can do now. No running, no hitting him... Just waiting for a release...<<

Time to up the game so I told her she would only unfreeze when she knew the five next steps towards me would give her an orgasm with every step.

>>That is not the release I was hoping for!<<

The look I got would have killed me if I hadn't put enough space between the two of us. Time passed, slowly, and we just stood there while people kept moving around us. And then she took 5 quick steps towards me.

>>Oh Fuck! I can’t stay here forever. Limited options... OK. Take a deep breath and minimize the effect; here we go-ooooohhh. Did I say anything out loud? No one turning around. I think I got away with that one.<<

I am sure an outsider couldn't tell the intensity of the orgasms she was experiencing, but her movements gave me a clear indication. The first hypnogasm in public was a fact... And we were only 5 minutes into our walk around town.

>>Being proud of yourself, aren’t you. I won’t forget. You will pay for that; and for anything that comes from now on: you’ll pay double<<

What else was there to do?

On our way to my planned destination she did quite a bit of window shopping. I can only assume it was to get a handle on the arousal and climaxes I threw at her.

>>Have a little mercy on me!<<

At that point it really hit me how extremely hot it was to walk next to a gorgeous woman, dressed the way I love (stiletto boots, tight jeans) having her aroused the entire time.

>>See where it got me.... Next time: track suit and Birkenstocks.<<

And to add to that, having it all beyond her control.

>>I prefer: temporarily suspended control.<<

Little did I know what the rest of our walk would bring.

>>Nor did I.<<

Arriving at the destination I told her to enter the store. I had found an amazing jumpsuit for her to try on. One that would look fabulous on her. This was clearly another level of unknown to her.

>>I have entered a store before ;-)<<

Up to this point we had been out in public with people around but with the anonymity of the street. Walking inside the store created a much stronger sense of being watched; something she commented on. "They’re not looking at you because you are horny as hell and having orgasms but because you’re laughing so loud." I told her along with some more hypnotic sexual stimulation.

>>He is just focused on me not finding a loophole and ignoring his suggestions, but honestly; we are a freak show. It would have been ok if we were teenagers, they are erratic anyhow... we are supposed to be adults and behave boringly.<<

The visit to the store was a bust from my perspective. The skintight jumpsuit I had in mind for her to try on was not available so after some idle looking around we headed out again. Circling the block and chatting about some stuff while continuing the play and getting some feedback I noticed a shoe store in the distance that we had passed the first time around.

>>Shoes are my sweet spot. It’s not fair you are using it against me. Dirty tricks!<<

So with the non-event from the previous store in mind, I set out towards the shoe store with the suggestion that with every next step towards that store she would experience orgasms increasing in strength.

Once inside the store the orgasms would reduce to extreme arousal again.

Her solution to the challenge was to just stand there, refusing to move any further. So I just tweaked the suggestion a bit and added that even if she wanted to stop walking to get a handle on things, her feet would just continue to move, totally outside of her control.

>>Ok, a little breather... How, you ask? Well, orgasms increasing in strength gives me a chance to recalibrate. Let’s start at the lowest setting, a gentle, but noticeable little orgasm and then an increase on a nanoscale. Walking needs some concentration but I can do it. Baby steps.<<

Suffice it to say that it was an interesting 20 yards. The walking became slower and slower, never stopping, and less and less stable. Once inside the store it was obvious that what previously would have been overwhelming, extreme arousal, was now a relief.

>>Relief? Oh Boy! My blood is pulsing through my body, I need to focus hard to keep walking and "engaging" in a one sided conversation. Just don’t listen to him!<<

Browsing the store we >>correction: HE<< settled on a pair of fake suede, 5 inch stiletto over knee boots. We sat down and got the right boot to fit. It had a halfway zipper and I suggested she would cum again when the zipper would completely close,. At that moment something interesting happened. Put off completely by the quality of the boot, >>rightly so<< she negotiated to have the orgasm when putting her own boot on again. It was not that she minded another orgasm.

>>the loophole just wasn’t big enough not to have an orgasm!<<

The issue was that she just could not get herself to wear such cheap product.

I love it when she negotiates because it is always an opportunity to get more out of it.


So I agreed to the condition that she respond to her own boots, adding the condition she would have a hypnotic orgasm when zipping up the first boot and a true physical one when zipping on the second one.

>>Oh Boy!<<

After giving me another deadly look, she started to put on the right boot while I put the fake boot aside. Turning back to her I noticed she had stalled, the zipper halfway. At that point I realized that she was hesitating and that could only mean one thing. The suggestions were hitting her harder and harder and she knew this one would hit her very hard.

>>Now you are a mind reader, aren’t you....?<<

So I gently moved her hand away from the zipper and said "It's ok, I will do this."

>>How do I get out of this situation?<<

So reaching over, I took a hold of the zipper and as slow as humanly possible pulled it up. Once the zipper closed, the first orgasm hit her and she bent over to handle it.

>>I immediately grabbed the other boot to deflect the intensity.... No one noticed, whew!<<

The moment she sat up again, still recovering, the store clerk asked her if she needed anything else and she indicated she was ok. He walked away, she looked at me, put on the second boot and closed the zipper.

>>Let’s get it over with, the quicker the better. I don’t want to attract more attention.<<

The second orgasm hit even harder, probably because I suggested it would be a physical one. Again she bent over completely.

>>That’s the way I always put on my boots...<<

We sat a moment in silence while she recovered and eventually got up and left the store. Somehow I noticed a change in my mood. I had discovered a Dom part in me that I was not familiar with had started to surface.

>>That part was right there from the beginning of the walk around town. How can you not have noticed earlier?<<

The suggestions became more direct; more like facts than suggestions. So walking along, continuing the arousal and orgasm play, I suggested her left hand would move to her back and be locked in place. She commented she couldn’t do it because her hand was in her pocket.

>>Ha, can’t do it. Wearing tight jeans and it’s just too much effort to peel my hands out of my warm pockets<<

Again a small act of resistance. This time, I simply took her left wrist, moved the hand behind her back and said "As long as you can’t remove that hand from your back, locked in place there, you will cum."

>>Hey, when did this become a "hands on encounter"? Hello and good bye, that’s it with the physical contact. How can I resist a direct physical lock of my hand? Well: I can’t! Hand stuck!<<

We continued walking and it became more and more challenging to maintain her composure. I am not sure if she gave up trying to get that hand to move from her back or not, but the effects of the ongoing orgasms were very obvious. So I let them continue a bit longer to make a point.

>>My mind is in overdrive trying to find loopholes. Ha: injured shoulder! That’ll get at least the pity effect!<<

Sensing it would be wise to move to a quieter area we turned another corner, I released her hand and paused the suggestions for arousal and climax.

>>Another (small) victory!<<

We did some more window shopping and had a couple of more good laughs. Eventually we got to a set of small posts, preventing cars from entering a street. So I pointed two of them out to her with the words "The moment you walk through those two posts, you will have another orgasm." And of course, the smart woman she is, she chose two other posts to walk through. Then she turned around and looked at me with victory in her eyes.

>>Ha, you did NOT expect that. If you are not specific enough I will find a way out. I am not that easy.<<

I love that look because it is so much more fun when you can play the game like that and she can find a loophole in the suggestion.

>>Finding ways out and messing up his plans adds soooooo much more to the arousal. That’s why I don’t like the mindless, blank games. Arousal and orgasm is a mind game anyhow and so much more enjoyable when completely aware of it... and in control ;-)<<

I raised the bar immediately given the Dom mindset I was in. Walking with her hands in her pockets, I suggested her left hand would be stuck in her pockets, and would go down deeper and start touching her clit. And again she came back with a little victory. She stated the pockets were not deep enough for that. So I just had her experience how it is possible for any part of your body to feel like any other part. So whatever part of her body her fingers were touching, it would feel like she was masturbating, touching her clit and at the same time feeling two fingers inside of her.

Clearly this one hit home and after walking just a little bit more, her behavior became more and more erratic. She took a hold of me to support herself while she came. I was very aware of the fact she had experienced masturbating, two fingers inside of her for real, just through the power of hypnosis. For a split second I had the idea of suggesting that her legs melt, so she would be unable to stand up anymore and simply collapse. Given the fact she was completely letting go of any control, I figured that would not be the right thing to do.

>>Oh Boy! This is unbelievable, it ain’t happening! Oh Fuck! Keep breathing and find support immediately! No way to hide it now. Yep, oc won! - but I cannot call it a loss for me :-). It is a quiet little corner, no one around, a little privacy in the city and a full body orgasm that almost knocked me off my feet. - I have had worse experiences . So: not a "regular" lunch after all :-)<<

Having a woman >>mentally<< masturbate in public and have an orgasm while holding on to you is not something I had experienced before. Especially when I realized it was my doing and beyond her control. Needless to say it was extraordinary.

In order to have her recover a bit before walking back to the car and going our separate ways, was sat on a bench and just relaxed for a while, checking if all was good.

>>All good<<

Walking back I tried to put as much self-control in place as I could in order to not start playing again. Somehow I managed to do that except for two small interruptions, once while going down an escalator and once standing at her car. Just before that I had used the freeze command. A split second before putting the parking ticket in the payment machine, I gave her the freeze suggestion. Instantly she froze in place, the ticket less than a centimeter away from the machine.

>>Darn it: why does he always hit me at the most inconvenient times?<<

The immediate effect of the suggestion was another thing that truly amazed me and was very exciting to see.

After this amazing experience, we had a follow up chat, later that day.

20:00:59 oc: Home safely?

20:01:33 Ann: Yep

20:01:41 Ann: Home since 5pm

20:05:48 Ann: ...btw: still turned on?...

Our did that have to take a back seat...?

20:06:02 oc: Still residual yes

20:06:04 oc: You?

20:06:24 Ann: Been busy :$

20:06:25 Ann: :D

20:06:41 oc: Busy?

20:06:56 Ann: I'm fucking horny

20:07:16 oc: Who's horny and why don't I know about him

20:07:18 Ann: You had anything to do with that?

20:07:49 Ann: :P

20:08:45 oc: Maybe

20:09:59 Ann: Don't play innocent

20:10:05 Ann: Doesn't suit you

20:10:31 oc: OK, yes

20:13:29 oc: I've been playing today's events back and I have to say that doesn't help to get the arousal down

20:13:56 Ann: I seem to have the same problem

20:14:04 oc: I bet it's the same with you

20:14:20 oc: Crossing messages again

20:18:02 oc: So you're fucking horny?

20:22:16 Ann: yes

20:22:34 Ann: I am extremely horny

20:23:11 Ann: and the afternoon events keep popping back up in my mind

20:23:22 Ann: not helping (as you discovered yourself)

20:24:22 oc: Well, the more I think about it the more I believe I owe you one

20:24:40 oc: You were truly spectacular and so out of control

20:24:47 Ann: owe me what?

20:25:08 oc: Anything

20:25:12 Ann: not out of control...

20:25:37 Ann: only kind of slipped once and had to look for support...

20:26:00 oc: :-)

20:26:06 Ann: probably due to the cobblestones anyhow

20:26:57 oc: It's just outside reality

20:26:57 oc: I was walking next to a woman that was masturbating in public without touching her clit because she couldn't do anything but that, masturbate, and that had to look for support when having her orgasm

20:28:16 Ann: no problem at all zipping up my boots

20:31:08 Ann: memories are still very fresh... that just gave me another "hit"

20:32:51 Ann: A11...

20:34:19 oc: It was epic

20:35:56 Ann: right now it's even getting more and more intense in my memory

20:39:03 oc: The walk, the freeze, the different ways to orgasm, in out and in the store, the shoe store were you had to pull everything you had to control it, bent over, the fun you had walking through 2 different posts, masturbating, calming down on the bench, the walk back, at the car... I probably forget half of it

20:39:57 Ann: that's enough to remember anyhow

20:41:23 Ann: ... adding to that what I think about doing to you...

20:42:36 Ann: really surprising was the reaction when I arrived home and put my boots back on...

20:42:44 Ann: talking about epic

20:44:08 Ann: was that a completely forgotten suggestion? or did my mind find a release for the cramped up memories from the store...

20:46:00 oc: That was probably your subconscious having fun :-)

20:46:16 oc: And why would you put your boots back on?

20:46:45 Ann: anything longer than 30 min drive I prefer to take my shoes off

20:46:56 Ann: (unless I have passengers)

20:47:24 Ann: My SC is still having way too much fun

20:48:50 oc: I see

20:49:14 oc: I guess putting on those boots from now on will always be epic

20:49:35 oc: Isn't that so SC?

20:49:46 Ann: fitting for epic boots ;)

20:50:02 oc: Absolutely

20:50:18 Ann: *y

20:50:40 oc: I wonder what personal alarm clock you will experience tomorrow

20:51:43 I will see tomorrow

20:51:47 Ann: ;)

20:52:11 oc: Awaiting full of expectation

20:52:55 oc: ah, and the freeze at the parking payment machine... extraordinary

20:53:30 oc: Frozen in milliseconds

20:54:32 Ann: it does have a more intense effect with you standing right there... which was very surprising

20:56:58 Ann: the "close encounter" had more of an effect than I expected
21:01:32 oc: Probably the close encounter and although we laughed a lot I was direct and uncompromising in the suggestions

21:01:46 oc: An example was the last hand locked in the back

21:02:02 oc: You tried to argue, I just simply put it there and locked it

21:02:35 Ann: I noticed

21:03:34 oc: You could play all you wanted and find loopholes, as you did with the two
posts, but the last word was mine.
21:03:53 Ann: :D

21:04:45 Ann: Your face was priceless though...even though you got the desired didn't expect that... :P

21:05:14 oc: I loved it

21:05:36 oc: Same with your left hand in your pocket

21:05:49 oc: You were smirking "got you there"

21:06:07 oc: Gave you the moment of victory only to turn it moments later

21:06:54 Ann: I need to be more sneaky regarding my smirk...

21:08:22 Ann: But then again...I know that you enjoy a victory that needed some creativity and was challenged along the way a lot more than an easy win.

21:13:45 oc: Don't we both do?

21:14:22 Ann: absolutely. That's a major part of the fun

21:21:28 oc: Coming back to the smirk

21:21:49 oc: That and the scowl are just too much for you to hide it

21:22:01 oc: :-)

21:22:24 Ann: I will learn how to

21:22:32 Ann: I’m determined

21:22:48 Ann: ;)

21:23:17 Ann: finally getting a little more cooled down

21:24:40 oc: Must have been a hell of car ride

21:27:13 Ann: the car ride was "normal"

21:27:59 Ann: only towards the end the arousal was noticeably increasing

21:30:57 oc: To continue until a little while ago

21:31:33 Ann: with 5 peaks in there

21:32:00 oc: Just peaks, so that's not too bad

21:33:12 Ann: not Mount Everest, no

21:33:49 Ann: but needed some extra O2 intake afterwards...

21:34:10 oc: :-)

21:34:20 oc: I was thinking

21:34:56 oc: If I find the time I would like to write today as a story and then you add your point of view to it

21:35:16 oc: It would make an instant hit on mc stories

21:35:38 Ann: Sure...why not

21:36:21 Ann: Wanna have 2 distinct point of views -> 2 authors

21:36:34 oc: Right

21:36:40 oc: Alternating

21:37:20 Ann: You start...I'll comment

21:37:36 oc: Ok

21:38:08 Ann: Are you gonna keep the exact settings of today?

21:38:12 Ann: ...?

21:38:42 oc: Yes, without the name of the city and just A and oc

21:39:29 Ann: Ok...I guess

21:39:47 oc: You can always edit

21:40:23 Ann: I'll see which way the first draft is going


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