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Playing Chauffer 2: My Husband Baits His Own Trap

by Jackie Rabbit

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Part 2: My Husband Baits His Own Trap (The Prequel part 1)

"So Jack" I cooed in my husband's ear after his rather wonderful oral performance, "tell me again about this cuckolding thing where I get to go out and fool around and you stay home and clean house..."

I was stroking him while playing out verbally what I had at the time thought was just bedroom fantasy talk, my fresh panties that he had removed from my bottom not one half hour earlier (just before my first big "O" of the night) wrapped around his man hardware to keep his mess contained. It was a work night for both of us, and a post intercourse shower to clean his mess from my body would only keep me up for hours afterwards, condoms out of the question as the mere smell of them was a major turn off for me. It was an odd way for a husband and wife to make love all things considered, but my once and done man was quite selfless and liked to do for me first, and he had become quite skilled at such things as of late...

No sooner had those words left my lips he popped off, his mess always fascinating for me to watch, as was his instant demeanor change as if I had just thrown a switch. Before he popped off he always offered to do all sorts of things, even to play clean up boy for me if I ever cuckolded him for real, but his heart just wasn't into any of it post orgasm. He had fooled me like this several times in the past to get some more traditional lovemaking on a weeknight, and had he kept his word then he would have been coming inside of me that night instead of inside my panties, his promised recycling cleanup to follow.

I then spooned up to Jack to go to sleep, my messy panties thrown on the floor on his side of the bed, he knowing that he was responsible for cleaning them as it was after all his mess. I knew our sex life was odd to say the least, (I feeling at times like I had a skilled submissive girlfriend rather than a husband), but at least we were doing better than poor Jim and Shelia. They were neighbors of ours on the expensive side of the street and not getting along all that well. Jim was a really good guy, and Sheila a sexy and voluptuous full sized woman that could fill out a dress like I only wish I could, but with the personality of a snake having a bad day lately. Some couples just weren't meant to be, it was a sad thing to say, but they might just be better off...


...Some months later Jim and Sheila were done, they parting as friends at least, but she with a half interest in the house when Jim sold it. It was sad, but predictable, Sheila already off with a job transfer and dating a new guy, leaving Jim to learn how to date all over again on his own without some kind of intervention. We both felt bad for him all alone in his big half empty house, the three of us going out together experimentally, I even convincing Jim to dance with me while Jack looked on. We made an odd couple on that dance floor, he a few years older and almost a foot taller and wider than my petite self, and charmingly hesitant to even put his big hand on my hip to guide me on our slow dance that first time.

"You don't have to do this you know" Jim said quietly near my ear before the music had a chance to drown out our conversation.

"I want to do this. Besides, Jack hates to dance, and I was pretty good at this once."

"How does 'he' feel about this?" Jim looking toward our table briefly with just his green eyes. "You're a beautiful woman and my friend... as is he" Jim added as if an after thought, but not using Jack's given name intentionally. Jim's tone was suggestive, or perhaps I just had perceived it that way with our bedroom fantasy talk fresh in my mind, but he had no doubt been without lately and I know what that does to a man first hand.

By way of an answer I placed his big hand on my hip with a firm slap, my stylish dress and sheer undergarments all that stood between his bare flesh and my own. I found the act playfully flirtatious, Jim before that moment never more than a friend, although viewed objectively he was quite handsome in a rugged and muscular kind of way, and the polar opposite of my husband Jack.

Jack had planted those erotic seeds in my mind some time earlier, although any men I had cuckolded him with in our fantasy bedroom talk had remained anonymous, where Jim was a real flesh and blood man well within my reach. I hadn't even danced with another man since our wedding before "that night", let alone anything else, except of course in my husband's fantasies.

That night however Jim's was a different hand on my hip than the one I had become accustomed to, and therefore he was exciting and provocative to me. I had my husband to thank for those forbidden thoughts roaming around in my mind, but it wasn't fair to blame him exclusively as I had played along with those fantasies of his as well when it suited my needs...

"It would surprise you if I were to say..." I added both playfully and rather candidly with a big smile after his hand remained where I had put it, ironically directly over top of the tiny strap of my panties that I'm sure his big hand could feel through the thin material of my dress. "Sufficient to say that he wouldn't mind in the least, and you can ask him yourself if you like when we sit back down, but until then why don't we just pretend that he isn't there?"

We had two slower dances on that floor together before the band picked up the pace and we took our seats, his powerful hands guiding me where he wished as I willingly submitted to his lead. I was his to do with on that dance floor as he wished for the few minutes we were a couple, it wasn't rough so much as a much more firm kind of leading than what I had become accustomed to with Jack, but it also confirmed some things that I had suspected about Jim over the years.

Jim never asked Jack if he was OK with our dancing together that night though. Did he not wish a repeat performance, or did he not wish to ask a question he didn't want the answer to?

I didn't know for sure at the time how that "date" was for Jim, but it was a paradigm shift for me, and I was to find out for my husband Jack as well...

Jim had driven himself that night, his overlarge SUV a luxury model and his former wife's that she just had to have, but she didn't want it now if she had to put the fuel in it herself. He had bought her a new smaller car for her new life so she at least had one less thing less to worry about with her relocation, Jim a nice guy through and through, their parting as nice as such things can be.

Jack and I didn't hardly speak on the short ride home, I alone with my thoughts, and he likely with his as I felt the lingering echo of Jim's guiding hand on my married hip. I was seriously riled up though, flush with lust, or possibly the suggestion of a more forbidden lust in Jim's muscular arms.

No sooner was our front door closed than I had Jack out of his jacket, we kissing passionately and hitting the carpet together. I manoeuvred him onto his back, and when he went to speak I put a single finger to my lips to shush him, it subtly smelling like Jim's cologne to remind me again why I was so flustered. I didn't want to spoil this with words, and none were really necessary anyway.

Sitting on my husband's chest I pulled my dress and slip over my head and threw them towards the couch, I grinding on him letting him know what I was after, as if he couldn't feel my excitement already. My heels were even still on, my thin panties damp and in the way though, I pulling them to the side in my haste instead of removing them properly.

I had a violent first big "O" at his first touch I was so wound up, words again not necessary as he well knew what had put me in this state. I thought at the time that he could have easily taken me in a more traditional husbandry manner on that weekend night had he kicked off his shoes and pants, but I wasn't exactly complaining either as this way I could pop off over and over again until exhaustion set in.

There was something disturbingly self serving with my rough and selfish use of my husband's considerable skills that night lingering just out of my conscience reach, but he still served me magnificently on that floor too many times to count as I crushed him with my thighs and nearly pulled his hair out. When I finally got some control over myself I reached back in guilt to see what I could do for him, discovering a significant mess that confirmed that he had already popped off in his shorts some time earlier. That was something new and profound, and it told me something about this date night of ours from his point of view as well, in addition to why my once and done man hadn't been "up" to making love to me more traditionally on that floor...

I slept fitfully that night due to some very erotic dreams, and fortunately Jack brought up our little quasi extramarital adventure first in the morning as I didn't know how to broach the subject of my antics of the night before. I had allowed myself to get into a full blown lust over simply dancing with another man, (a friend no less), and had then taken out my lust on my selfless husband without any reciprocation. This could be considered just a step or two short of cheating, (my guilty conscience tried to tell me), and all fantasies aside nothing I ever thought I would be doing in the flesh...

"We need to talk" my husband told me seriously in bed the next morning. I thinking uh oh, here it comes.

"Jim needs our help, or more specifically your help. I was obviously in the way last night, the proverbial third wheel, and if he is ever going to feel comfortable enough to jump back into the saddle, you're going to have to get him there yourself."

"Excuse me?" I asked, I not believing what I just heard. Did he not know the butterflies of forbidden desire he was causing in my belly, or more accurately encouraging Jim to cause? For that matter, why that particular metaphor? What did one do once they were comfortable "back in the saddle" anyway, other than go for a nice long ride, or even a bunch of nice long spirited rides after that? In my mind on that dance floor I both saw and felt no lack of confidence, quite the opposite in fact, and I just knew by instinct that there had to be more to this for my husband Jack.

"This gets me off like you wouldn't believe, watching you two just dance together last night was even better than I thought it could be," my husband confessed, but knowing him as I did I sensed he was still holding something back and not being completely candid with me. "At the same time it's obvious that Jim needs you, and you're a liar if you tell me you didn't get off on all the attention yourself. Do this for Jim if nothing else and I will do anything you want in return. I promise."

"So this cuckolding thing is no longer a fantasy, or should I just 'teach' our friend how to dance so he can meet 'other' girls?" I asked as if cracking a joke, I choosing my words most carefully as Jim could obviously teach me a thing or two. Jim excited me, there was no point in denying it to myself, but giving dancing lessons to a friend who didn't need them and potentially taking him as an extramarital lover to cuckold my husband with in the real world were still two entirely different things, each with their own set of consequences. The former just happened, and the latter strictly a fantasy shared between a husband and wife to help him pop off and go to sleep. Or was it?

"I came in my shorts like a teenager just watching you two dance last night, what does that tell you?" My husband Jack confided, his true motivations revealed.

My world was as if it had been turned up side down once I heard that, but I guarded my expressions most carefully at the same time. I had allowed myself to get, (by my own self admission), a mere step or two away from cheating on my selfless husband just twelve hours earlier, and instead of a well earned rebuke for my shameless antics afterwards he was instead encouraging me to take that next step? He was either in the running for the most understanding and tolerant husband of the year, (with honorable mention for the most generous friend and neighbor of the year as well), or he really did get off on all this as he had suggested, he as curious as I to see what might happen next if nature were allowed to take it's course.

This I thought was absolute insanity, my selfless husband admitted to popping off just watching me dance with another man without one ounce of jealousy, and then had promised to do "anything" I wanted if I should consent to continue down this scandalous road. Continue what exactly was the true question. Were we still talking about ostensibly innocent dancing lessons, (not that Jim really needed them), or was this to be the full fantasy realized, and at what eventual price?

I didn't know all the questions, let alone the answers that morning, but I had a source at work that had tried this cuckolding thing out once on a dare. I don't even know how the two of us got on that particular subject once while traveling to an appointment together, but she had confided in me, and I then in her to a lesser extent about my non traditional sex life...


"Here's the deal Jack" I said while sitting up in bed on a wonderful Saturday morning after almost a week of research on the subject, to include confiding again in that friend at work. "I will do this first and foremost for our friend to build his confidence back up," I lied, both because I sensed no lack of confidence from Jim while holding me on that dance floor, and because his attention did something magical for me as well... "and to have a willing dance partner once again. I will need some proper clothes to wear, and you're going to buy them for me, after you and Jim talk about this. You two need to come to some kind of understanding first, and then you and I need to do much the same. After that we'll see what happens."

"...For all I know Jim won't be the least bit interested" I suggested humbly after a moments reflection, although I thought that unlikely. He liked being with me on that dance floor, (a woman just knows), and Jim was a successful enough man to know what he wants and how to get more of it. It was this restrained power that I think excited me most of all about him, I felt it physically when we had danced, and mentally when he had elected not to ask Jack if he minded sharing me.

"You're serious?" Jack asked, the disbelief clear in his voice, as was his little boy on Christmas morning wonder. His reaction obviously not in proportion to his wife innocently offering dancing lessons to a friend, even a handsome and recently single one that didn't need them. I was prepared for almost any response from my husband, but it was one like this that I had done the most research for.

I had two lines of reasoning in my mind depending on his response to my implied offer. Dancing would be fine, but it wouldn't on it's own satisfy this all consuming lust growing in my belly, seeds that my kinky and imaginative husband had not only planted there himself, but ones he had intentionally nurtured apparently just hoping for this day.

He was a serving man who wanted to see me happy and content, and had I been more of a dominant soul I could have easily made him a very happy man by taking full control of our marriage as my friend at work eventually had done with her own. I wasn't the least bit dominant though, but neither was Jack, our union truly a ship without a captain if viewed objectively, although other than that I had thought perfectly acceptable until just the other day...

"Of course. Jim needs me, you said so yourself " I cooed seductively. "If we do this we do it though, there is no trying it for a week or any crap like that. It wouldn't be fair to either Jim or myself, so we'll make it official with a contract and everything."

"A contract?" the intrigue clear in my husband's voice. This was like one of our bedroom fantasy stories in concept, but not like any of the ones I had ever fabricated for the purposes of popping him off so he could sleep. I had to make sure he knew this was real for me now, that there was a hard real world line between fantasy and reality, and that (as my friend had warned) it was nearly impossible to step back across that line once crossed.

Those two little words I hoped had told him the depth of thought I had put into his little fantasy. Erotic concepts turned into erotic ideas, those erotic ideas then turning into erotic plans, and they potentially turning into erotic actions if not abated. We were oh so close to the point of no return on this kinky little extramarital adventure from my point of view, but did he know that?

"Yes. A signed contract that gives me a legal vacation from our marriage vows" I answered confidently, just as I had done in my mirror to practise for the last three days. "Twelve months from the date we sign it should do, but there will be an automatic extension clause as well, just in case. Just imagine it Jack," I said in my sultry bedroom voice, my confidence soaring with his obvious interest. "No rings on my finger, no marital rights of any kind to my bed, no rights either to complain about that which you have specifically offered me more times than I can count. I will be free to do as I please with Jim, and he with me, and you will stay faithfully chaste and obedient or the contract will be forfeit... I'm free to fool around, and you are not, it's that simple, unless of course you just want me to teach Jim how to dance?"

"...Oh hell, I just came off!" Jack confessed rather needlessly, I watching his almost pained expression and his voluminous mess soak through the shorts that he had been absent mindedly rubbing at the whole time I had been speaking. I had been unsure at first what he intended for this little opportunity that had been presented to us by fate itself, my subterfuge necessary so that if I had misunderstood his intentions I could easily retreat to just dancing so our friend could meet other girls to hook up with.

It seemed disingenuous to me earlier, but I liked my marriage and my husband, and intended to keep both of them in one form or another no matter how this little adventure worked out. Knowing what I now did I thought this oddly enough could be fun for all of us, if I could maintain my courage. Jim would also have to be fully on board for this rather unusual arrangement, but that was Jack's problem more than my own for this first tentative step toward contractually permitted adultery.

The physical things were another issue entirely should this game go all the way, Jim a big man, and the naughty part of my mind wondered if he was big all over. Jack was wonderfully average in that department and I no size queen like some of my college girlfriends, but my petite dimensions made such things impractical in the real world anyway. There was a small part of me that wondered if I was missing out on something though, as my college girlfriends back in the day had boasted about some of the monstrously sized men they had bed, leaving out the painful details of that first acclimation I'm sure.

"Should I take that as a no?" I asked sarcastically while I watched the stain in his shorts spread. My breathless husband choosing not to answer, although one could argue that he just had...


"I talked to Jim, he's more than cool with this..." I holding up my hand to stop my excited husband that Saturday afternoon mid sentence most rudely.

"I don't want to know the details," I told my husband, obviously disappointing him as he seemed quite proud of himself for all he had just accomplished so soon after popping off, (but on who's behalf exactly it was still not entirely clear to me). It was a phenomenal step for any married man if viewed philosophically, but I instinctively knew that talking about such things and actually doing them were still two entirely different things. I was no longer in the "talking about it" part of this adventure in my mind though, and I knew it was best for everybody involved if Jack got there along with me, (or should I say us), sooner than later.

My friend at work had warned me about the emotional roller coaster we were about to ride, and that the sooner I had his signature on our new marriage contract (that she had helped me draft) and him locked in chastity, the more stable things would eventually become in our modified relationship.

The signature was a first physical thing, a "we're not playing around here any more" warning him if he didn't know yet that this was real, and really happening. The chastity device once locked on a more firm reminder of what he had agreed to, it always within his reach as a touchstone to his new commitment to both Jim and myself, and purported to curb his desires as well as keep him chaste and motivated. I suspected he self entertained often these days, spoiling his desires to make love to me more traditionally even when there was time, but in the days and weeks ahead I would obviously learn the truth one way or the other.

Jack signed the document easily on our kitchen table, as did I, he going from a coequal partner in our relationship to essentially a possession with the stroke of a black pen. It was almost too easy for me, I thought to myself while smiling at the man that just had signed away his marital rights to my bed. He would either learn to love his new lowered status in my life, (and Jim's) in the coming weeks and months, or count the days until the contract that he had just signed expired if not renewed. Either could be considered a win, win scenario, if of course I decided that I wanted to let Jim go when it was all over.

Once his manhood was locked away and he became pent up I knew the real fun would start, if I could maintain my courage and become a firm and proper key keeper for him. I had a plan for that though, I borrowing a well quoted key keeper investiture from a site that I knew Jack frequented, I intending to have him repeat those words back to me when handing me back my key after that special lock was closed. Such words would not only seal his fate, but soothe my conscience, although the latter was getting harder and harder for me to hear by the day.


The special tamper proof device to lock his manhood, along with the very expensive numbered lock and it's single little brass key came days later, Jack paying for them as they were intended for him, further soothing my conscience. Getting him into it required some ice and a trip to the salon beforehand to somewhat permanently remove his growth there, he handing me that little key while kneeling reverently before me after repeating back the words I had given him earlier to remember.

"I humbly ask you to be firm and ruthlessly cruel if necessary in your official duties as my key keeper," my kneeling and naked husband repeated with his hands clasped behind his back submissively while looking up at me. "This key and what it controls are both yours to do with what you please, for as long as you please," he continued, deviating from the script though in a rather significant way. Not five full minutes in chastity and already the phrase etched into the glass of the device was playing out much to my surprise. I was left to ask the most natural next question to myself. Did all men identify with their man junk exclusively, taking confidence only from having the free use of it, or was this exclusive to submissively prone men alone?

"Be oh so careful what you wish for my little captive," I thought silently, "you will get it."

I found myself excited by the prospects of a neutered pet man, it was sadistic of me, but if I were to play the part of a cruel and demanding cuckoldress I thought I might as well do it properly. I then stepped out of my panties and gagged him with them while relishing this new power over him, it was still another cliché from one of his cuckolding sites, but he eagerly opened his mouth to accept them without being asked.

I wondered if his man junk were there and then trying to get hard inside it's glass prison with all the cliché buttons I were pushing, and then obviously what that could possibly feel like. I bet that at the very least that it might sting just a bit (as I caught myself smiling down at him), maybe even enough as my knowledgeable friend at work had theorized, to cause him over time to develop the learned reflex of not getting hard when erotically tempted.

Handcuffs and leg irons I thought to myself, if I were to put him in them while posed as he was his helplessness would be multiplied tenfold, as would be his desire to become aroused without result. Where did such evil thoughts originate I wondered? I didn't necessarily want a prisoner though, and it was a more nuanced thing making him do things by force of will rather than with force alone anyway.

"Don't move!" I warned him, I walking away to retrieve my phone for a moment, then coming back. I took a picture of him, this was after all a first time, and years in the future I might wish to look back on this first of ours, or far sooner than that to use it to blackmail him into fulfilling his commitment to Jim and I should his kink fade once the novelty of this cuckolding thing wore off.

I then placed a call, it was a predictable one once Jack was properly locked, but the eroticism of having my kneeling and naked husband listen in while his dressed wife arranged a date was still too good to pass up, and of course a further cliché.

"Hi Jim" I cooed on the phone in a tone formerly reserved for my husband alone. It was a nuanced thing, but Jim and I had talked about this phone call in advanced and what it would signify when I was finally able to make it, he more fully on board with this little adventure than my husband Jack might realize after our first dance. "I am free tonight you know... "Yes, just you and I this time... Oh, I'll need a new dress for that place, and some shoes..."

"...Slow songs? Yes, I would like that... Say Jimmy dear, I know that you have to get your place in shape for the Realtors to show, why don't you pick up some paint and supplies for one of your spare rooms and have Jack paint it for you while we're out so I don't feel so guilty for stealing you away from your chores? I know you said you hate the smell of fresh paint, and I know he wouldn't mind. Oh yes, I guarantee you he'll do a perfect job that will pass the most critical inspection, or he'll do it over again... Slave labor? That's funny, I never thought of it like that..."

"If you're not interested I'll put him to work over here to keep him occupied while we're out, there's always housework and other domestic chores to be done... Yes, like a maid... Of course, you can borrow him any time you like... Oh God, that would be funny, and your right, that picture would make a great conversation piece... Pick me up at eight then..."

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