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The Punishment Wall

by Tony-B

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© Copyright 2011 - Tony-B - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bond; electro; shocks; insert; torment; boxed; bdsm; gag; reluct/nc; XX

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“Press your breasts into the wall.  Push on the two little metal tabs with your nipples.  Every time you lift your breasts away from the wall, you’ll get a shock in your pussy.”

I knew what he meant!  I had been forced to stand against the wall before…..  In fact, many times before; it was his favorite brand of punishment.

It was a terrible punishment for a woman.  The strain of pressing the breasts against the wall, and keeping your balance while trying to keep your nipples centered on the small, round metal tabs that kept you from being shocked in your pussy by the metal shaft held within you by the leather harness.

It was hard enough just to stand there, but to keep your balance; to keep from falling over for long periods of time is excruciating.  Add to that, your hands are tied behind your back, and there’s a rubber ball-gag in your mouth to prevent you from screaming, and you can imagine…..

Perhaps the hardest part of it was that it had to be voluntary.  You had to voluntarily stand there in fear of being shocked.  Because being shocked in your pussy was even worse than the pain and strain of just standing there, taking the pain in your breasts.

Danny always liked to inflict pain on women – especially me, even after we got married.  I knew he had this proclivity.  He used to squeeze and twist my breasts during sex, to the point where I would cry out in pain.  But he was a good fuck, and knew how to make me cum every time, so I accepted it – perhaps reluctantly, but I did accept it as part of our sex play.

He always said a woman should give a man maximum pleasure, while accepting maximum pain.

A curious dichotomy.

I can’t remember when he first started abusing me, but I think it was when he tied me up while he fucked me.  He fucked me in every position known to man, and quite possibly any space aliens that might exist.  I was tied down, bent over, suspended upside down, and had my legs pulled wide apart in order to give him the pleasure he was seeking.  He seemed to extract his pleasure from my pain.  He liked to hurt me, one way or another.  The longer, or the harder it was, the more easily he seemed to reach his own climax, and no doubt, his own satisfaction.

He liked to “invent” new ways to torture me.  He seemed to be working on a new “invention” every week.  His latest was a “penitence box”.  It was about the size of a military footlocker.  He would tie my hands behind my back, tie my legs together at the ankles and knees, gag and blindfold me, and force me into the box folding my legs against my chest while totally naked, then close and lock the box.  I had to lie in the box for hours, “thinking about my sins”, and praying to be released.  More than once, I fell asleep in the box for hours before he let me out.

But the punishment wall was definitely the worst!  To have to hold a position leaning against the wall, keeping your nipples pressed against the metal tabs for long periods of time was painful.  To have to participate in your own torture was nearly indescribable.  The metal pipe he forced into my vagina, was not only uncomfortable, it was degrading, and painful.  If your breasts lost contact with the wall, even only momentarily, a shock of electricity coursed through your abdomen, especially your sex, making you want to pull away from the wall.  You had to overcome your natural instinct to try to get away, while forcing yourself to stay in place, to prevent further, or longer shocks.

And, to make matters worse, if I did pull away from the wall, I’d have to stand there even longer.

Normally, he made me start by standing there for an hour, but if I did lose contact with the nipple tabs, my time would be increased, or reset at the beginning, and I’d have to stand there even longer.  Once, when he was in a particularly bad mood, he used a bamboo back scratchier to whip me on the butt while I stood against the wall, and trying not to move away so I didn’t get shocked.  That was an experience I’d never want to have again.

It was almost as bad as being impaled as he slid the pipe into my pussy and attached the wires to the sensing device that kept me standing there, waiting for punishment while he leisurely read or watched TV.  In preparation for my ”punishment”, he made me stand with my legs apart and accept the pipe as he slowly slid it into me, as far as it would go, then secure it in the leather harness that he locked onto me so it couldn’t fall out.  As he moved it around, while stuffing it into me, he made sure to make it painful – so painful, that I frequently cried out at the pain.  God, he could have used a smaller pipe, but he enjoyed seeing my lips parting while forcing it into me.  He often tied me to the bed, spread-eagled, while forcing things into my pussy or butt, and he delighted seeing me cry while I was gagged and screaming for him to stop.  He was a real bastard.

But I finally got back at him!  He decided he wanted to eat my pussy while shocking me at the same time.

And he made a mistake.  I was on my back, with my arms pulled up above my head and tied to the headboard on the bed.  He bent my knees up, and started to slide the punishment pipe into my pussy while pushing my ankles apart.  He was holding only one ankle as he slowly probed me with the pipe.  His face was close to my pussy, which he had planned on eating while shocking me at the same time, but he had forgotten about tying my legs apart – one leg was free!

I quickly straightened my leg, wrapped it around his head, and squeezed, pulling his face into my crotch.

It surprised him, for a moment, thinking I was excited and drawing him into my pussy.  But he was mistaken.  I squeezed and held on.  Soon, he was gasping for breath as I smothered him.  He struggled, and as he did, he released the ankle he was holding and tried to beat me off by hitting me in the abdomen.  I wrapped my other legs around his head, and squeezed even harder.

Because of the angle in which I was holding his head, his face was shoved into my pussy, smothering him.  It seemed to take forever, but was actually only a few seconds until he passed out from lack of air.  I could feel him gasping for air while trapped between my legs.  It felt good, knowing that I was going to get the upper hand for once.

Regardless of the outcome, I had had enough, and I wasn’t going to take it any more!

He stopped struggling and seemed to just collapse between my legs.  But I held on, just in case he was faking it, while I worked on getting my wrists out of the Velcro cuffs that held me to the headboard.
He had made another mistake; he had used the Velcro cuffs to hold me down.

As he returned to consciousness an hour later, he was surprised to find himself leaning against the punishment wall.  In fact, strapped to it in order to prevent falling, or escape.  I had managed to find a smaller punishment pipe, and forced it up his ass after I leaned him against the wall.  And I connected it to the electronic sensing device that controlled its level of electrical shock.

Of course I had gagged him with a ball gag and strap around his head, after cuffing his hands behind him with official police handcuffs – the kind you couldn’t get out of without the key.

I watched as he came to, and gave him a second to reach full consciousness and assess his situation.

I grabbed his hair and pulled his head back…..

“Now YOU keep your tits pushed against the wall or you’ll get the shock of your life!” I whispered in his ear.  Then I pushed his face against the wall, let it go, and sat down to read the paper and enjoy the TV……



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