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Revenge of an Old Flame

by Ebenezer

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© Copyright 2015 - Ebenezer - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; FM/m; M/m; D/s; swingers; striptease; oral; climax; tricked; revenge; cons; X

I was walking down the street in a new town. I was 30 years old and had just started a new job here. I didn't know anyone. Suddenly I heard a woman speak from behind me. "It's been a long time, you little shit." I turned quickly and saw Mary. When I was 25 and she was 50 we had been swingers together with her boyfriend. I had even tried bi-sex with him while she watched. It was a very experimental period in my life I had not repeated.

She was smiling and said she was happy to see me. I was not sure because we had not left on happy terms. She and her man had split and I kept seeing her on the side but I had a girl and didn't tell her about the whole thing. Mary threatened to tell her if I didn't. Nasty things were said and I hadn't spoken to her since.

"Still with the little bitch or single again?" Mary asked.

"All alone right now," I replied.

We had some small talk and she asked if I would be interested in having sex with an old lady.

I said I would be.

She reminded me of the power games we used to play and asked if I could handle taking my lead from her.

I said I could.

Then she told me she had a new man in her life and she would have to prepare him. She gave me a phone number and told me to call her in a few hours and I could drop by. She told me she still fantazied about me sucking a cock and wanted to see that again.

I said no problem as I was now very horny.

She left and I went to wait to call  her.

A few hours later she told me to come over and we would start with me pleasing her man while she watched. I was to strip on coming in the door, ignore her and walk over to her man and kiss him. She told me to try doing it real gay because she wanted to see that and she would take care of me later.

I knocked on the door a short time later and she let me in. She stood off to the side by the living room and I walked over to where he sat. He was an older guy who looked in his 60's. I started a slow seductive strip. No one said anything. He was wearing a bathrobe and had nothing under it.

When I was done, I sat on his knee and french kissed him for a bit while he fondled me. Then I knelt and opened his robe and gave him a blow job. He finally came in my mouth and held my head while I swallowed. I knew Mary would be pleased and turned to smile at her.

She was laughing hysterically. She said, "Come on lover. Get dressed."

I was confused and saw the man walk out of the room for a minute. I got dressed. When the man came back in he gave her $50 and told her thanks and how about next week.

Mary said she would call him, took my hand and out the door we went. I stopped at the sidewalk and said, "What just happened?"

"You just performed your first gay trick you fag whore. I knew someday we would meet and I would get you back for treating me so bad." She laughed and walked away.

I was stunned and hurried home to shower. I felt dirty and humiliated. That night in bed I played it over in my mind and said that it was the most humiliating thing that could ever happen to a person. Then I realized that my cock was rock hard and I knew I would soon be doing it again.

A fag whore is just about the hottest thing I can think of being.


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